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Chapter 291

So he left the company.

Natalie met again, the theme is very simple, business as usual, try to minimize the loss.

She also specifically asked everyone not to tell Graham Nanxuan about this matter.

She didn’t want to reach the big boss.

That would make her incompetent.

After Levi left the company, Wesley came to pick him up.

“Did Wesley tell you last time that he contacted the national player Qin Beishan?”

Levi asked.

Wesley nodded: “The general has contacted. Father Qin was very happy to hear that it was you! He really wants to come and see you!”

Levi smiled and said, “Tell Old Man Qin, let him be Cox Hang in three days! I told Levi that I wanted him to do me a favor!”

Wesley laughed and said, “That’s really great! You and Qin Lao, one is the god of war to protect the country, the other is the great doctor of the country, both of them are the important weapons of the country!”

Who is Qin Beishan?

Medical Lord, god-like figure!!!

With superb medical skills in one hand, it is almost magical, and has saved more than a million people in decades!

Especially before the catastrophe, Qin Beishan always rushed to the front line, leading hundreds of thousands of white-clothed soldiers to defeat the “enemy.”

Qin Beishan is the god in the hearts of thousands of people!

By coincidence before, Levi rescued Qin Beishan once.

The relationship between the two is very good.

You fought with a steel gun, I fought with a scalpel, it was all about defending our homeland.

I don’t know how many countries admire-Velador has such two great gods of protecting the country.

“Let me tell the Xiao family again that all the stars they used in the celebration last time are for me!”

Levi approached.


In the evening, after Levi returned home, Sarah kept her face cold, and didn’t give Levi a good face at all.

“It’s just a little bit of my wife, it’s not necessary, is it?”

Levi smiled.

“A trivial matter? I thought it was a trivial matter, but I didn’t expect this matter to develop to such a terrible level! Because you are alone, it affects the development of the entire Erick Group!”

Sarah pointed to Levi’s nose and said, “I just can’t figure it out. Is it so difficult to kneel and apologize?”

Levi’s expression changed: “I, Levi, will not worship heaven and earth in my life, how can I worship this kind of mess?”

“I know you have a backbone! I also know you are right! But can’t you bow your head once for the benefit of the company and the development of everyone?”

Sarah said angrily.

Levi shook his head: “No! Resolutely no! I will never apologize for what I did wrong!”

“Then you leave, I don’t want to see you for the time being!”

Finally, Sarah drove Levi out of the house.

Walking in the yard, Levi wanted to find Natalie for a meal, but Natalie’s door was closed tightly.

Levi could only go home and take a few steamed buns.

On the street, Levi walked aimlessly while gnawing on the buns.

Just in time, Shane Xinyi finished talking about business and was about to go home.

At this moment, she suddenly saw a familiar figure on the side of the road.

“Xiao Wang, do you think that is Levi?”

Shane Xinyi asked.

“Yeah, it’s really Levi!”

Xiao Wang, Shane Xinyi’s assistant, couldn’t help saying.

“He actually ate steamed buns on the street, he seems to be living on the street!”

Xiao Wang was surprised.

“Haha, really eating buns on the street! I thought he was so capable! Go, drive over!”

Shane Xinyi said.

Levi is eating steamed buns.

Suddenly a Rolls-Royce Cullinan stopped next to it and honked its whistle.

“Levi, why are you eating steamed buns?”

Shane Xinyi said with a smile after walking down.

Chapter 292

Levi raised his head and sneered: “Well, does it have anything to do with you?”

“No, I think you can make a thousand in one move! How come you have fallen into the street eating steamed buns?”

Shane Xinyi really wanted to laugh.

Levi was a bad person in her mind.

Seeing his embarrassed appearance, she felt very happy.

Assistant Xiao Wang said: “Mr. Garrison must have driven his wife out, right?”


Shane Xinyi laughed and said, “If you are single, it would be enough for yourself to earn a thousand dollars. But you still have to support your family, and your wife is so good. You are so far off!”

“It has nothing to do with you, go away quickly!”

Levi was a little impatient.

At this time, Shane Xinyi took out a large amount of banknotes from her handbag and threw them to Levi. She sneered and said, “I treat you to dinner tonight!”

The banknote was almost thrown on Levi’s face.

Shane Xinyi and the assistant left soon.

Levi looked dumbfounded at the pile of banknotes in front of him.

This woman took money to smash herself?

This is definitely an insulting behavior!

God cannot be violated!

“Is that the richest man in the Shane family? You provoke me again and again, your days are over!”

Sen Han’s light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

He intends to clean up the richest man, the Shane family, and the Case York Chamber of Commerce!

Provoking him is simply looking for death!

After insulting Levi, Shane Xinyi who was walking away from here is so refreshing!

“President Shane was dumbfounded when you smashed the money with you!”

Xiao Wang smiled.


Shane Xinyi kept smiling.

After returning home, Shane Xinyi told about the encounter with Levi.

Shane Wanshan clapped and applauded.

“well done!!!”

The Shane family felt that this kind of insult was great.

Shane Qingfeng, the second son of the Shane family, said: “Okay, let’s not talk about this. Dad, I just got the news that Mr. Qin Beishan, a national doctor, is coming to Case York in three days!”

“What? Mr. Qin actually came to Case York? This is a major event!”

Shane Wanshan stood up.

Shane Wanshan has been in poor health. He invited Qin Beishan to Case York several times, but was refused.

Even if Shane Wanshan offered a price of billions, Qin Beishan refused.

Everyone knows that Qin Beishan is not afraid of the world, and his life is incorruptible. On the contrary, the rich and powerful are what he hates most.

Therefore, no matter which rich and powerful pays his daughter to ask him for treatment, he refuses.

He can be cured.

Obediently go to the hospital where he works for registration, and there is no privileged passage.

All patients are treated equally and treated according to the ranking.

Qin Beishan has been in Yanjing and has not left for decades.

This time came to Case York unexpectedly.

Shane Wanshan was shocked.

“Could it be that who invited Mr. Qin to come?”

Shane Wanshan Road.

“I don’t know, I can’t imagine the city, or even the entire Velador, who can please Mr. Qin? That is my God of Velador!”

Shane Qingfeng was surprised.

Shane Wanshan’s eyes turned, and he exhorted: “Qingfeng has given you a task! When the time comes, I will invite Mr. Qin over, and I will do my best to be a landlord!”

“Okay, understand!”

“It’s really exciting. I can see both General God of War and the great doctor of the country! These are the two mountains of Velador!”

Shane Wanshan was already looking forward to it.

It’s not just the Shane family, the richest man.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce also received news: Qin Beishan will come to Case York in three days.

The four of Lei Qianjue, the lord of the four giants, are naturally very eager to see Mr. Qin Beishan.

“Haha, three days later, we will meet at the airport personally!”

Chapter 293

“Velador’s two war gods, we are all fortunate to be able to meet!”

“Qin Beishan’s hanging pot is unparalleled in medicine, and I want him to look at my illness!”

In particular, the pharmaceutical business of the Case York Chamber of Commerce accounts for a large proportion.

If there is an intersection with Mr. Qin Beishan, it is also a word-of-mouth guarantee for their medical business.

So there are many benefits.

The idea of ​​the Case York Chamber of Commerce is also simple-Mr. Qin must be invited to the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

the next day.

The news that the medical hero Qin Beishan is coming to Case York has spread, and almost everyone knows about it.

I don’t know who sent the news.

Everyone respected Mr. Qin Beishan as a god, and everyone wanted to see him eagerly.

This shows the status of Mr. Qin Beishan!

Today, everyone in the Erick Group is discussing this matter.

After all, such a great doctor of the country is everyone’s idol.

Who doesn’t know about it?

But everyone in the Erick Group couldn’t get excited.

Because this is their first day of publicity.

The effect is a mess!!!

In addition, the news from Qin Beishan is overwhelming and monopolizes all resources.

For Erick Group, there is no result at all!

Shane Xinyi is desperate!

The effect was so bad on the first day, you can imagine the next day.

It has no effect.

Shane Xinyi has already thought of various solutions.

But no results.

What’s more, when Qin Beishan is coming, all publicity channels and media are unwilling to accept other advertisements.

Shane Xinyi is ready to suffocate all the products in her hands.

If the early products cannot be sold, at least 1.8 billion will be lost!

Shane Xinyi really has the heart to jump off the building.

After returning from the United States for a long time, I wanted to let go of my hands and feet and do a big job.

I didn’t expect it to be like this when I first started.

She couldn’t face Mr. Graham and the mysterious boss.

Fortunately, Levi hasn’t come to the company in the past two days. If she doesn’t dangle in front of her, she will feel better.

Sarah hadn’t seen Levi for two days.

But she didn’t want to see it either.

If Levi doesn’t apologize, she won’t meet!

Until Levi figured it out.

Soon the third day everyone was looking forward to came.

But it is extremely cruel to Erick Group.

On the third day, there was no effect at all, and a few million was just like a descent.

Natalie lay on the chair in despair.

Unexpectedly, Levi actually came.

“Send me a car and I’m going to the airport to pick someone up.”

Levi approached.

“Huh? Who are you going to pick up?”

“Levi, do you have the face to come back?”

Natalie and others were very angry.

Fu Yuxiang appeared and said with a smile: “Fisher Zong, send the best car! I will pick up people with Garrison Zong!”

It’s hard to dismiss Fu Yuxiang’s face.

Natalie sent the company’s extension Lincoln to pick up the people with Levi and Fu Yuxiang.

“This Levi is fooling around! Go to the airport to pick up the wool?”

A bunch of high-level people angered.

The person that Levi came to pick up was naturally Qin Beishan.

Although Qin Beishan’s identity is not comparable to him.

But he was an old man Levi admired, and he asked for help.

So Levi came to pick him up personally, with the highest etiquette.

When we arrived at the airport, everyone was shocked.

There are simply too many people coming to pick you up.

In addition to the people, the richest man, the Shane family, the Case York Chamber of Commerce, and all the giants have come.

Even the richest man Shane Wanshan is looking forward to it.

When the Erick Group’s car arrived, it caused a noise.

“Hahaha, even Erick Group wants to invite Mr. Qin? Impossible!”

Lei Qianjue sneered.

Chapter 294

When other people saw Erick Group coming, they also dismissed it.

There are more giants on the scene.

A small Erick Group is nothing at all and can’t cause waves.

In everyone’s opinion, only the Case York Chamber of Commerce or the richest man Shane Wanshan can receive the old man Qin Beishan.

No one else is qualified!

Besides, how can anyone else have the ability to invite Mr. Qin Beishan from Yanjing City to Case York?

Except for Mr. Qin who has a mission to come to Case York, other reasons can only be that the richest man Shane Wanshan and the Case York Chamber of Commerce invited him!

Shane Xinyi was standing with Shane Wanshan, and with a glance, she saw Levi and Fu Yuxiang.

“Huh? Grandpa, look, isn’t that Levi?”

Shane Xinyi pointed to the side.

Shane Wanshan and others all looked over.

“Why is he here? He also wants to pick up Old Man Qin?”

Shane Wanshan was surprised.

Shane Qingfeng smiled and said, “Dad, Levi will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. He definitely wants to hit Old Man Qin’s idea!”

Shane Wanshan sneered: “I’m standing here, what chance can he have?”

He is here, no one is qualified!

“Yes, I guess he was just here to watch the excitement!”

Shane Xinyi said.

At this time, she suddenly saw Levi walking towards them.

Shane Xinyi was taken aback.

Shane Wanshan was also taken aback.

I don’t know what Levi is going to do?

“Could it be that Levi is still trying to ruin people for saving his Lord?”

The butler was surprised.

“Sure enough, Levi is rotten to his bones, and he still has to entangle my Shane family!”

Shane Xinyi looked at Levi in disgust.

Seeing Levi, Shane Wanshan smiled and said hello: “I don’t know what Brother Xiaoye is going to do?”

Levi took a deep look at Shane Xinyi, and said coldly: “If within half a month, your grandfather and your laozi bring you to kowtow to me and apologize, I will not pursue this matter, otherwise, the Shane family is in Cox There is no need for Hang to exist anymore!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

The audience burst.

The scene became silent, and everyone looked wrong.


what happened?

Did I hear it wrong?

Someone is provoking the richest man, the Shane family?

Still in front of the richest man Shane Wanshan!

He even said that there is no need for the Shane family to exist in Case York!

This is to destroy the Shane family!

This incident almost pierced everyone’s heart!

Even Lei Qianjue of the Case York Chamber of Commerce on the other side was stunned.

Cox Hang, who the hell is so bold to move Shane Wanshan?

Even Dean dare not say this casually, right?

Shane Wanshan’s financial power, dominance, and influence are second to none in Case York.

Moving him is equivalent to moving the foundation of Case York.

Dean and other leaders must protect it!

But someone actually said such arrogant boast!

The most important thing is that the person who uttered this big talk turned out to be Levi, who had just come out of prison!


Shane Wanshan laughed instead of anger.

“I Shane Wanshan’s life, I have never heard of anyone who wants to destroy my Shane family, let me kneel and apologize, you are the first!”

Shane Wanshan pointed to Levi Road.

Levi said: “I only warn once, it’s up to you to listen or not!”

Shane Xinyi said angrily: “Levi is plain, what are you? What’s wrong with me taking money to smash you? That is my charity to you! Poor people like you still want me to apologize? Impossible!”

Levi ignored it, because he only warned once.

The scene fell into silence again.

Chapter 295

The audience knew that if Qin Beishan hadn’t come today, Levi would definitely be a dead end.

At this time, a large number of media reporters joined, holding long guns and short cannons, waiting silently.

The media come.

Everyone knew that Qin Beishan was coming out.

Levi took out his mobile phone, dialed the number, and said, “Wesley brings your people here!”

In the conference room of Changfeng Entertainment Company.

Company President Brown Guihua is with Xiao Linger and her agent Cross Meilan.

“How is it? Erick Group?”

Brown Guihua asked with a smile.

“Report to Mr. Brown that the new products of Erick Group are fully launched today! Up to now, the sales volume of new products has been zero!”

The assistant smiled.

Dozens of artists, including Brown Guihua and Xiao Linger, all showed surprised expressions.

“No sales of new products?”

Xiao Linger asked.

“Impossible! Although the impact is great, it will not be zero sales, right?”

Cross Meilan raised questions.

The assistant to the president smiled: “It is said that the Case York Chamber of Commerce has also suppressed, so the sales of Erick Group’s new products are directly zero!”

Hearing this, Xiao Linger looked proud and sneered: “Erick Group? Let your people offend me! I promise to let the entire Erick Group be buried!”

Brown Guihua sneered again and again: “Without the publicity and reputation guarantee of our Changfeng Entertainment, how can anyone dare to buy their products? Besides, few people know it!”

“Isn’t it! All publicity channels have been cut off by Erick Group, and the outside world has no idea about the product!”

“What’s more, the news from Mr. Qin Beishan recently dominated the headlines of major media platforms. Erick Group has no chance at all!”

Cross Meilan smiled.

“Yes, this wave of Erick Group will lose nearly 2 billion!”

Brown Guihua was very excited.

Xiao Ling’er puts her hands around her chest, her face is cold: “Now, we are waiting for Erick Group to come and beg us! I want to see if Levi apologizes or not?”

“Definitely! That would cost 2 billion losses! If you catch it, you have to catch it and apologize!”

Cross Meilan and they are full of confidence.

At this time, Erick Group was also dumbfounded.

The product went online for two hours, and the sales volume was zero.

The few small merchants who had promised to take orders did not know why, but suddenly changed their minds and stopped purchasing.


Natalie sat slumped in the chair, her entire face without blood.


What a failure!

Sales are zero.

How to do this?

How to explain to the big boss?

“President Fisher must be our competitor, take the opportunity to suppress us! And the news of Mr. Qin Beishan dominates all media forum news, no one will pay attention to our products at all!”

Assistant Lou said silently.

Suddenly Cross Wenqian, the Minister of Marketing, said: “In fact, there is still a way to make up. Isn’t Mr. Qin Beishan coming? If Mr. Qin Beishan can be invited to promote and protect our reputation, we will not only reduce the loss, but the product will be better. big sale!”

“The way is a good way! It’s not realistic! Now even the richest man Shane Wanshan has gone to invite Father Qin Beishan, do you think other people have a chance?”

After listening, everyone looked desperate.

“President Fisher, what we have to do at present is to reduce the loss, there is no other way!”

“Yes, I suggest taking Levi to Changfeng Entertainment to kneel down and apologize! There is still a glimmer of hope!”

Several executives suggested.

Natalie said helplessly: “Well, I’ll call Levi, and I have to catch him and apologize!”

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