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Chapter 311

Just now the richest man, the Shane family and the Case York Chamber of Commerce, are not easy to come by!

Dare to ask who would dare to challenge the West family on this three-centre acre of land in Case York?

West Tianqiao did not speak, but took the paper and looked at it.

“General, Garrison?”

West Tianqiao said silently.

Qin Beishan next to him immediately understood.

The West family’s trouble is coming.

According to common sense, there is no second person who surnamed Garrison who dared to call general in Case York except General God of War!

After all, the upper-class circles in Case York know the surname of General God of War Garrison.

As soon as you see these three words, you will immediately react.

But the West family is not.

Because the word “general” is misleading to them.

After all, West Tianqiao was nicknamed General. When he mentioned the general, they all thought of West Tianqiao.

Don’t think about the generals of the army at all!

In fact, the two generals are not the same.

One is military rank and the other is title.

West Tianqiao frowned: “What does this mean?”

“Teacher, I provoke someone who shouldn’t be offended this time! You can quickly send Mr. Qin back!”

Du Yuesheng suggested.

He did not directly reveal the identity of Levi.

In fact, he is selfish!

All the time, no matter how hard he works, how strong he is?

But West Tianqiao always pressed him, preventing him from making a breakthrough.

So he wanted to use this opportunity to let Levi get rid of West Tianqiao.

In this way, West Tianqiao’s family business is his.

From now on he will be the only king of Case York!

The more excited Du Yue was born, the more West Tianqiao despised.

“Is this warning me?”

West Anping said: “Grandpa, the content of this piece of paper is very simple! The general is referring to you, and Garrison is the one who wants to protect Qin Beishan! He wants to use a surname Garrison to suppress you!”

After West Anping finished the analysis, West Tianqiao and West Fulong both laughed.

“Cox Hang’s surname is Garrison? Could it be the Garrison family? The Garrison family backed by the Xiao family? How courageous! Want to suppress my West family?”

West Tianqiao roared.

“Get pen and ink!”

West Tianqiao ordered.

After the pen and ink came, West Tianqiao wrote four words on the back of the paper given by Levi: General, West, and Death.

The meaning is very simple, using his name to deter, if there is a violator, there is a dead end.

West Tianqiao’s name is known to everyone in the underground world and the upper circles.

In recent years, all those related to West Tianqiao have come to ask for help when encountering misfortunes.

West Tianqiao inscribed three words: General, West.

These three words solve everything.

No matter how powerful the other party is, as long as you see these three words, you will be frightened.

After all, it’s literal.

This is the person covered by West Tianqiao!

Who dares to offend?

Du Yuesheng used this method to several enemies. He took a fan with the inscription West Tianqiao on it, and the other party immediately knelt down to apologize…

“Go, return this paper to that person!”

West Tianqiao said coldly.

Let alone a small Garrison family.

Even the richest man Shane Wanshan and several people from the Case York Chamber of Commerce will compromise after they see it!

“Understood, teacher, I will send it back now!”

Du Yuesheng took the piece of paper tremblingly.

Soon, the things were delivered to Levi.

Looking at the four words written on the back of the paper, Levi was obviously taken aback.

“So arrogant?”

Levi smiled.

He also took a deep look at Du Yuesheng.

Du Yuesheng had a feeling of being stared at by a poisonous snake, as if all the little Jiujiu in his heart had been seen through.

“How dare West Tianqiao? Dare to call himself a general in front of the general?”

Alton said angrily.

Chapter 312

Levi lit a cigarette and said with a smile: “I wanted to turn big things into small things, but they wouldn’t!”



“Call in your special forces and go!”


Soon, such a scene appeared on the main road in the old city of Sioux City.

Army-green tanks lined up, driving fast, and the direction was the West family’s General Mansion.

It drew passers-by to watch, not knowing what was going on.

There are still hundreds of bodyguards lined up in front of the General’s Mansion to prevent outsiders from entering.

Groups of people were expelled during this period!

They are all laughing.

Even the richest man Shane Wanshan was dismissed.

Don’t anyone else have any points?

At this time, the bodyguards saw Du Yuesheng coming again.

But there were a few people behind him.

“Mr. Du, please go back! Lord ordered, you can’t go in!”

The head of the bodyguard smiled.

Du Yuesheng showed a different color on his face, and said with a trembling: “No…I didn’t go in, but they wanted to go in!”

As soon as these words came out, the bodyguards focused their attention on Levi.

The bodyguard leader sneered: “Please go back! No one can enter West’s house today!”

The other bodyguards stared at Levi with solemn expressions.

Levi smiled: “What if I have to go in?”

The bodyguard leader said coldly: “There is only a dead end!”

Alton stared at him suddenly, drew a gun from his waist and pressed it to his head: “Now what? Can I go in?”

The head of the bodyguard was a little flustered, but he didn’t expect Alton to move the guy directly.


Hundreds of bodyguards were restless, staring at Levi in a panic and angrily.

The bodyguard boss has a good psychological quality. He smiled and said: “Brothers, don’t be impulsive! Don’t think that you can enter and leave the West family with this thing!

The other bodyguards all sneered.

Haven’t seen such a stunned green.

Dare to provoke the General’s Mansion!

Isn’t this looking for death?

This is the West family!

The number one person in Case York!

“That means you can’t enter yet?”

Alton asked.

“Of course! The richest man Shane Wanshan and the Case York Chamber of Commerce did not enter!”

The bodyguard leader sneered.

“Okay, go ahead!”

The unicorn waved his hand.

Suddenly a rumbling sound came from behind.

Twenty military vehicles appeared in front of everyone, marching forward together, rushing over.

Seeing the military vehicle approaching, these bodyguards were frightened and looked at them at a loss.

The military vehicles drove up at an unabated speed, and the bodyguards backed up one after another.

It’s going to be posted on the wall.

Only then did the military vehicle stop.


At this time, a heavily armed special soldier got out of the car, their faces were covered with special masks with the unicorn beast logo on them.

A total of 300 special forces lined up directly into several teams and launched an attack on the general’s mansion.

The head of the bodyguard who was hit by the unicorn was going to be scared to pee.

I thought it was so stunned.

The result-damn, even the special forces are here!!!

This is a special force!




Hundreds of bodyguards all squatted on the ground, holding their heads in both hands!

Who the fuck can do it?

The special forces are all at once!

“West Tianqiao, you have such a big face? The general is here, but he didn’t come out to meet him!”

Wesley sneered.

“Bah! In Case York, only my grandfather can be worthy of the title of general! Everything else is rubbish!”

West Anping roared when he heard the voice outside.

With that, West Anping opened the door and rushed out fiercely.

Chapter 313

“Da da da…”

But as soon as the door was opened, there was a sound of uniform steps in his ears, and army-green figures appeared in front of them.

After seeing it clearly, West Anping was dumbfounded!

“This, this…”

The impact of the special forces in front of him was so great that he couldn’t adapt to it for a while.

Several people behind him were about to yell, and they were immediately put to the ground.

No time to react at all!

These special forces rushed directly into the general’s mansion, and by the way even West Anping was also taken away.

All those standing in the middle of the road were cleaned up!

After clearing the roadblocks, Levi and several people entered afterwards.

The No. 300 Special Forces quickly rushed into the general’s mansion.

The guard inside asked why people broke in.

We will fight back immediately.

But when I came closer, I almost didn’t scare to death!

In less than thirty seconds, all the guards in the General’s Mansion were instantly controlled!

And there was no movement, the silent attack was absolutely terrifying.

It can be seen that Alton’s training for these soldiers has become a group of screaming tigers.

After quickly occupying the West family’s general mansion, the soldiers stood in two rows with ten steps one by one until the West family’s discussion hall.

Levi and his party came…

In the meeting hall.

West Tianqiao sat firmly on the Diaoyutai, sitting there, drinking tea.

West Fulong was somewhat worried: “Nothing will happen outside, right?”

West Tianqiao smiled: “Don’t worry, Anping can solve it completely!”

Qin Beishan just showed a secretive smile without saying a word.


But as soon as the voice fell, the door of the chamber was suddenly torn to the ground by a huge force.

In the next second, dozens of special forces rushed into the chamber.

They quickly stood in two rows.

This sudden scene frightened West Tianqiao and the two of them.

How come the soldiers are here?

Look at the costume, it seems to be a special soldier!

“West Tianqiao, you are so bold!!!”

With a thunderous roar, a group of people entered the chamber.

The special forces on both sides saluted.

This scene scared West Tianqiao out of his soul!

West Fulong almost fell to the ground.

As the West family, what big scenes have you never seen?

But the scene before me is really too scary.

what’s going on?

Qin Beishan only got up when he saw Levi.

West Tianqiao instantly understood that this was Qin Beishan and others.

That is the person who can bring disaster to the West family in his mouth!

“It’s good to see that Mr. Qin is fine!”

Levi smiled.

“Well, they didn’t embarrass me!”

Qin Beishan Road.

West Fulong was stared at by Wesley. He was weak and unable to say a word.

Who the hell are these people?

the city still has such a character?

Why didn’t you know before?

West Tianqiao is worthy of being a big man. He calmly asked: “Just asked who is sacred?”

“The one who gave you the inscription in front!”

Levi approached.

“General? Garrison?”

West Tianqiao frowned.

Be puzzled.

“The old man is ignorant. I really can’t think of when the city Garrison’s family came out of this class?”

The monk of West Tianqiao and his son and grandson is at a loss.

“Mr. West, you can boldly imagine that General Garrison who is currently in Case York…”

Qin Beishan reminded.

“Cox Hang Garrison’s general? I don’t know, General? Garrison? Wait a minute…”

West Tianqiao’s complexion changed wildly, and his expression paled in shock.

He looked at Levi and said in amazement: “Could it be the legendary General God of War!!!”

Chapter 314

“Well, you guessed it!”

The unicorn smiled.

Levi said, “No, no, you are the real general!”


Upon hearing this, West Tianqiao was so scared that he almost fainted.


My general is a name given by a Jianghu people, can it be the same as a real general?

But today’s bloody thing happened!

General God of War wrote an inscription to warn him, and he in turn warned him to go back.

They are really generals!


Du Yue pitted me!!!

West Tianqiao glanced at Du Yuesheng.

Immediately knew that his students were going to cheat themselves.

Levi’s identity is actually something he can explain clearly in one sentence!

He wants to kill someone with a knife!


West Tianqiao fell to his knees with a thud.

“General God of War, everything is a misunderstanding today! I asked Mr. Qin to come to see a doctor too!”

West Tianqiao was anxious and said quickly.

Levi sat in the position of West Tianqiao and said with a smile: “Okay, don’t talk about old Qin’s affairs for now! What about beatings in the hospital?”

West Tianqiao immediately looked at West Anping: “Hurry up and call out the few people you sent!”

Soon eight people were arrested, and they were all terrified.

Kneeling on the ground one after another.

“Misunderstanding! We were just impatient for a while!”

These people trembled with fright.

When West Tianqiao saw this, he couldn’t help saying: “General, I will take care of the beating. Make sure to do business in an official manner. The punishment that should be punished, the one should be caught!”

Levi sneered at the corner of his mouth: “I have to deal with a private matter today!”

“Private matter?”

Everyone looked surprised.

“Remember that there was a female doctor who was beaten by you?”

Levi asked.

The beaters looked at each other.

What impressed me was that Qin Beishan’s assistant in the office stopped them.

Then, several people nodded.

“Oh, that’s my mother-in-law!”

As soon as Levi said this, the audience was silent.

It was as if the air had been drained.

Everyone was stunned.

Like a walking dead.

Beating General God of War’s mother-in-law? ? ?

This fucking grew up eating bear-hearted leopards, right? ? ?

West Tianqiao was sweating all the time, and his face was so pale that there was no bloodshot eyes.

In all my life, I have never been afraid of fear like this moment.

Loving fathers often lose children.

At this moment, West Tianqiao and West Fulong understood this truth.

They just spoil West Anping too much.

So that he is so domineering and can do anything!

Now the retribution is coming!

West Anping was also wet with cold sweat, and he regretted it too.

Unintentionally moved General God of War’s mother-in-law!

“Who moved the hand?”

Levi asked.

The eight people lying on their stomachs shivered.

No one dared to admit it!

“Don’t tell me?”

Levi’s voice sounded again.

The other seven took a step back and confessed the attacker.

A Biao was really scared to death, shaking involuntarily.

“Are you the one you beat?”

Levi asked.

A Biao wanted to speak, but he couldn’t.


Levi hit A Biao’s head with a kick and kicked him out more than ten meters away.

A Biao was dragged back again!


Levi slapped his face again, and A Biao flew out again!

Then he was dragged back.

Repeat twenty times in a row!

A Biao’s face was bloody, and he didn’t look like a person.

The whole audience was shocked.

Levi is really terrifying.

Even the big man West Tianqiao was trembling.

Chapter 315

“That’s how you treat the angels in white? People are fighting ahead to save people, but you are cruel? Did they provoke you? Doesn’t your conscience hurt?”

Levi kept asking questions.

The scene was extremely gloomy.

No one dared to speak out.

In this matter, Levi’s truth, fist, human heart, every aspect can stand!

“Now the assailant goes to the hospital to kneel and apologize, and then he can compensate as he should!

Levi approached.

West Tianqiao immediately said: “Okay, I guarantee everything is in place!”

Levi glanced at West Tianqiao again: “Let’s retreat from the West family!”


This news is a bolt from the blue for the West family!

One sentence means trial!

Since then, there will be no West family in the underground world!

Although Dean could not touch the West family, Levi could!!!

Do not!

Do not!

West Fulong and West Anping showed miserable expressions.

They also want to inherit everything from the West family and unify the underground world of Case York!

This is equivalent to cutting off their future!!!

West Tianqiao was calm and accepted all this silently.

For him, it’s good to be alive.

But he also understands that once this level of identity is lost, there are probably many enemies who come to seek revenge…

The probability that they will survive is very small.

The real crisis of the West family is here!

Du Yuesheng, who was hiding in the crowd, smiled secretly at this time.

Exactly as he planned.

Sure enough, Levi killed West Tianqiao!

Next, the underground world of Case York has the final say?


It’s just that he just laughed, Levi’s gaze has already fallen on him.

“Du Yuesheng don’t think that I don’t know your Xiao Jiujiu, you also retired with the West family!”

Hearing Levi’s voice, the smile on Du Yuesheng’s face disappeared.

He looked incredible.

How could it be like this?

More than that.

The underground world of Case York has been cleaned up again.

Shocked the entire Jiangnan Province!

Finally, Old Qin returned to the hospital unharmed.

The assailant knelt down in front of the hospital and apologized, and paid a high amount of compensation.

All were taken away afterwards!

The most important thing is the fall of West Tianqiao…

As for how it fell, it’s a secret.

But for example, the richest man Shane Jia and the Case York Chamber of Commerce all understand.

This is General God of War’s shot.

West Tianqiao kicked on the iron plate!

Edith was beaten very hard and cultivated at home.

But knowing that the assailant compensated and apologized, she was relieved.

However, Edith looked at Levi and Dale on the bedside, and said coldly: “You two incompetent men! As long as it is more powerful, can I be bullied?”

Levi knew she was looking for anger.

Even if he was General God of War, he would not have thought of someone rushing into the hospital to beat someone!

After this incident, he deliberately arranged someone to protect Qin Beishan.

In case of encountering that stunned green again, it would be terrible.

Everything is business as usual.

But on this day, Natalie suddenly received news: There is a problem with Erick Group’s products!

Medical equipment killed people in clinical treatment!

Relevant departments have checked it, and it is indeed a malfunction of the equipment.

There are big problems with Erick Group’s medical products!

“Impossible! Each of our products is quality-checked! Where could go wrong?”

Fu Yuxiang was shocked.

Natalie sighed: “Someone should have deliberately framed us!”

The products of Erick Group are sweeping the market, and many enemies are bound to be established.

But killing people is too much!

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