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Chapter 236

A director of Tianshen Medicine said: “Old man, Mr. Shane, I, I have dealt with Levi six years ago! This man has a deep scheming and a strong style. To succeed by any means! This time, I am afraid that he will be wronged !”

“Yes, Levi is a very smart person. If we fail to meet his requirements this time, he will probably use means, such as letting the public know that he saved you. After the shackles of public opinion are tied to him, we will be led. I’m leaving with my nose!”

Everyone was disgusted with Levi: “This kind of person is simply too hateful!”

Shane Xinyi has no affection for Levi now. She sneered and said: “Grandpa, I have found out. This Levi has been idle since he was released from prison, and has nothing to do all day. It depends on her wife Sarah to eat soft rice! I see him this time. I just want to corrupt the money!”

“But now the Logan family is in trouble.”

Shane Xinyi turned to Feng.

Shane Wanshan came interested: “Oh? What’s the trouble?”

“The Logan family and Levi’s wife’s nearly one billion dollars of money were taken away! The Logan family is going to declare bankruptcy! Patriarch Doug is also going to jail!”

Shane Xinyi said.

Shane Wanshan’s eyes lit up fiercely: “Good opportunity!”

Shane Xinyi and others reacted: “Grandpa, do you mean that we helped the Logan family survive the crisis, which is equivalent to repaying Levi’s life-saving grace?”

Shane Wanshan smiled: “Exactly.”

“This method is good! This will ensure that Levi will not pester the Shane family in the future!”

The others exclaimed.

Shane Wanshan exhorted: “Xinyi, you go to deal with this matter! Then I will say hello to the relevant department, and Doug’s prison will be avoided!”

“When the matter is resolved, I will see Levi personally to make it clear! He saved my life, and I saved his family. We will be settled.”

“Grandpa understands, what tricks I think Levi has this time?”

Shane Xinyi looked proud.

Just as the Logan family was unable to do anything.

The leader of the Xiguan Detachment, Graham Tianming, called and told Doug that there was something else hidden in this matter and that he did not need to be arrested.

Doug’s tears came out.

Before long, a Rolls Royce stopped in front of Logan’s house.

Shane Xinyi came with a few assistants.

“Introduce, this is Shane Xinyi of the Shane family!”

After listening to Shane Xinyi’s introduction, Nick and Katie went crazy.

“The granddaughter of the richest man?”

Everyone almost knelt on the ground.

“I heard about the difficulties of the Logan family, I came here to help! Now that you have money in your account, you can check it.”

Shane Xinyi’s voice fell.

Everyone started to inquire.

Sure enough, the previous money came back with a lot of money.

Everyone even understands that Doug doesn’t need to go to jail, but the Shane family did it.

“Don’t worry, this matter is over.”

Doug tears into tears: “Miss Shane, I just ask, why do you want to help the Logan family?”

Shane Xinyi smiled: “Someone from the Logan family has kindness to the Shane family, this time it is considered to be repaid! You don’t need to ask who it is. From then on, you and my Shane family have no trouble!

After Shane Xinyi left the Logan family, she came to Huating Company and solved the funding problem.

Sarah and Dale naturally wanted to ask why, but Shane Xinyi’s answer was the same as that of Logan’s family.

The Shane family didn’t want Levi’s rescue of Shane Wanshan to be too public.

So as not to let Levi use it to make a fuss.

So it’s the Logan family’s kindness.

Levi, who had just moved Natalie, hadn’t changed his clothes yet, and Sarah called.

“What? The financial crisis of the Logan family has been resolved?”

Chapter 237

Levi looked surprised.

Had the Earl brothers found out that they had sent the money back?

“I’ll tell you the specific reason tonight! I’m busy for now!”

Sarah quickly hung up.

When Levi was about to undress, several luxury cars appeared in front of him.

It was Shane Xinyi who walked down, followed by the richest man Shane Wanshan, and there were hundreds of bodyguards and entourage around.

The battle was huge, even in the noble quarters, it also caused onlookers.

“Hello, Mr. Levi, this is Shane Wanshan!”

Shane Wanshan took the initiative to say hello, his eyes rested on Levi’s work clothes.

It’s really a moving company!

“What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

Levi frowned.

Shane Xinyi smiled and said, “Mr. Garrison, our purpose of coming today is to tell you that your kindness in saving my grandpa has been paid off.”

Levi couldn’t help thinking of something, “Did you relieve the Logan family’s crisis?”

“Well, Mr. Garrison is really smart! In order to repay your kindness, the Logan family and Sarah’s company totaled more than 865 million, and I had to go, and Doug was spared from prison!”

Shane Wanshan smiled.

Shane Xinyi added: “From now on, Levi’s kindness to save my grandfather is clear! From then on, we have nothing to do with you anymore, don’t pester my Shane family!”

Shane Wanshan said: “Mr. Garrison, Shane Wanshan doesn’t want to owe any kindness to anyone in my life. I just have this opportunity, and I will pay it off.”

When Shane Wanshan left, Levi said, “Stop!”

Shane Wanshan and Shane Xinyi stopped and looked at each other.

Heart said: Levi really wanted to take the opportunity to ruin people.

It’s not easy to get rid of.

“Does Mr. Garrison think we are giving less money? Not satisfied?”

Shane Xinyi always despised Levi in her heart.

A greedy person like you, want ten billion, right?

Levi shook his head: “No, I will solve this by myself! What mess are you guys adding?”

Hearing this, the faces of several people in Shane Wanshan changed.

Levi was indeed the same as they discussed: insatiable and unscrupulous.

Obviously this kind of treatment made him very dissatisfied.

Originally it was worth 10 billion, but the one billion was passed away.

Shane Wanshan was a little angry: “Mr. Garrison, do you mean that you want me to owe you Shane Wanshan’s life-saving grace? What will happen to you later?”

“Yeah, what do you mean by Levi? That’s right! You saved my grandfather, but we also saved the Logan family. Is it possible that you want tens of billions and hundreds of billions to be satisfied?”

Shane Xinyi directly stated his attitude: “I tell you, there is no way!”

“Yes, a greedy person like you! Want to threaten the Shane family with things that saved the old man’s life?”

“Tell you, it’s impossible! The Logan family has accepted our kindness, and you are useless no matter what!”

Shane Wanshan even said coldly: “You guys need to know that you are this kind of person. Nothing would have allowed you to be saved in the first place!”

Shane Xinyi raised her head proudly: “I tell you! My grandfather is very lucky, even if you didn’t take care of it, he would survive!”

“Yeah, the old man is fine! I just asked you to miss it. Didn’t you expect you to blackmail people with this matter?”

At this time, Levi was humble like a mouse in everyone’s eyes.

Levi smiled and said: “Just take this seriously, don’t worry, I forgot about saving people that night. I don’t need any remuneration, let alone I am not short of money!”

Chapter 238

Levi’s words drew everyone’s contempt.

What a hypocrisy!

Obviously I want tens of billions to hundreds of billions, but they say they don’t want to be paid! !

Obviously he is a mover, but he says he is not short of money!

It’s hypocritical to the extreme!

It’s really annoying!

Shane Wanshan, Shane Xinyi and others all looked at Levi with disgust.

In their eyes, Levi is no different from the flies in the pit!

“You don’t need to intervene in the Logan family’s affairs, I will refund you the money!”

Levi said indifferently.

Shane Wanshan was taken aback.

Will such an insatiable person still pay back?

More than eight billion?

Where does he get the money?

Just kidding?

Shane Xinyi said quickly, “Okay, refund the money, right? Then refund it to us now!”

Shane Wanshan also said: “I want to see Mr. Garrison’s ability too!”

Several people demanded Levi’s refund on the spot.

Levi said: “Not now, I will return the money to you, you should go back first.”

Hearing this, everyone in the Shane family showed a mocking smile.

What is this not hypocrisy?

That’s 800 million!

What is it for?

Talk about it.

“Okay, Mr. Garrison, we are leaving, you don’t have to refund the money! As long as you don’t pester my Shane family in the future, don’t ruin people by saving me!”

Shane Xinyi smiled and said, “Grandpa can’t. Many people have witnessed it.”

Subsequently, Shane Wanshan and his entourage left in a hurry.

Levi was extremely rotten in their eyes.

Levi understood that these people had misunderstood.

I thought I was ruining money for saving people!


I didn’t pay attention to the mere Shane Wanshan!

I still look down on your little money!

The reason why Levi didn’t give the money on the spot was simple. Earl and Gordon brothers had to spit out the money.

After Levi changed into clothes.

Come look for Suzaku.

“Report to the general that all the more than 800 million money has been tracked by me, and they have no time to use it. I have locked up this part of the money at the moment! I will return it soon!”

Suzaku said.

“it is good.”

“Where are Earl and Gordon? Have you found it?”

Levi asked.

This question is handed over to Wesley.

“I found them. These two people are still in Case York! They are very smart. If they leave at this time, they will be exposed at the airport and train station!”

Wesley Road.

“Go, I’ll go and see for myself.”

Levi approached.

What surprised Levi was that Earl brothers hid in the village in the city where Byron and his wife had lived before.

It can be seen that the brothers are more cautious.

In a rental house.

The two brothers and three others are playing cards.

At this moment, Earl sent a message from his mobile phone.

After seeing the content, Earl and Gordon’s face changed drastically.

Because the more than 8 billion they transferred were actually frozen!

“No! Since they can freeze the money, they will definitely be able to find it here!”

“We have to withdraw!”

The five immediately left here carrying their bags.

But when the five people came to the alley, they met two people head-on.

Levi and Wesley.

“Levi turned out to be you?”

Earl looked shocked.

Levi smiled: “Earl, your methods are quite high!”

“How did you find us?”

Earl is very curious about this.

Gordon red eyes, scoffed and pulled out a watermelon knife.

“Brother don’t ask, let’s kill this guy first and run away?”


Earl and the other three also drew out a machete.

The five held knives and slowly walked towards Levi.

They were intent on killing, and they were bound to kill Levi.

Chapter 239

“Levi, go and die! I have endured you for a long time!”

Just when the Earl brothers slashed towards Levi, there were waves of rapid footsteps.

Fifty people rushed out from behind them.

The headed man has a round waist and is fierce.

Brother Earl fell down with a stick.

The other four have no fighting power in front of this gang of gangsters.

Soon the five people rolled on the ground and let out a scream.

These gangsters came to Levi and shouted together: “Hello, Mr. Garrison!”

It turns out that these people are Brother Tiger and them.

When Levi arrived, his brother found out.

After Brother Tiger came with his brothers, he found that someone dared to attack Levi and immediately furious.

Finally, Brother Austin sent Earl brothers to the Public Security Bureau.

This village in the city belongs to the jurisdiction of the Xiguan Detachment, so the leader of the Xiguan Detachment Graham Tianming accepted Brother Earl.

During the interrogation, Brother Earl explained everything.

When asked where the money went, Brother Earl said it was frozen.

The first thing Graham Tianming thought of was the Shane family, the richest man.

Because the Shane family had greeted him before, the Shane family took care of Doug’s affairs.

Now it seems that the Shane family has great powers, not only found Earl Gordon, but also frozen the transferred money.

Afterwards, the eight billion of money was transferred to him, and the note was to be returned to the Shane family.

After going through the procedure, Graham Tianming personally sent the money to Shane’s house.

After the Shane family got the money, they were surprised.

Everyone is wondering if it was sent by Levi?

It’s just that Graham Tianming smiled: “It has nothing to do with Levi!”

Everyone in the Shane family laughed.

How can Levi have such great ability?

Pay the money back?

Is he rich?

Levi wanted to pretend to be upright in front of the Shane family.

Later, Graham Tianming came to Logan’s house again and explained the matter.

“It’s great! Put these two brothers in jail!”

“Thank you so much, Captain Graham!”

Doug burst into tears with excitement.

Graham Tianming smiled: “You don’t have to thank me. If you want to thank you, thank the richest man, Shane’s family! The money is brought back by them, and the people are captured by them!”

In this way, the Shane family thought that Graham Tianming did all this.

Graham Tianming and the Logan family thought that all this was done by the Shane family.

The Earl brother’s matter was dealt with, and everyone did not lose any money.

Everyone is happy.

The move was just completed.

Natalie gave a special banquet and called Dale and his wife.

“Uncles and aunts, first of all congratulations to you for resolving the crisis.”

Natalie congratulated.

After that, Dale and Edith stared at Levi and said, “Levi, you didn’t say that you have to deal with this matter?”

“Yes, I handled this matter!”

Levi approached.

“You can pull it down! This matter was clearly solved by the Shane family! They found the people, and they recovered the money!”

“It has a relationship with you! Even if you brag, you can’t do this?”

Dale and Edith disgusted Levi’s habit of being pushy.

Levi was stunned.

How did the Shane family solve it?

He got it.

It would definitely be Brother Tiger’s group, but sent Brother Earl over, and didn’t dare to say anything else.

After all, Brother Austin and the others are most afraid of the police.

Therefore, everyone now thinks that everything is done by the Shane family.

But Levi didn’t care.

He doesn’t care about a Shane family.

Sarah quickly said, “Mom and dad, don’t talk about it. King’s Landing is also comforting us.”

Chapter 240

“Huh! Let’s not talk about such big talks!”

Dale said angrily.

Natalie smiled: “Uncles and aunts, Levi has been busy moving with me these past two days. How can I have time to do other things?”

“Okay, let’s not talk about him.”

Edith glanced at Levi again.

Dale sighed, “Who do you think is our Logan family’s kindness to the Shane family? How could the Shane family help?”

Sarah suddenly said, “Will my parents belong to the Logan family, the provincial capital, right? I’m afraid that only they can have a relationship with the Shane family?

Sarah reminded that Dale and Edith’s face changed.

To trace the origin of the Logan family line, in fact their line is just a branch line.

The ancestors of the Logan family originated in the provincial capital of Logan family.

The Logan family, the provincial capital, is a great family.

However, there are too many Logan family tribes like Doug, spread all over Velador, and there are only 70 or 80 families.

Therefore, Doug has never contacted the Logan family in Jinling, the provincial capital.

In everyone’s opinion, only the provincial capital Logan’s family can be related to the richest man Shane Wanshan.

“Okay, let’s not talk about this. Tell me about you Natalie? I heard that we still have to enter into in-depth cooperation with Sarah!”

Dale’s eyes fell on Natalie.

Natalie smiled: “Next, Erick Group has big plans, and cooperation with Sarah will be inevitable at that time!”

“What big plan? Can you tell me?”

Sarah asked curiously.

Natalie’s face showed a look of admiration: “This is about my mysterious boss! His vision and plan are really beyond comparison with ordinary people! Next, we will start with medicine and technology to produce harmony The same products as the Case York Chamber of Commerce, thus replacing them!”

Hearing this, Sarah glanced at Levi with a complicated expression.

“Natalie, we all know that the core technology of Garrison Group’s medicine and technology is in the hands of the Case York Chamber of Commerce. You don’t have the technology, how can you produce the same product?”

Sarah asked suspiciously.

If Levi had this core technology now, he would have to rise every minute.

Natalie smiled: “So my boss is supernatural, he actually has all the core technologies!”

“Hiss, so scary?”

Sarah was surprised.

Don’t forget to take a look at Levi.

Levi has always had an excellent memory, and he has these core technologies in his mind.

But no one thought he would remember, including Sarah.

If these technologies are printed out, it is estimated that hundreds of thousands of pages.

Who can remember?

Natalie looked expectant and yearning: “My boss is too mysterious and powerful. I’m probably still single. If I see him, I will definitely chase him!”

Sarah smiled.

My best friend has a strong personality.

The vision is higher than the sky.

No man looks down on it!

No matter how good the other party is, how good is the family background?

She doesn’t like it!

In addition, Natalie has been developing in the United States over the years, and he has seen many outstanding talents.

It is estimated that the vision is higher.

But now there is a man who makes Natalie interested.

It’s not easy!

Even Sarah wondered what the boss of Erick Group was like!

“Come on! I think you will be able to catch up with Natalie on your terms!”

Sarah smiled.

Levi said: “It’s impossible, don’t think about it, he doesn’t like you.”

“What do you mean, Levi? Do you think you are my boss?”

Natalie said coldly.

Levi nodded: “Yes, I am your boss.”

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