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Chapter 261

He just realized that he was a technical consultant in a military factory.

Now she and Boyd Meili are not divorced.

What she did was destroy the military marriage.

He suddenly remembered why Levi would not let him divorce that day.

It turned out to be here!

But everything is legal and reasonable.

Who told Boyd Meili to cheat on her marriage?

Who told them to cheat and leak their core technology?

Everything is on their own account!

After calming down, Fu Yuxiang went to the designated restaurant.

What surprised him was that it wasn’t just Boyd Meili alone, but Gao Lisheng and Wood Han were all there.

Seeing Fu Yuxiang limping in, Gao Lisheng sneered: “Let’s just say it, this crippled person will rush over as soon as he hears Boyd Meili’s voice!”

“Is this a cheap bone? Or a man? Obviously his wife put a green hat on him, and a caller came! Too cheap!”

Wood Hanquan sneered.

Boyd Meili kissed Wood Hanquan’s face and smiled: “Why don’t you say that I am so charming?”

“Haha… of course!”

Wood Hanquan grabbed a hand hard in front of Fu Yuxiang.

Fu Yuxiang was shocked again.

It turns out that this b!tch not only cheated on Gao Lisheng, but also had a relationship with Wood Hanquan.

The two apprentices have greened themselves!

Don’t know how corrupt this woman’s private life is?


Fu Yuxiang suppressed his emotions and sat in front of the three of them.

“Didn’t you say something is wrong with me? What’s the matter?”

Fu Yuxiang asked coldly.

“Since you are here, I will explain to you! What is Erick Group doing recently? You tell me everything!”

Boyd Meili didn’t bother to use means, so she asked directly.

Fu Yuxiang sneered: “Why should I tell you?”

“Haha, I went to Erick Group for a few days and my wings were hard? Say quickly! If you still love Meili!”

Gao Lisheng sneered.

Boyd Meili looked at Fu Yuxiang pitifully, “Can’t Yuxiang even tell me? If you don’t say it, I will be in trouble…”

“Impossible! This is a company secret, it is impossible to say! I was fooled by you before, now it is impossible!”

Fu Yuxiang’s attitude was resolute, completely different from before.

But Boyd Meili smiled.

Obviously they have a way to deal with Yuxiang.

“Don’t tell me? Don’t force us to use means!”

Wood Hanquan threatened.

“You can still hit me?”

Fu Yuxiang was backed by Levi, with a relaxed expression on his face.

“What’s wrong with hitting you? I tell you, I hired someone to interrupt your leg six years ago, when I slept with your wife!”

Gao Lisheng said with a smile.


This news is like a bolt from the blue for Gao Lisheng.

“Remember the forty million in your account? We removed it at all, it was not filled with public funds!”

Wood Hanquan smiled.

Fu Yuxiang clenched his fists tightly, his veins violent.

Boyd Meili smiled even more: “If you don’t tell me what Erick Group is doing, Fu Yuxiang, I promise to shame you!”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

Fu Yuxiang was puzzled.

“Don’t you care about face the most? If you don’t say anything, I will tell everyone present that you are my husband, and then I will kiss them both!”

Boyd Meili smiled cheaply.

In the public, in front of her husband, he was ambiguous with other men.

This is definitely the biggest shame to a man!

Some people even lost face and jumped straight off the building.

Especially the face-saving people like Fu Yuxiang!

Absolutely unbearable!

Chapter 262

Boyd Meili was able to find out Fu Yuxiang’s character and temper.

Knowing that he has a good face, I absolutely can’t bear this kind of thing happening.

So it is estimated to excite him!

“You…you b!tch!”

Sure enough, Fu Yuxiang was stimulated.

He almost jumped up, clenched his fists and angered.

If so many people knew that his wife was cheating, or in front of him, he couldn’t bear it.

The psychological barrier can’t be passed at all!

“How is it? Don’t tell me?”

Boyd Meili couldn’t help but feel happy seeing Fu Yuxiang struggling.

She just eats Fu Yuxiang.

Just as Fu Xiangyu was struggling, Levi’s voice came from the invisible headset: “Let her do it! Isn’t it the evidence?”

It turned out that Levi had been observing everything through remote cameras.

Levi’s words made Fu Yuxiang wake up immediately.


Didn’t you just collect evidence?

What Boyd Meili had to do was just the evidence he wanted!

Fu Yuxiang flushed his eyes and said angrily: “Dare you?”

“Why don’t I dare?”

Boyd Meili smiled.

She stood up and shouted at everyone: “Look here, everyone!”

Everyone didn’t understand, but they still looked over.

At this time Boyd Meili was observing Fu Yuxiang.

Although Fu Yuxiang was angry, he didn’t stop it.

Have to increase the amount!

“Look, everyone, this is my husband! A handicapped!”

“Now pushing me to someone else!”

Boyd Meili shouted.

Everyone looked at Fu Yuxiang.

Fu Yuxiang roared with anger: “Obviously you have derailed yourself, so why did I force you?”

Seeing Fu Yuxiang’s mouth so hard.

Wood Hanquan stood up and sneered: “Yes, that’s right! Your wife is cheating!”

Gao Lisheng also showed a perverted smile: “The two of us have slept with your wife for six years! You are disabled! No ability at all!”

“What happened to us helping your elderly caregiver?”

They are not afraid to spread it.

With the background of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, who would dare to report on these things?

That’s why it will be unscrupulous.

In order to persecute Fu Yuxiang.

Boyd Meili even kissed Gao Lisheng on the faces of the two, and smiled coquettishly: “I am disabled, I am cheating! What can you do?”

Fu Yuxiang really lost a bit of dignity when Boyd Meili and the three of them did such a shameless thing in the public.

Fu Yuxiang was so angry!

But bear it!

The whole person’s emotions are ups and downs!

Boyd Meili and the three were surprised.

Can you hold back this cripple today?

It’s incredible!

“You don’t even say that you are disabled? Good! Divorce! Must divorce!”

Boyd Meili saw that Fu Yuxiang was not on the order, so she quickly changed to divorce to force her.

Fu Yuxiang stood up and said, “Huh, leave! Leave if you want!”

After speaking, Fu Yuxiang turned and left.

The three of Boyd Meili were stunned.

This situation is wrong!

How come Fu Yuxiang doesn’t eat hard and soft?

No way!

He couldn’t be allowed to leave before Erick Group’s secrets.

Several people hurried to catch up.

“Fu Yuxiang, you are disabled and can’t leave!”

When the three of them were about to stop Fu Yuxiang, one person appeared in front of him, and it was Levi.

“Get out of the way! This is a matter between us and Fu Yuxiang, it has nothing to do with you!”

Wood Hanquan and Gao Lisheng are about to push Levi away.

The result was as if he had hit a mountain, Levi remained motionless.

“Go away!”

The two are about to do something against Levi.



As a result, Levi slapped Wood Hanquan and Gao Lisheng with two slaps.

The two were beaten out for several meters, and several teeth flew out.

Chapter 263

Everyone looked at Levi incredible.

Is he so strong?

“Aren’t you rolling?”

Levi looked at Boyd Meili who was dumbfounded, and said coldly.

Boyd Meili ran away immediately.

Finally, Levi and Fu Yuxiang left here.

“Levi, Fu Yuxiang, we took it down, let’s see how we killed you!”

Looking at the backs of Levi, Gao Lisheng and Wood Hanquan gritted their teeth.

Before Boyd Meili left, she also confirmed whether other people had just taken photos and videos.

Make sure they didn’t, they left.

After coming outside.

Fu Yuxiang already cried like a tearful person.

Fu Yuxiang is actually an ordinary person who wants to live a stable life.

But these slut things refreshed his outlook on life!

It turned out to be so to him!

“Before you still had a glimmer of hope in your heart, now you can see it thoroughly, right?”

Levi approached.

“See it clearly!”

“Mr. Garrison, I will collect all the evidence next! These three bitches must sit in prison!”

Before Fu Yuxiang could not bear to deal with Boyd Meili, this time he made up his mind.

After all, my heart is dead!


The other side.

Gao Lisheng and Wood Hanquan couldn’t do so.

“No! Levi must be disabled too! Fu Yuxiang, I will also break his other leg!”

Gao Lisheng covered his face and said coldly.

Wood Hanquan nodded: “Yes! These two people must be abandoned!”

Boyd Meili whispered: “Then my contact?”

“Well, who are you looking for?”

The two asked.

Boyd Meili smiled: “I know a few Sanda coaches in a gym. I used to cut people from society before, and one of them was in jail. They are cruel, and if they do, Levi and Fu Yuxiang shouldn’t think about sound limbs!”

“Okay! Go find this group of people, tomorrow we will discard these two offal!”

The two said angrily.

After a night of collection and sorting, the evidence is complete.

Just as Fu Yuxiang was thinking about what to do, she didn’t expect Boyd Meili to call.

“Fu Yuxiang, can you come here? I realize the mistake! I am not worthy of you, shall we get a divorce? I can’t drag you down anymore.”

Boyd Meili put her posture very low in order to trick Fu Yuxiang over.

“Okay, then get a divorce!”

Fu Yuxiang agreed.

“In addition, you call Levi to come together, as a witness!”

Boyd Meili asked.

Fu Yuxiang looked up at Levi.

Levi nodded.

“Okay, President Garrison agreed.”

Fu Yuxiang said.

“Okay, we are waiting for you at Yutong Commercial Building 2009 opposite the Civil Affairs Bureau!”

Boyd Meili also breathed a sigh of relief.

They are ready.

Several fitness trainers with explosive muscles are already waiting.

There are also iron bars next to it.

“Fu Yuxiang, you are really stupid, you can come if you let you come!”

Boyd Meili smiled cruelly.

Levi and Fu Yuxiang were just before departure.

Fu Yuxiang called the relevant department: “Hello, hello, I reported that someone sabotaged the military marriage. I served in a military factory. The ID number is…Yes, yes, I have evidence…The location is in Room 2009, Yutong Commercial Building.”

In addition, he called the commercial crime investigation department and told them about Boyd Meili’s commercial crimes and other crimes.

“Let’s go, let’s go to a good show!”

Levi and Fu Yuxiang came to Room 2009 of Yutong Commercial Building.


The door was closed.

A few hungrily big guys appeared with steel bars…

Chapter 264

The muscles of these seven or eight people exploded, especially the biceps were as big as people’s heads.

The muscle lines on his arms and legs burst out, like snakes hidden inside.

In addition, they are very big, more terrifying than those gangsters!

These are the toned figures that are trained on protein powder in the gym. The actual combat type is not strong, but the figure is really scary.

As soon as they appeared, Fu Yuxiang was frightened.

It’s too small in front of them.

His arms were thicker than his thighs, and he felt like he could beat himself to death with a punch!

In the room, Boyd Meili and Gao Lisheng Wood Hanquan walked step by step.

Half of Gao Lisheng’s face was swollen, and they stared at Levi bitterly.

“Haha, Fu Yuxiang, are you stupid? Come if you ask me?”

Boyd Meili laughed.

Watching Fu Yuxiang is like watching an idiot.

Gao Lisheng also sneered: “Levi, you definitely have a problem in your mind, so you will follow?”

Levi smiled and said, “This is my employee’s business, I have to take care of it!”

Fu Yuxiang was very moved.

If it weren’t for Levi, he wouldn’t know how he was played by these three bitches.

Fu Yuxiang said nervously: “You…what are you going to do?”

Wood Hanquan glanced at Fu Yuxiang’s left leg, and sneered: “Of course you have scrapped your leg!”

“Yes, Fu Yuxiang, you didn’t listen to me, I promise you can only crawl for the rest of your life!”

Boyd Meili’s face was full of spiteful expressions.

Wood Hanquan and Gao Lisheng looked at Levi: “Don’t worry, there is also President Garrison! You dare to do us? It seems that you forgot how you broke your leg six years ago!”

“Yeah, you went to jail and you were better? Today we will make you crippled, so that Fu Yuxiang will have a companion!”


The three of them looked at each other and smiled presumptuously.

In their opinion, with these super capable fitness trainers, Levi and Fu Yuxiang could not escape.

“You are too cruel? Aren’t you afraid of retribution?”

Fu Yuxiang asked.

“Retribution? Is there any? How good have we been in these six years? Retribution?”

The three people laughed loudly.

“You… are so shameless, brute!”

An honest person like Fu Yuxiang was forced to curse.

Boyd Meili glanced at the two and smiled: “Now, as long as you kneel down and apologize, maybe we will consider letting you go!”

With that said, seven or eight fitness coaches took a step forward.

Shaking the iron rod in his hand once and again.

Fu Yuxiang is really scared.

His body has been trembling…

This look made Boyd Meili laugh at a few people: “It’s really a waste! Although Levi is also disabled, he is at least better than you!”

Levi smiled, and he sat down on the chair next to him.

He cocked Erlang’s legs and lit a cigarette.

There was no panic at all.

This surprised the three of Boyd Meili.

Boyd Meili asked, “Isn’t Levi afraid of you? I tell you as long as you kneel in front of me and crawl under my crotch, I will forgive you once!”

“We still have us! If you crawl under our crotch, Mr. Garrison, we will spare your life!”

Gao Lisheng and Wood Hanquan were very willing to see Levi crawl under their crotch.

After all, this is their former boss!

This will make them very satisfied!

Levi took a puff of cigarette and said with a smile: “If you kneel down for me, I might consider saying something nice to you!”

Chapter 265

Fu Yuxiang understood and pointed to Boyd Meili and said: “Yes! Boyd Meili, if you three slut kneel down for Lao Tzu, Lao Tzu will punish you lightly later! Otherwise, you three men and women will regret it!”

The two said this.

All three Boyd Meili were stunned.

Are these two fools?

Are they not clear about the situation?

Are they in desperate situation now?

Not yourself!

Being said by Fu Yuxiang made the three of Boyd Meili very angry.

“Aren’t you awakened yet? You three are really stupid donkeys!”

Fu Yuxiang sneered.

For the first time, I felt that someone was so stupid.

Boyd Meili shouted directly: “Fight! Hit me to death! Today I just want to see them crawling out of here!”

Boyd Meili gave an order.

The fitness instructors who couldn’t bear it for a long time all rushed over and waved the iron bars in their hands one after another.


It’s just a matter of time.

The suddenly locked door was forcibly opened.

The next moment, a lot of people in uniforms rushed in from outside.

There are police and soldiers.

“Don’t move! Put down your weapon!”

“Don’t move!!!”

A group of fitness coaches hadn’t realized what was going on, they were all put to the ground.

The pain that struck them after being heavily hit on the ground made them sober.

It turned out that the troops and police are here!

That’s it!

They are over!

Everyone was coveting Boyd Meili’s beauty, so they came to teach them a lesson.

I didn’t expect a big event on the stall!

Not only them, but Boyd Meili and the others were also dumbfounded.

Gao Lisheng looked at Levi in surprise and exclaimed: “You actually called the police?”

“To be precise, it is not. They are looking for you for other things, but they happen to see you attacking with weapons, so they have to add another charge!”

Levi smiled.

Boyd Meili looked at her foolishly.

If it is to call the police, then just the police will be good.

Why are people from the army also here?


Very confused!

The leader of the Xiguan Detachment, Graham Tianming led the team. He issued the arrest warrant: “According to the conclusive evidence! Boyd Meili, the three of you have committed crimes of intentional injury, commercial fraud, embezzlement of public funds, leaking company secrets, etc., and you are now arrested!

“By the way, there are two more—marital derailment and armed assault!”

Graham Tianming added two more.

After all, everyone saw the scene just now!

These charges are enough for these three people to drink a pot.

There are other charges!

Hearing these charges, the three of them were all taken aback.

The secret road is over.

Everything was discovered.

They have admitted all these charges, and it is indeed the case.

But what are the few people in the army?

What are they doing here?

The three were puzzled!

At this time, the officer with the rank of lieutenant came to Boyd Meili’s trio and showed her credentials and said: “I am Wang Kuan from the Political Department of the Case York Military Region! According to the conclusive evidence, the three of you are suspected of sabotaging the military marriage! Now the joint law enforcement agency is facing you Arrest! Any objections?”

“What? Destroy the military marriage?”

The eyes of all three of them were about to fly out.

Indeed, Boyd Meili is cheating on her marriage!

How can it be involved in a military marriage?

Fu Yuxiang is not a soldier either!

What kind of military marriage does this involve?

“Sir, I have objections. Where did the military marriage come from? We don’t understand!”

Gao Lisheng raised objections.

“Yeah! Where did the military marriage come from? Sir, did you make a mistake?”

Boyd Meili and Wood Hanquan also stared at them, very puzzled.

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