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Chapter 2309

“That crisis was indeed the arrival of the blood ancestors, killing many people, and the fall of many cities! What kind of shit is the person who can solve the crisis! We solved it by ourselves! It was solved by the guardians of our doomsday seed bank!”

“Everyone has seen the strength of the guardian of the Doomsday Seed Bank! Solving a blood ancestor is not a problem, right?”

Bogut asked.

“Yes Yes Yes……”

The others nodded.

Everyone has seen how strong the guardian of the Doomsday Seed Bank is.

The side shows that the Kangaroo country has the strength to solve the crisis on its own and does not need to rely on others.

“At that time, we also requested the War Eagle Nation and the Lab of the Gods! They requested that the Doomsday Seed Bank be opened! But then the Doomsday Seed Bank was not opened because the crisis had been resolved when they came.”

Nelson explained.

“Yes! We can testify to this! The Lab of the Gods did return without success!”

A group of people nodded.

“So, what’s the matter with Levi? You’re a shit!”

“Want to come and cheat us?”

“I heard that you were hit by a Mayan industrial weapon, and time is running out! Did you hear that we found a substance that dissolves the elements of the Mayan industrial weapon?”

Bogut and Nelson did not admit it at all.

Don’t admit that there is such a thing.

This was something Levi had never expected.

I even said that I never thought about it before I came here.

I think Kangaroo Country will definitely repay this kindness.

This thing is too simple.

It’s true that you want new substances.

But a little bit…

How do you know that this group of people reversed right and wrong, and didn’t admit it at all. They didn’t admit that there was such a thing.

The ungrateful dogs!

“One more I don’t know, and another one? Did the two of you personally say that you owe me a kindness? Are you going to repay me with a celebration?”

Levi asked.

“There is no such thing! None of us have ever seen you! This is the first time we have met!”

“There is also the solution to the crisis in my kangaroo country, it is not you at all! Why do you have to lie?

The two immediately refuted and refused to admit it.

“The eyes of the masses are sharp! Ask the thousands of people in Kangaroo Country, and you will know who the savior is! Who saved the Kangaroo Country in times of crisis! Ask them…”

Levi said coldly.

“Okay, I will ask them!”

“Who solved the kangaroo country crisis three years ago?”

Bogut asked at the thousands of people who were watching.

“It’s us! The guardian of the doomsday seed bank!”

“It’s ourselves…”

The uniform shouts rang out.

The thousands of people in Kangaroo Country are the same as Bogut.

No one admitted that he owed Levi’s kindness back then.

All the population is wrong, upside down the facts!

Everyone is ungrateful!

The whole kangaroo country is ungrateful!

He didn’t want to admit that Levi came to save the Kangaroo country back then.

This is an ungrateful country…

When Levi was strong, he regarded him as a benefactor, as a hero, and held a celebration!

But now Levi is no longer a top powerhouse, and has been seriously injured, and time is running out.

This country directly abandoned the promise of the year.

He didn’t admit everything and treated Levi as the same thing.

Because in their view, the kindness is now repaid, and there is no benefit.

Levi was already too weak.

They are so powerful that they don’t need Levi at all.

Why do you still pay for this kindness?

Levi, who had no value at all, would not pay him back if he didn’t pay his kindness.

Moreover, the value of this new material was so high that Levi had suffered too much.

Therefore, the Kangaroo nation reached an agreement.

Resolutely refuse to admit that Levi saved the Kangaroo country.

Don’t admit it to death.

Leave this thing alone…

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