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Chapter 2326

“No! Everyone must act alone!”

“This is the fastest growth and improvement for everyone!”

“Parents, you should also separate and go for your own practice! I tell you from the experience of people who have passed over! This is the fastest improvement!”

As soon as Sarah said this, he was approved by Wesley and the others.

“Yes, we have participated once, and we know the doorway! Experience alone is the best! However, if you encounter danger, you can send a message for help, and then everyone will help each other to rescue each other!”

Wesley said this.

Let everyone put down the grudge.

All agree to the plan of individual experience.

“I still don’t agree! It’s too dangerous! I can’t take care of it then!”

Levi still shook his head.

“Ha ha ha ha……”

At this time Nick and they all smiled.

“Levi, Levi, are you scared? You want us to follow you to protect you, right?”

“You also protect us? Do you have that strength? You are absolutely afraid!”

“Get out if you are afraid of death! No one here will follow to protect you!”

“Yes, get out if you’re scared! No one is stopping you!”

laugh at.

Everyone started laughing.

Many people let Levi get out!

“No! He is here to challenge experience! Can’t let him go back!”

Sarah resolutely refused.

“Let’s do it! If that’s the case, let him die!”

Nick these people don’t care anymore.

They just couldn’t understand Levi’s big talk.

“Come on, from now on, everyone will act alone!”

Sarah shouted.

Levi sighed helplessly: “Well, then I will try to protect you!”

He can’t go far, he has to look at these people all the time.

never mind!

Take one step, count one step!

There is no way now.

If it doesn’t work, Levi will use the power of the Bible organization.

Anyway, he had arranged for Underworld god and a large number of powerful men to be outside.

While observing the dynamics of Maya Industry, you can also rush in to save people at a critical moment!

In this way, Levi entered the primeval forest alone.

But he is always watching the plums around them.

He immediately felt everyone’s position.

This perception surprised him.

It turns out that Sarah and the others are not very far away from them, and they are all hovering around them.

The furthest Bellard, Alton and other fighting madmen are also within a hundred miles.

The others are closer.

Sarah was about 30 miles away from Levi.

The others are within thirty distances of one hundred miles…

After noticing everyone’s location, Levi smiled.

He immediately understood Sarah’s purpose for bringing him here.

It must be to let yourself feel the desperate situation, and after a thorough realization, give up your own exercises and practice modern exercises…

Therefore, although they said they acted alone, let them play by themselves.

But in fact, they have not gone far.

Instead, they were distributed around Levi’s left and right sides in an encircling formation, protecting him tightly.

Guarantee his safety!

It made him feel desperate, feel the helpless situation without strength.

But at the same time to ensure his safety.

A group of cute guys!

Levi smiled.

Although these guys are so harsh.

But in fact they protect him one by one…

In this way, it would be good for Levi.

It is convenient for him to protect the plum from dyeing them.

All within a hundred miles.

Once someone has an accident, Levi will arrive as soon as possible.

If the distance is far, he may really not care about it.


Levi breathed a sigh of relief.

Next, he can do his own thing with peace of mind.

Look at what the people of Maya Industries are going to do…

In the primeval forest, 20,000 people entered together.

Everything that is unknown and terrifying is waiting for them…

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