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Chapter 2294

Sarah looks forward to looking at Levi excitedly!

Levi didn’t take it seriously at all: “Okay! Okay!”

“Well, let’s start now! Let’s see who rushes high in three months? I haven’t recovered yet! You are eight thousand six hundred and seventy-five on the quasi god list! See who has made the most progress then Who is going higher!”

Hearing Levi’s promise.

Sarah was full of power in an instant.

She mainly wanted to use three months to give Levi a head!

Let him understand the cruel reality! ! !

Let him know that it is impossible to progress by relying on that basic exercise method, and it is impossible to adapt to this era.

In three months, she will not be able to fully recover, but she will be stronger than before!

She conservatively estimated that in three months, at least rushed into the top 30 of the gods list!

At that time, she estimated that Levi was still hovering in the quasi god list with more than 8,000, and it could even be said that Levi would have to retreat to more than 9,000…

After all, in this era where everyone is progressing madly, slow progress will be eliminated.

If Levi continued to practice that basic exercise, three months would basically have stagnated.

This is a great step backward!

It is impossible for him to continue to rank in more than eight thousand.

Three months later, he is likely to fall out of the quasi god list…

But Sarah wanted to use this cruel fact to wake up Levi…

Let him put down, put down his self-esteem!

Come slowly accept this era, adapt to everything, and then seek powerful methods.

Sarah was forced to use this method.

Relatively speaking, she knew Levi and knew that his temper was very tough.

This method is necessary to make him sober.

When Sarah told Bellard Alton the news to them.

Everyone also agreed.

And a thumbs up to Sarah.

They all say that this method is good for her!

Use the most practical data to make Levi sober…

Levi didn’t regard this as the same thing…

Not to mention that he is above the list of gods, it is his vest-the dark god is the first of the gods.

What’s the comparison? ? ?

But Levi didn’t refuse, as Sarah was happy.

For the next time, he was still using all his power to find the whereabouts of the Gods Laboratory.

On the other hand, he is practicing the most basic exercises.

study without limit!

The secret of this practice is that it can be stronger…

Levi didn’t know where the end point was.

Originally, he thought it was used to lay the foundation.

But now you can continue…

During this period of time, there were very few or no revenge.

After all, there are so many strong gods guarding him.

If there is no absolute strength to crush Bellard, this group of strong gods, you can’t dare to touch Levi.

On the other hand, many people are waiting for the special elements of Mayan industrial weapons on Levi to take place.

But it has never been, Levi has been doing well.

This makes everyone very confused.

No one can be safe after being hit by a Maya Industrial weapon.

Not to mention a month has passed.

Levi is still fine…

Not only is the outside world curious, but Tylera is also curious.

Is it all right?

How can this be?

Isn’t it terrible?

But they figured it out themselves.

That is the progress of Kunlun Industrial Pharmacy, which can completely suppress the onset of elements for the time being.

From the past few days, it has been raised to one month or even longer.

Everyone understands that it is the dominance of Kunlun Industrial Pharmacy.

Has been helping Levi to renew his life and prevent him from getting sick.

Garrison Family and Levi’s enemies were very upset when they heard this.

They are still waiting to see Levi’s miserable appearance…

The result was suppressed by the medicine.

“I can’t go on like this… I think I will destroy all these potions, right?”

Salen sneered.

“This method works!”

Lawrence and the others agreed.

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