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Chapter 2322

Not just them!

The big powers of the world’s major forces were alarmed.

All the people who had been retreating did not retreat, and all ran out.

There is no other reason.

Because Maya Industry brought shocking news.

They will launch a series of challenges!

Here, your strength will increase substantially.

Specifically for some strong people who encounter bottlenecks.

Maya Industry has launched a series of challenges before, and it has indeed allowed many people to progress and grow.

Even Wesley has participated in the challenge of Maya Industry.

It’s all life and death challenges.

There is a high probability of death.

But if you want to survive, your strength will be greatly improved.

After all, real combat is the fastest way to progress.

In addition, all kinds of improvement methods are quick.

Therefore, after taking part in several challenges, the strength improved super fast.

The most important point is the Maya Industry Challenge series, which is too professional.

Use the top technology to set up a variety of suitable challenges.

There are those that improve defense, offense, offense and defense, and even assassination…

Only you can’t think of it, nothing they can’t do.

Whether it is special or comprehensive.

You can take part in the challenges of Maya Industry to improve.

It is a pity that Maya Industry’s Challenge Series has only been launched once in the past three years.

That was also the beginning of the new era.

Maya Industries is launched.

No one went there at first.

But after someone tasted the sweetness, everyone rushed to it.

One by one, rushed to participate.

Wesley and the others only got a qualitative leap at that time!

It’s not just them.

It should be said that seventy to eighty percent of the powerhouses in the gods’ list have taken a leap after taking part in the challenge of Maya Industry.

Even Sarah has participated in this challenge.

Strength is also advancing by leaps and bounds!

So now that Maya Industry has a challenge series, Sarah is no longer closed.

Ran out directly.

That time, it only lasted three months.

If you want to participate in the future, there will be no chance.

Everyone has been waiting for Maya Industries to launch new challenges.

But it hasn’t happened.

This time it finally came.

And stronger than before!

Suitable for stronger people to participate!

When Levi heard this, the corners of his mouth raised: “Fox tail is finally about to be revealed? I know what the challenge is this time!”

Levi guessed that this time Maya Industry challenged those mutants of the living dead!

Will fight directly with the challenger!

Levi quickly contacted Mebel, and the other party had the same idea.

This challenge must be set up with variants of the living dead.

But no one knows the reason for the specific challenge.

You have to wait until the challenge begins before you may be able to know.

“Although I don’t agree with many things in the new era, I have one thing to say, their actual combat experience is indeed sufficient!”

Levi nodded.

Wesley’s quick way is to improve quickly.

But they also participated in many actual battles.

It’s a battle of life and death.

This is worthy of praise and advocacy!

The challenge of the Mayan industry will be carried out in the virgin forest somewhere in the Western Continent in three days.

You can participate in the registration now.

For a while, the whole world went crazy.

Participate in the registration.

Just as Levi was thinking about Maya’s industrial intentions.

Sarah and his apprentice brothers came to him one after another.

“What are you doing?”

Levi was taken aback.

“Prepare, let’s take part in the challenge of Maya Industry! There is less than a month left. If you want to surpass me, you have to participate in this cruel training!”

Plum dyed.

This time the challenge of Maya Industry, Sarah can both improve.

Levi could feel despair and despair in advance.

She discussed with Wesley and the others.

Once in the primeval forest, they left Levi alone to hone.

In this way, he will feel the danger and understand everything…

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