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Chapter 241

Natalie looked at Levi with weird eyes.

“Don’t look at it, no matter how good you look, I won’t like you.”

Levi approached.

Natalie sneered: “Okay, I won’t refute you, you were indeed the boss before.”

They didn’t take this as the same thing.

I thought Levi was joking.

In the next few days, Sarah’s career is on the right track, and a new company is about to be established.

Natalie also fully integrated into the Erick Group and put forward the first plan: to build a new factory.

Although Garrison Group had a factory before, the scale was too small.

To replace the Case York Chamber of Commerce, it must be expanded.

Natalie suggested choosing a new location to build a medical factory.

In Erick Group, Alton gave a thumbs up to Natalie: “The boss appreciates you very much. He said that this method is very good. Next, you will choose the location and equipment and hand it over to him. Go into production!”

“okay, I get it.”

Natalie looked excited.

It was praised after all!

Still the mysterious big boss!

“Huh, Levi, you said the boss looks down on me, see how much he appreciates me now?”

Thinking of this, Natalie asked, “Mr. Graham, when can I see the boss?”

Alton smiled: “Don’t worry, I’ll see you when the boss wants to see you!”

Natalie has more expectations for this.

She wants to chase the boss!

In order to select the site and purchase equipment, Levi has done his own work these days.

Only meet with Sarah at night.

Sarah was very curious, and asked why, Levi said that he had found a job.

Sarah is very pleased, as long as Levi is self-motivated, she will be satisfied.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce is also aware of the actions of the Erick Group.

“Huh, this Erick Group still wants to establish a new pharmaceutical factory? What qualifications does he have?”

“I promise that the Erick Group won’t be able to build a site, don’t believe they will be waiting!”

Bai Qingfeng, one of the eight directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, directly uttered cruel words.

After a few days of busy work, Erick Group finally found a new address.

It used to be a very large garment factory, which has been abandoned for a long time.

However, all aspects of scale and location meet the standards of Erick Group Pharmaceutical Factory.

The company has already paid a deposit of 50 million, and today it officially signed a contract to purchase it at a price of 200 million.

Levi came to sign the contract in person.

The executives of Erick Group came here earlier.

Levi and Wesley followed.

Come to the office.

There are many people in it.

Sitting on the chair is a middle-aged man with a Mediterranean hairstyle.

It’s just that this man is very arrogant, leaning on a chair, with two legs on the desk, still holding a cigarette in his mouth, looking defiant.

A dozen people stood behind him, tall and tall, with a fierce face.

He Tiantian introduced: “Mr. Garrison, let me introduce, this is Dong Dayi, the owner of Shunfa Garment Factory.”

Upon hearing this, Levi nodded at Dong Dayi: “Hello, I am here to sign the contract on behalf of Erick Group!”

It’s just that Dong Dayi shook his legs on the desk and smoked to himself, ignoring Levi at all.

Wesley looked unhappy, and when he was about to clean up, Levi waved his hand.

“It’s important to sign a contract!”

Levi approached.

Dong Dayi raised his head and glanced at Levi with disdain, and threw out a contract.

“Sign it!”

Levi picked up the contract and wanted to read it.

The person behind Dong Dayi coldly shouted, “What else to watch? Sign the contract quickly!”

Chapter 242

“Yes, it’s all agreed! Just sign it directly. If you don’t worry about us, why bother to pay the deposit?”

Dong Dayi sneered again and again.

“Are you strong buying and selling?”

Levi asked.

Dong Dayi sneered and said, “Which one of your eyes can tell that I am trying to buy and sell?”

Levi ignored it and began to look through the contract.

After a while, his face changed.

He asked He Tiantian, “What is the price negotiated yesterday?”

He Tiantian replied: “Two hundred million, a deposit of fifty million was prepaid yesterday.”

After listening, Levi asked with a sneer: “Boss Dong is wrong? Yesterday, the price that was clearly negotiated was 200 million. Why did the contract become 2 billion?”

After listening, everyone took a breath.

The purchase price has risen tenfold!

After consulting the contract, several senior executives of Erick Group also changed their faces.

Everyone asked: “What do you mean, Boss Dong? Why has it become 2 billion? Give me an explanation!”

Dong Dayi glanced at everyone with disdain: “What? Huh, tell you the truth! Two hundred million is yesterday’s price! Today has changed to two billion!”

“Boss Dong, are you immoral? Can you temporarily tamper with the contract?”

“Yes, you broke the contract, okay?”

He Tiantian is a few popular, angrily said.

Dong Dayi smiled and said: “Is there anyone who has stipulated that I can’t change the price? Because since last night, a total of more than a dozen companies have approached me and they all want to buy my factory. They all have 3 billion. It’s cheap for me to sell you two billion!”

In fact, this phenomenon is often seen in business.

Many businesses change their minds temporarily.

Most of them regret the low price and want to fight for a higher price.

Another is the destruction of the opponent.

Everyone looked at Levi and asked what he meant.

Levi smiled: “In that case, return the deposit to us and we won’t buy it!”

This kind of factory is not difficult to find.

Levi will not hang himself here.

He Tiantian, who is in charge of finance, said: “Then boss Dong, please give us the 50 million deposit, right?”

As a result, Dong Dayi looked up and asked in confusion, “What deposit? Why don’t I know?”

He Tiantian patiently explained: “Yesterday we negotiated a cooperation with your company and paid a deposit of 50 million first. The receipts are all there!”

Dong Dayi pretended to be stupid and stunned: “Is there anything else?”

“What? You don’t admit it?”

He Tiantian was trembling with anger.

“It’s not that I don’t admit it, it’s that I don’t know what’s going on? Just take a look, are there some people who talked about cooperation with you yesterday?”

Dong Dayi asked.

He Tiantian took a look, and as expected, none of the people who discussed the contract yesterday were present.

“You were cheated! Our factory closed down a long time ago. Those few people are temporary workers in our factory! It should be that they stole our company’s seal and signed a pre-paid contract with you, and they ran away with your money! If you want money, you find them to go, it has nothing to do with me!”

Dong Dayi said this.

Everyone present was stunned.

First, the contract price was changed from 200 million to 2 billion.

Immediately afterwards, even the deposit was delinquent.

Everyone has worked for more than ten years, twenty or thirty years.

This is the first time I have seen such recklessness.


Levi laughed.

He smiled and asked, “Dong Dayi, right? So you don’t plan to pay back the fifty million?”

Chapter 243

Dong Dayi put down his legs, sat up straight, and looked at Levi laughing: “What do you mean, kid?”

“What do you mean by not repaying the money? The money is not in my hands. What do you want from me?”

Dong Dayi’s relinquishment made everyone angry.

“If you don’t sign the contract, just leave! I don’t welcome you here!”

“Come, see off!”

Dong Dayi said coldly.

The ten big men behind him stepped forward and pushed He Tiantian and others.

More than 20 people came in from outside, with clubs in their hands, and they were unkind at first sight.

This Dong Dayi started as a gangster. After making his fortune in a clothing factory, he raised a group of thugs and is a well-known local overlord.

Many business rivals and partners are not few who are broken by Dong Dayi, and even their family members have to be punished.

So many people are afraid of Dong Dayi.

That is, Erick Group dared to cooperate with Dong Dayi, but others did not dare.

In fact, this plant is worth up to 50 million.

Dong Dayi’s demand for 200 million is already the lion’s open mouth.

Now it costs more than 20 billion.

“Hurry up!”

“Otherwise, your legs will be interrupted!”

These thugs began to threaten He Tiantian and others.

Wherever these white-collar workers have seen such a scene, they are all frightened.

But Levi and Wesley were still standing in the field.

Levi asked, “Dong Dayi is giving you a chance, say it!”

Dong Dayi stood up and threatened: “The kid isn’t going out yet, right? You have to let me take off your arms and legs before you leave, right?”

Dong Dayi waved his hand and shouted: “Come here, give me this kid out!”

Just as the thugs next to him were about to do their work, Wesley next to Levi suddenly drew a gun from his waist and pressed it to Dong Dayi’s head.

“Hold on!!!”

Dong Dayi shouted.

Slowly raised his hands, his body was trembling, cold sweat rippling.

Almost unsteady.

The gangsters looked at Dong Dayi in surprise, wondering why they stopped.

When they saw the guy in Wesley’s hands clearly, they understood everything, and they all stood by the side, not daring to act rashly.

“Da da da…”

The next moment, the sound of rapid steps in the corridor sounded.

Dozens of big men with different skin colors rushed in.

It is the mercenaries headed by James.


These thugs had no fighting power in front of them.

After a while, they all knelt on the ground, their noses and faces swollen.

Now Dong Dayi and dozens of thugs are confused.

Wesley smiled and said: “Isn’t it arrogant? Come, let’s take a look at arrogant!”

Dong Dayi was so scared that he almost urinated.

“Brother, be careful, don’t shake your hands!”

Dong Dayi reminded.

He was afraid that Wesley would go on fire, and he belched on the spot.


At the next moment, Wesley lifted the 180-jin Dong Dayi from the other side of the table with one hand, and slammed it heavily on the ground.

Dong Dayi let out a painful cry.

Levi stepped on his leg with a foot, and Dong Dayi let out a scream.

“Just now I saw your legs crossed very high? Don’t you want it?”

Levi smiled.


Dong Dayi was gasping for pain.

Levi sat on the desk, lit a cigarette, took a sip and asked, “Do you recognize 50 million?”


Dong Dayi hesitated a bit.

Levi didn’t say a word, and directly put the burning cigarette butt into his mouth.


Fatty Dong screamed like a pig.

“I admit it! I admit it!”

Dong Dayi shouted.

Chapter 244

“Okay, then let me ask you-temporarily change the price and lose 50 million, who made you do this?”

Levi asked.

Dong Dayi shook his head: “No, this matter is my own work, and it has nothing to do with other people.”

Levi smiled, and he waved to James: “I heard that you have a set of interrogators, let me know!”

“Understood, Mr. Garrison!”

James stepped forward and smiled at Dong Dayi like a devil, showing his white teeth: “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt!”


James casually unfolded a carrying bag with all kinds of knives in it, which seemed to seep…

James picked up a small boning knife and said with a smile: “Mr. Garrison, I’m going to use a knife to remove his fingernails and toenails…”

As soon as he said this, Dong Dayi felt a burst of pain in his heart.


“I said!”

James was only halfway through when he was interrupted by Dong Dayi.

“I said, it was Bai Qingfeng, one of the eight directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, who asked me to do this! In short, at all costs, if I don’t sell this place to you, I have to cheat you!

Dong Dayi said it all.

“Very good, Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Levi’s eyes fell on Dong Dayi: “What about now, can you sell this plant to me?”

James next to him has been staring at Dong Dayi and smiling.

Dong Dayi wiped the cold sweat from his forehead: “Buy! Sell it to your company for 200 million!”

“Who said two hundred million?”

Levi asked.

“Ah? Isn’t it? Isn’t it two hundred million negotiated?”

Dong Dayi was dumbfounded.

Levi learned from Dong Dayi’s previous tone and said: “The price can be changed temporarily! Now there are dozens of factories waiting for me to purchase, and the cheap ones are all 10 million!”

“I just inspected it, you are worth 50 million at most! I will use 50 million to buy it!”

Levi’s offer is really a price of conscience.

When someone 30 million wanted to buy it before, Dong Dayi was moved.


Dong Dayi was completely confused.


I regret it too much!

If you don’t listen to Bai Qingfeng, isn’t this two hundred million won?

In the end, only 50 million was acquired!

After the contract was signed, Natalie’s prepared construction team entered the plant and carried out the renovation. It is expected that the renovation will be completed within three days.

Next, just wait for the ordered equipment to arrive.

Dong Dayi regretted it, but he also got 50 million.

On the same day, Bai Qingfeng from the Case York Chamber of Commerce called.

“What’s the matter with you Dong Dayi? You sold the factory? Or fifty million? Are you a stupid donkey?”

After Bai Qingfeng got through, he scolded fiercely.

“Bai Qingfeng, what the hell are you? Do you dare to scold Lao Tzu? I tell you, you made Lao Tzu miserable! Lao Tzu can’t wait to chop you off!”

After Dong Dayi finished cursing, he hung up the phone.

This made Bai Qingfeng so angry that he almost dropped the phone.

There were also three other Case York Chamber of Commerce directors Yu Xingjian, Shao Bingshan and Hao Wenchang.

They are also gloomy.

“You have to think of a way to govern this Erick Group!”

Bai Qingfeng said depressed.

Hao Wenchang smiled: “I just received the news that Erick Group has ordered a large number of equipment with the provincial capital Jinlingtiansheng Medical Equipment Company!”

“Is there a way to do tricks?”

Everyone asked.

“Of course! Because the boss of Tiansheng Medical Equipment Company is my university roommate!”

Hao Wenchang gave a sinister smile.

Chapter 245

Hao Wenchang contacted Pan Wenkui, the owner of Tiansheng Medical Equipment, on the spot.

Pan Wenkui agreed to the old classmate’s request.

Since Tiansheng Medical Equipment has signed an order with Erick Group, the money has been paid in advance.

Therefore, Pan Wenkui postponed the shipment as much as possible.

After a few months, Erick Group will suffer.

After all, according to Levi and Natalie’s ideas, these medical devices must be in place within a week.

“Well, not just that! We have taken all measures to make all equipment companies in Case York strictly prohibited from selling medical equipment to Erick Group!”

Bai Qingfeng smiled at each other.

“You are still too young for the Erick Group. If you let the Case York Chamber of Commerce look at it, you will be struggling!”

Several old foxes were smiling.

Soon, the Case York Chamber of Commerce issued a commercial ban in the circle.

There are not many medical device companies.

This time all was suppressed.

Whoever sells equipment to Erick Group is the enemy of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

No one dared to take this risk.

Levi and the others didn’t realize the trouble was coming.

After all, he signed the order with Tiansheng.

In the next time, Levi was busy recalling the old ministry.

Those who used to be his capable men, have not ended well now.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce and Xiao Garrison’s family had long put them on the blacklist.

No matter how capable they are, they can’t find a job.

Twenty-seven talents have returned to the company after more than ten days of recruitment.

Even the technical team that Levi formed privately at the time has returned.

T Brownng is a high-achieving student admitted by Levi from the Pharmaceutical University and a general in the technical team. She is back and Levi is very happy.

T Brownng was also very excited.

“Do you know where the other people go?”

Levi asked.

T Brownng thought for a while and said, “Mr. Garrison, I don’t know the whereabouts of most people. But I do have the whereabouts of the leader of our technical team and the two deputy leaders.”

“The two deputy team leaders Gao Lisheng and Wood Hanquan have been dug into the Case York Chamber of Commerce! Now I heard that the confusion is rising!”

Levi sighed.

In order to balance the parties, the team leader and the two deputy team leaders each Lorded one-third of the core technology.

It stands to reason that the core technology obtained by the Case York Chamber of Commerce should have been leaked by these two people.

However, according to the information found, the Case York Chamber of Commerce has almost Lorded all the core technologies.

That means team leader Fu Yuxiang also leaked the core technology.

“Where is team leader Fu Yuxiang? Did he also join the Case York Chamber of Commerce?”

Levi asked.

T Brownng shook her head: “No, Team Leader Fu is loyal, and would rather die than surrender! Even if the other party tempts or persecutes, don’t be moved! Even if the leg is broken, I still hold back.”

“As far as I know, Mr. Fu is opening a small pharmacy, barely making ends meet!”

“The beautiful wife of Captain Fu will never leave, she opened this small pharmacy!”

Levi asked T Brownng about the location.

About half an hour later, I came to this pharmacy opened in a small alley.

Levi opened the door and went in.

“Sir, what medicine do you need?”

A middle-aged man limped over.

Levi recognized this as Fu Yuxiang at a glance.

It’s just too old…

Obviously more than thirty years old, like more than fifty.

“Old Pay! It’s me!”

Levi approached.

“Ah? You…you are President Garrison…”

After watching for a long time, Fu Yuxiang finally recognized that Levi was coming, and tears of excitement were about to fall.

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