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Chapter 256


All the people in the car jumped off.

Dozens of people also jumped out of the two cars behind.

More than a hundred people stood outside, surrounding dozens of old ghosts.

The pitch-black muzzle was at them…


Completely frightened!

Everyone is peeing their pants.

Even if you die, there is a fully armed company hidden in the transport vehicle!

This is equivalent to piercing the sky.

All the sticks in the hands of the old ghost were thrown on the ground.

Some people even couldn’t resist the pressure and fell to their knees.

The old ghost who was pressed against his head shivered, almost urinating in terror.

He raised his hands and shouted: “Misunderstanding! It’s all a misunderstanding!”

The company commander said coldly: “I am Moran Zhenfeng, company commander of the eighth company of the military factory garrison of the Case York Military Region. I have been ordered to transport medical equipment from the military factory to Erick Group! Who are you?

After hearing the identity introduction, the old ghost almost fainted.

The others were really shocked on the spot.

Almost everyone fell to the ground in fright and couldn’t get up.

They finally know where Erick Group ordered the equipment…

The military factory!!!

No wonder it sent a full chain to escort!

Regret dead!

The old ghost really regretted his death.

If you knew it was something from the military factory, you wouldn’t dare to lend him a hundred courage!

Bai Qingfeng’s gangsters are deceptive!

The old ghost really has the heart to cry!

Do you use military vehicles to transport the things in the military factory?

If you want to see the military vehicle, you won’t run away early?

“Take it!!!”

Moran Zhenfeng gave an order.

Dozens of old ghosts were all taken down.

They also understand what this means.

They are scrapped!

Completely scrapped!

But they still dare not say who is behind!

Then their family will be in trouble.

In the end, all the equipment was delivered to the Erick Group’s medical plant safe and sound.

It took half a day to install all the equipment.

All the raw materials purchased by Natalie also arrived.

Production can start at night.

As a technical consultant, Fu Yuxiang has a comprehensive check.

Levi followed Fu Yuxiang to the factory to check.

Natalie was surprised when she saw Levi: “Why are you here?”

“Why can’t I come?”

Levi asked rhetorically.

Fu Yuxiang smiled awkwardly: “Mr Fisher, Garrison… he came with me…”

Natalie suddenly realized: “Oh, I see, no wonder Sarah said that you have found a job. It turned out that Minister Fu took you with his previous kindness?”

Levi smiled: “So what?”

“Well, in terms of Sarah’s face, I will let you stay in Erick Group as a technical consultant. However, I will be your boss in the future. Will you call Mr. Fisher when you see me?”

Natalie said proudly.

She felt irritated even thinking about it.

She has always been competitive.

When Levi founded the Garrison Group six years ago, she vowed to surpass him and went to the United States specifically to develop.

Now Levi turned out to be her subordinate.

Natalie has a sense of accomplishment.

It’s just that she didn’t notice that the faces of Fu Yuxiang and He Tiantian were very strange.

Boyd Hongruhui, who is in charge of the pharmaceutical factory, reported: “The commissioning of the equipment in General Fisher is completed, and it can be put into production at night!”

“Okay, let everyone prepare, starting at eight o’clock in the evening!”

After arranging everything.

Natalie began to sigh: “Our boss is too mysterious, right?”

“Yes, the big boss is too mysterious! Even President Graham is also mysterious, and he is not there most of the time.”

Lloyd Bass Xiao is humane.

Chapter 257

He Tiantian and He Yuxiang looked at each other.

It’s really mysterious.

In front of you, none of you know.

Natalie said in front of everyone: “The boss is really too good to be able to purchase equipment from the military factory! I find that I admire the boss more and more!”

“President Fisher, you are still single, if the boss is single, you chase the boss, right?”

Lloyd Bass Xiao said with a smile.

Natalie nodded without evasiveness: “Well, as long as the boss is single, I will definitely pursue him! I will be the boss’s wife from now on!”

Natalie is now a foreign style, dare to speak and dare to do.

Levi frowned.

It’s really hopeless to be interested in my girlfriend’s husband.

Today, the purchase of equipment by Erick Group spread throughout the Case York business district.

Countless people were shocked.

Including the richest man Shane Wanshan were stunned.

“This Erick Group has something. Did you buy the equipment in front of the Case York Chamber of Commerce?”

Nothing is more shocking than the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Bai Qingfeng and other directors are going crazy.

Now even the old ghost has been arrested.

Lost twice in a row.

This makes them very frustrated.

When it reaches the ears of the four giants, they can’t hold back their face.

“Let’s not move for now and see what they are going to do?”

Bai Qingfeng and others chose to stop temporarily.

In the past few days, Erick Group has developed secretly and accelerated production.

After Natalie was assigned as a technical consultant, Levi was able to enter and exit the Erick Group at will.

Anyway, there are not many people who really know his identity.

However, to outsiders, Levi just had nothing to do. He drank coffee every day, smoked and left work.

Natalie had endured Levi several times.

But how do they know that the company’s most important decision is made by Levi.

On this day, when Levi was drinking tea in the office, Wesley and Alton came together.

“The general tells you one thing-isn’t the position of the commander-in-chief of the Case York Military Region always vacant? Recently, one person has been sent to serve! An appointment ceremony will be held! The deputy commander-in-chief of the Case York Military Region, Hart Xiangqun, wants to invite you to participate!”

Wesley said.

Levi smiled: “Do I need to go?”

Alton said: “The general didn’t have to go! But you know the person who was sent to serve as the commander-in-chief, or your soldiers!”

Levi thought for a while and said, “Could it be Duan Tianyang, commander-in-chief of the First Army of the Emperor Iron Brigade?”

Duan Tianyang was brave and good at fighting, but he was injured the year before and retreated from the front line. He has been recuperating for the past two years.

If anyone under him is qualified and the time to be the commander-in-chief, it can only be Duan Tianyang.

Alton nodded: “Yes, that’s right, it’s Duan Tianyang!”

“Well, good, tell the Case York Military Region that I will participate in the ceremony of the commander-in-chief! I want to witness the glorious moment of my own soldier!”

Levi approached.

“Understood, General!”

When the Case York Military Region received the exact news that Levi had come to participate in the ceremony, the entire military region was boiling.

Especially Hart Xiangqun!

He was very excited.

He was still worried before.

This is a reassurance.

Hart Xiangqun also specifically notified Lei Qianjue and Han Xiaokun of the four giants of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Several people in Lei Qianjue were so excited that they would forget about the Erick Group.

Compared with this big event, Erick Group is purely a trifle.

“Are we the ones who witnessed the moment of glory? That’s General God of War, the God of War of Velador Protecting the Country!”

“Seeing the respect of General God of War, I have no regrets in this life!”

Chapter 258

“If you can get acquainted with General God of War this time, Shane Wanshan will be fine!”

“Yes! How many years has Shane Wanshan crushed us?”

Several people from Lei Qianjue could never forget the battle with Shane Wanshan.

I want to take this opportunity to target Shane Wanshan.

For so many years, Shane Wanshan has always suppressed the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

If the Case York Chamber of Commerce wants to go further, it must cross the hurdle of Shane Wanshan.

So they regarded the commander-in-chief as a great pawn as an opportunity.

Only General God of War can crush Wanshan!

In the eyes of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, only this matter is a major event.

Everything else is going backwards.

Especially on the side of Erick Group, Case York Chamber of Commerce has no time to bother.

On the other side, in the the city Villa.

The Shane family gathered together.

Shane Wanshan sits on top of the mountain, and the momentum is like a rainbow.

Sitting below is his son and daughter, and behind are his grandchildren.

Shane Wanshan started from scratch and became the richest man in Case York.

His heirs are not guilty, all of them are dragons and phoenixes among people.

Talents are all over the military, commercial and political circles, and they bloom everywhere.

That’s why the Shane family is so strong.

It is not only wealth that is strong, but the network background is no less than that of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

The family twisted into a rope, naturally a little stronger than the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

For example, the eldest son Shane Qingyun sitting in front of him, the youngest chief of staff of the military region.

Shane Qingyun smiled and said, “Dad, tell you a happy event.”

“Oh? Come and listen.”

Shane Wanshan’s mental state is getting better and better recently.

“Isn’t the position of the commander-in-chief of our military region always vacant? Recently, the commander-in-chief has been sent down. It is an officer of the Emperor Iron Brigade!”

Shane Wanshan became interested in an instant: “Oh? That’s a good thing!”

“The most important thing is that the commander-in-chief assumes the ceremony, and General God of War will participate!”

“General God of War didn’t participate, but I heard that he was serving as a soldier, so he agreed.”

Shane Qingyun said.

“Ah? General God of War? Will he also come to participate?”

Shane Wanshan came to the spirit.

“Yeah, that’s right. And this time when you serve as the ceremony, there are places for people from the community, and my father has you!”

Shane Qingyun smiled.

“That means I can see General God of War?”

Shane Wanshan said excitedly.

He has always admired General God of War very much.

I heard that General God of War was going to Case York and ran to the Case York Airport to pick up the plane in person, but he was shot back at gunpoint.

Later, several invitations were rejected.

“Well, that’s right! You can also communicate with General God of War in person.”

Shane Qingyun said.

He is responsible for the ceremony.

Including the number of places for the ceremony, he is solely responsible for it.

He arranged the activity process, so after the ceremony, there is time for communication.

“My God! How can I talk to General God of War face to face? It’s so exciting!”

Shane Wanshan stood up excitedly.

Even the younger generation such as Shane Xinyi looked at Shane Qingyun expectantly.

“Uncle, do we have a chance to go?”

Everyone is eager to see the legendary Chinese God of War.

“It’s difficult, but let me think of a way…it is definitely a good thing for young people to pay their respects to General God of War’s demeanor!”

Shane Qingyun said.

“Isn’t it, General God of War is said to be about the same age as Xinyi and the others, it’s really amazing!”

Shane Wanshan smiled.

The fact that the commander-in-chief was appointed to the ceremony spread throughout the upper circles of Case York.

This is an opportunity to face General God of War.

Some people are even willing to spend tens of millions to buy places to participate.

Chapter 259

It was just this time that Erick Group developed rapidly, and the first batch of products were produced and sent to the Quality Supervision Bureau for inspection.

As long as it passes the quality inspection, it can be sold online.

Everyone is looking forward to the effect of the explosion.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce will definitely be caught off guard.

However, several directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce are still paying attention to this matter.

Bai Qingfeng specifically called Gao Lisheng, Wood Hanquan and Boyd Meili together.

“I want to ask–what does it mean that Erick Group deliberately poached Fu Yuxiang?”

Several directors of Bai Qingfeng couldn’t understand this trick.

I specifically asked a few people.

“Mr. Bai, there is one thing to say, Fu Yuxiang still has the ability! It is estimated that Erick Group wants to go to the medical equipment sector, Fu Yuxiang is very suitable.”

Gao Lisheng said.

“Is it possible for Fu Yuxiang to Lord all the core technologies?”

This is exactly what Bai Qingfeng and several directors worry about.

“Impossible! At the beginning, in order to make a trade-off, Levi each Lorded part of the core technology! Except for the three of us, the others including Levi didn’t have all the core technology at all!”

Wood Hanquan said very positively.

The other two also nodded.

“Haha, that is to say, only the Case York Chamber of Commerce has all the core technologies!”

Bai Qingfeng smiled.

“Yes, that’s right!”

The three nodded.

“However, the Erick Group has been mysterious recently. I don’t know what it is doing. The person I sent out can’t find out anything, hey…”

Bai Qingfeng sighed.

At this time, Boyd Meili showed a smirk at the corner of her mouth: “Mr. Bai, can you find me?”

“Looking for you?”

“Yeah, I went to Fu Yuxiang personally! That disabled person listens to me, even though he fell out with me, but if I just say a few good things, he must tell me everything. The remaining core technology is I set it out!”

Boyd Meili looked like a fox.

“Okay, you’re going to do this. If Erick Group’s secrets can be set, the position of Deputy Director of the Public Relations Department of our company is yours!”

Bai Qingfeng smiled.

“Don’t worry, Bai always looks at me!”

Boyd Meili was very excited.

This is the senior management position of Qingfeng Group!

In the future, he is also an urban senior white-collar worker.

After coming out of Qingfeng Group.

Boyd Meili’s eyes were full of coldness.

“Fu Yuxiang, you crippled thinking that you can rise up after entering the Erick Group? Don’t worry! After I set up the secrets, I will expose you to the Erick Group for leaking your secrets. Then I will guarantee that you will be ruined. you!”

They just want to kill Fu Yuxiang.

these days.

Fu Yuxiang worked very hard and was always on the front line.

The product has been sent for quality inspection.

He just breathed a sigh of relief.

This product quality inspection is a double check.

One batch was sent to the Bureau of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and the other batch to the military factory.

He is very confident in quality testing.

When he was working on the next product improvement design, Levi approached him.

“Do you know why I didn’t let you divorce?”

Levi asked suddenly.

Fu Yuxiang touched his head and shook his head.

“If you divorce directly, it would be too cheap for that couple of dogs.”

Levi smiled.

“Mr. Garrison, what do you mean…”

Fu Yuxiang didn’t understand what Levi meant.

“Let’s go, follow me to a place.”

Levi said.

“Okay, Mr. Garrison listens to you!”

Fu Yuxiang followed.

The two went all the way to the outskirts in the car.

It will arrive at the destination in about two hours.

Looking at the building in front of him, Fu Yuxiang was shocked.

Chapter 260

Because Levi brought him to the military factory of the Case York Military Region.

Brown Zhan, head of the logistics department at the door, personally greeted him.

“Don’t say anything, just come and visit!”

Levi whispered.

Brown Zhan nodded.

Take Levi and them into the military factory.

Fu Yuxiang was shocked.

They came all the way to the quality inspection department.

Brown Zhan told the comrades in the quality department: “This is the chief designer of Erick Group in charge of this batch of products!”

The comrades from the quality inspection department looked at Fu Yuxiang in amazement.

“It’s really amazing. We have passed the quality inspection of your products, and the quality is absolutely no problem, and the quality is one level higher than that of the Case York Chamber of Commerce! If this batch of medical equipment is applied to the market, it can really have a great effect! This is definitely a good thing to benefit the people!”

It turns out that the military factory has passed the product quality inspection.

They marveled at the designer’s power.

Just when Levi had an idea, he brought Fu Yuxiang over to communicate with these technicians.

Levi said to Brown Zhan: “Minister Brown, I think Fu Yuxiang can be used as a technical consultant for medical equipment in a military factory. What do you think?”

Brown Zhan immediately laughed and said: “That’s really great! We still lack talents in this area. There is still a gap between domestic medical equipment and foreign countries. If there are more such talents, we will be stronger!”

“Okay, then arrange for Fu Yuxiang as a technical consultant, with another military rank!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, no problem, I will make arrangements right away.”

Within half an hour, Brown Zhan arranged everything.

Fu Yuxiang looked at his credentials and a set of military uniforms with a dazed expression.

He asked excitedly, “Mr. Garrison, am I a soldier now?”

“Forget it! Why not? You are a technical consultant! But in the future you have to worry more, come here for more exchanges and guidance!”

Levi approached.

“Guaranteed to complete the task!”

Fu Yuxiang gave a non-standard military salute.

Fu Yuxiang clutched his credentials tightly and looked at Levi moved.

He gave himself the chance to be born again.

“Remember one thing-put what you have learned on the right path, serve the people, and win glory for the country!”

Levi patted him on the shoulder.

After get off work at night.

Boyd Meili actually called Fu Yuxiang.

“Yuxiang, can you come to me, I have something important to tell you, at 8 o’clock tonight, it will be on the third floor of Yintai City…”

When he heard this, Fu Yuxiang felt soft.

After all, it’s a woman I’ve loved for ten years.

Now even the sound can affect his heart.

However, Fu Yuxiang still sensibly asked Levi whether to go.

“Go, of course! I’ll go with you!”

Levi smiled.

Finally, Levi took Fu Yuxiang to Yintai City.

Before Fu Yuxiang entered, Levi installed a camera on him and put the recorder in his hand.

“She belongs to an infidelity in the marriage! I have to collect evidence now, understand?”

Levi approached.


Fu Yuxiang held the recorder tightly, he was bound to make the couple pay the price.

Levi smiled: “In addition, you are a technical consultant in a military factory and a soldier. Her blatant messing up is to destroy the military marriage! One military marriage crime is enough for them to get through! What’s more, they leaked core technology, commercial fraud, etc. The crime is in their possession, as long as the evidence is sufficient, their fate will be miserable and miserable!”


Fu Yuxiang was stunned.

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