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Chapter 296

Thousands of people gathered outside the private passage of Case York International Airport, and the number is still increasing.

At this time, a message came from inside the airport: The private plane carrying Mr. Qin has landed, and Mr. Qin will come out immediately.

Shane Wanshan immediately became excited and looked at the passageway eagerly.

Only Levi lit a cigarette and smoked.

As if this matter has nothing to do with him.

A few minutes later.

Accompanied by a burst of noisy footsteps.

Qin Beishan and his party walked out.

Although the old man Qin Beishan is more than 80 years old, he is full of spirit and imposing like a dragon.

The body is too tough!

Father Qin Beishan is not only a Lord in the medical field, but also a fitness expert.

Good at basketball, swimming, sprinting and other sports.

It is a national first- and second-level remote mobilization of several projects.

The tougher Father Qin’s body, the more Velador’s blessing.

Father Qin was extremely low-key, dressed plainly, with only an assistant.

Carry the luggage by yourself, carry the backpack by yourself…

Is this comparable to those stars?

This is the country’s most important weapon!!!

National idol!!!

When everyone saw the old man Qin Beishan, they couldn’t help being in awe!

Shane Wanshan and his party hurriedly greeted them.

“Hello, Mr. Qin, I am Shane Wanshan, a native of Case York. I am known as the richest man. I have always been learning to uphold the spirit of Mr. Qin! Today, I would like to invite Mr. Qin to a humble house. Wanshan wants to help the medical community. Please also give me your advice!”

When Shane Wanshan said these words, Lei Qianjue was stunned.

This Shane Wanshan is amazing.

I want to invite Mr. Qin Beishan to help the medical community.

Qin Beishan smiled and said, “Thank you Mr. Shane for his kindness, but this time I came here to talk to my old friend.”


Qin Beishan rejected the richest man in Case York!

“Hello, Mr. Qin, we are the Case York Chamber of Commerce. I would like to invite Mr. Qin. Half of our business in the Case York Chamber of Commerce is related to medicine. The medical equipment in the major hospitals in Yanjing is produced by us. I want Mr. Qin to mention Comments!”

Lei Qianjue took the opportunity to show his identity and wanted to invite him.

“Thanks to the Case York Chamber of Commerce for its contribution to Velador Medical Care!”

After Qin Beishan finished speaking, he passed Lei Qianjue’s side.

This is equivalent to rejecting the Case York Chamber of Commerce!

Next, a dozen wealthy families or forces invited Qin Beishan, but they were all rejected!

Shane Wanshan was shocked by several people.

Who on earth did Mr. Qin Beishan invite?

Who is his old friend?

Thousands of people at the scene looked at each other.

I don’t know who can pick up Old Qin?

At this time, a large number of media reporters surrounded Qin Beishan and began to ask questions one after another.

“Old Qin, do you have any mission when you come to Case York?”

“Lao Qin, who is your old friend in your mouth?”

“Lao Qin, is this a private act or something else?”

Qin Beishan’s scalp was numb after asking questions one by one.

He frowned!

The reporters kept chattering, not allowing Qin Beishan to leave at all.


At this moment, there was a sound of uniform footsteps.

Everyone saw an army rushing over.

“Step aside!”

This army quickly isolated the reporters, stood in two rows, and guarded Qin Beishan in the center.

Soldiers of the Baishilai hailed all together: “Welcome to Mr. Qin!”

Qin Beishan is very excited!

This is the very high etiquette of the army!

Then an officer appeared.

With one star on his shoulder, he is a major general!

Shane Wanshan and others were immediately dumbfounded when they saw this major general.

Because this is Major General Wesley!

Chapter 297

Wesley came to Qin Beishan and offered a military salute: “Old Qin, welcome to Case York!”

Qin Beishan stretched his brows and said with a smile: “Major General Wesley is in trouble, so you made a special trip!”

Wesley smiled: “Old Qin, even if it wasn’t the general’s order! I will come personally. You are one of the few people I respect!”

“Hahaha, that old man is so honored!”

Qin Beishan smiled.


At this time, everyone understood.

It turns out that the person who invited Qin Beishan to Case York was General God of War!!!

The old friend in Qin’s mouth must be General God of War!

After the doubt was resolved, everyone took a breath.

Except for General God of War, no one in Case York is qualified to invite Mr. Qin!

These two people are the two big mountains of Velador!

Wesley remembered something, and couldn’t help saying: “Old Qin, the general said that you will stay a little longer. After a few days, the commander-in-chief of the the city Military Region will invite you to participate! The new commander-in-chief is the general’s soldier!”

“Hahaha, old man, I can have this kind of opportunity! I promised!”

Qin Beishan agreed.

This made Shane Wanshan and Lei Qianjue excited.

Doesn’t it mean that you can meet the two national soul-class figures of Velador at one time at the ceremony?

They are already looking forward to…

At this time, Wesley and Qin Beishan gave a wink. Qin Beishan looked in a certain direction and immediately understood.

“Major General Wesley will talk about it later, the old man is going to a place now! Don’t let people wait for a long time!”

Qin Beishan said.

Now everyone is more curious.

Qin Beishan didn’t go with Major General Wesley?

Where is he going?

That company or that person is qualified to let Qin go?

“Okay, I’ll pick you up later, Mr. Qin!”

Wesley also warned the media: “You can film and report, but don’t affect Mr. Qin, otherwise don’t blame me for being polite!”

Now the media were shocked.

Fortunately, there was no expulsion.

Still can report valuable news.

Under the gaze of thousands of eyes, Old Qin walked towards the back step by step.

Everyone desperately wants to know who is picking up Mr. Qin?


At this moment, an engine roar resounded throughout the audience.

A Porsche sports car stopped here, making a loud noise.

After getting out of the car, Natalie rushed to Levi: “Levi, what are you doing here? Quickly follow me to Changfeng Entertainment and kneel down and apologize! Do you know that the company is going to be destroyed in your hands!”

“Where to go? I’m waiting to pick up someone!”

Levi said impatiently.

“Who can you pick up? Quickly follow me! Do you know? The sales of new products are zero! We have to lose money! At least 1.8 billion!”

“It’s all on you! If it weren’t for you, could the company lose so much?”

Saying that Natalie grabbed Levi’s arm and was about to pull him away.

Natalie turned her back to the crowd and didn’t know what happened behind.

Not to mention that thousands of eyes in the field looked at her and Levi.

Because Qin Beishan and his assistant are coming here.

Levi is almost angry: “You leave quickly, the person I will pick up is coming!”

“Impossible! Levi today unless I die, otherwise, you must go to Changfeng Entertainment with me to apologize!”

Natalie’s attitude was firm, pulling Levi abruptly.

“Girl, are you here to pick me up?”

At this time, Natalie heard a voice behind her.

After Natalie turned her head, she was dumbfounded.

Chapter 298

She trembled and stammered: “You…are you Qin… Qin Beishan Qin Lao?”

Qin Beishan’s popularity is unknown in Velador.

Natalie can recognize it at a glance.

Qin Beishan smiled and said, “The girl is me, are you here to pick me up?”

Natalie saw that thousands of people were watching her, and the media was still filming.

She trembled and said: “Old Qin, you have misunderstood, I am not here… to pick you up!”

In fact, Natalie wanted to take Lao Qin back urgently.

Even if Mr. Qin stood at the gate of Erick Group for a while, the crisis of Erick Group would be resolved.

But Old Qin has nothing to do with him!

“Girl, you are not from Erick Group?”

Qin Beishan was surprised.

“Huh? This…”

Hearing this, Natalie was dumbfounded.

What do you mean?

Old Qin is going to Erick Group?

At this moment, Levi glared at her and said with a smile: “I’m here to pick you up! Get in the car!”

Qin Beishan looked at Levi with a knowing smile, and at the invitation of Levi and Fu Yuxiang, he got on the extended Lincoln!

Natalie watched Qin Beishan, which was close at hand, got into the car.

She was completely dumbfounded.

Could it be that the person Levi came to pick up was Qin Beishan?

Oh my God!

So shocked!!!

Not only Natalie was shocked, others were also extremely shocked.

No one thought that the last person who took Qin away was Erick Group!

“Hurry up to Erick Group!”

“Hurry up and send the news-Qin Lao came to Case York for the first purpose of General God of War, and secondly the Erick Group!”

The major media all went crazy and went to Erick Group one after another.

Moreover, major newspapers, media, websites, and forums broke out this explosive news immediately.

The eyes of the entire Case York, and even the entire Velador, are focused on the Erick Group.

This invisible propaganda effect can hardly be bought for several billion!

Natalie looked at the media who left, and she was stunned for a long time before reacting.

“Yes, hurry up to Erick Group!”

Natalie watched her sports car speed to Erick Group.

On the way, she kept wondering why Levi could invite Mr. Qin Beishan?


It’s the big boss!

Because the person who came with Levi was Fu Yuxiang.

Fu Yuxiang was directly dispatched by the big boss.

In other words, when Levi had a meeting before, he said that their propaganda method was wrong, not nonsense.

At that time, Levi knew that the big boss was going to invite Mr. Qin Beishan.

That’s why Levi unscrupulously offends Xiao Linger, an internet celebrity.

Why don’t you even apologize these days!

The reason is here!

This mysterious boss is really amazing, right?

Even Mr. Qin Beishan can invite him?

The product is medical equipment, and Mr. Qin Beishan is the best publicity ambassador!

What’s more, the quality and price of Erick Group’s products can withstand scrutiny in every aspect, and will not harm the reputation of Mr. Qin Beishan!

Natalie immediately notified the company.

At the gate of Erick Group, all senior employees came out to greet.

Welcome Qin Lao with the highest etiquette.

Lincoln’s car.

Levi and Qin Beishan had a very happy conversation.

Only after Fu Yuxiang knew that Qin Beishan’s old friend turned out to be his boss!

“Old Qin’s health is getting better every day?”

Levi smiled.

“Thanks to the Taoist health regimen you taught me, General, I practice every day and feel younger and younger! Hahaha…”

Old Mr. Qin Beishan smiled.

Chapter 299

“It’s good for Mr. Qin to call me Xiaoye. The purpose of calling you this time is very simple. It is my own selfish desire. I want you to promote my company’s products!”

Levi explained directly.

Qin Beishan waved his hand: “No, you can’t say that!”

“I have carefully studied your company’s product with students in the past few days. It is currently the best on the Velador market, and is even comparable to European and American products! This product is fully launched and can effectively prevent their monopoly. The most important thing is The price is less than one-third of them! This is a good thing for the country and the people! I am honored to be a publicity ambassador!”

Qin Beishan smiled.

Levi was a little touched.

It is worthy of the country’s important weapon.

Whenever, always consider the country and the people!

Levi smiled: “Old Qin, I am ashamed. Actually, I have selfish intentions to produce these products! I want to replace the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

“Don’t I know this? The Case York Chamber of Commerce completely plagiarized your core technology, and monopolized certain products at a high price. I have discussed this with several experts? But there is no way, this product The technology is only the Case York Chamber of Commerce! Now it’s good, you are back, the products are better than the Case York Chamber of Commerce, and the price is much lower!”

“Xiao Garrison, you are thinking about the country and the people!”

Qin Beishan praised.

With the effort of the two people talking, they have come to Erick Group.

All employees of Erick Group held a welcome ceremony, and even the media were waiting here early.

After getting off the bus.

The reporters gathered around one after another, wanting to interview Qin Beishan.

This time, Qin Beishan was not angry, but took the initiative to face the camera.

“Lao Qin, please ask you, did you have anything to do with Erick Group this time?”

A reporter asked a question.

Qin Beishan smiled and said: “Well, with this opportunity, I will announce one thing-I came to Erick Group because I am the ambassador of the company’s medical device products! This batch of new products of Erick Group are on the market today!

My Qin Beishan guarantees that this batch of products are the best on the Velador market! none of them! And the price is only one-third of the same product! “

As soon as Qin Beishan said this, the audience was boiling.

Everyone in the Erick Group was dumbfounded.

Who would have thought that after leaving the Internet celebrity Xiaolinger, a national hero-level figure came to act as a propaganda ambassador!

The media released the news as quickly as possible-shocking Velador! Leading figures in the medical world are acting as propaganda ambassadors!

The medical equipment of Erick Group hits the whole Velador, even surpassing European and American products!

Only the cost price, Erick Group’s medical device products are only one-third of the same product!

After a burst of explosive news spread, the whole of Case York boiled.

Everyone’s eyes are on the products of Erick Group!

Erick Group made a big hit!

In Changfeng Entertainment Company.

“I just heard that Natalie went to Levi to apologize, why haven’t people seen it yet?”

Xiao Ling’er waited a little anxiously.

Cross Meilan smiled: “Wait a little longer, Levi will kneel in front of us and apologize!”

Brown Guihua is still paying attention to the market dynamics, and when he sees that the sales volume of Erick Group is zero, he smiles.

“Erick Group will definitely not work without the publicity of our company’s artists!”

But at this moment, several secretaries ran in in a panic and shouted: “The big thing is not good!”

“What’s the matter? Panicked?”

Xiao Linger dissatisfied.

“Look at your phone!!!”

Chapter 300

Upon hearing this, Brown Guihua and Xiao Ling’er turned on their phones.

Seeing dozens of background news posts pushed, they were all shocked.

After clicking on the content, I was even more shocked.

Medical leader Qin Beishan has become the product spokesperson of Erick Group?

“This, this…”

Brown Guihua’s eyes were about to fly out.

Xiao Linger’s scalp is numb.

Cross Meilan’s mouth was big enough to put an egg in.

At this time, the market dynamics on Brown Guihua’s computer changed.

The first batch of products launched by Erick Group were all bought in an instant!

That’s a one-billion-dollar order!

Erick Group.

A fat man in a suit came quickly: “Hello, Mr. Qin, Hello, Mr. Fisher, I am Fisher Tai, the boss of the city Shengtai Medical Equipment Co., Ltd., I just bought all the first batch of Erick Group products!”

Natalie was shocked, bought one billion products in one go?

Qin Beishan nodded: “Thank you for your support! Qin Beishan guarantees this batch of products with reputation!”

“Haha, Qin can rest assured that I will definitely contribute to the cause of medicine! I will donate a batch of products to hospitals in poor areas!”

Fisher Tai said.

Levi and Qin Beishan looked at each other.

This is what they want to see.

At this time, Natalie’s and Erick Group’s major telephone calls were blown up.

“Hello, hello, President Fisher, I’m from Lanhua Biomedicine Company! I want to book a batch of orders, 500 million!”

“Hello, is it Erick Group? I belong to the holding company of Jinling Shengjing Hospital, the provincial capital. We want to book a batch of orders, 800 million!”

“Hello, hello, I’m from the Jinling Health Bureau! I want to order two batches of your company’s products! Two billion can be paid in seconds!”

Natalie was really going to be scared to death.

Just for a while.

Not only Case York, but also the surrounding areas, and even the major companies in the north and the hospital system have placed hundreds of orders!

It’s seven to eighty times more than what they planned to produce.

Many companies’ orders are scheduled to the second year.

But everyone paid the deposit early.

This is what everyone did not expect!

Unexpectedly, there will be such an effect!

It is mainly the reputation effect of Qin Beishan, coupled with various factors of product quality and price, leading to such an effect.

Natalie and a large number of company executives couldn’t laugh.

The phone calls are still coming one by one, and more and more orders are being booked.

If this continues, ten production plants will not be enough!

At this time, deans and leaders of the major hospital systems in Case York came one after another.

While admiring the beauty of Qin Beishan, I also want to order a batch of medical equipment for clinical use.

Natalie shook her head helplessly.

Because the products are all ordered by Fangtai.

She can’t help it.

“Huh? Yes! Our Erick Group has prepared products for major hospital systems in Case York for clinical use!”

Levi said.

Natalie was dumbfounded.

When did this happen?

Why doesn’t she know?

Fu Yuxiang came out and explained: “It was the boss who asked me to produce more. He had predicted that this product was far from enough!”

Natalie was shocked.

This boss is too good, right?

Unexpected prophet?

Where is it sacred?

Looking at Levi, who was standing with Qin Beishan, she had the illusion that Levi was the mysterious boss.

“What do you think? How could Levi be a mysterious boss?”

Natalie shook her head, leaving these thoughts behind.

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