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Chapter 2310

Now Kangaroo Country does have many super powers.

There is no shortage of gods and others.

The overall strength of Kangaroo Nation has also risen from the middle to the forefront.

But they really couldn’t solve the blood ancestors.

A country is helpless.

There is simply no one who can solve it.

Any guardian of the doomsday seed bank is a bullshit!

The powerhouses they have now are the powerhouses bred from the Doomsday Seed Bank in the last three years.

They had a fart for three years!

“good very good!”


“There is no word!”


“You guys are so popular and ugly, don’t you learn from Warhawk Chinese? You have to be shameless! It’s no different from a brute! It’s not even as good as that!”

Levi sneered.

He thought of a story about a farmer and a snake.

The farmer saved the snake, and the snake k!lled the farmer…

What is the difference from the group of people in Kangaroo Country now?

People like Bogut Nelson are dogs!

“Levi, do you dare to insult us? Insult us? This is Kangaroo Country! Are you looking for death?”

Hearing being scolded, Bogut and others were angry.

To do it.

Levi smiled: “I will give you one last chance!!!”

“If you admit and apologize, I will assume that what has just happened has not happened!”

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Everyone laughed when they heard it.

They all looked at Levi with idiot eyes.

If it is strong enough, there is no need for him to threaten it, the Kangaroo Country has long admitted that it owes a kindness and has taken out the new material obediently.

But Levi’s strength stayed three years ago.

More than 8,700 on the quasi god list!

It’s no different from a weak chicken!

Not to mention that time is running out.

Who would take his threats seriously?

“Get out! Get out!”

“Have you run here? Our kangaroo country doesn’t have a lifesaver like you!”

Bogut and the others directly wanted to drive Levi away.

“Okay, the opportunity has been given! You are not good at giving you a chance! You can…”

Levi sneered.

He naturally did not allow the Kangaroo Country to act like this.

Do this in front of him Levi.

Just looking for death! ! !

“Ha ha ha ha……”

Seeing all this, Salen and Lawrence walked out of the dark.

Laughing loudly.

“Levi, didn’t you say that you are the benefactor of Kangaroo Country? Why don’t people recognize it? No one in a country recognizes it!”

“I really laughed at me. If there is nothing, don’t lie! Isn’t it all right now? Let the family expose it on the spot! You have to be kicked out!”

“It’s really a shame to have a last name with you!”

Everyone laughed presumptuously.

“Well, I will come to pick up things myself at night!”

Levi left a word.

“Wait! There is not much time left for you!”

Wesley and the others glared at Bogut and the others, and left one after another.


Everyone present laughed.

“Just like you want new substances? Dream! Anyone can get them, but you Levi can’t do it!”

“We just don’t admit it, see what you can do?”

Bogut and the others sneered.

“Well, I know that Levi will never get the new substance, so I can rest assured. Let’s leave!”

Salen and his party left.

Groups of forces have left.

But what everyone didn’t expect was that Aubery also came to Kangaroo Country.

She did not show up during this period of time.

But she has been practicing and looking for a solution to Levi’s body.

When she heard that the kangaroo had a solution, she rushed over immediately.

Ready to do it…

“Hmph, Levi is not a good thing at all!”

“Sure! It was not in vain to save us back then, just wait to get our benefits and let us repay our kindness!”

“Aren’t all the saviors selfless? How come there are still people who take the initiative to repay the kindness?”

Bogut and others are still chattering.

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