The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 2327

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Chapter 2327

But after entering this time.

Everyone feels that it is different from the previous challenge.

It used to be a targeted special challenge.

It is offensive and defensive and so on.

You can improve your weaknesses.

But this time after entering the primitive deep forest, everything seems to be random.

No matter what you are here to challenge, the challenges and crises you may encounter are the same.

The weak and the strong may encounter similar situations.

This is the random challenge!

Everyone has the same probability of encountering danger.

This is not controllable by man!

Think about it too.

With such a large virgin forest, how can Maya Industry control every detail?

It may not matter to the strong!

The higher the difficulty they face, the better!

But for a slightly weaker person, that would be cruel.

It is very likely that they will not be able to get out.

This is not Levi’s feeling, this is the intuitive feeling of everyone after entering the primeval forest.

This challenge is definitely different from the past!

Levi was observing and thinking.

For the time being, he must not reveal his strength.

What if Maya Industry is the laboratory of the gods?

In that case, Levi was exposed in advance, and it was absolutely impossible.

You have to be cautious.

“Are you sure? Where is Levi?”

“OK! It’s 70 kilometers southeast of us!”

“Okay, we don’t care! Go straight through and k!ll Levi!”

“It is said that Levi’s fate is hard, but I want to see how he escaped this time?”

There are more than seven or eight hundred strong people in this group.

They were all defeated men of Levi before.

Outside the primeval forest, they were discussing how to get rid of Levi.

After entering the forest, the first thing they had to do was to get rid of Levi.

“Quick, quick! Go!!!!”

“At that time, Levi must be protected! Half of us will haunt them, and half will k!ll Levi!”

These powerhouses rushed in the direction of Levi like crazy.

But Levi had noticed it as early as when they had changed.

He smiled.

There are so many people who are causing trouble.

When this group of people approached, Sarah Wesley and they also noticed it.

But they wanted to deliberately create a dangerous situation for Levi, so they kept one eye open.

Instead of getting in the way, he let the way and stayed away.

As long as Levi is under their control.

Sarah looked into the distance and sighed: “I hope you are strong enough to bring him a desperate situation and wake him up!”

Soon the seven or eight hundred powerhouses passed easily from the road that Sarah allowed them to make way.

Within a few minutes, they surrounded Levi round and round.

“Levi, Levi, finally let us catch you? How can you run away this time?”

When these people saw Levi, it was like seeing a prey.

“Give you a chance, get out! Don’t bother me!”

Levi said coldly.

“Damn! Looking for death!!! Let’s go together! k!ll him!”

Levi’s words angered everyone.

Everyone’s crazy shock.

Levi’s eyes flashed and his momentum changed.


He slammed a punch.

The foremost strong man who ranked more than 800 on the god list was blasted into pieces!

Then he showed no mercy at all.

To the enemy of the past, k!ll the killer!



There was a terrible punch after punch.

These people fell one by one.

The screams of killing pigs echoed in the virgin forest.

This group of enemies is going crazy.

Who can think that Levi is so strong?

If you knew it, who would be asking for trouble?

“No, something happened! Let’s hurry over!”

Sarah felt tight and rushed out immediately.

The same is true for others.

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