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Chapter 266

Wang Kuan glanced at Fu Yuxiang and said, “Because he is a soldier! Boyd Meili cheated on the marriage, you are destroying the military marriage!”

“What? He is a soldier? Why don’t I know? I have been with him for ten years without knowing that he is a soldier?”

Boyd Meili was completely stunned.

Gao Lisheng and Wood Hanquan also said, “Yes! Who is Fu Yuxiang as a soldier?”

Wang Kuan sneered: “Comrade Fu Yuxiang is a technician in our military factory! He is in the establishment! Why is he not a soldier?”

“What? People from the military factory? Why don’t I know?”

The hearts of the three of Boyd Meili almost flew out of her throat.

Fu Yuxiang came to the three of them, took out his credentials, and shook in front of them.

The three of them opened their eyes, and after seeing the information and seals on them, everyone swished in cold sweat.

Really are!

Fu Yuxiang is really from the military factory!

When did this happen?

Why don’t you even know about it?

Boyd Meili’s eyes are about to fly out…

Gao Lisheng suddenly reacted and looked at Levi in horror: “So you didn’t allow the divorce that day. Is this the reason?”

Levi smiled and said, “Yeah! By coincidence! I was thinking about dissolving the marriage contract without letting this woman be so easy! Unexpectedly, Fu Yuxiang performed outstandingly and was attracted by the military factory and was hired as a technical consultant! During this period, you guys. Even if you are still fooling around and fooling around, naturally you are ruining the military marriage!”


Gao Lisheng was so angry that he fainted.

Boyd Meili and Wood Hanquan looked at each other, desperate.

It was calculated by Levi!

Even if Fu Yuxiang has just entered the military factory, he cannot escape the crime of sabotaging military marriage!

Fu Yuxiang felt very refreshed to see the appearance of the three of them.

“Hahaha, have you three thought about this day? Didn’t you get retribution? It’s not that you didn’t repay, it’s not the time!”

Fu Yuxiang laughed loudly.

What did Gao Lisheng think of, he couldn’t help saying: “You said I sabotaged the military marriage? Is there evidence?”

Seeing hope, Boyd Meili also defended: “Yes, you have to show evidence when you speak!”

At this time, Levi smiled.

He took out the U disk and put it on the wall using the projection.

It was a video of three people humiliating Fu Yuxiang last night.

It not only admitted to cheating, but also admitted to embezzlement of public funds and intentional harm.

“What? Do you have a camera and a voice recorder?”

After knowing the truth, Boyd Meili and the three were really going crazy.

Last night they deliberately checked whether other people had filmed.

Unexpectedly, Fu Yuxiang actually took the shot.

“Now that the evidence is solid, what else do you have to say?”

Wang Kuan asked.

He and Graham Tianming looked at each other.

These three people are a bit scary.

These crimes are not enough to commit capital crimes, but it is absolutely fine to sit in prison!

Levi waved his hand: “You go out first, you have something to tell them!”

Wang Kuan and Graham Tianming left here, guarding outside the door.

Levi looked at the three and smiled and said, “I told you all the time, these three have regretted one day, are you happy now?”

“Faithful! Everything is their own making!”

Fu Yuxiang shouted.

At this time, Boyd Meili was so anxious that her tears were coming out.


She knelt in front of Fu Yuxiang, holding his leg and crying: “Yuxiang spare me once! From now on I promise to be a good wife and mother, and I promise that everything will listen to you! I won’t mess around again!”

“Yes, we were wrong! Lord, let us go, right? We were wrong! We knew we were wrong!”

Chapter 267

Gao Lisheng and Wood Hanquan also knelt on the ground and begged for mercy.

They believed that as long as Fu Yuxiang let go, they would still have a chance, at least a few years less in jail.

“You harlot doesn’t deserve me, get out of here! Hey!”

Fu Yuxiang slapped her face fiercely.


“You two beasts! Not worthy of being my apprentice! Get out!”

Fu Yuxiang kicked the two men fiercely.

“no, do not want…”

The three of Boyd Meili regretted.

There is nothing more regretful than this in this life!

Finally, Boyd Meili and the three were taken away, together with a group of fitness coaches.

What awaits them is endless prison disaster!

Because of the status of Gao Lisheng and Wood Han in the circle, everyone knew about this all afternoon.

Several people in Bai Qingfeng were shocked.

The two big traitors of the King’s Landing Group have been cleaned up like this?

This Erick Group is a bit powerful!

The four giants in power in the Case York Chamber of Commerce are still busy with the commander-in-chief as the ceremony, and there is no time to take care of them.

“Fortunately, the technologies of the Garrison Group were leaked by themselves, otherwise we would be in trouble this time.”

Bai Qingfeng rejoiced.

“Yes, fortunately it has nothing to do with us!”

Shao Bingshan Road.

Hao Wenchang wondered: “We underestimated the Erick Group. I feel that they are making a big move.”

“Yes, I feel so too. But Erick Group is too secretive!”

Bai Qingfeng said.

Don’t know what the opponent is doing, this is the most frightening thing.

At this time, Yu Xingjian came running out of breath.

“I know Erick’s actions.”

Yu Xingjian took a sip of water and said, “They have produced a batch of medical devices, but I don’t know the details. Now they have been sent to the Quality Inspection Bureau for testing! If they are qualified, they will be mass produced!

“Who told you?”

Hao Wenchang asked.

“A distant cousin of mine, he happened to be working at the Quality Inspection Bureau and told me specifically.”

Yu Xingjian Road.

“We don’t care what Erick Group produces! Stopped it for me!”

Several people Bai Qingfeng said in unison.

Yu Xingjian smiled: “It’s easy! My cousin just takes care of this one! It can definitely get stuck in Erick Group!”

Bai Qingfeng smiled and said, “Well, no matter what product the Erick Group sends for testing, it can be returned as unqualified!”

Hao Wenchang asked: “Lao Yu called out your cousin to be lively and lively? Can’t you let Bai let people do things?”

“That’s right, we have to be more generous. There will be more opportunities for Lao Yu’s cousin in the future.”

Shao Bingshan Road.

“Well, I will do something at Lufthansa tonight! Let’s ask cousins ​​to come!”

Bai Qingfeng stood up and smiled.

The next day.

In the Erick Group.

Everyone is waiting for the notification that the product is qualified, after all, the production volume will be expanded in the future.

At this time, the car from the Quality Inspection Bureau came to the door of the Erick Group Building.

Natalie greeted him personally.

Three people came from the Quality Inspection Bureau.

The headed young man looked at Natalie and others with disdain.

He threw the quality inspection report to Natalie, and sneered: “What does Erick Group mean? You want to produce such a bad product? You have to know that what you produce is a medical device! What if something happens to be used for medical treatment in the future? Are you worthy of the people?”

“Ah? What’s the matter with comrades? Isn’t that unqualified?”

Fu Yuxiang asked in a low voice.

“Unqualified! Seriously unqualified!”

Chapter 268

The two people next to each other added: “Yes, we have inspected the quality three times and they are all unqualified! Your product is too bad!”

The young man Liao Xiangsheng looked at Natalie in disgust: “I warn you from the Erick Group! If your product is not improved, it will look like this if you submit it! I will call it back again!”

“Well, think about it! This time the quality inspection is seriously unqualified!”

“The next re-inspection will be in one week!”

Liao Xiangsheng left quickly.

Don’t even give Erick Group a chance to appeal!

Natalie and others hurriedly read the quality inspection report.

After reading it, the crowd was indignant.

The reason for failing the quality inspection is simply exasperating.

Natalie suspected that the quality inspection department didn’t even look at the product, so they found out the problem.

There are even several problems that are related to other products and have nothing to do with this product.

It’s totally unnecessary!

They understand, some people are doing things.

Deliberately detect product failure!

The purpose is to prevent the products of Erick Group from going on sale…

At this time, Levi walked out swayingly.

“what’s up?”

He asked.

After understanding the matter clearly.

Levi was taken aback.

It stands to reason that this program can’t go wrong.

Thinking about it now, I am afraid that they happen to have someone in the quality inspection department.

“It’s okay. In the afternoon, I personally took the product to the quality inspection. I asked them to perform the quality inspection on the spot! Who would dare to fail? This is verified by the military factory!

Levi approached.

“Can you do it?”

Natalie asked.

“Do you have a way?”

As soon as Levi said this, Natalie shut up immediately.

The entire Erick Group is very anxious.

Only Levi drank tea and smoked calmly.

He was lying on a chair in the office.

Dial Dean’s phone number: “Old Porter, I’m not being polite to you, who is in charge of the Quality Supervision Bureau?”

“It’s Wen Yanliang tube!”

“Okay, please tell him, I’ll invite him to drink tea, at Erick Group!”

Levi smiled.

Later, Levi called with Brown Zhan, Minister of Logistics, and asked him to notify Stone Senming, the head of the military factory’s quality inspection department, to come to Erick Group for tea.

Stone Senming came here first, and Levi really invited him to drink tea.

This Stone Senming is excited, this is definitely the peak moment of his life!

After bragging with my comrades in arms, I just said: General God of War invited me to drink tea.

Absolutely crush everything, even the deputy commander-in-chief of the military region envy.

But it’s okay to call Stone Senming to come.

He also asked him to bring the quality inspection report of the medical device.

Before long, Wen Yanliang, director of the Case York Quality Inspection Bureau, came in a panic.

He left the meeting at hand and came non-stop.

After coming to the office.

Wen Yanliang stood in front of Levi trembling.

“Director Wen, don’t worry, sit down!”

Levi smiled.

Wen Yanliang sat on Levi’s sofa obediently.

With a wave of Levi, Wesley poured a cup of tea for Wen Yanliang.

Wen Yanliang was holding the cup, but he dared not take a sip of tea.

It would never be a good thing for this big man to call himself.

“Director Wen knows what is wrong with me calling you?”

Levi asked.

Wen Yanliang immediately stood up and shook his head: “Please also the chief express!”

“Recently, Erick Group produced a batch of medical devices and sent them to your department for quality inspection! Do you know this?”

Levi asked.

Wen Yanliang shook his head: “I don’t know, and no one asks me to sign.”

Chapter 269

“Oh, okay! Then I will tell you that your department sent the quality inspection report not long ago and told me that it was unqualified! Still seriously unqualified! He also threatened to return the quality inspection once at a time!”

Levi approached.

“Huh? Is there anything else?”

Wen Yanliang’s cold sweat swished straight out.

“Don’t worry, continue to listen to me! At the beginning, I sent a copy of the products to the military factory for quality inspection! This is a double guarantee! After all, these products will be used for medical treatment in the future, and I don’t want any problems! But, the military factory The quality inspection report is qualified, and the quality is perfect in every aspect!”

Levi glanced at Stone Senming and smiled: “Introduction, this is Lieutenant Stone Senming, the head of the quality inspection department of the military factory!”

Stone Senming handed the quality inspection report to Wen Yanliang and said: “Director Wen, we have inspected this batch of products five times! All are qualified! And better than all the same products on the market! It can be said to be the best. product!”

With trembling legs, Wen Yanliang began to read the quality inspection report of the military factory.

Levi handed over another quality inspection report: “Director Wen compares, this is your ministry’s quality inspection report!”

After reading it carefully, Wen Yanliang was taken aback and almost fainted.

The quality inspection report of the Quality Inspection Bureau is purely a matter of searching, and it is all unnecessarily problematic.

I didn’t even figure out what the product was.

The final conclusion of the unqualified!

Wen Yanliang was going to explode.

This is artificial!

How can there be such a person in your department?

It’s fucking involved in this character!

Isn’t this looking for death?

Levi smiled: “Fortunately, during the quality inspection, I paid attention to it and sent a quality inspection to the military factory, otherwise I would be finished this time!”

“The chief, it’s my fault! I didn’t discipline my subordinates!”

Wen Yanliang bowed.

“Well, now that you know the problem, just follow me to solve the problem? I have to go to the quality inspection bureau to watch the product quality inspection. I don’t believe it will fail?”

Levi’s voice was cold.

Wen Yanliang knew something was going on.

Quickly followed.

Stone Senming also went with him.

Wesley drove and brought Levi to the door of the Quality Inspection Bureau.

Just a few business cars also stopped at the door.

The few people who stepped out of the car were the directors of Bai Qingfeng.

Liao Xiangsheng came out to greet him with a deep smile.

Levi got out of the car and let Wen Yanliang sit in the car.

When Liao Xiangsheng saw Levi and others appear, he couldn’t help but sneered: “What is the Erick Group’s doing again?”

As soon as they heard Erick Group, Bai Qingfeng looked at them with smiles on their faces.

Erick Group still wants to re-inspect?


Levi smiled: “Of course we are here for quality inspection!”

Liao Xiangsheng immediately said, “Are you all deaf in Erick Group? Have I said that you will come back for quality inspection in a week?”

“A week later? No one seems to have stipulated it, right?”

Levi smiled and said, “Besides, my product is okay. What’s the matter with a complaint?”

Several people Bai Qingfeng laughed and said: “You Erick Group is a little bit difficult, haven’t you heard Leader Liao tell you the time? Our company has to abide by the rules!”

“Yes, you should learn from the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Liao Xiangsheng said.

“I want to ask who made the rules? Erick Group’s re-inspection must be one week later?”

Levi asked coldly.

“What happened to my rules?”

Liao Xiangsheng said furiously.

“In other words, you have the final say?”

“Yes, I have the final say!”

Chapter 270

Liao Xiangsheng was extremely arrogant, looking like a sky boss, a second child, and his third child.

Really arrogant!

“Yes, Team Leader Liao is in charge of the quality inspection report. He said that whoever is qualified will be qualified!”

“Yes! He wants whoever fails, whoever fails! The Quality Inspection Bureau is the leader of Liao who has the final say!”

Yu Xingjian and Bai Qingfeng laughed.

Liao Xiangsheng looked at Levi disdainfully and said: “Today the products of the Case York Chamber of Commerce have also been sent for quality inspection, but I don’t need to look at them. Their products are absolutely qualified!”

As he said, his assistant next to him handed Bai Qingfeng a quality inspection report.

Everyone present was dumbfounded…

The products of the Case York Chamber of Commerce do not require quality inspection, and directly issue a qualified quality inspection report!

Bai Qingfeng accepted the quality inspection report, and Chong Levi smiled: “Now who knows the quality inspection bureau, who has the final say, right?”

Liao Xiangsheng stared at Levi and said angrily: “Leave quickly! I tell you, within half a year, I will not let the product quality inspection of Erick Group pass! You re-inspect once, and I refuse once!”

“You are such a powerful official? Do the leaders of the Quality Supervision Bureau also listen to you?”

Levi sneered.

Liao Xiangsheng was taken aback for a moment, and then he smiled: “Of course! Director Wen Yanliang is my teacher! He personally led me to the introduction! I speak, of course he wants to listen!”

“You Erick Group don’t think that the products are qualified! You can’t pass this level!”

After listening to Liao Xiangsheng’s rhetoric.

Levi’s smile was meaningful, and he shouted into the car: “Director Wen heard that? He has the final say in the Quality Inspection Bureau. You, the director, let it go empty?”

“Huh? Director Wen?”

Liao Xiangsheng was stunned for a few people, looking around, but they didn’t see any figure.

“Who are you scaring? You want Director Wen to press me? Impossible! Even if Director Wen is there, he has to listen to me!”

Liao Xiangsheng is very arrogant!

“Liao Xiangsheng, you ba5tard! When is the quality inspection bureau your turn to call the shots?”

Suddenly there was a furious sound from the car.

One person got out of the car angrily.

“Wen… Wen Ju…”

After Liao Xiangsheng saw the person clearly, he was dumbfounded, his mouth trembling all the time, and he couldn’t even say a word clearly.

“No, no, you’re the director! I’m your subordinate! Isn’t everything in this place up to you?”

Wen Yanliang was so angry that he wanted to slap Liao Xiangsheng a few times.

“I was wrong about Wenju…I just said something angry, I have no other meaning at all!”

Liao Xiangsheng was trembling, and he almost knelt to Wen Yanliang.

“What about your arrogant attitude just now? You are the boss here!”

Wen Yanliang sneered.

“No, Wen Ju, no, Lord, I was wrong… I shouldn’t overstep the law and enforce your rights! I just want to share the worries for you!”

Liao Xiangsheng quickly said.

Wen Yanliang pointed to Liao Xiangsheng’s nose and said, “From now on, you will be fired! You will never be allowed to step into the Quality Inspection Bureau!!!”


To Liao Xiangsheng and Bai Qingfeng, this news was like a bolt from the blue.

Liao Xiangsheng was actually fired?

Liao Xiangsheng asked incredulously, “Lord for…why? What did I do wrong?”

“Huh! You cheat for personal gains! Deliberately use your private rights to embarrass Erick Group!”

Wen Yanliang roared.

“No, Lord, the products of Erick Group are substandard!”

Liao Xiangsheng was still arguing.

Wen Yanliang’s complexion changed abruptly, and angrily said: “Then tell me what Erick Group’s products are?”

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