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Chapter 2296

The problem with Owen came out.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Don’t know how to answer this question.

Tylera explained professionally: “From the very beginning, we used potions to suppress it! It has lasted for dozens of days! Presumably special elements have invaded every part of the body now!

Once an attack occurs at this time, it will be extremely terrifying, and may even be fatal! And it’s a fatal possibility with a high probability! “

After Tylera said this, everyone’s expressions grew gloomy.

This means that if there is no medicine, Levi will have a high probability of death.

This is a situation that no one wants to see!

It’s true this time!

Unlike before, Levi alone can control the situation and escape from death to death again and again.

In this day and age, no one can retreat completely after being hit by the weapons of Maya Industry.

no one!

No one can do it!

“How many potions are there now for the boss?”

Wesley asked.

“If it’s correct, there are none! Today’s quantity has been exhausted! There is no inventory at all, and every time it is over, it will be immediately refilled! But this time this problem…”

Regina cried and became a man of tears.

“what should I do now?”

Wesley asked a question that everyone was afraid to face.

Zhuque pursed his lips: “Now I expect the boss’s toxins will not occur… Then I will try my best to produce new medicines in the shortest time!”

“How long do you probably need? The fastest! How long is the fastest!”

Wesley asked anxiously.

“Normally, it will take fifteen days later! The fastest is about ten days! If I try everything, the fastest is nine days!”

“I can’t go beyond nine days!”

“The most important thing is that the boss can’t take the medicine in the past few days, no one knows how far the situation will deteriorate.

Therefore, the potion I produced this time needs to be stronger and more domineering, at least three to five times stronger than the previous potions! It is possible to suppress the situation of the boss!

So it takes longer! Otherwise I can finish it in seven days! “

Tylera said.

“Okay! From now on we will fully cooperate with you! What do you want! We all cooperate!”

Wesley and others were anxious.

Zhuque looked serious: “I need the best biomedical laboratory in Kunlun Industry! It is the p6 level! I need permission! Only in this I can complete it in nine days!”


Everyone’s face changed.

This laboratory is the highest level of Kunlun Industry.

Even their high-level group has no permission to use it.

You must apply to Marshal of Tiance, and then you can use it after all the top management agrees.

But at this moment, everyone can’t take care of that much.

“Use! Start the laboratory immediately! Let’s carry it if there is anything!”

Wesley is humane.

After arriving at the Kunlun Industrial Headquarters, the Wesley people directly used the laboratory forcibly, and even equipped Tylera with the best experimental team.

Send all the medicine resources you need…

All processes are simplified!

Strive to produce the medicine in the shortest time!

“From now on, Regina Owen and Ron, you guard the Tylera! Follow all her arrangements! Meet all her requirements! Let’s go back and look at the boss! Prevent other things from happening!”

After Wesley divided his work, everyone started to take action.

At this moment, the Garrison Clan in Capital.

“Now Levi, what kind of potion should I take to suppress? Isn’t it waiting to die?”

Lawrence sneered.

It turned out that Lawrence led someone to destroy the potion.

All the masters of the Garrison Clan’s god list were taken by him.

“I just got the news that Tylera has opened the highest-level laboratory in Kunlun Industry and is accelerating the production of medicines for Levi! But the fastest time is nine days!”

Salen sneered.

“Nine days he will definitely have an attack…”

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