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Chapter 2289

Someone challenged the dark god!

After the announcement of the new god list, the Dark God still ranks first!

And because Levi’s punch made a huge movement in the Western Continent, the Dark God was aloof.

But after all, some people still can’t bear it!

Feel the list is unfair!

Challenge the Dark God directly!

Come to compete for the first position in the gods list!

There are four people who are going to challenge the Dark God this time!

God’s list is ninth, God’s list is seventh, God’s list is fifth, and God’s list is fourth…

They went to the Bible organization to challenge.

But today’s god of darkness is Levi.

The Underworld Gods were helpless, they could only tell Levi everything and asked him what he meant.

“Okay, very good! Promise them to fight! Then send a notice to the world, and find me to challenge together!”

Ye Jun approached.


Subsequently, the Bible organization issued a message in the name of the Dark God-all those who would challenge him will come in three days!

At present, there are already four top ten powerhouses in the gods’ list to challenge…

As soon as the news came out, the world became a sensation!

It is very likely that a new pattern will appear…

If there is any hidden master who defeats the God of Darkness, it will be a new history…

However, in the eyes of 99% of people, the God of Darkness, the number one on the list, is invincible.

After Sarah learned the news, she sneered: “No one knows how terrifying Master is than I do! No one can beat her! No one! No. 1 on the God List is No. 1 on the God List! The evaluation of major institutions will not give a single point. Incorrect!”

Levi shook his head helplessly.


Why was he beaten to death with a punch?

But what she said was true.

Now I am the God of Darkness.

It is indeed invincible.

Levi didn’t take all this seriously, so many people were fine.

Anyway, it’s a punch…

“What? You don’t believe it?”

Hearing Levi sneer.

Sarah couldn’t help but stared at him and asked.

“I…I believe…”

Levi nodded helplessly.

The Dark God is him now, how can he not believe it?

Sarah looked proud: “Master will have no opponents you can’t beat! You wait to hear the news!”

Levi: “…”.

He still spends his thoughts on practicing basic exercises and finding traces of the gods’ laboratories…

But the outside world is already frying.

For the dark god, everyone has never seen a shot.

This is the first time…

Levi didn’t even look at the techniques left by Xiao Feng and others…

But if he doesn’t watch it, it doesn’t mean other people don’t watch it.

People from Li and Zhao’s family came secretly, and they were already in the room starting to choose their skills.

This is the strongest of the gods!

It’s like a peerless baby…

Can meet but not ask for…

There are thousands of pieces in front of me now, all of this is crazy.

“This is mine! I fancy it first!”

“I want this one, you go pick other…”

Li and Zhao’s family are all crazy, robbing magical artifacts and so on.

All of them are exposed…

“Do you think Levi is mentally disabled? Don’t use the top exercises? Practice the broken stuff three years ago?”

“Absolutely! Just sick! These are the best! What does he pretend to be? Think his own things are better than these?”

“Hehe, it’s ridiculous! Pick one out of it, which is hundreds of times stronger than his technique…”

At this moment, Sarah came.

She stared at the crowd angrily: “What are you doing? Put it down! This is what they left for King’s Landing! You can’t take it away!”

She stopped everyone.

“Ziran! Levi is not a fool to practice! Let it go for nothing, isn’t it a waste? It’s better to give it to us!”

Chapter 2290

Others also echoed: “Yes! He doesn’t practice! Such good things can’t be left for nothing!”

These rubbish that Levi doesn’t want.

Respected by them as a holy thing!

The top stuff!

After seeing it, all eyes were shining, just like crazy.

This is mainly because these things are considered treasures in this era.

Can it be crazy?

“What’s more, we are all a family! Who practices is not the same?”

“It’s only Levi, a fool who doesn’t know the goods! Don’t want this top-notch thing?”

While everyone was mocking Levi, they divided up these good things.

“Zi Ran, don’t you want Levi to practice? How about this! Give these things to us and let us practice! We quickly become strong, and Levi will practice after knowing the effect!”

“Yes, yes, that’s the truth! Besides, good things should be shared together!”

“If we are strong, we can also protect you! Otherwise, we are too weak, and it is always cumbersome and bad!”

When everyone said this, Sarah felt reasonable.

A strong family does have many benefits.

Besides, if she wanted to stop, she couldn’t stop it.

After the group of people was divided up, they ran away.

Sarah can’t go back one by one.

And now Sarah’s strength hasn’t recovered, and he won’t be forced to come.

Can only watch.

Sarah told Levi about the things being divided up.

“Hey! It doesn’t matter! I don’t practice anyway! But I failed Xiao Feng and the others! I will compensate them in the future!”

Ye Jun approached.

Levi’s compensation is absolutely beyond their imagination.

Compared to the things they gave, it was simply the difference between the sky and the underground.

Sarah nodded: “Well, I won’t tell Qilin about this!”


Soon three days passed.

Levi left with an excuse.

In fact, he ran to fight as the dark god.

At this time, Xiao Feng and a few people appeared.

On the one hand, they wanted to see Levi’s situation, but the most important thing was to see if Levi was practicing what they left behind.

They secretly searched for a circle, but they didn’t find the techniques and skills they left behind.

In addition to the excuse that Levi left, everyone thought that Levi went to retreat to practice.

“Hahaha, Master chose our practice after all!”

“This is a good thing! Hahaha…”

Xiao Feng and they all laughed.

“Actually, Master has a good grasp of the situation and everything in this era, as well as his own knowledge! But after all, he still can’t help it!”

“But just think about it! Whose master, in turn, wants to follow his disciple to practice, and asks his disciple to give something to the practice?”

“Isn’t it! It’s really hard to pull the bottom! Neither you nor I can do it!”

“But we are fortunate that Master is still cultivating! I heard from Master that Master is very likely to take a path-to integrate various exercises to form his own system and things…”

“Well, I am looking forward to it! I am very optimistic about Master! I will try to see him surpass you and me on the gods list as soon as possible!”

This group of apprentices are very happy.

Xiao Feng quickly told Qilin Wesley the news.

Others are also very happy to hear.

After all, they are all for Levi now.

Levi is good, everyone is happy.

Everyone began to sigh: “Soon, I am afraid that there will be one more past name on the list of gods!”

They look forward to Levi’s ranking.

However, at this moment, Levi, who is the number one in the god list, came to the Bible organization and accepted the challenge of many people.

In addition to thirteen strong men on the god list, twenty-eight strong men who were not on the god list and quasi god list also came to challenge.

They are the most powerful people who have never appeared in the public eye…

A big battle is on the horizon.

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