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Chapter 316

Before Natalie had time to deal with this matter, it had already expanded.

Soon the major media and news newspapers reported it-

Heavy!!! The quality of the medical equipment endorsed by Qin Beishan, a state-of-the-art equipment, has caused the death of patients during clinical use!!!

As soon as this news was reported, the whole city was really boiling!

Even the entire Velador is boiling!

A few days ago, because Qin Beishan spoke for Erick Group, he directly pushed Erick Group to the pinnacle.

The market value of Erick Group has gone crazy!

Especially in the Case York market, a thorough reshuffle, squeezing the Case York Chamber of Commerce has no room.

Unexpectedly, something happened a few days later!

The most taboo thing in the medical industry is death!

It happened with the products of Erick Group!

It’s a big deal!

Eight o’clock in the morning!

The six major departments of Jiangnan Province Enterprise Management Department, Technical Supervision Department, Consumer Association, Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Commodity Inspection Department and Provincial Public Security Department jointly enforce the law.

The production and operation of the Erick Group factory was immediately suspended.

The six major departments also sent a task force to the Erick Group in person to temporarily resell the Erick Group’s business license and other documents.

For a while, the entire Erick Group was paralyzed.

When Natalie was discussing with the executives how to deal with it, a group of people came aggressively outside the meeting room.

The door of the meeting room was violently opened.

“The person in charge of the trouble stands up. We are a task force jointly formed by the six major departments of the province and city, and are here to investigate the case of a major mistake in your group’s products!”

The man headed is Bass Ke, deputy director of the Provincial Public Security Department, who has the title of iron-faced selflessness.

Who didn’t expect that the provincial capital sent someone to investigate this time, which shows how big the impact is.

Natalie stood up in fright and said: “I am Natalie, the vice president. I am currently in charge of Erick Group.”

Bass Ke said coldly: “I am Bass Ke, the team leader of this project, and I will call your president and chairman to come out immediately!”


Natalie looked embarrassed.

The others looked at each other.

Because most people have never seen the big boss.

Graham Nanxuan also saw the dragon fail to see the end.

“Leader Bass, I am currently in charge of Erick Group! If you have anything, just tell me directly!”

Natalie said.

Bass Ke sneered: “A vice president is solely responsible for the entire company? It seems that there is a problem with the internal management of Erick Group. No wonder the product has such a big problem!”

“I now seriously suspect that the person in charge of Erick Group ran away after the incident!”


Natalie immediately shook her head.

“Okay, then what’s the matter?”

Bass Ke stared at her.


Natalie didn’t know how to express.

After all, the big boss and Graham Nanxuan are too special.

“Can’t tell, can you?”

Bass Ke sneered again and again.

“All the management of Erick Group will stop being investigated, especially the departments related to the accidental product, they must pay close attention to it!”

“Next, the police will also be involved in the investigation! Anything involved in this matter will be severely punished!”

Bass Ke said this.

All the top executives are extremely nervous.

If this matter is really hammered.

The Erick Group will suffer a catastrophe, and high-level officials like them will also go to jail.

Natalie and several people wanted to defend: “Team Leader Bass hopes you can find out the truth! Our products are absolutely fine, and the quality inspection department has checked them several times! Moreover, Qin Beishan Qin guarantees that our product quality problems will not Yes. Someone must have framed us!”

Chapter 317

“Really? But can you guarantee that each product has no quality problems? And I heard that Erick Group is eager for quick success. It takes less than a month before and after the production of this batch of products. It takes half a year for the same product. Is it hard not to doubt?”

“That’s right! You also invited Mr. Qin Beishan to do publicity. With Mr. Qin’s reputation, no one dared to really verify the quality of the product. Did you pit Mr. Qin?”

One by one, Natalie couldn’t argue with each other.

At this moment, people from the Case York Commercial Crime Investigation Bureau also came.

“Who is the person in charge? Just now we received an anonymous report that Erick Group plagiarized the core technology of the Case York Chamber of Commerce! After our investigation, we found that this happened. The products of the Erick Group are almost identical to those of the Case York Chamber of Commerce. But they have been producing for several years!”


The big hat was buttoned down, and everyone was taken aback.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce beat down, and the wicked sue first.

Reporting Erick Group’s plagiarism technology?

After Bass Ke heard it, he smiled: “No wonder something happened. It turns out that the technology for plagiarism is not in place!”

“Well, it must be the case! If you steal a bit of someone’s technology, something will definitely happen!”

Everyone in the task force sneered.

At this time, the major media also issued news: Real hammer, Erick Group plagiarizing the core technology of the Case York Chamber of Commerce, was actually an important cause of the accident.

Suddenly, the Internet was full of curses, and the market value of Erick Group plummeted immediately, and the company was facing a major crisis.

Even bankruptcy in a few days…

More than that.

Even Qin Beishan Qin Lao is in crisis.

Some media released news that Qin Beishan received a huge endorsement fee from Erick Group, estimated at 300 million.

He accused Qin Beishan of eating steamed buns with human blood and lacked medical ethics.

Even if we know that Erick Group’s products are not good enough, we still guarantee…

Many people call Qin Beishan the greatest hypocrite!

For Erick Group, wave after wave of despair.

Soon after, the police officer Bass Ke called came.

“Natalie, Fu Yuxiang…”

Most of the company executives were taken away.

It can be seen how serious the situation is.

At the moment, in the City First People’s Hospital.

Qin Beishan Qin Lao is visiting the clinic as usual, and Edith is also an assistant.

At this moment, an extremely noisy sound came from the corridor!

“what happened?”

Qin Beishan frowned.

But he is not worried about safety.

Levi arranged for a Lord to protect him.

Soon, several family members rushed in.

“Qin Beishan, you black-hearted doctor, are human blood buns delicious?”

“Three hundred million do you have peace of mind?”

“Doesn’t your conscience hurt if you kill someone?”

Several family members pointed to Qin Beishan’s nose and shouted.

“Qin Beishan, you are a beast! The worst doctor in Velador is you!”

“Yes, you don’t deserve to wear this white coat! None of you are good things!”

The family members looked excited, if it weren’t for the doctors and nurses to stop them, they were afraid that they would have done something to Qin Beishan.

“Uuuuu… old man, your death is terrible! Your illness is not serious at all!”

A woman knelt in the office, crying in pain.

Other family members began to smash things, and the scolding in their mouths continued.

“what happened?”

Qin Beishan looked dumbfounded.

“Old Qin, the hospital used Erick Group’s medical equipment last night. As a result, the equipment malfunctioned and killed the patient. His illness is not serious!”

A doctor told Qin Beishan the truth.


Hearing this news, Qin Beishan slumped in a leather chair.

Chapter 318

Even Edith next to her was pale.

It turned out to be dead!

The problem is big!

After all, the product is guaranteed by Qin Beishan himself.

If something goes wrong, you don’t have to look for Erick Group, but Qin Beishan immediately.

“how so?”

Qin Beishan looked incredible.

After all, he and the students have personally researched the product, and there is a double guarantee.

The only explanation is that someone wants to frame the Erick Group.

But this method is too bad.

Actually killed!

Qin Beishan slapped the table suddenly: “No matter what’s going on, I, Qin Beishan, will take care of it!”

He told Edith to ask the hospital to help arrange a press conference.

Soon, a press conference was held.

Qin Beishan’s meaning is very simple: He will investigate this matter carefully and give everyone the truth! If it is really a matter of product quality, Qin Beishan is willing to pay off with death!!!

After the press conference was held, things have repeatedly made a lot of trouble.

It is estimated that everyone did not expect Qin Beishan’s will to be so strong!

At the cost of life!

At this moment, in the Qingfeng Group.

Bai Qingfeng and Yu Xingjian’s four directors are together.

“Lao Bai, how about? Everything is arranged, right?”

Hao Wenchang asked a little worried.

Bai Qingfeng smiled and said, “Don’t worry! No clues are left! The surveillance of secretly changing the equipment in the hospital has been destroyed, even if the police’s technology can’t find it!”

“In this way, the Erick Group will be completely ruined by us this time?”

Yu Xingjian looked excited.

“Isn’t it? The Erick Group is going to be over! And this time the task force is ruthless, no one can intervene, even if the Erick Group has a backstage, it’s useless!”

“I know this, even Leader Porter can only ask, but can’t intervene in the slightest!”

The others laughed.

There was a murderous intent in Bai Qingfeng’s eyes: “We hate this old fellow Qin Beishan, and we must also thank him! It is because his reputation is so great that the affairs of the Erick Group are too much trouble, and even the mayor cannot interfere. !”

“Hmph, I dared to help Erick Group endorse products, just this time, he was also abolished!”

“Qin Beishan, the old immortal, is just a hypocrite, pretending to be high-minded, and I don’t know how much he has collected from Erick Group in private!”

Yu Xingjian and Hao Wenchang sneered again and again.

“This time we can not only get rid of the Erick Group, our orders have greatly increased! What’s wrong with my expensive things? But the victory is safe!”


A group of old foxes gave out sinister smiles.

This is the black businessman.

For the benefit, for the sake of oneself, not hesitate to waste human life.

The patients who died in the hospital, let alone guilt, they all have to forget!

They have done a lot of things like this.

I’ve been eating human blood steamed buns all the time, so I don’t take it seriously.

Now the outside world threatens to disband the Erick Group and arrest all the bosses.

Because after the accident, the real boss of Erick Group hasn’t shown up except for Natalie, the vice president.

It’s not just Erick Group.

Even Sarah’s new company is also at risk.

If the Erick Group is abolished, they will also be abolished.

It happened that Sarah was currently having a strategic cooperation with a South Korean foreign trade company.

If something goes wrong with the Erick Group, this cooperation will definitely fail.

Qin Beishan found Levi for the first time.

Levi was also very angry just when he learned about this.

“There is no doubt, Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Levi said.

Chapter 319

The sudden emergence of Erick Group, the biggest loss is the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

I just didn’t expect them to be so courageous!

“But the tricky thing is to find out the truth. I’m sure all clues have been destroyed!”

Levi approached.

At this time, Suzaku was already investigating.

“General, the surveillance of the City No. 1 Hospital from 11:30 to 12: 00 last night was destroyed!”

Suzaku said.

“That is to say, during this period of time, someone entered the hospital and secretly moved their hands and feet?”

Qin Beishan Road.

Levi asked; “Can you fix Suzaku?”

“You have to get the video source! Even if it is destroyed, I should be able to!”

Suzaku said.

“Okay, let’s go right away!”

Levi and Qin Beishan soon came to the hospital monitoring room.

Unexpectedly, a few people were watching closely at the door.

No one is allowed to enter!

“I’m Qin Beishan, I need to adjust the monitoring last night…”

Qin Beishan said bluntly.

“No! I don’t care what mountain you are? No one can enter this place except the task force!”

These workers have a tough attitude.

No matter who it is, it can’t be released.

“That’s all right, let’s go and see the equipment that happened.”

Levi and Qin Beishan came to the ward, only to learn that the equipment in the accident had been taken away long ago.

Except for the task force, no one else can watch it.

After listening.

Levi contacted Dean for the first time.

“Lao Porter, I need to adjust the monitoring of the City No. 1 Hospital!”

Levi approached.

“The general can’t do it! This time the task force is sent from Jinling, the capital of Jiangnan Province! It is explicitly forbidden. No one in Case or York can interfere! I can’t help it!”

Dean was embarrassed.

“By the way, this matter was proposed by my teacher Fu Longxing. In order to avoid suspicion, let the special task force of the provincial capital to conduct a thorough investigation. No one in Case York should interfere! A conclusion will be made in another three days!”

Dean added.

“okay, I get it.”

After hanging up, Levi smiled.

Fu Longxing heard a little bit about him, and had a deep connection with the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

This trick of Case York Chamber of Commerce is wonderful!

Deliberately to make the matter so big, let the provincial capital send people to it, and no one from Case York is allowed to interfere.

In order to settle things down!

Destroy Erick Group at the fastest speed!

“Wesley will check it for me, who is in charge of the task force this time?”

Levi approached.

Soon after, Wesley came news: “General, the person leading the team this time is led by Bass Ke, deputy director of the Jiangnan Provincial Public Security Department!”

“Bass Ke has an unselfish name, he doesn’t allow anyone to intervene in this matter!”

“Okay, pass my order and let Bass Ke come to see me!”

Levi approached.

Soon after, a car came to the manor.

The one who got off the car was Bass Ke, the leader of the task force!

Under the leadership of Wesley, Bass Ke came to the room.

Bass Ke saw Qin Beishan and Levi at a glance.

“Hello General God of War!”

Bass Kedao.

“You are Bass Ke? Do you know what I am looking for?”

Levi asked.

Bass Ke was stunned, then gritted his teeth and said: “Bass Ke knows the relationship between General Qin and Lao Qin, so let me put it straight. If General God of War wants to interfere in Erick Group affairs, it is impossible! Absolutely not allowed!”

“No one in Case York can intervene in this case! I remember that the general is Case’s deputy, so please understand me!”

“If the general insists on intervening in this matter, please step over my corpse!!!”

Bass Ke’s hard attitude changed the expressions of everyone present.

Chapter 320

Everyone finally knows where this can’t be done.

No wonder Dean couldn’t help it.

Levi asked, “How about the investigation by Team Leader Bass?”

“The task force has only three days to resolve this matter! Judging from the clues and evidence it has so far, it is that the products of Erick Group have major quality problems! It can even be said that the investigation is clear, and it is the problem of Erick Group! , Stop it!”

Bass Kedao.

Although he knew there was a problem with the monitoring, the technical department could not fix it…

“Then I just want to intervene?”

Levi asked.

“Bass Ke just said that if the general insists on intervening, step over Bass Ke’s corpse!”

Bass Ke’s attitude remained the same.

Levi laughed suddenly.

“Team Leader Bass may not know, I have already intervened in it, and my Major General Alton has also intervened in it! We can’t get rid of it!”


Bass Ke looked at Levi blankly.

“No, General God of War is not involved?”

Bass Ke said.

“So you dare to say and check it out? Have you checked it out?”

Levi’s voice suddenly became extremely cold.

“General God of War, I don’t understand what you mean…”

Bass Ke lowered his head, a little panicked.

“Erick Group is now supported by a vice president? What about the president and chairman?”

Levi asked.

Bass Ke hadn’t reacted yet, and subconsciously said, “I’m still investigating this matter. I believe there will be results soon!”

“No need to check, the president is Alton, and the chairman is me!”

Levi said.


After listening, Bass Ke was struck by lightning, and his entire face was horrified.

He also reacted immediately.

If it weren’t for Levi’s sake, how did Qin Beishan come to Case York?

How to advertise the product?

Also, how could Levi make inferior products?

Someone framed Erick Group!

For the first time, he reacted immediately.

“Let go of the permissions and let my people help with the investigation!”

Levi approached.


Bass Ke immediately agreed.

Soon the damaged video source was sent to Suzaku.

Levi and Qin Beishan also personally checked the accidental equipment.

After inspection.

Levi smiled suddenly: “Leader Bass, these products are not owned by Erick Group at all!”


Bass Ke and several people were surprised.

“Because during the production of the product, I specially asked the technical department to put special codes in some hidden places, just to prevent disputes. But the equipment is not there at all! You can check the products of Erick Group!”

Bass Ke quickly let people check.

A comparison, it really is.

The products of Erick Group have secret special codes.

This device does not!

“Where did the equipment to find out the incident come from?”

Bass Ke ordered.

The other side.

Suzaku repaired the surveillance very quickly.

After the surveillance came out, everyone was shocked.

Because someone secretly replaced the medical device!

Sure enough, it was framed!!!

“Check it out! Check all the people in the video!”

Bass Ke was furious with anger!

He has always been selfless and fair and just.

Had it not been for Levi, he would have done a wrong case this time.

So he was very angry!

In addition, Alton handed Bass Ke a piece of material.

“The inside is the evidence and clues of how the Case York Chamber of Commerce plagiarized the core technology of the original Garrison Group!”

“Okay, I will check this together!”

Bass Ke nodded.

Now I admire Levi very much.

Too much wrist.

Do things simply and efficiently.

Things have basically settled down.

Old Qin breathed a sigh of relief.

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