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Chapter 2363

Is the laboratory of the gods really gone?

Hearing the sound, everyone looked over.

Even Sarah looked at it.

Levi was happy.

I’m a f***ing god of darkness!

Do you know about me?

I don’t know if I’m male or female?

Levi came out…

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Because Levi came out of the room where the dark god was just now.

Seeing everyone’s misunderstanding, Sarah immediately explained: “Master does live in his villa, but we can’t find it exactly where it is!”

“Don’t listen to his nonsense! I have seen Master’s true face! Don’t be suspicious. Stop arguing!”

“The fact that Master is a woman, you must not spread it out!”

Sarah also warned.

Everyone nodded in unison: “Yes!”


The negotiation meeting came the next day.

The delegation of Mayan industry came to Case York from the high seas.

In a lakeside pavilion.

Levi was wearing a mask and had been waiting for a long time.

He wanted to see who it was…

Soon, everyone came one by one.

The head of the Mayan industry was not a single person, but a group of people.

There are about seven or eight people.

Twenty people followed behind.

It is estimated that it is also the core high-level.

There are a large number of masters behind, and there are hundreds of thousands of powerhouses ambushed in the dark.

It looks like a bunch of guys who are afraid of death.

There are so many people to protect you!

Afraid of yourself?

Still afraid of summer?

Seven or eight leaders all sat in front of Levi and greeted him.


Seeing these people.

Levi couldn’t help but be stunned.

Did you guess wrong?

Does Mayan Industry have nothing to do with the Lab of the Gods?

Why don’t these people know each other?

Or rather, never seen it.

Could it be that they are really a new big force.


Something must be wrong!

Impossible to say, it doesn’t matter at all!

“Dark God thank you for agreeing to

the invitation…” The Mayan Industries began to negotiate.

Probably to let the dark gods and the bible organization not interfere in the Mayan industry, any conditions can be opened!

Even Maya Industry can ally with the Bible Organization…

“Dark God, you must know that once you join forces with us! Who will stop us in this world? Even in the summer, we have to walk sideways!”

Levi smiled.

“The alliance is not impossible, but let me know your details, at least a little sincerity! Although the Bible organization under me controls one-third of the world’s power, it is a group of rabble to put it bluntly! What do you want to know? , I can say…”

Levi smiled.

“Dark God, we still know a little bit about your details! You killed one of the founders of the Gods Laboratory with your own hands!

Now it seems that your strength has reached an unmatched level! It is estimated that this time you By choosing the place of negotiation in Daxia, who are you protesting and provoking?

After all, you were not allowed to enter Daxia before…”

said several senior executives of Maya Industry.

Levi was taken aback.

These guys seem to know more about the original Dark God than they do.

“That’s not it… We are now more and more understanding of the destruction of the original laboratory of the gods. It is not that the laboratory of the gods is weak, but the dark god is too strong!”

“Yes! At that time, we still had various Suspicion! It may be the conspiracy of those guys! Only the dark god and the bible organization can destroy the laboratory of the gods so easily… Now everyone understands, especially after the dark god can kill the mutant living dead, we Got it!”

listen to the chat between the Mayan industry executives.

A storm surged in Levi’s heart.


Is the Lab of the Gods really dead? ? ?

The dark god does not lie?

Did you really take Sarah and the others to destroy the Gods Lab?

Chapter 2364

Maya Industry turned out to be…

Originally, he really thought that this was what the Dark God used Sarah to deceive Sarah.

Didn’t expect this to happen?

However, Levi felt that it was impossible. With the power of the Dark God and the Bible organization, even destroying the previous laboratory of the gods would be difficult.

Not to mention that the Gods Lab is just the tip of the iceberg that everyone sees.


Even if the laboratory of the gods was destroyed, it is estimated that they did it on purpose.

Deliberately let the dark god, let others, mistakenly think that the laboratory of the gods has been destroyed.

The Maya Industries group shared their suspicions at first.

Feeling that the strength of the dark god is not enough, the laboratory of the gods was deliberately destroyed and disappeared.

But after they saw their strong strength, they all believed it.

Levi shook his head with a wry smile.


Kind of blame myself!

The present dark god is not the same person as the previous one at all!

The combat power is not at the same level at all.

The current dark god is him, and he has the strength to destroy it, but the previous dark god can’t.

She can’t do it to the extent of destroying the laboratory of the gods!

Your suspicions are right!

The laboratory of the gods was intentional…

But Levi was embarrassed to say it directly.

He could only follow the meaning of Maya Industry: “Well, I destroyed the laboratory of the gods with one hand! Many people didn’t believe it at the time! But it’s an old history, and few people know about it.”

“But I heard what you just said, it seems that the destruction of the Gods Lab has something to do with you?”

Levi wanted to test the details of these guys.

As soon as the words came out.

Dozens of people laughed.

“Let’s put it this way, the God of Darkness, you did the last thing to destroy the laboratory of the gods! But we are half of the credit for it! Without our foreshadowing and actions, it would be very difficult for you to destroy the laboratory of the gods!”

Someone laughed.

“Huh? Your actions? What actions? I’m afraid it’s your identity… I have repeatedly investigated Maya Industry, but there is no clue. Are you related to the Gods Laboratory?”

Levi suddenly looked at the people asked.

Everyone looked at each other and all laughed.

“It does matter! We used to be from the Gods Laboratory…”

As soon as these words came out, Levi clenched his fists, and his eyes shot a sharp look.

His killing intent enveloped everyone.

At this moment, everyone in the Maya industry felt like falling into an ice cave.

The blood in the whole body is boiling, the pressure in every inch is doubled, and everyone seems to be about to explode.

Is this the oppression from the gods?

Everyone panicked.

He looked at Levi in disbelief.

No wonder the Dark God is number one on the list of gods, no wonder he can kill mutant living dead.

too strong!

“Dark God, don’t get me wrong…we…we were people in the laboratory of the gods before, but all of us who were present violated the rules of the laboratory of the gods and were designated as traitors. Some were exiled into the wild, some were imprisoned and tortured…”

“To put it bluntly, we are the traitors of the Gods Laboratory! We used to work for them, but we are not as good as pigs and dogs! Our group of traitors secretly contacted and prepared to overthrow the Gods Laboratory!”

“Because we know the core of the Gods Laboratory, We basically know everything! So we quickly formulated a plan for rebellion and implemented actions!”

“Finally, we disintegrated the laboratory of the gods from the inside, and used the dark god you and other forces to destroy the laboratory of the gods from the outside! , The Lab of the Gods was destroyed…”

“But at the beginning, we all felt that the Lab of the Gods was deceitful, so how could we easily perish. It seems that our strength is not enough!

” After the power, we are sure that the laboratory of the gods is destroyed!”


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