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Chapter 2316

Ron asked tentatively.

Others are also curious.

Levi briefly described how to crush a country…

After talking, everyone basically believed it.

But at this moment, Wesley suddenly thought of something.

After everyone looked at each other, they all understood each other.

Aubery and his masters!

They saved themselves these people last night…

Why did Aubery and several ancestors appear?

Isn’t it just to help Levi get the new substance?

They definitely want to shoot!

But after all, they are the ancestors of Tiance Mansion, so it’s definitely not appropriate to grab them directly.

After suppressing it by force, let them send it by themselves.


Everything is understood!

All this is done by Aubery and several masters!

Aubery is not capable of overpowering a country!

But several of his masters are fine!

Although these few are not on the god list, who dares to provoke them?

It is absolutely possible to join forces with a few!

After understanding what’s going on.

Everyone smiled.

Levi saw what they looked like and also knew what they were thinking.

But he doesn’t care.

As long as they are at ease.

“Now that the new substance is in hand! The boss takes it immediately!”

“Quickly, quickly, to prevent the night from growing dreams!”

Everyone took out the new substance and immediately gave Levi a dose.

In order to make them feel at ease, Levi took the new substance obediently.

Seeing the new substance being taken, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

After installing the remaining deep-sea material, he began to celebrate and cheer.

“Our hard work for such a long time was not in vain! The boss’s illness was finally cured!”

“This time it’s done once and for all! The boss’s illness is completely cured!”

“The Emperor is worthy of hard work! I said the boss will not die!”

Everyone cheered, but Wesley was still very calm.

“Tylera, just to be on the safe side, you should check the physical condition of the boss!”

Wesley opened his mouth.

Tylera immediately began to check.

About an hour later.

Tylera surprisedly said: “It seems that the new material is working! The boss is in good physical condition, and there is no bad situation! The elements of Mayan industrial weapons have been completely wiped out! The boss has finally returned to normal!”

Tylera said this.

The field boiled directly.

Everyone cheered and celebrated wantonly.

It’s all regarded as new substances that dissolve the special elements of Maya industry…

But where did they know that Levi was already good.

But at that time, it was a psychological effect for Tylera, and there was no problem during the inspection, but Tylera always thought that there was a problem, but it was a hidden danger, and it didn’t happen.

Now that he took the new substance, Levi was in the same situation, but in her mind, there was no problem at all.

Levi smiled helplessly.

I’m fine, it has nothing to do with this deep-sea matter.

But Wesley and all of them thought it was this substance that healed themselves.

But Levi didn’t care, as long as they were at ease.

“Well, from now on we will return immediately! We must protect the remaining new substances!”

Everyone immediately returned.

“After the boss went back this time, you will have nothing to do with your practice! You and your sister-in-law are still competing! Two months are left? You must beat her in the rankings!”

“Yeah! Once my sister-in-law recovers, her strength will definitely take off! The top rankings of the gods! You must not be left behind by my sister-in-law! Hurry up and integrate our various techniques to form your own system! Amazing all people!”

Wesley said with a smile.

The others also nodded: “Yes! Boss, we are all optimistic about you! We are full of expectations for you!”

They are all looking forward to the birth of a strong man.

“Okay! Let them arrange it!”

Shit god list, how could Levi care about it.

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