The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2305

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Chapter 2305

“Yes! This opportunity is rare! We have to fight! No matter what conditions the other party offers! We have to agree!”

Everyone worked together.

“By the way, this news was just discovered! I guess other people will soon find out that they may be stopped at the boss at that time! Even get this substance first! Then it will be completely over!”

Sword Evil god said.

“So from this moment on, we must be ahead of them and get the new substance first! There is no time to delay! Let’s go directly to the Kangaroo country!”

“In order to have more dreams at night! Boss, you go directly to Kangaroo Country with us! After you get the new substance, use it directly! To prevent other situations from appearing!”

Wesley and the others arranged in an orderly manner, and Levi didn’t even have a chance to interrupt.

“Okay, let’s go now!”

Everyone is about to set off immediately.

But at this moment, Tylera held his cell phone gloomily and exclaimed: “No! The dark web has released news…”


“The dark web released a news that the Doomsday Seed Bank of Kangaroo Nation has found deep-sea substances that restrain the special elements of Mayan industrial weapons! And it has detailed information and experimental data! Now the world has spread madness!!!”

When Tylera told the news.

Everyone shook their hearts.

What are you afraid of…

Just talking about it, you have to be one step ahead and have the advantage of knowing the news first.

In a blink of an eye, the advantage is gone.

Now as soon as the dark web news is released, the whole world knows it.

And it’s the big news that blasted the world!

Almost every corner in the shortest time!

“Dark Web???”

Levi muttered silently.

Three years ago, the dark web was a mysterious existence.

No news can escape the dark web.

To be honest, the dark web is the top power in the world…

Unexpectedly, three years later, the dark web is still so strong.

As soon as there was news over there, the dark web knew it immediately.

I don’t know what kind of existence is controlling the dark web…

“Do you know what the dark web comes from?”

Levi asked.

“The boss is at this juncture, you are still entangled in the dark web! Let’s think about how to get the new substance!”

“Now as soon as the news comes out! It is estimated that many people have gone to Kangaroo Country to find new substances! Maya Industry will definitely go too! After all, they don’t want others to know how to restrain themselves!”

“The boss’s opponent will go there as soon as possible! Even if they don’t get it, they will be destroyed! After all, the boss can’t get it!”


They are right.

Salenzhi and his ilk rushed to Kangaroo Country immediately after learning about this.

They would never let Levi get a new substance.

He must die!

Even Marshal is very interested.

“Forget it, we don’t need to go, many others have gone! Levi don’t want to get this new substance!”

Maya Industry.

The major forces of the East Island countries.

The major forces of the Eagle Nation.

One after another rushed to Kangaroo Country.

This new substance will directly affect the new situation in the future and the status of Maya industry and so on.

A group of people also went to join in the fun.

The leaders of some big forces have already discussed with Kangaroo Country.

Although hope was slim, Wesley and the others set off with Levi.

Speed ​​of life and death.

They have to work hard.

Get this new substance at all costs.

Levi was very moved.

Everything is in my heart.

“Do you really want this new substance?”

Levi asked suddenly.


This made everyone stunned.

“Of course! Boss, you don’t want to, this is something to save your life!”

Everyone answered.

“By the way, I remember, three years ago, I helped the Kangaroo country beat the blood ancestors, and they owed me a kindness! Let them take this thing back!”

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