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Chapter 2292

In front of the dark god, everyone is equal, after all, no one can get a punch.

No matter if you are fourth or twenty-seventh on the list!

all the same!

“Hey! No one can fight a little bit! Don’t challenge me next time with this kind of trash!”

Levi left a word.

It can be seen that he was very disappointed…

That’s right.

Levi was very disappointed.

I thought there was someone who could play a little…

Isn’t this era boasting very much?

Everyone is going to go to heaven?

Isn’t it the one that k!lled him with a punch?

Now this kind of challenge is really wasting his time.

But the whole world is crazy…


For the first time, the world knows that there is such a big gap with No. 1 on the gods list…

It can even be said that the number one in the gods list is not in the same world as other people…

Maybe the second and third of the god list can be a little closer, but it doesn’t make much sense.

The first dark god is too strong.

It’s totally different from other people!

Feeling high above!

For the first time, let the world, let the strong of the gods, feel insignificant.

It turned out that it was just the reason for the ranking, giving everyone the illusion that they were not far behind the Dark god.

For example, the fourth and the first in the god list are too close.

But the truth is farewell!

There is no comparability at all!

At no time has everyone been so firm in the accuracy of the gods’ list.

It turns out that the dark god can be ranked first, it is true!

There is nothing false!

The list of gods selected by major institutions is the most authoritative!

No flaws!

Since then, everyone’s trust in the gods list has become more than before!

There will be no more doubts.

Basically, one’s own ranking knows one’s exact strength.

I will never go to leapfrog challenges to prove myself!

That’s boring and stupid!

god list is authority!

Which is the number one!

No one will have any doubts at all!

“You said…Is the Dark god at the same level as the existence of two fingers knocking off the Heavenly Sword…”

Someone raised a terrible and bold question.

“That can’t! The gap is still there! But it may have the power of a war! People are one world!”

“Yes! The Dark god is definitely not an opponent! But at least they are at the same level as him!”

The battle of the Dark god shocked the world.

As a result, the god list has not changed at all.

The dark god still sits firmly on the top!

“No, no, there are people who question the authority of the god list? Did they really go to challenge the first place?”

Marshal sneered.

The list of gods is ranked by major institutions, including Tiance Mansion.

After all, this kind of organization can collect information from all over the world and can basically cover every strong person.

Marshal naturally believed in the gods’ list.

“But Marshal has one thing to say, the Dark god’s combat power is beyond the predictions of our top ten organizations! And much stronger…”

At this time, the subordinates said the abnormality.

Marshal frowned and nodded: “This is indeed! The previous evaluation of the Dark god’s combat power was not so strong! He seems a bit abnormal this time! Too strong!”

“I heard that a few days ago, there was a big shock in Western Continent, as if it was the Dark god who broke through! This time it was a small test for him!”

“Yeah, and no one except the Lab of the Gods can let the Dark god use his full strength! It’s normal for us to be vague about his combat power!”

Others are analyzing.

Marshal nodded: “Well, it is!”

the other side.

Capital Garrison Clan.

“Edgar is too strong, right? I wonder how you face the Dark god?”

Lawrence wanted to know.

Salen shook his head helplessly: “No! I am definitely not the opponent of the Dark god!”

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