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Chapter 231

“Well, you go back first. I will find out if I find a friend to check it.”

Levi came to Wesley’s residence and found Vermilion Bird.

Let Suzaku investigate this matter.

Suzaku does not need privileges, and directly uses its own technology to start inquiries.

“General, the money in the Huating Company’s account has indeed been transferred.”

Suzaku got the result soon.

“Is it the account of Doug or other Logan family members?”

Levi asked.

“No, it’s an overseas account! But even though this overseas account was created in the name of Doug, it is now a shady account and there is no record. It is difficult for me to trace it, and it will take a certain amount of time.

“Huh? I found out again! The Logan Group company account and the personal accounts of the seventeen members of the Logan family totaling 230 million have also been transferred to this overseas account. And the time when the money from the Huating Company account was transferred. Less than a minute before and after!”

Suzaku made a big discovery.

“What? All the money from the Logan family has been transferred away?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right!”

Zhuque said again: “The other party also made a fake account and a fake transfer record. It shows that the money in the Huating Company’s account was transferred to Doug! If they check it in their account now, there is still money, but it is actually a fake account, not at all. money!”

After listening to Levi, he was shocked and said: “This person has deceived the Logan family!”

“Indeed! It made the Logan family think that the Huating Company’s money was transferred, in fact, even this part and all the money of the Logan family were taken away by hackers! The Logan family still knows nothing in the dark!”

Suzaku said.

“Suzaku, you trace this account, be sure to find out where the money went.”

Levi ordered.

“The general, don’t worry, even though the opponent is clever, he met me.”

Suzaku promised.

At this time, someone from Huating Company reported the case.

Because there are news records and clues about Doug’s private transfer of public funds.

Soon the police came to Huating Company.

Sarah and Dale were all called.

They were all terrified.

“Who called the police? Who called the police?”

Dale asked.

It was because he knew that Doug had turned away, so the two people would not call the police if they died.

Unless you don’t recognize this father (grandfather)!

They also deliberately explained to the company who knew about this matter, do not call the police anyway!

But now someone has called the police.

“It’s not us! None of us call the police!”

The employees shook their heads, but they didn’t call the police.

Earl and the others did the alarm.

They put all the charges on Doug.

After taking a real charge.

Let him only obediently surrender.

The two brothers planned everything.

At this time they even withdrew the fake account.

The police said coldly: “We received an anonymous call to report that Doug transferred more than 635 million public funds! Now the evidence is conclusive!”

“I heard that you heard Doug personally admit to transferring the money on the spot?”

The policeman asked.

The employees can only nod their heads obediently.

“Okay, now the human and physical evidence is complete! Let’s go to Doug!”

The police said.

Also brought Dale and Sarah and others.

In Logan’s Villa.

Everyone laughed.

Suddenly a sirens rang.

Several police officers rushed in from outside and quickly controlled Doug.

The police stepped forward and showed the arrest warrant.

“Doug, you are arrested on suspicion of moving public funds, illegal intrusion into the network, and network theft!”

Doug and all the Logan family members were dumbfounded.

Chapter 232

They looked at Dale and Sarah incredible.

Subconsciously thought it was the police they called.

Just now everyone was still discussing, Dale and Sarah didn’t dare to call the police at all.

“You…you betray your ancestors! Poof!”

Dale suddenly vomited blood out.

“You two idiots are brain-dead!!!”

“You did this to Dad (Grandpa)! You are not worthy of being the Logan family!”

“My ancestors are ashamed of you!!!”

At this time, the Logan family rushed up like crazy, trying to swallow Dale’s father and girl.

“No…not the police we called!”

“not us!”

Dale and Sarah both cried aggrievedly.

Doug stared at the two even more: “You just want to force me to death, right? Okay, now I’m sitting in prison! Are you satisfied?”

“Grandpa (dad) is not, we didn’t mean it…”

Sarah cried silently.

“Come here, I want to check Doug’s personal account to see if the money is there?”

Commanded Graham Tianming, the captain of the Xiguan Detachment.

Soon the technical department sent a message: “Leader, there is no money in Doug’s account, not a penny!”

Doug was surprised: “How can there be no money?”

The other Logan family members were also surprised.

There were originally 10 million in Doug’s private account.

“What? No money? Isn’t there a transfer record?”

Graham Tianming was stunned.

“The leader of the detachment just checked, and the money was transferred again and transferred to an overseas account!”

The technical department said.

“What? Doug, you actually transferred the money to an overseas account? Your speed is very fast!”

Doug was stunned: “I don’t have any! Where do I have overseas accounts!”

Suddenly he realized something and exclaimed: “No, it’s Earl and Brother Gordon who transferred away!”

“Look up everybody’s account and company’s account!”

Doug reminded.

The entire Logan family began to check their accounts.

An investigation found that everyone’s money had been transferred.

There is no penny on everyone’s account!!!

There is no penny in the company account either!!!

“It’s Earl and Gordon!”

Mike and Alfred responded one by one.

Nick even said: “I know why they left, they ran away. They asked Grandpa to confess the transfer in order to settle the charges against Grandpa!”


After Katie knew the truth, she passed out suddenly.

Doug patted his forehead and said: “I see, Earl came back these two months just to gain my trust! I naively thought that the future of the Logan family could be placed on him, so everything about the Logan family is nothing to him. It’s transparent! With his brother’s hacking skills, taking the money is a piece of cake!”

“I didn’t expect this kid to set me up…”

Doug almost fainted with flowers in front of him.

“Goddamn Earl!!!”

Alfred was almost furious.

At this time, the technical department checked all the accounts of Logan’s family.

It was confirmed that the Logan family’s total of 230 million was also transferred to the overseas account.

Graham Tianming asked: “Can you get the money?”

“Almost impossible! Now the overseas account has been cancelled! The money disappeared…”

After hearing the explanation given by the technical department.



The Logan family fell to the ground one by one.

Everyone is ashamed.

Dale and Sarah are the same.

The money can’t be recovered directly.

The Logan family is over!

Chapter 233

Nick quickly told the police everything.

Mainly Earl and Gordon brothers.

Graham Tianming’s face was serious: “You suddenly come out with a relaxed mood, do we believe you? We want evidence!”

“Now Huating Company’s money was transferred by Doug, and these are all recorded! Other people’s money was also transferred by Doug! Because our technicians found out that the overseas account was made in Doug’s identity! “

“We have all the evidence, Doug, what else do you have to say!”

Graham Tianming said coldly.

“Comrade, do you think about it? How come it’s really my grandfather, why did he tell Sarah them.”

Nick asked.

Graham Tianming sneered: “Because Doug wants to kidnap Ms. Sarah and the others with affection! It is concluded that they dare not call the police! Only then!”


Everyone is speechless.

Because that’s what the Logan family thinks!

“In addition, our technical department has checked, and no one named Gordon has come to Case York! The airplane high-speed rail does not have his information at all! Are you lying?”

Hearing this, everyone understands that this was arranged early.

There is evidence of Gordon’s absence.

Brother Earl is really insidious!

“Take me away first!”

Graham Tianming ordered.

Doug was about to admit his fate.

At this moment, Graham Tianming received a call from Fu Xuejian.

“Okay, I will withdraw immediately.”

Graham Tianming withdrew with someone.

“Your business will be put on hold, I will check it out!”

This puzzled the Logan family.

After being temporarily safe, Doug immediately said: “Call this ba5tard quickly! Ask what’s going on?”

Katie dialed Earl’s phone, but it was connected.

“Earl, what did you do, a beast?”

As soon as the phone was connected, Katie was just a scolding.

“What’s wrong? Could it be that Doug’s old immortal was arrested? He deserved the crime!”

Earl said this.

You know, Earl did it all.

“Earl, where are you? Get the money back quickly!!!”

Katie was about to explode.

Earl on the other end of the phone looked surprised: “What’s the money? Why can’t I understand?”

Katie was so angry that she was crying: “Earl, don’t pretend, all the money from Sarah and our Logan family will be transferred to you!”

“You blame me for this? Didn’t your grandfather transfer the money from Sarah’s company? There are also transfer records, and he admitted in person. Does it have anything to do with me? If the money is gone, you can just find Doug!”

Earl sneered.


Katie was angry and almost broke the phone.

“Okay, where are you? When are you coming back?”

Katie stabilized her mood and talked to Earl as calmly as possible.

It will be easy as long as Earl comes back.

“My man? I’m already abroad! I’ll go back in a while!”

Earl is noisy.


This news is disastrous for the entire Logan family.

Once he fled abroad.

It’s hard to catch it back!

The disaster of the Logan family can only bear it by himself.

If the money is gone, Doug will go to jail…

The consequences are unimaginable.

Doug winked vigorously, meaning that Katie deceived Earl back.

Katie’s mind turned quickly: “Earl, I feel sick for the past two days, and I often nausea and vomit, you know. Come back and accompany me to the hospital for a look! I guess I’m pregnant!”

Chapter 234

Alfred, Mike and others gave Earl thumbs up one after another.

Katie should be pregnant.

Everyone knows this.

How about Earl?

Will definitely be scrupulous about his own flesh and blood.

Alfred interrupted and said: “Song, Katie must be pregnant! Come and take her for a comprehensive examination? After all, you are a father, so we don’t dare to move!”

“Haha, Alfred, I’m going to fuck you! Don’t you know what your daughter is doing? Your daughter is a wave hoof! I don’t know how many dog ​​men have slept with, and now I’m pregnant, you want to find me?”

What everyone did not expect was that Earl even scolded.

After listening to Katie, she immediately became angry: “Earl, are you a fucking man? You actually said such a rebellious thing!”

Earl sneered: “Hehe, Katie, you’re a b!tch! The kid’s father probably didn’t even know you were the dog man! Want me to be responsible? Get out! Your family are all bitches! Get out!”

After speaking, Earl hung up.

The audience was shocked, everyone was incredible.

Katie fainted directly.

Alfred was so angry that he vomited blood.

Others hurriedly called Earl, but this kid had already shut down.

I can’t get through.

When we called again after a while, it was already empty.

“This is how to do ah?”

Everyone looked dead.

If Brother Earl can’t find it, don’t even want to get the money back.

At this time, Mike said helplessly: “I just asked my friend to check Earl, and all his information is false! He is a shady man at all! He is not an overseas giant at all!”

After listening to this, everyone understood.

Earl is here to cheat marriage and money.

Katie slept in vain for more than a year without talking, and then defrauded all the money from the Logan family.

But the point is that they have no evidence at all.

Even the marriage certificate is false and has not been registered at all.

If you are asking for evidence, the Earl and Gordon brothers have never appeared in Logan’s house.

The Logan family couldn’t tell.

There is no evidence.

It can only be said that the Earl brothers are clever.

In fact, the two had planned to deceive and marry Sarah, but Levi did not expect to return.

Edith and Dale were shocked.

Fortunately, they still wanted to marry Sarah to Gordon.

Come to think of it now, if you marry Gordon, the money will be deceived, even Sarah’s body will be deceived.

With blood spilling from the corner of Doug’s mouth, he asked anxiously, “Is there a way to get people back? Even if the money is not needed, these two beasts must be found!”

“Yeah! If I see these two beasts, I will kill them!”

“Yes! I gave my life, I must kill these two beasts!”

The current thinking of the Logan family is that money is not necessary, but the Earl brothers must die!

But at present, it is too difficult to find two people based on the contacts and resources of the Logan family.

What’s more, Doug still wants to go to jail immediately.

Sarah has just turned to his best friend Natalie for help.

Natalie’s answer: It is difficult, almost impossible, but she is willing to give it a try.

Sarah knew that this was a polite remark, an impossible thing.

“Who can solve this? God, save my Logan family?”

Doug looked up to the sky and screamed.

“People, I can find it! I can solve this matter!”

At this moment, a voice came.

Levi didn’t know when he had already arrived at Logan’s house.

Chapter 235

“just you?”

Mike sneered, full of disdain.

Alfred was also angry, and roared angrily: “You can do things with this trash? Can you pull it down!”

Doug also cursed, “Yes! What are you doing here? Even you can solve this problem? Don’t fucking make trouble?”

Katie was even more angry: “Levi came to you to see the decline of the Logan family, did you come to the pit?”

Facing the collective crusade of the Garrison family.

Levi sneered: “To be honest, your matter has nothing to do with me. I solve this matter for my wife!”

“If I get the money then, don’t ask for anything if you have the ability!”

Levi said coldly.

Doug sneered again and again: “Okay, if you can get the money, we won’t want a cent!”

“Well, don’t regret it then!”

“Sarah, Dad, let’s go!”

Levi took the two to leave.

“This Levi is just here to watch a joke! He came here to kill himself! It’s really cruel!”

“This waste is the same as Earl’s beast!”

“If he can ask for the money, I will give him all his head!”

“Our Logan family is too bitter, and when we meet a liar, we encounter waste!”

Everyone in the Logan family sighed.

After leaving Logan’s ancestral home, Sarah asked uncertainly: “You can really?”

“Try it!”

Levi smiled.

“What can you do? Brother Earl is clever and left no clues. Even the police technical department can’t trace it. Just you? Who do you think you are!”

Dale sneered.

Edith also said: “Levi, you don’t want to mix things up! Just don’t mess up! Now you are satisfied, Sarah has nothing. Do you think you can match Sarah?”

The two said in unison: “We tell you, even if the current Sarah is not worthy of you as a labor prisoner!”

Sarah was afraid of the trouble, and quickly took Levi away.

“Don’t interfere with the matter of King’s Landing! The police should have a clue. Grandpa was taken away originally, but later released. It is estimated that something new has been discovered.”

Sarah asked.

Levi really wanted to say: I let Fu Xuejian release it.

“By the way, another batch of Natalie’s furniture has arrived. You can help move it. I’ll go to Natalie to see if I can help!”

In this way, Levi continued to move Natalie again wearing the work clothes of the moving company.

At this moment, in the private hospital of the city Villa.

The richest man, Mr. Shane Wanshan, is already red-faced and in a very good spirit.

After Levi rescued him, his health seemed to be getting better and better.

“Grandpa, I found out the identity of this person-he is Levi of the Garrison Group!”

Shane Xinyi said excitedly.

“It turned out to be him!”

Shane Wanshan obviously knew Levi.

After all, it was the dark horse of six years ago.

They all heard about it.

“Yes, his six-year sentence has just ended! He is currently working at the Black Ant Moving Company, and today I saw him moving again!”

Shane Xinyi said.

Shane Wanshan sighed: “Six years of prison life is enough to wear out a genius! He is willing to be a mover!”

Brown Wanghui said: “In fact, he is not reconciled! I met Mr. Shane you, so he is not satisfied with one billion, but wants 10 billion or even more.”

“Now we finally understand why he wants 10 billion, and he wants to make a fortune on this!”

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