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Chapter 251

“I listen to President Garrison, don’t divorce!”

Boyd Meili and Gao Lisheng were both dizzy.

“Okay, don’t you divorce? Wait! There is a way to get you away!”

The two people hurriedly left.

Although Fu Yuxiang didn’t know why Levi refused to allow himself to divorce, he definitely had his reason.

From the moment he came out, Fu Yuxiang vowed that the dog and the man would not die!

Next, Fu Yuxiang successfully joined Erick Group and became the head of the Medical Technology Department.

And Erick Group also released news-recruiting medical and technological talents, high salaries.

For a time, many people squeezed their heads and wanted to enter the Erick Group.

The matter quickly reached Boyd Meili’s ears.

She happened to be having dinner with Gao Lisheng Wood Hanquan.

“Huh, I didn’t expect Erick Group to recruit this disability?”

Boyd Meili was unhappy.

I thought that after Fu Yuxiang was kicked out by her, he would starve to death just like a mouse crossing the street.

But I didn’t expect Fu Yuxiang to find a job.

Gao Lisheng also said angrily: “Fu Yuxiang has a commercial ban. He doesn’t want to find a job in Case York. I didn’t expect Erick Group to accept him?”

Wood Hanquan smiled and said: “Don’t worry, this kid won’t be a climate!”

Boyd Meili looked puzzled: “How to say?”

“Because Erick Group will soon disappear in Case York! At that time, Fu Yuxiang will still be like rubbish!”

Wood Hanquan sneered.

Goldman Sachs is the main technology, so it is not very clear about some insiders.

He asked: “Old Wood, is there any way in it?”

“This Erick Group has been provoking the Case York Chamber of Commerce, and several directors have already started! Fu Yuxiang was dug over, mainly for the production of medicines, but the equipment they need has been blocked by the Case York Chamber of Commerce! Look at it? Fu Yuxiang will pick up rubbish on the street soon!”

Wood Han all smiled.

“Hahaha… It’s refreshing, Fu Yuxiang is born a crippled trash, and he wants us to regret it? It’s ridiculous!”

Gao Lisheng smiled.

Boyd Meili was very excited to hear that Fu Yuxiang’s end would be terrible.

At this time, Wood Hanquan hugged Boyd Meili and said with a smile: “Logan Sheng has said it, she is mine tonight!”

“Brother Wood, you are so bad…”

Boyd Meili spoiled herself in Wood Hanquan’s arms.

Fu Yuxiang, who was on the other side, quickly started to work.

The technical team has begun to take shape.

Fu Yuxiang is very good, he is actually improving the previous core technology.

In other words, Erick Group will produce better products than the Case York Chamber of Commerce, but the price is much lower.

It also injected a cardiotonic agent to replace the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

In just four days, Fu Yuxiang and his team completed the improvement.

After all, Fu Yuxiang has been thinking about improving technology for six years.

Just wait for the production to go online!

All arrangements on the plant side are also completed, just waiting for the equipment to go online.

Natalie was holding a meeting, and she looked at Lloyd Yanxiao, the head of the purchasing department: “Minister Lloyd, what’s the matter with the equipment purchased from Tiansheng? Didn’t it take three days to get everything in place? It’s five days!

Lloyd Yanxiao wiped his sweat and said: “President Fisher, the news from Tiansheng said that there was a problem with the purchased equipment and they are repairing it. Let’s wait for a while…”

Natalie said immediately: “Impossible! I have seen this batch of equipment personally, there is absolutely no problem!”

“President Fisher, do you mean Tiansheng deliberately?”

Lloyd Yanxiao asked.

“Help me connect with Pan Wenkui, Tiansheng’s boss!”

After the call was connected, Natalie asked directly: “Where is the equipment I ordered, Boss Pan?”

“Well, there is a problem with the equipment ordered by your Erick Group, wait a minute!”

Pan Wenkui said.

“How long is it?”

“At least a month!”

Chapter 252

After hearing Pan Wenkui’s reply.

Everyone took a breath.

This is definitely intentional!

Pan Wenkui also smiled and said: “I sent Mr. Fisher back to the original factory to repair this batch of equipment! One month is fast enough, please forgive me.”

Natalie said: “Boss Pan, I have personally visited your company. There are still a lot of equipment. You can just send me other equipment! I need it urgently! Can’t wait any longer!”

“Oh, Mr. Fisher is really embarrassed. All other equipment has been ordered, and I have sent them out!”

Pan Wenkui smiled.

“is it?”

Natalie laughed instead of anger.

She understood that the other party was deliberately making a trip.

“Yes, it’s a coincidence! There is a problem with the dozens of shipments ordered by Erick Group!”

Pan Wenkui smiled like an old fox.

Hearing Pan Wenkui’s voice, everyone was very angry.

This is obviously intentional!!!

Everything is ready for Erick Group.

Equipment is missing!

“Oh, Mr. Fisher, can you just wait?”

Pan Wenkui smiled.

“Can’t wait! You promised that the equipment would be in place in three days! What’s the matter now?”

Natalie was very angry.

Pan Wenkui sighed again and again: “Oh, if Mr. Fisher can’t wait, I have a way…”

“any solution?”

Natalie asked.

“I need to add some money, I will send you the spare goods in the private warehouse!”

Pan Wenkui said.

Natalie asked: “How much is it?”

“It cost 500 million to order equipment before, but now it only costs 5 billion. I will send you the spare goods immediately. You must know that these equipment are my cards! The price is very reasonable!

The lion speaks loudly!

The executives of Erick Group were stunned.

No one thought that there would be such a one-handed operation.

Natalie sneered: “Pan Wenkui, do you think I’m a fool?”

“Haha, forget it if you don’t want it!”

Pan Wenkui’s attitude is firm.

“Okay, then refund! We won’t order from you!”

Natalie said angrily.

“Okay! I’ll return the money to you!”

“To tell you the truth, you will regret it! Because you can’t buy any equipment except for me! I’m waiting for you to beg me!”

Pan Wenkui sneered.

After Pan Wenkui refunded the money here.

Natalie asked other companies to order.

I searched Case York and the surrounding manufacturers of medical equipment.

As soon as I heard about Erick Group, I would never sell it.

Lloyd Bass Xiao and his few people are about to cry.

This is obviously aimed at Erick Group.

“What can we do about this? The boss’s request is that production must be done in the next few days! If it is too late, the Case York Chamber of Commerce will respond to what we are going to do.”

Natalie turned around in a hurry.

If this batch of equipment is ordered from other places, the speed is too slow.

It is also easy to be manipulated by others.

There must be many difficulties during the transportation.

Lloyd Yanxiao asked, “Would you like to talk to Pan Wenkui? It doesn’t matter if you add some money! The equipment is important!”

Natalie rubbed her temples: “Let me think of a solution!”

At this moment, in the Qingfeng Group under the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Bai Qingfeng and Hao Wenchang gathered together.

“Hahaha, what do I think you can do for Erick Group this time?”

Bai Qingfeng smiled sinisterly.

Hao Wenchang also laughed happily: “I told my classmate Lao Pan, let him ask for five billion!”

At this time, Yu Xingjian asked: “If Erick Group is really willing to spend 5 billion on purchases?”

Chapter 253

Shao Bingshan smiled: “Yes, let Old Pan give them the equipment! We will create some obstacles on the way and destroy this batch of equipment!”

“Hahaha…how much did Erick Group lose?”

Several old foxes are going to bloom happily.

Another day passed.

Still no results.

Natalie too wants to prove herself to the mysterious boss, so she wants to solve the problem by herself.

She contacted Pan Wenkui.

“Hahaha, what am I talking about? You will regret it? What do you mean?”

Pan Wenkui was too happy.

Erick Group is a group of waste.

In the end, don’t you have to beg him?

Natalie directly stated his purpose: “Boss Pan, I can give up to 1.5 billion here!”

“Five billion, you talk to me about 1.5 billion? Hehe, that’s okay! I need to have a meeting to discuss!”

Pan Wenkui did not directly refuse.

After hanging up, Pan Wenkui immediately had a video call with the four Hao Wenchang.

“How many elder brothers, what if Erick Group has opened 1.5 billion?”

Pan Wenkui asked.

After discussing with them, the four Hao Wenchang smiled and said, “Old Pan sells them! We will do some tricks on the way, so that this batch of equipment must not be in the hands of Erick Group!”

Pan Wenkui smiled and said, “Doesn’t that mean I made 1.5 billion in vain?”

“haha, yes!”

“In this way, Old Pan, you will deliberately delay for a day and give her an answer tomorrow!”

Hao Wenchang gave an idea.

“Okay, understand!”

In the Erick Group.

Natalie and the others are still waiting for Pan Wenkui’s reply.

Anxious like ants on a hot pan.

After Fu Yuxiang knew the situation, he immediately responded to Levi’s situation.

Levi looked surprised when he knew it.

He had expected that if he purchased equipment in Case York, he would definitely be targeted, so he specifically asked Natalie to go to the provincial capital Jinling to purchase.

Unexpectedly, this happened.

Once again feel the strength of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Levi felt a little interesting.

If it’s too easy, it’s boring.

“Okay, leave it to me!”

Levi dialed another number: “I need a batch of equipment, and it must be delivered to me tomorrow!”

“Report to the general and promise to complete the task!”

A voice came across.

In the Erick Group.

Fu Yuxiang told everyone that the boss had settled the equipment purchase.

“What? The equipment will arrive tomorrow?”

Natalie was very excited.

“Yes! The equipment will arrive tomorrow!”

Fu Yuxiang nodded.

Natalie looked at Fu Yuxiang enviously.

He was able to communicate directly with the mysterious boss.

Natalie asked curiously; “Minister Fu, how is the boss like?”

“Super great person, the person I admire most in my life!”

Fu Yuxiang said.

He Tiantian also said: “Yes, the boss is also my idol!”

Seeing the prestige of this mysterious boss, Natalie increased his curiosity a little more.

She must chase the boss!

At nine o’clock the next day, Pan Wenkui actually called.

Natalie answered the phone.

“What’s wrong? Boss Pan?”

Pan Wenkui smiled and said: “After our company meeting, Mr. Fisher decided that the equipment can be sold to you for 1.5 billion! As long as you pay, it can be delivered today! If you are not assured, you can ship it yourself!”

In his opinion, the Erick Group is desperately desperate and absolutely must agree to it.

“Oh, equipment? No need, we have already purchased it!”

Chapter 254


When Natalie said this, Pan Wenkui who was opposite was stunned.

Has the equipment been purchased?

How can it be?

Case York and surrounding areas have been banned by the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

No medical device company dared to sell equipment to Erick Group!

Where did the equipment come from?

“President Fisher, are you sure? Have you bought it?”

Pan Wenkui asked uncertainly.

“Yes, I bought it, and it’s much faster, and it will be delivered at 12 o’clock today!”

Natalie smiled.

“Ah? Where did you get it, President Fisher?”

“You can’t control this, right? This is our company’s business! Goodbye!”

Pan Wenkui slumped in the chair, as if he was going to collapse.

I was thinking about making 1.5 billion in vain, but I didn’t expect this to be the case.

He quickly informed Hao Wenchang and Bai Qingfeng of the situation.

The directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce were also surprised.

“You actually bought it?”

The four quickly used their relationship to check.

However, it was discovered that Case York and all the surrounding medical equipment companies had not sold it to Erick Group.

Where did they buy their equipment?

“The most urgent thing is to find the delivery route of this batch of equipment, we have to stop it quickly!!!”

The four were anxious.

At this moment, Levi is with Wesley and the others.

Levi received a call from Brown Zhan, head of the Logistics Support Department of the Case York Military Region.

“Report to the general that the medical equipment you ordered from the military factory of the Case York Military Region is already in transit! According to your instructions, a fully armed company was sent to escort!”

Brown Zhandao.

It turned out that Levi ordered this batch of medical equipment from the military factory.

No one thought of this!

Levi nodded: “Okay, thank you. Minister Brown is helping Erick Group purchase. The money has already arrived. Please check.”

“General, understand!”

After hanging up.

Levi said: “Kirin told Natalie that they are waiting in the factory, and the equipment will arrive in two hours!”

He looked at Wesley again: “Wesley scattered the whereabouts of the transport team!”

In Qingfeng Group.

“I found the route of Erick Group’s equipment transportation! Now we still have one and a half hours to stop it!”

Bai Qingfeng glanced at his watch a little anxiously.

Shao Bingshan gritted his teeth and said, “Shall I contact the old ghost? Let the old ghost take action!”

“Okay, let the old ghost destroy this batch of equipment!”

The eyes of a few people were full of cold light.

The old ghost is a big brother in Case York.

Runs a debt company.

The employees inside are actually big bastards.

Ruthless, the kind that kills people without blinking.

Often help the Case York Chamber of Commerce to deal with some disputes.

Breaking a leg is a common occurrence.

“We can rest assured if the old ghost comes forward!”

“He doesn’t say anything about it, but he’s very cautious. Even if it kills people, it won’t involve us!”

On a remote road on the outskirts of Case York.

A group of fierce and wicked men spilled a lot of nails on the road and stopped a few cars to block the road.

In an off-road vehicle next to him, a man in black with long hair was sitting.

He wears a ring on his hand and is smoking a cigar in between.

If you pay attention, he has only white eyes and benevolence in one eye, and the whole person is like a ghost, which is very scary.

This is the famous old ghost!

“You will be smarter later, they explained that in order to frighten the Erick Group, they will maimed a few people…”

The old ghost has a hoarse voice, making his back chill.

Chapter 255

“Brother Gui, don’t worry!”

The old ghost’s men began gearing up.

They wore a handful of weapons around their waists, which were extremely sharp.

After waiting for a while, the transportation convoy finally arrived.

After all, it is a five-billion-dollar device, and the total number of transportation vehicles is thirty.

The leading car saw several cars parked obliquely on the road ahead, and immediately braked to a stop.

Dozens of transport vehicles in the back also stopped.

In the car in front, Lloyd Yanxiao, the head of the purchasing department, sat.

When he was about to get out of the car to check the situation, he suddenly saw dozens of people appear in front of him, coming here aggressively.

Lloyd Yanxiao was frightened.

The old ghost brought dozens of people to the car, and the old ghost knocked on the window.

Lloyd Yanxiao saw the sticks in their hands, frightened, and immediately shook the window down.

The old ghost asked in a hoarse voice: “From Erick Group?”

“Um… yes… yes…”

Lloyd Yanxiao nodded.

“Well, people can go, leave all the equipment!”

The old ghost said coldly.

“No, the equipment can’t be left…”

Lloyd Bass said humbly.

Seeing the ferocious gazes of several people, Lloyd Bass Xiao Lima closed his mouth.

Afterwards, Lloyd Yanxiao immediately called Natalie and told the situation here.

Natalie and others were worried for a while.

He Tiantian has a calm face: “Don’t worry, the boss has arranged everything, we just wait.”

Later, the old ghost led people to the transport convoy behind.

Although the equipment comes from the military factory.

But the transporter is not for the army.

It was specially hired by Lloyd Yanxiao.

If it were an army vehicle, the old ghosts would have scared them away a long time ago.

The compartments of all cars are covered with black curtains.

The old ghost and his men opened the curtain covering the body and looked at the equipment inside.

Along the way, thirty trucks were filled with equipment.

The old ghosts smiled.

The old ghost called Bai Qingfeng: “Mr. Bai is right! I checked 30 vehicles, and it is indeed equipment!”

“Okay, the old ghost destroyed all the equipment! Don’t even think of Erick Group!”

Bai Qingfeng’s voice was as cold as iron.

“Well, there are a few more cars. After I checked them, they were destroyed together! In addition, a few more people were scrapped!”

After Lao Jiu hung up, he continued to check the vehicle.

The next few cars are small pieces of equipment.

In the end, only three cars were left unchecked.

The old ghost looked at the last three trucks, feeling a little flustered.

For unknown reasons, his left eyelid kept jumping.

The old ghost came to the back of the car anxiously.

He picked up the curtain with a stick.

It’s dark inside.

But you can see a large group of people.

The old ghost’s men exclaimed: “Big Brother so many people?”

Another person said: “Don’t think about it, it must be the one who moves the equipment!”

The old ghost said coldly: “All down!!!”

“Come on, open the curtain!”

The old ghost shouted.

The two men opened the curtains, and as soon as they lighted it in, everyone could see the situation in the car clearly.

Seeing this clearly, everyone was frightened.

No one thought that the person in the car turned out to be this identity!!!

The old ghost and all his subordinates were stunned, the stick of the mobile phone fell to the ground, and the cigarette in his mouth fell on the clothes without feeling…

Because dozens of people in the car were all wearing military uniforms, and they were still holding guns in their hands, all of them aimed at the old ghost and others.

Fully armed soldier!!!

Who can think of it?

“Did you tell us to come down?”

The head of the company commander’s pistol hit the old ghost’s head.

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