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Chapter 2306

Levi said this.

Now these brothers and apprentices care about themselves so much and work hard for themselves.

He really couldn’t stand it.

I don’t want them to worry about themselves so much.

So simply take advantage of the kindness owed by the Kangaroo country to exchange for the new substance.

In this way, the brothers and apprentices know that they are in good health.

I won’t continue to worry about it, and turned around myself.

This is what Levi thought.

“It turns out it was the boss that you resolved the crisis in Kangaroo Nation! It was said that it was Tiance Mansion. It seems that you did it, and then Tiance Mansion took the credit!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Yes, that’s right! I fought off the blood ancestors of Golden Harbor Island and Kangaroo Country! I helped them resolve the crisis, and they owed me a kindness! No matter what the conditions are, they can agree!”

Levi smiled.

“Okay! That’s great! Kangaroo country owes you a kindness, so they must get new substances out!”


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

With Levi’s relationship, they would take it out anyway.

Now everyone’s haze was swept away.

Everyone went to Kangaroo Country with ease.

on the other hand.

Many forces have already arrived in Kangaroo Country.

Negotiate with representatives of Kangaroo Country.

However, the Kangaroo country still refused.

They are unmoved by any conditions.

After all, this new substance is too important and too scarce.

In so many places in the world, only kangaroos are owned.

The value is too precious.

Coupled with the weapons that can restrain the Mayan industry, it solves a problem that has headaches all over the world.

Therefore, the new substance has become a hot commodity.

It’s no less than the divine weapon Heavenly Sword before.

Many people went directly to looting after discussing it incorrectly.

There are also some who use force directly, or sneak in secretly, wanting to steal new substances directly.

But what no one had expected was that in everyone’s eyes, the relatively weak Kangaroo country would come out with dozens of strong men comparable to the forefront of the gods’ list.

k!ll all of these people who came to steal, leaving no one behind.

For the first time, Kangaroo Nation demonstrated its superior combat power and shocked the world.

So they are so strong?

All the people or forces who had ideas about the Seed Bank of Kangaroo Doomsday were all shocked.

In this way, who would dare to grab it directly!

Salen was also there at the time, and he was directly suppressed by the mysterious powerhouse of Kangaroo Country.

Everyone then realized that there are still many strong players in this world who have never taken a shot.

Therefore, all of them are dumbfounded.

The kangaroo country is deeply hidden.

Not only does it have this new substance, but it also has such a terrifying guardian of the strong.

It’s getting more difficult to get affirmation.

Unless the kangaroo country can not refuse conditions.

Otherwise, no one can think of this material.

“As for you, are you also here for this material?”

The representative of Kangaroo country looked at Salen and others.

Salen smiled and said, “You have misunderstood, in fact, we are here to discuss other things with you!”

“other things?”

Everyone was taken aback.

“We are not interested in this new substance! But we must ask for something-don’t give it to Levi! Don’t! We agree to any conditions! Don’t give it to Levi!”

Salen and the others were excited. The reason they came here was to stop Levi.

Don’t let him get new substances.

“It turned out to be for this reason…”

The representatives of Kangaroo Nation smiled and did not speak.

Levi came on the way for a group of people.

Encountered batches of interceptions.

This is Salen’s arrangement.

But everyone settled it calmly.

Anyway, don’t worry now.

The Kangaroo country owes Levi a kindness.

You can go anytime.

The new substance is in their bag.

Salen, how quickly they go? ? ?

It’s not useless!

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