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Chapter 2295

Kunlun Industrial Headquarters.

Regina and his assistant came out with four password boxes.

This is a batch of medicaments newly developed by the experimental team of Zhuque and Kunlun Industry for Levi.


It also costs a lot!

The most precious medicinal materials are used.

Nothing survived.

Only these are currently produced.

In the eyes of Tylera, these medicines were for Levi’s life.

Can’t stop for a day!

Because the production cycle is very long, it takes about fifteen days.

Even if the speed is fast now, it will take more than ten days.

Therefore, it must be produced all the time.

They are really desperate to develop and produce medicines at all costs…

After Regina and the others got the new potion, they immediately went to Levi.

Just after leaving the Kunlun Industrial Base, a group of people appeared.

Each of this group wore a mask.

A group of people surrounded Regina.

“Give us the boxes in your hands and you leave!”

The headed masked man said coldly.

“No! I can’t give you this box!”

Regina looked around vigilantly, and at the same time wanted to quietly send a distress signal.

Now they regard these medicines as more important than fate.

“I won’t give it to you if I die!”

“You run back with potions, I’ll stop them!”

Regina quietly signaled to others.

“Just do it! Don’t give them a chance!”

This group of masked people worked directly.

It was abrupt to snatch the potion.

Regina resisted strongly.

But the group of masked people in front of them are too strong, far beyond them.

“Not good! They are all strong on the god list!!!”

Regina reacted, but it was too late at this time.

All the medicine boxes in their hands were snatched away.

After this group of masked people got the potion box, they didn’t take it away, and directly shattered on the spot.

All the potions were destroyed…

Not even a small tube of potion was left behind.

All ruined.

This group of people moved quickly. After destroying the potion, they left immediately, disappearing without a trace.

They really came for the potion!

After destroying the potion, he immediately withdrew.


Regina’s face was pale, and his head almost exploded.


She sat down on the ground and went silly.

The others are the same, standing still, like walking corpses.

Seeing the broken potion, everyone was stunned.

This broken piece is not a potion!

This is hope!

This is Levi’s fate! ! !

Regina sat slumped on the ground and did not respond for a long time.

Regina was still sitting on the ground until Tylera and the others came.

“How is it? Are you not injured? Are you all right?”

The first time Zhu Que asked about Regina’s condition.

“Sister Tylera… we are okay… it’s just a minor injury… but… but the potions were all destroyed by them! Nothing left!!!”

Regina hugged Tylera and cried directly.

“The medicine is gone…”

“Da da da……”

Alton and Wesley staggered and almost fell to the ground.

Owen, Ron and others broke out in a cold sweat.

The medicine is gone.

It means that Levi’s hope is gone!

Without the inhibitory effect of the medicament, Levi’s physical injury would immediately occur.

So far, the element of Mayan industrial weapons in Levi’s body has never occurred.

No one knows how serious the element will be if it has no inhibitory effect.

Is it a minor attack or is it directly fatal?

No one knows.

And it has never happened. Once it happens, everyone is afraid.

There is no estimate at all.

It is very likely that the long-term suppression has caused the elements to spread all over the body, making the attack even more terrifying.

“No medicine… no more…”

“Isn’t the boss in danger?”

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