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Chapter 246

“You have suffered all these years!”

Levi glanced at Fu Yuxiang’s leg.

Fu Yuxiang wiped away his tears: “It doesn’t matter to me, President Garrison! I’m so happy to see you!”

Levi patted him on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, Lao Fu, I’m here to pick you up this time!”

Just at this moment, a savage voice came: “Why are you crying for rubbish? Are you crying for mourning for your dead parents?”

With the voice, a woman came out from the back room.

A face with heavy makeup and a pair of wintry eyes are like a vixen, which is very attractive.

Women dress revealingly and dress forward.

Coupled with a plump body and a mature temperament.

There are definitely many men onlookers walking down the street.

Levi glanced around and found that the woman was wearing a famous brand.

The clothes are Chanel, the bags are lv, and even the shoes are Ferragamo.

A watch worn on the wrist is more than one hundred thousand Omega.

It’s hard to imagine a lady-like woman living in such a small pharmacy.

Levi had seen this woman before.

Boyd Meili, Fu Yuxiang’s wife,

Because of his beauty, Fu Yuxiang didn’t know how many colleagues envied him at the time.

Fu Yuxiang is super nice to his wife.

All wages are handed in.

I would rather eat instant noodles and steamed buns by myself, but also take my wife to eat a meal of 10,000 at a time.

Boyd Meili stared at Levi, she was stunned for several seconds.

“Levi? Haha, the boss of trash your reform-through prisoner came to see you! Are trash all gathered together?”

Boyd Meili kept laughing.

Fu Yuxiang’s face turned black.

He hurriedly said: “Wife speak carefully, this is my boss!”

“Fu Yuxiang, what do you mean by rubbish? You dare to confront me?”

Boyd Meili was angry and couldn’t help but shout.

Fu Yuxiang was notoriously afraid of his wife, so he immediately lowered his head.

Chapter 247

“Fu Yuxiang, don’t you know the situation yourself? I give you everything you eat, live, and wear now! I even opened this store for you! Do you fucking dare to confront me? Isn’t it?”

Boyd Meili shouted.

“Wife, I was wrong… I would never dare anymore…”

Fu Yuxiang lowered his head to admit his mistake.

Levi was heartbroken.

When Fu Yuxiang was beautiful, this woman treated him respectfully.

The soup will be delivered in person at noon.

Now that Fu Yuxiang is down, he is treated like this.

Boyd Meili glanced at Levi and sneered at Fu Yuxiang: “Why should I spread you such a trash? Back then, for this labor reform criminal, you don’t want to work with people with a salary of tens of millions of years! Now you look at Gao Lisheng and Wood Han all mixed What is it like? The two earn 20 million a year! Drive a luxury car and live in a luxury house! How about you? Live in this garbage dump!”

Fu Yuxiang apologized: “My wife is all my fault! I am a trash, and it has nothing to do with Mr. Garrison!”

“Hmph, you are all rubbish!”

At this moment, a horn sounded outside the pharmacy.

It turned out that a million Mercedes Benz was parked outside.

Walking out of the car, one person, in a suit and shoes, is an elite of the shopping mall.

“Meili, why are you ditching? I’ve been waiting for a long time.”

Following the sound, the man came to the drugstore.

He was stunned when he saw Levi.

Because this person is Gao Lisheng, the deputy leader of one of the traitors.

Leaked one-third of the core technology of Garrison Group

“Yeah, isn’t this disabled President Garrison? You finally came out of prison? You told me earlier, I’ll pick you up!”

Gao Lisheng smiled.

Chapter 248

He glanced at Fu Yuxiang’s legs and smiled: “Mr. Garrison, you are disabled, and Fu Yuxiang is also disabled. It’s really disabled to join together!”

“Gluck…yes, yes, crippled!”

Boyd Meili giggled nonstop.

Levi said: “Why is your mouth so smelly?”

Gao Lisheng was dissatisfied when he heard it, and pointed to Levi’s nose and said, “Levi six years ago you said that to me and I recognized it. But now, what the hell are you? You dare to say that to me? Do you want to die?”

Fu Yuxiang roared subconsciously: “What are you Gao Lisheng? You dare to say that to President Garrison?”

Fu Yuxiang treats Levi as his benefactor, no one can slander him!

“Fu Yuxiang is so good? Do you dare to talk back to me?”

Gao Lisheng patted Fu Yuxiang’s face.

Fu Yuxiang suffocated a burst of fire and roared: “This is my site, you go out! You are not welcome here!”

After Gao Lisheng listened, he smiled: “Mei Logan, did you hear that? This is his place?”

Boyd Meili slapped Fu Yuxiang’s face with anger: “You fucking good? This is my old lady’s place! Have a relationship with you? And how dare you talk to Logan Sheng like this?”

Fu Yuxiang covered his face in an incredible way: “You hit me for him?”

“Yes, I just beat you for Logan Sheng! Logan Sheng is my favorite man!”

With that, Boyd Meili hugged Gao Lisheng’s arm and pressed it affectionately on him.

Gao Lisheng took advantage of the trend and did not forget to grab a hand on her.


Seeing this scene, Fu Yuxiang was struck by lightning.

The wife threw herself into the arms of other men in front of her, and even beat herself for other men.

This is the biggest insult to a man!

Gao Lisheng laughed and said, “Does Fu Yuxiang know why I came to pick up your wife? I picked her up to the hotel to open the room! See what’s in your wife’s bag? Stockings and sexy underwear, show me!”

Gao Lisheng took out a pile of stockings from Boyd Meili’s bag.

Boyd Meili winks like silk: “I hate…”

Fu Yuxiang’s face was rapidly congested and it was going to be purple!


Very angry!

“Fu Yuxiang doesn’t say anything else, your wife’s bed skills are really good! It’s been six years, and I can’t stop it!”

Gao Lisheng kissed Boyd Meili.

Boyd Meili chuckled and said, “Logan Sheng, you are also very good, it’s not comparable to this crap! He’s a soft guy in bed!”

Boyd Meili glared at Fu Yuxiang fiercely.

Gao Lisheng even sneered: “Fu Yuxiang, are you afraid that you are thinking why Boyd Meili has not left you? That is because the core technology in your hands has not yet been obtained! Otherwise Boyd Meili will leave you early! The greatest value of your waste, That’s the technology!”

Boyd Meili said in disgust: “Yes, if it’s not for a set of techniques, who would be willing to accompany you this trash? Your mouth is so hard, you haven’t finished talking for six years!”

The adulterer and the adulteress said such nasty things to their face.

Fu Yuxiang was so angry that he almost died.

He finally understood.

Why didn’t Boyd Meili say anything for the past six years?

Why does Gao Lisheng often drive to pick up his wife in the past six years?

Why is it that the wife who hasn’t worked for the past six years wears all famous brands and has money to spend?

It turned out that I was green.

The most important thing is that the apprentice has greened himself.

Gao Lisheng and Wood Hanquan were still wearing his hands. They used to call them Lord.

Over the years, Boyd Meili has always beaten and scolded herself.

But she never left, Fu Yuxiang was very moved.

This seems to be the reason now!

In fact, Fu Yuxiang had doubted it a long time ago.

Chapter 249

But he loves Boyd Meili too much.

More willing to believe her.

Levi also understood why the Case York Chamber of Commerce can get almost all the core technologies.

Boyd Meili put it out a little bit.

Otherwise, Fu Yuxiang’s character would never be said.

Gao Lisheng took a look at Levi and sneered: “What? Did you get a helper? Let me tell you the truth, Levi is also a soft food now! He is like you, you are all disabled!”

Boyd Meili looked fierce: “Since Fu Yuxiang has spoken out, you can get out of here! This is my place!”

Gao Lisheng hugged Boyd Meili tighter: “Yes, this waste is worthless now!”

“Fu Yuxiang tells you that I have bought two houses and two cars for the salary you paid me back then. Now you are just trying to force one, and you want to pester me? Are you eligible?”

Boyd Meili sneered again and again.

Gao Lisheng smiled: “Fu Yuxiang, let me tell you another secret-I am not the only one who is green. Many people in the Case York Chamber of Commerce have slept with your wife and said that your wife has good skills!”

“I’m fighting with you!!!”

Fu Yuxiang rushed up with red eyes and bruises on his face.


It’s just that Fu Yuxiang, who is Gao Lisheng’s opponent, was punched back.

When Gao Lisheng was about to do something, Levi grabbed his wrist.

With a light push by Levi, Gao Lisheng withdrew for many steps.

His idea is to give Fu Yuxiang a lesson to the adulterer and adulteress.

So he will not make a move today.

At this time, Boyd Meili threw out all Fu Yuxiang’s luggage.

“Take these rubbish from you, how far can you get away!!!”

Fu Yuxiang was ruthlessly driven out by his wife.

His heart is bleeding!

I have worked hard for many years in order to let Boyd Meili live a good life.

But Boyd Meili lied to her money and turned herself off, and drove herself away.

Fu Yuxiang looked at the adulterer and adulteress murderous.

He was so angry that his body was trembling all the time.

Levi asked Fu Yuxiang, “Lao Fu, do you want to step on this adulterer and adulteress? Let them look up to you?”

“I think!!!”

“Do you want the adulteress to confess on the ground?”

“miss you!”

“Do you want adulterers to kneel in front of you to make amends?”

“miss you!”

“If I give you a chance now, would you like it?”

Levi asked.

“I am willing!!!”

Fu Yuxiang roared: “Even if I fight this old life, I have to make some achievements! I want these two bitches to pay the price!”

Fu Yuxiang’s heart is chilled, and his heart is cruel.

“Well, you will be my employee from now on.”

Levi approached.

“Hahaha, did you hear Lisheng? Are they going to make us pay?”

Boyd Meili laughed.

Gao Lisheng leaned in front of the Mercedes-Benz and sneered: “Fu Yuxiang, you are really a fool! Levi gives you a chance? He is nothing now, what will give you a chance? It’s really funny!”

Boyd Meili also smiled and said: “Yes, it’s really brain-dead! Levi, who is disabled just after he came out of prison, do you think he is the boss of Erick Group? Dream it!”

Fu Yuxiang stared at the two with red eyes and shouted: “I believe Mr. Garrison! He will definitely give me a chance to take off! You two sluts will pay the price!”

“Well, let’s wait, it’s ridiculous, there are such stupid people…”

In front of Fu Yuxiang, the two got into the car and left.

Chapter 250


Fu Yuxiang couldn’t help it anymore, crying loudly.

A man approaching middle age cried like a child.

This adulterer and adulteress is simply too much!

Force the big man like this!

Fu Yuxiang apologized: “Mr. Garrison, I’m sorry for you!!! I have almost given the core technology to that b!tch! I’m useless! I’m just a waste!”

Levi smiled and said, “It’s okay for the old payment. I already knew that the Case York Chamber of Commerce had all the core technologies!”

Fu Yuxiang is very smart. After he pondered for a while, he said in surprise: “Mr. Garrison, you want to fight against the Case York Chamber of Commerce?”


“But Mr. Garrison, you just… just came out of prison…”

Fu Yuxiang also doubted what Levi would fight against?

Levi smiled and said, “Lao Fu should have known about the change of Garrison Group’s name to Erick Group, right?”

Hearing this, Fu Yuxiang’s body trembled violently.

The eyes are full of incredible: “Is the boss of Erick is you, President Garrison?”

“Shhh! Low-key!”

Levi snapped his fingers.

Soon, a Rolls-Royce Phantom arrived here.

“Go, follow me to the company now! Use the fastest time to form a technical team, reproduce the glory of the year! Let the b!tch regret it!”

Levi approached.

Fu Yuxiang only felt passionate, and immediately agreed.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time!”

Tears filled Fu Yuxiang’s eyes.

In the past six years, he has been studying and paying attention to the industry field all the time, so his professional skills have not fallen behind.

Fu Yuxiang took out her cell phone and called Boyd Meili.

Boyd Meili sneered after connecting: “What’s the matter? Disabled! Do you regret it? Ask me? Tell you, it’s impossible. In my eyes, you are like a dog! The dog is disabled!

Fu Yuxiang said with a sullen face and coldly said: “Boyd Meili, this is the last time I have talked with you on the phone! I will make you regret it! You will kneel in front of me and confess! Don’t worry, this day will be soon Coming!”

“Hahaha, I really want to laugh! You can also make me regret your disability?”

There was loud laughter from Boyd Meili and Gao Lisheng on the other end of the phone.

Immediately after Gao Lisheng pressed Boyd Meili under her body, he smiled and said, “Shall we take the film today? Then send the video to the disabled to watch?”

“Well, you really hate…”

Hearing the voice on the phone, Fu Yuxiang became so angry that his eyes were red.



He threw the phone on the ground fiercely.


The greatest shame is this!

After Fu Yuxiang followed Levi’s report in Erick Group, the two walked on the road to discuss future development.

At this time, Gao Lisheng and Boyd Meili approached Fu Yuxiang.

The two of them are still in disheveled clothes.

Everyone knows what happened just now.

“Go, go for a divorce! I finally get rid of your disability!”

Boyd Meili sneered.


Fu Yuxiang hesitated.

After ten years of feelings, it’s really hard to make a decision for a while.

Upon seeing this, Gao Lisheng sneered: “Why? Don’t want to leave? Still want to entangle and not let go?”

Boyd Meili gave Fu Yuxiang a push: “Get out! You are not worthy of me now!”

“You haven’t taken it seriously after so many years of love?”

Fu Yuxiang asked with a cold face.

“Haha, Fu Yuxiang, you still have the face to talk about feelings? I tell you the truth, I’ve been with you for ten years, I just covet your money!”

Boyd Meili showed the ruthless side of a woman.

Just as Fu Yuxiang was about to agree to a divorce, Levi rejected it: “Divorce? Impossible!”

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