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Chapter 271


Liao Xiangsheng was stunned for a moment.

Because he didn’t even know.

Directly hit an unqualified quality inspection report.

“Do you even know what the product is? You say it is unqualified? Are you abusing your private rights? I tell you, Erick Group also sent the products to the military factory for quality inspection! It is qualified! This is the military Lieutenant Stone Senming from the factory’s quality inspection department, he personally brought the quality inspection report!”

When Wen Yanliang finished speaking.


Liao Xiangsheng fell to his knees.

“Lord, please forgive me. I was so dazzled by my desires and greed for a while! I was wrong! I was really wrong! Lord, please give me a chance!”

Liao Xiangsheng knelt on the ground, banging his head.

Wen Yanliang looked unsympathetic: “I don’t have an apprentice like you! If you have anything to say to the relevant department!”

The voice fell, and the car of the relevant department had arrived.

Liao Xiangsheng was taken away for inspection.

At this time, Bai Qingfeng and Yu Xingjian were completely dumbfounded.

Never expected that Erick Group would let Wen Yanliang come forward!

“I personally inspect the products of Erick Group!”

Wen Yanliang said.

In one afternoon, the quality inspection report came out.


Can be produced on the market!

After Levi brought back the qualified certificate, Erick Group cheered.

The first time, these products were put into production in large quantities.

Natalie has already arranged sales channels and merchants.

“Publicity work must be done in place! It must be the largest scale! Please the best publicity team and the most suitable spokesperson!”

Alton conveyed Natalie’s meaning to the big boss.

After the product problem was solved, Levi was relieved a lot.

He ran to Sarah’s Huating Company to see the situation.

Sarah has gone through all the formalities for the establishment of the new company.

The next step is to find an office building that fits the scale and set up a new company.

“Has the office building been found?”

Levi asked.

“It’s done! It’s in Qianke Plaza! I’ll sign the contract in a while! I have paid 20 million in advance!”

Sarah smiled.

“Well, I just have time, let’s go with you!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, no problem!”

Three o’clock in the afternoon.

Levi drove a trolley worth tens of thousands of dollars with plums to Qianke Square.

“You can’t do this car? You have to change one, at least it’s a big boss!”

Levi smiled.

“It’s okay, just drive it comfortably and conveniently.”

Sarah said it didn’t matter.

“My wife, I’m going to talk about you! Your status is different now. The people you come into contact with every day are worth hundreds of millions. If these people have the intention of cooperating with you, they will see these tens of thousands of dollars in a small car. A sense of security, you are more like someone who runs away with a sum of money!”

After listening, Sarah felt that this is the truth: “Okay, then I take the time to buy a good car!”

“I’ll give you it!”

Sarah was very moved, but did not take Levi’s words to heart.

In her opinion, Levi has no money at all, so what can I buy a car?

The two soon came to Qianke Square.

When I waited for the elevator to go upstairs, I saw Mike and Nick walking out.

“Why are you here?”

Sarah realized that it was not good.

“Is that a coincidence? Did you come to rent an office building too? Sorry, you have no chance! I rented the office building that Sarah you were looking for!”

Nick shook the lease contract in his hand.

Chapter 272

It turns out that Sarah’s movements have always been known to the Logan family.

Doug and others absolutely disagree that Sarah left the Logan family.

Knowing that Sarah was coming to rent an office building, she rented it first.

Sarah was dumbfounded when he saw the contract in Nick’s hand.

She hurriedly boarded the elevator with Levi.

Came to the office of the person in charge of Qianke Plaza.

“Oh, Miss Logan is here?”

Zhu Louyi, who was in charge of negotiating the contract, said enthusiastically.

Sarah smiled and said, “Mr. Zhu, I’m here to sign the contract! As I told you before, the entire building B has been leased for five years, totaling 30 million!”

Zhu Louyi looked surprised: “Miss Logan, didn’t the Logan family have signed the contract just now? They said that they have discussed with you, and they have just paid the remaining 10 million!”

Sarah and Levi looked at each other, and immediately thought of Mike and his son just now.

“Mr. Mike just signed the contract on behalf of the Logan family!”

Zhu Louyi smiled and handed the contract to Sarah.

After reading the contract, Sarah’s face changed drastically.

The Logan family is really insidious.

The five-year lease contract was signed in her name, but the purpose was to use the Logan Group as an office building.

This means that Sarah paid the money, and then the office building was used by Logan’s company.


Extremely insidious!

Because the contract was negotiated by her personally, in her name.

She has advanced the money by 20 million in advance.

So the Logan family took away the office building with just ten million.

Sarah was about to cry.

How can such a bully?

Dale and Edith were very angry when they found out.

No way!

Unless sever ties with Doug.

“He didn’t treat me as a son at all! He always favored the eldest, second, and fourth, and never helped me!”

Dale was very angry.

The second day.

The Logan Group moved from the old company to the new office building in Qianke Plaza.

Doug and others were all red.

I moved to a new company with 10 million, and this deal was a bargain.

Sarah could only watch this scene.

“Sarah! You have made contributions to the family again! Second uncle feels gratified for you!”

Mike smiled.

Doug also smiled and said, “Sarah did a good job! Grandpa is very happy. I will commend you at the annual meeting!”

Nick smiled and said, “Sister Sarah heard that you are also moving to a new office building? What a coincidence! Qianke Plaza has no place!”

Sarah was so angry that he clenched his hands tightly!

The Logan family not only cheated her, but also came to humiliate her!

Alfred smiled: “Sarah, your Huating company’s office building is very good, you don’t need to change it! Besides, you may not be able to move in after signing the contract?”


Doug laughed.

Sarah doesn’t understand why, this is a threat!

The Logan family is determined to prevent her from setting up a new company.

Even if she finds a good office building later, the company will definitely not be able to move in.

For a moment, Sarah wanted to cry aggrieved.

I cared about family affection, but they didn’t take you seriously at all.

Now it is impossible to establish a new company!

Unless you completely tear your skin with the Logan family.

Levi, who was standing next to Sarah, smiled and said, “My wife, leave everything to me! Go back and prepare. You can move into the new company tomorrow morning!”

“Huh? Really?”

Sarah looked at him incredulously.

“Listen to me right!”

After Levi left here, he found West Jingxuan.

Chapter 273

“Help me find out if there are any vacant commercial buildings in the downtown area that can be sold?”

Levi asked.

“Huh? What are you going to do?”

West Jingxuan asked curiously.

“If Sarah wants to set up a new company, I have to find an office building!”

Levi approached.

Upon hearing this, West Jingxuan was envied for a while.

What if the heroine was her?

“Okay, let me ask for you!”

West Jingxuan first activated her contacts, and then contacted the boss of Oriental Real Estate.

Finally, a few hours later, there was a response.

It is an old customer of West Jingxuan.

He is the owner of Yinhai Plaza around Case York Center, and there happens to be a vacant building that is perfect for an office building.

West Jingxuan brought Levi to Yinhai Square.

The boss Dou Yumin has long been waiting.

Dou Yumin’s hair has long since become the Mediterranean, his eyes are black and his complexion is pale.

At first glance, it is excessive indulgence.

This old guy is not at peace at all.

Her eyes narrowed, she kept staring at West Jingxuan.

West Jingxuan wore a professional attire, her beautiful legs wrapped in thin black socks, and she stepped on high heels, which was extremely seductive.

Dou Yumin couldn’t help it at first sight.

But he suppressed the fire and took Levi and the two to visit the building.

Levi immediately took a fancy.

It is indeed much better than Qianke Plaza.

Especially geographical advantages.

The price must be expensive too, it would be almost 80 million in five years.

“The price is negotiable! Come to my office and talk about it?”

Dou Yumin rubbed his hands and was already impatient.

He has coveted West Jingxuan for a long time.

I have mentioned too much thought before, and want to use buying a house to force West Jingxuan to give up.

It was only rejected by West Jingxuan.

Dou Yumin vowed to sleep until West Jingxuan today.

After coming to the office.

Dou Yumin smiled and said: “You also know that Yinhai Square is the most golden area in Case York, second only to the center of Case York. Two hundred million in five years!”

After saying this number, Levi and West Jingxuan’s complexion changed.

They know the market price.

50 million started, 80 million died.

This old guy actually sold for two hundred million!

Obviously you want to slaughter people, right?

“Boss Dou, is this unreasonable?”

Levi smiled.

He is rich.

But if you get slaughtered, it will definitely not work!

“This lot is at this price. If you can’t get this price, don’t find this lot!”

Dou Yumin’s attitude is firm.

“Then bargaining? Two hundred million is really embarrassing!”

Levi approached.

“Yes, boss Dou can bargain, right?”

West Jingxuan also said.

Dou Yumin greedily glanced at West Jingxuan and smiled: “It’s okay to bargain, but who is it?”

Dou Yumin looked at Levi and said, “If he does, he won’t give up any money!”

“If it’s Miss West, there are a lot of discounts! We can talk about it slowly!”

West Jingxuan glanced at Levi. After getting permission, she nodded: “Okay, boss Dou, I’ll talk to you!”

Dou Yumin smiled: “When I talk about business, I don’t like other people being present. This gentleman invites you out!”

“King’s Landing, you go out first, I’ll take care of it!”

West Jingxuan said.

After Levi went out, Dou Yumin locked the door from inside.

West Jingxuan’s face changed: “What do you mean, boss Dou?”

Dou Yumin smiled and said, “Ms. West will not be affected when she talks about business like this?”

“Boss Dou, talk about your expectations of the lowest price?”

Dou Yumin smiled squintingly and said, “It depends on Miss West’s attitude?”

Chapter 274

West Jingxuan looked surprised: “My attitude?”

“Yes, your attitude determines the price!”

Dou Yumin chuckled and said: “Miss West, I just said it directly. As long as you stay with me all night, I will directly drop you the price to 80 million!”


West Jingxuan’s face changed.

She immediately understood that Dou Yumin had deliberately raised the price.

He himself knows that up to 80 million.

It is estimated that the increase to 200 million is to coerce oneself.

Dou Yumin stood up and walked towards West Jingxuan step by step: “Think about it, Miss West, your night is worth 120 million! It’s a bargain, right? You are definitely the most expensive woman in the world!”

“Dou Yumin, you did it on purpose! Do you think I can’t see it? I tell you, it’s impossible!”

West Jingxuan said coldly.

“Yes, I did it on purpose! If you don’t agree, I promise your friends don’t want to rent an office building in Case York! With my connections and prestige, one sentence thing! You think about it?”

Dou Yumin smiled, he couldn’t bear it anymore.

West Jingxuan was stunned.

She believes that Dou Yumin’s ability can do this.

If she didn’t find the office building for Levi, she would be sad.

She regarded Levi’s affairs more seriously than herself.

With this effort, Dou Yumin has already rushed over.

“Come on, just leave me? I promise not to treat you badly!”

Dou Yumin smiled wryly.

Whether West Jingxuan willingly or not today, he will fall asleep to West Jingxuan.

Outside he had arranged someone to deal with Levi.

No one will bother!



At the very moment, the security door was slammed open with a slam, and then it slammed heavily on the ground.

Dou Yumin and West Jingxuan in the office were stunned.

They couldn’t imagine how Levi kicked open the security door?

Is he still human?

Levi, smoking a cigarette, came to Dou Yumin step by step.

A few security guards lay on the ground behind him…


Kick Dou Yumin out with one kick.

He slammed heavily on the table, vomiting blood in his mouth.

“How dare you hit me? I promise you will end badly! I promise you won’t be able to rent any office buildings in Case York!”

Dou Yumin yelled.

Levi was smoking a cigarette and sat down in his leather chair.

He sneered: “I planned to discuss with you as an ordinary person! I didn’t expect you to be like this, well, now I have a showdown! The entire Silver Sea Plaza is mine!”

Dou Yumin sneered and said: “Just blow it!”

Although West Jingxuan knew Levi’s strength.

But buying the entire Silver Sea Plaza is a bit too much, right?

Levi called Xiao Guopu, the head of the Xiao family: “Hello, old Xiao? This is Levi! Ten minutes, buy the entire Yinhai Square!”

Xiao Guopu was taken aback for a moment, and then he said: “Where does Mr. Garrison need to buy it? My Xiao family is the holding company behind Silver Sea Plaza! Silver Sea Plaza is originally yours!”

“Okay, come and go through the formalities!”

Levi approached.

“I bought the entire Yinhai Plaza in ten minutes? Did you know? I only have the right to operate the Yinhai Plaza, but the absolute controlling shareholder is the wealthy Xiao family!”

Dou Yumin is still clamoring.

five minutes later.

Xiao Guopu and his party hurriedly arrived.

When Dou Yumin saw these people, he immediately greeted them with a smile: “Old Mr. Xiao, why are you here, Mr. Xiao? That gust of wind brought you here?”

The Xiao family is Dou Yumin’s food and clothing parents.

A word can determine his life and death.

Chapter 275

So seeing Xiao Guopu and several people, Dou Yumin almost called to his parents.


Suddenly Xiao Ruoyu slammed his face with a punch, causing Dou Yumin’s blood to splash.


Xiao Ruofeng and others beat Dou Yumin violently.

West Jingxuan was dumbfounded.

Xiao Guopu ignored it and handed a contract to Levi.

He smiled and said, “Mr. Garrison, from now on, Yinhai Square is yours!”

Dou Yumin was surprised when he heard this.

What is the identity of this man?

Let the wealthy Xiao family be like this?

It took less than ten minutes to give Silver Sea Square to him…

Xiao Ruofeng said: “Mr. Garrison, I promise, Dou Yumin will be the life of picking up rubbish in the future!”

Dou Yumin was thrown out of here.

“That’s it right now.”

Levi took up the contract and left.

West Jingxuan’s beautiful eyes are full of worship.

I admire this man a little more.

After returning, Levi accompanied Sarah to the Tianhe Hotel.

It turned out that the Logan family moved to a new company and specially hosted a banquet, and also invited Sarah to dye it.

“Sarah, my second uncle wants to say a few more words about you! Develop well and fight for the Logan family together? What do you have to do independently?

Mike said.

“Yes, unless you don’t recognize the Logan family anymore and want to betray your ancestors!”

Alfred said mercilessly.

Sarah clenched his fist tightly.

Haven’t I been contributing to the Logan family?

But what did you do to me?

At this time, Doug raised his wine glass and said with a smile: “Today we have to thank someone in particular!”

“That’s Sarah, she paid for the Logan Group’s new office address!”

Everyone cheers.

Sarah and his parents’ hearts were aching.

Katie said to Sarah: “Sarah, my sister asks you, how should we develop next? Listen to my sister’s advice! Give the investment money and projects to grandpa to handle it, and you, as a right-hand man, ensure that the development is very good. If grandpa is optimistic about the future, you will be the lord of the Logan family.”

Nick nodded: “Yes, Sarah! You want to be independent now, it is too difficult, no one will agree to it! No matter how hard you work, you will only be a wedding dress!”

The meaning of Katie and Nick is very simple: if Sarah wants to be independent again, the end will be the same as today.

The new office building will be robbed by them…

Finally, Sarah left in a huff.

Levi immediately followed.

On the roadside, Sarah was crying.

“Grandpa always favors sons over daughters, he looks down on me at all!”

Sarah cried.

“Wife, don’t worry, there is me!”

Levi smiled.

After handing Sarah the lease contract for Yinhai Plaza.

Sarah was stunned.

“What? Ten million in five years?”

She had thought about Silver Sea Plaza before, where is the real downtown area.

If the office building is selected here, it is a manifestation of the company’s strength, and investors and partners are more at ease.

But where is almost 100 million in five years.

She can only give up.

Now Levi actually won 10 million?

“Okay, don’t get excited, go and prepare! Tomorrow morning when the Logan family doesn’t respond, move in!”

Levi smiled.

The second day.

In the office building of the Logan Group in Qianke Plaza.

Everyone is still immersed in joy, after all, this new office location is cool.

At this time Nick hurried over.

“Grandpa, uncle, dad, something is bad! Huating Company is moving in a group!”

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