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Chapter 2361

is like a knife, and the knife sees blood

“No matter what era you are, you should be a king-level existence! Not like now… more than 7,000 quasi-gods list Your name, it’s all a joke! I feel ashamed for you!”

Asura God of War said helplessly.

“That’s true! There are many people who don’t know you who can’t understand why our boss, the twenty-sixth strength of God’s List, used to target you! It’s really shameful to say it!”

“And your apprentice, brother. , your subordinates, even your wife and daughter, are all superpowers at the top of the god list!

You are no match for everyone around you! We also heard that your father-in-law and mother-in-law have entered the god list, and even your grandparents are ranked higher than you Gao? What did you do? They gave you so many modern exercises and you didn’t practice, how could you be ashamed?”

“We beg you, hurry up and work hard to become stronger! You are not ashamed, and we are ashamed! Anyone related to you will be embarrassed! How can the former kings be reduced to this!” “Not even the old and the weak! What’s the point of you being alive ? Do

you want to be a waste?” People mercilessly accused Levi. Sarah didn’t stop her. Instead, she needs such a person to stimulate Levi. Only when Levi is hit to the end will Levi rebound from the bottom! Moreover, these people from Seven Kills speak more directly! Almost every sentence is like a knife, and the knife sees blood! This kind of stimulation is the best! Because they don’t have to take into account any of Levi’s emotions, so they speak out. This is a huge blow to Levi! Good for him too!

The desperate situation you may encounter in the virgin forest is not enough for you to kill the army today…

“Although it is said, we hope that you can get rid of the status quo as soon as possible and become a top powerhouse! I Waiting for you to surpass all of us for a day! If you need help, just find us!”

Shura War God said.

Fan Sylvia nodded: “If you need help, come to us at any time. But we have other things right now…”

Levi ignored them and turned to enter the villa.

Sarah asked, “What’s the matter with you? I’ll see if I can help!”

“We heard that your master, the Dark God, is here… We want to see you!”

Fan Sylvia said his purpose.

Originally, many forces in Daxia were controlled by the Bible organization.

In particular, the Great Summer League was organized by the Dark God.

Shura and Fan Sylvia have greatly improved their strength now, and they are all organized by the God of Darkness and the Bible.

There are others too.

In addition to the Daxia League, there are dozens of major forces, all come to see the Dark God.

After all, the God of Darkness and the Biblical Organization gave them everything.

Now that the God of Darkness has come to Daxia, they should meet him.

“Okay, let me ask Master to see if she can see you!”

After Sarah returned, he shouted towards the villa, “Master, there are a bunch of people outside who want to see you, can you see?”

“See you. !” A

voice came from Levi’s villa.

Plum dyed his face full of surprise.

As expected, Master was still in Levi’s room.

Sure enough, his guess was correct.

As for where Levi went at the moment, she was not interested in knowing.

And the master responded aloud, maybe Levi is now under control, go to sleep!

Sarah hurriedly came outside and told Shura and the others that the Dark God wanted to see him.

Everyone was excited.

Follow Sarah into the villa.

In Levi’s villa.

He sits.

Just a mask on his face.

No one doubted his identity!

“Meet the Dark God!!!”

Shura, Fan Sylvia and everyone fell to their knees.

Dark God is equivalent to a teacher, and they naturally have to kneel.

The crowd became more and more crazy.

Chapter 2362

The former women and now the men

are crawling on the ground like devout believers, their eyes full of madness.

Seeing the Dark God with their own eyes has brought tears to their eyes.

It’s like seeing a god! ! !

But the God of Darkness is God!

First, give everyone present a magical power technique to make them so powerful!

Second, control one-third of the world’s forces!

Third, the number one on the list of gods, the invincible combat power everyone is trembling with fear!

Isn’t this God?

God of Darkness is definitely the idol belief of Shura God of War and Fan Sylvia!

Especially in the eyes of people like Shura who worship the strong, they are even more gods!

Shura, who had always been cold, was no longer calm when he saw the Dark God.

The eyes are full of heat and madness!

“My greatest hope in my life is to follow you!”

Everyone revealed their hearts after seeing the dark god.

Levi looked helpless: “I said you are here to find me, right?”


Everyone was stunned when they heard this.

What does the God of Darkness mean?


It should be that the dark gods have long known that they are coming.

As expected!

Take control!

God-like existence!

“Being a member of the Bible Organization is the smoke on my ancestral grave!”

“That’s right, even a force at the level of Maya Industry is helpless and wants to negotiate with you!”

Everyone was excited and excited.

Don’t know what to say.

Look at the major forces of Daxia.

Levi has understood something, why is the Bible organization crazy to control so many forces in Daxia?

It seems to be in the layout!

The plan of the Dark God sooner or later should be to enter the big summer, so these people are planning ahead.

Dark God runs such a big game.

What is she afraid of?

What does Da Xia fear for her?

But it doesn’t matter!

Levi wants to see where is the sacred place?

The group of people like Shura God of War came to the God of Darkness, except for flattering and expressing awe, there is nothing else to do.

Levi was tired of hearing this.

“Let’s go if you’re okay, I’m going to rest!”

Levi waved his hand impatiently.

Everyone immediately obeyed and left.

But everyone was lingering at the door.

“What do you think the face under the mask of the dark god looks like? Young handsome guy? Or middle-aged? Or old?”

“I think it should be young! At least the face looks very young!”

Everyone Discussing the true face of the dark god.

But everyone thinks that the dark god is male.

It’s all from a male perspective.

Sarah covered his mouth and chuckled beside him.

Except for her, no one in this world knows what the face under the mask looks like, right?

is a woman!

No one thought of it?

At this time, Fan Sylvia said firmly: “I think the Dark God is a woman! Judging from her past work style, she is very delicate! Not a man! Definitely a woman!”


Fan Sylvia said this.

Everyone looked at her strangely.

“How can it be a woman? Impossible! The dark gods all over the world know that it is a man!!! You ask other people, is it a man?”

Immediately everyone refuted.

The whole world is thinking that the dark god is a man!

All think so.

“No, no, I just observed it carefully, and according to her past work style, she has a 70-80% probability of being a woman!”

Fan Sylvia still observed the details.

Sarah nodded approvingly.

“It’s a man! I bet you, it must be a man!”

“A woman! I think it’s a woman!”


this time, everyone was arguing.

Sarah said helplessly: “Okay, let me tell you! God of Darkness is a woman!”

Suddenly, the field was silent and there was no sound.

“No! It’s a man!”

“It used to be a woman, but now it’s a man!”

Another voice came!

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