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Chapter 2315

The words came out.

Wesley, Bellard, Sword Evil god and others were all stunned.

The new substance they gave their lives to grab last night was actually delivered to the door obediently today.

How is this going?

The world has seen how powerful the kangaroo is.

There are so many powerful men directly guarding the doomsday seed bank. This attitude and determination is to prevent anyone from getting the new deep-sea material.

They are at all costs!

Let no one get the new substance!

But who could have imagined that someone was here today.

They all think it is fake.

But Stevens in front of him is the leader of Kangaroo Country, and his status is not comparable to Bogut and Nelson!

Identity will not be false!

He can directly open the doomsday seed bank.

Have this permission!

And Tylera checked the new deep-sea material, which was true.

Did they really send the new substance?

why is that?

What happened last night?

Why did an earth-shaking change happen overnight.

“is this real?”

Everyone looks incredible.

All this is too dreamy.

It feels so unreal!

“It’s true! I’m waiting to deliver all the new deep-sea substances on behalf of the Kangaroo nation! Secondly, the Kangaroo nation will publicly apologize to Mr. Levi! He did save the country three years ago! It was he who k!lled the blood ancestor! Now! We have already punished Bogut and others! All death sentences!”

When Stevens said this.

Everyone was stunned.

What on earth happened?

Not only let Stevens personally send the Deep Sea New Substance, but also publicly apologize to Levi!


Everything is not normal!

Why on earth?

Kangaroo country can completely eliminate all of this!

With their such strength, they can completely rely on this matter and refuse to admit it.

Anyway, you and others have nothing to do.

Tylera’s revenge yesterday is the best example!

In any case, there is nothing to do with others.

You can only be sulking.

But everything is too abnormal today!

It’s all against common sense!

“Please tell Mr. Garrison! We are wrong! There is no next time! In the future, there will be no ingratitudes and people in this country! I promise!”

Stevens said in horror.

After sending the new substance, he fled away like wind.

For fear of staying here too long, Levi came out.

This made Wesley and the others more and more puzzled.

What happened?

Let the Kangaroo Country be like this?

Looking at the new substance in their hands, a group of people fell into contemplation.

At this time, Levi walked out of the room, stretching his waist.

“Did they bring things here?”

Levi asked while yawning.

“Huh? Boss (Master) how did you know?”

Everyone became more and more confused.

It can even be said to be shocked!

How did Levi know?

“Because I asked them to deliver the things! The main reason is to make you feel at ease, and all the people who hurt you will be k!lled by me! Revenge for you!”

Levi said casually.

It seems to have done something ordinary to no more ordinary.

But this word came out.

Wesley, they have exploded…


Everyone looked at Levi dumbfounded.

What is going on?

Could it be that Levi did it?

This is impossible!

This is what it is now.

Must be to overwhelm a country!

You must know that the kangaroo country masters are like clouds, and they are even more powerful than one hundred thousand.

Among them, the strong people who are comparable to the gods’ list, Wesley, they have all experienced, they are very strong, and they are all injured.

If you want to beat the kangaroo country, at least it must be at the forefront of the gods list, or even the top three…

In other words, it is the first level of the gods list!

It is possible to do it only if the dark god himself takes the initiative!

“Boss, you did all this?”

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