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Chapter 2291

The world’s most eye-catching battle!

When these twenty-odd strong men who never showed up appeared, the world was shocked.


Unprecedentedly powerful!

Not inferior to the strong of the gods!


No one thought that so many powerful people would suddenly appear to challenge the top of the gods list!

They estimate that they want to become famous now, and the best way to become famous is to challenge the most authoritative list of this era.

Directly challenge the first person on the god list!

But the real thing is still the top ten three of the gods.

The ninth blood ancestor on the god list!

The seventh East Island Ghost Blade!

The dark overlord Josa, the fifth on the god list!

Mayan industrial barbarian king of the fourth in the gods list!

After all, they have been famous for a long time!

And it’s at the top of the list!

Other people are strong, but they don’t know each other.

So the focus is on them.

The venue for the battle was chosen somewhere in the Western Continent…

Many people watched the battle, and almost all the eyes of the world gathered here.

In the anticipation of all the people, the dark god appeared.

“Let’s go together! I don’t have so much patience!”

Levi said coldly.

A glance at the past, there is no one that can match the dead Dark god.

There is no one who can fight!

Levi lost interest when he came here!

Let’s go together, forget it!

“Arrogant! I’ll challenge you!”

The ninth blood ancestor on the god list could not bear it, and immediately rushed up.

The terrible breath and power shocked the audience.


Levi blasted out with a punch.


The blood ancestor was blown out in an instant.

His body was torn apart and exploded…

Disappeared before everyone’s eyes! ! !


There was a chilling voice all over the room.

How strong is the blood ancestor?

Everyone has seen it in the past few years.

The fully awakened blood ancestor is simply an unbeatable existence!

In other words, it is unkillable.

The reason why he ranks ninth on the list of gods is because he can’t be k!lled at all, and others can’t help him.

The blood ancestor’s body was so hard that the artifact could not penetrate, let alone other things.

But today, he was beaten by Levi.

The body exploded directly.


The world is shocked!

No one thought that this kind of thing would happen…

The dark god is so strong? ? ?

The rest of the three gods list powerhouses and the other unknown powerhouses who were to be challenged all trembled in their hearts.

“I come!”

Higashishima Ghost Blade, the seventh best player, makes a move.

He is known for his ghostly skills…

But as long as you have all kinds of magic skills, Levi is just a punch.


The ghost blade played all kinds of tricks, and was fisted by Levi.

The dark overlord Josa, the fifth in the god list, also played a long time, and was also punched out by Levi.

The Mayan industrial savage king, fourth on the god list, everyone thought that even if he was lost, he could hold on under Levi for a while.

But it’s still a punch!

It seems that everyone is equal in front of Levi.

Ordinary people who don’t know how to practice exercises are the same as the top powerhouses of the gods.

Because they were all k!lled with a punch…

Levi’s effort is the same…

“Go on together! I’m impatient!”

Levi hooked his finger, and the remaining twenty-odd unfamiliar powerhouses and the nine powerhouses all rushed up.



Levi all punches one at a time.

After dozens of seconds, no one was standing.

All were beaten out.

But Levi also k!lled the blood ancestor.

There is no reason for him. The blood ancestor escaped from him three years ago.

He can be considered revenge…

The rest let you be conquered by one punch!


The whole world is shaking!

I thought this battle would be fierce…

How did you know it would be so short, a total of more than a minute, all thirty or forty strong men fell.



This battle is simply boring!

It’s not interesting at all…

I haven’t even seen the simplest counterattack!

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