The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2323

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Chapter 2323

Only when he was in desperate situation would Levi know how weak and helpless he was.

His little strength is simply not enough to survive, let alone protect other people.

Only at this moment would Levi wake up.

Only then will you abandon the old things, accept the new things, cultivate and strengthen yourself…

As soon as the Maya Industry news was released, Sarah immediately began discussions with everyone.

Everyone agrees that this method is good.

To challenge, you must take Levi with him.

“You have to go! If you don’t, we have to take you too!”

“There is also Aubery going too, are you sure not to go?”

Sarah said directly.

In fact, Levi originally planned to find out.

Let’s see what Maya Industries is going to do.

The best way is to go deep into it, and even treat yourself as a prey, in order to understand the situation most truthfully.

Levi is worried, how can I go?

No, a bunch of tool people are here.

“Okay, I’m going to participate!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, you are ready to prepare, we will set out now!”


Levi couldn’t help asking, “By the way, are there many people signing up this time?”

“Is there more? Boss, let’s put it this way! Except for the top ten in the god list, nearly a thousand strong people on the god list and ten thousand strong people on the quasi god list have basically signed up! There are other strong people who add up. There are tens of thousands!”

“To sum up-almost all the best in this world have gone! The top experts have also gone a lot…”

“It is estimated that after this challenge is over, I am afraid that the god List and the Quasi god List will be greatly updated!”

Everyone is looking forward to it.

They all want to further improve their strength, and the ranking of the gods is also further improved.

“Basically all the strong in this world will go?”

Levi frowned and touched his chin.

Doesn’t this mean that Maya Industry can control the information and data of most of the world’s powerful players?

What strength?

What speciality?

The advantages and disadvantages will all be exposed under the eyes of Maya Industry.

The projects they set up challenges must be able to control all of this.

Then think about it, this is super scary!

Take control of all the powerhouses in the world.

Once targeted, it’s too easy.

Just aim at your shortcomings…

Once there is a large-scale war or other, these strong men are no different from the dead.

At this time, Levi felt vaguely guessing the purpose of Maya Industry.

As for the challenge estimate, it is also very simple.

Everywhere in the virgin forest, mutant living dead are put in.

Manipulate these variants of the living dead to experience the strong, and at the same time you can fully get the information you want, that is, the strengths and weaknesses of the strong.


This is setting up a shocking overall situation!

The more this happened, the more Levi had to find out.

But before that, he has to do something.

Just as all parties are enthusiastically signing up to participate.

However, one by one, big powers announced their withdrawal from this challenge.

Including super-top forces such as the emperor’s organization!

Almost a third of the forces announced their withdrawal from this challenge!

This is an order from Levi to let all the forces and strong people that can be controlled by the Bible Organization to withdraw from the challenge.

The reason is simple, he does not want Maya Industry to collect information about these powerful people.

One-third of the forces withdrew at one time, which was indeed shocking enough.

The world was shocked.

However, all the top powers understand that these are controlled by the Bible organization.

It is normal for this mysterious force to make this move.

After all, no one knows what the dark god is thinking.

And the dark god is the number one god, and no one will doubt it.

It’s just that what they didn’t expect was that the Dark god was already Levi…

After everyone was ready, they set off together to the virgin forest in the west.

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