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Chapter 321

“Hey, it’s a pity that a dead brother! So innocent!”

Old Qin sighed.

Levi shook his head helplessly: “Hey, shopping malls are like battlefields, and many people have been eating buns with human blood! Six years ago, I suffered an unwarranted disaster and almost died!”

“These beasts must be found out! They can’t be too cheap!”

Old Qin roared with anger.

When returning home at night, Sarah was very worried about Natalie’s situation.

If he is really hammered, Natalie will definitely go to jail.

At this time, Doug and others came to the door unexpectedly.

“Haha, how are Sarah and this rubbish? We heard that something happened to the Erick Group, and thought that both of you were arrested.”

Mike smiled.

Nick and Katie smiled and said, “However, once the Erick Group is abandoned, Sarah’s company is equivalent to abandonment. What is your next plan for Sarah?”

“Does it mean to return to the Logan family?”

Alfred smiled.


Sarah looked helpless.

Now the company is facing a crisis, and then it is estimated that it will be reduced to a situation of being acquired.

Doug smiled and said, “Sarah, don’t be nervous, grandpa, he’s here to discuss a business with you.”

Sarah looked dazed: “Ah? Grandpa, what business are you talking about with me?”

“About your company’s acquisition! I plan to acquire your new company for two million!”

Doug said.

“two millions???”

Plum dyed his face incredible.

Even if Erick Group’s investment is gone, no matter how much the impact on her company is, the company’s value will be around one or two billion.

How can it be acquired for two million?

so funny!

“Haha, Sarah, do you not understand your current situation? Once Erick Group falls, your company will be greatly affected! If you drag it on, let alone two million, you can’t even get 200,000. Here!”

“Yes, besides, if you sell the company to Grandpa, you can continue to work in the Logan Group!”

Mike and Nick sneered.

“you guys!!!”

Sarah is really angry.

He came and fell into trouble.

“Sarah, I only give two days! There won’t be a price of two million by then!”

“In addition, I heard that you are discussing cooperation with a company in South Korea. Let me come?”

Doug said coldly.

After the Logan family left, Levi comforted: “Don’t worry, wife, nothing will happen.”

Soon the three days of the task force passed, and the decision will be announced the next day.

This evening, Bai Qingfeng, Yu Xingjian, and Hao Wenchang had already celebrated in the clubhouse.

“Haha, this Yanke is really amazing! I heard that it won’t work for anyone to find it! I won’t show anything at the scene!”

Bai Qingfeng smiled.

“Yeah! Bass Ke is selfless, and no one will give him any face!”

“Now we are waiting for the results to be announced tomorrow! Erick Group will be completely swallowed by us, and their upgraded technology will be ours by then! Hahaha…”

Yu Xingjian couldn’t help but sing a song.

He and Hao Wenchang hugged each other and sang like good brothers.


At this moment, the private room door of the clubhouse was kicked open.

Many police officers rushed in from outside.

All of Bai Qingfeng were shocked.

An incredible face.

Surrounded by everyone, one person came to the court.

He took out his credentials and said, “The leader of the task force, Bass Ke!!!”

“What? Bass Ke?”

Hearing this name, Bai Qingfeng’s complexion changed drastically.

Chapter 322

“Team Leader Bass, admiration for a long time! Disrespect and disrespect!”

Bai Qingfeng laughed.

They don’t know why Bass Ke suddenly found here.

“Are you still in the mood to sing? You know if something goes wrong?”

Bass Ke sneered.

“Huh? Something happened? What happened?”

Several people in Bai Qingfeng looked surprised.

“You are arrested!!!”

Bass Ke’s face changed, ruthlessly indifferent.

The colleague next to him showed his arrest warrant.

“Huh? What? We were arrested?”

All of Bai Qingfeng’s faces looked incredible.

“Unfortunately to tell you that the surveillance was repaired by a Lord, and all the people involved in the case have been found out, and they have already confessed to you!”

Bass Ke sneered.


Several people almost fainted in fright.

The next day.

The processing result that everyone is waiting for is out.

But the result surprised everyone.

It turned out that the four directors of the Case York Chamber of Commerce framed the Erick Group.

All persons involved in the case were arrested, sentenced to death, sentenced to death, and sentenced to jail…

Erick Group is innocent.

Cheers from above and below.

Erick Group also specially gave comfort money to the families of the deceased, and won numerous praises.

Father Qin Beishan was also very happy.

I also admire Levi’s handling and behavior.

The Logan family was dumbfounded, and originally wanted to acquire Sarah’s new company for two million.

It’s okay where I want to get Erick Group.

After that, the clinical experience of major hospitals on Erick Group’s medical products came: the quality of the products was no problem, and the performance of all aspects of the products of the previous version was much higher.

The business of Erick Group quickly recovered to the previous level…

This time the Case York Chamber of Commerce suffered heavy losses.

The market value plummeted, vitality was severely damaged, and at least 10 billion had evaporated.

The four giants have nothing to do.

Can only watch.

They can only pin all their hopes on General God of War.

The ceremony for the general commander-in-chief of the Soviet-York Military Region is finally coming.

This makes Lei Qianjue a few people look forward to it!

The richest man, the Shane family, is also looking forward to this matter.

Shane Qingyun brought good news to the Shane family—Shane Xinyi and other juniors also had places to participate in this appointment ceremony.

This Shane Xinyi is happy for them!

The rich and young ladies in the upper-class circle pay more attention to participating in this kind of activities.

For them this is really gilding.

Even if you go out to brag in the future!

“Haha, now the Case York Chamber of Commerce is greatly injured! As long as I have a relationship with General God of War, it is only a matter of time before the Case York Chamber of Commerce is swallowed!”

Shane Wanshan is in a good mood.

“Lord, Park Guochang of Korea Lemei Company is looking for you!”

The butler came to inform.

“Okay, let him in.”

Although Shane Wanshan has many industries that have cooperation with South Korea, a Lemei company is far from eye-catching.

No, how are you in a good mood today?

That’s why I have to meet people.

Soon after, Park Guochang came to the hall.

The meaning is very simple. He will develop in Case York in the future, so Shane Wanshan will help him out.

What’s more interesting is that Park Guochang’s Lemei company is the Korean company that Sarah cooperated with.

“Well, your teacher and I are acquainted with each other, and I will help you more in the future!”

When Shane Wanshan agreed, Park Guochang was very excited.

A word from the richest man means that he has a firm foothold in Case York.

the next day.

Levi was at the company and received Sarah’s phone number.

“Levi, I’m a bit busy talking about cooperation. Xiao Qin needs some commercial materials for her internship. Can you send it for me?”

Sarah asked.

Chapter 323

She is talking about cooperation with Korea Lemei Company.

“Okay, I’ll send it off!”

After Levi got the information, he went to Case University.

It took a lot of setbacks to find Xiao Qin.

After Levi gave the information to Xiao Qin, he was about to leave.

“Brother-in-law, you mustn’t have lunch yet?”

Xiao Qin asked.

“Sure, didn’t this come to send you the information?”

Levi approached.

“It just so happens that I invite you to dinner! It’s in the school cafeteria, OK?”

Xiao Qin looked at Levi expectantly.

Hearing what Xiao Qin said, Levi really felt hungry.

What’s more, I haven’t eaten the meals of his alma mater for many years.

“Well, then eat at school!”

“Walk around…”

Xiao Qin gently took Levi’s arm and walked on the campus.

Levi didn’t care.

Because before Sarah was dyed, Xiao Qin was like this.

Looked at her as a little girl anyway.

But the students who come and go don’t think so…

After all, Xiao Qin is a super beauty and a recognized school girl.

I have been single since I entered the school for a few years, and many students are discussing when Xiao Qin will leave the single.

Today everyone saw a miraculous scene-the colonel Hua Xiaoqin actually took a man’s arm and walked on the road.

This shocked everyone’s jaw.

Absolutely explosive news,

Although the man looks mature, he is good in every way.

Immediately everyone decided that this was Xiao Qin’s boyfriend.

The news of Xiao Qin’s talk about her boyfriend quickly spread throughout Case York University.

Levi felt that everyone’s eyes looked abnormal.

Xiao Qin kept laughing.

She just wanted to create the illusion that Levi was her boyfriend.

Xiao Qin leaned closer and closer to Levi.

Xiao Qin’s suitors are going to smash the table with anger.

“I didn’t expect Xiao Qin to be with the uncle in the end!”

Several boys said angrily.

Finally Xiao Qin brought Levi to a canteen.

Levi deliberately chose a location in a remote corner, but it still attracted much attention.

Xiao Qin brought a plate of dishes.

Levi said helplessly: “Didn’t you see that you are very hot in school?”

“Huh, isn’t that? I, Xiao Qin, is a recognized school bachelor!”

Xiao Qin approached Levi and whispered: “Brother-in-law, they all mistakenly recognize you as my boyfriend now, what should I do? How will I find a boyfriend in the future?”

Levi smiled and said, “Well, I will go to the school broadcasting room to inform…”

“Brother-in-law, you are really boring…”

Xiao Qin pretended to be very angry.

After all the food was served, Levi could not care about the three-seven-two-one, and started directly.

He didn’t notice that there were more and more people watching around.

After eating and drinking, Levi was about to leave.

“Go, I’ll give it to you!”

Xiao Qin followed behind her ass.

She looked at Levi’s eyes full of doting…

Anyone with a discerning eye can see what’s going on…

Countless boys were sad, and Xiao Qin really fell in love.

Levi and Xiao Qin had just left the canteen door, and a large group of people came to meet each other.

Block their way.

Levi tried to leave, but was surrounded on all sides.

This group of people wore Taekwondo uniforms, and they were domineering.

“Park Xingtae, what do you mean?”

Xiao Qin roared angrily.

This international student from South Korea relied on his Taekwondo strength and was extremely domineering. Any boy who came into contact with Xiao Qin did not end well.

Park Xingtai ignored Xiao Qin, but looked at Levi and warned in unfluent Chinese: “Xiao Qin mine! Get out of here!”

Chapter 324

Upon hearing this, Levi smiled.

The attitude of this international student made him extremely upset!

Xiao Qin refused to agree, and said angrily: “Pu Xingtai, please speak up. When will I become yours?”

“Xiao Qin, you are my girlfriend. This is generally accepted. Who doesn’t know about Case University?”

Park Xingtai looked smug.

Behind him, several Taekwondo Club entourages roared.

Others look angry, but dare not speak.

Not to mention that these international students are superior in the school and enjoy various privileges.

Just say that Park Heung-tae is the dark side of taekwondo, so no one dares to mess with him.

“Immediately get away from Xiao Qin, or I promise you will end badly!”

Park Xingtai said coldly.

“What happened?”

At this moment, a voice sounded.

Xiao Qin’s senior Jiang Jinyao came to the court.

He recognized Levi’s arrival at a glance.

His Lao Tzu told him that Levi is a super big person and he can make friends best.

Seeing the situation before him, Jiang Jinyao knew that his opportunity had come.

“It’s you?”

Park Xingtai’s face changed.

He deliberately investigated Xiao Qin’s suitor.

The strongest among them is this Jiang Jinyao.

“Park Xingtai, this is my friend, give me face, don’t make trouble!”

Jiang Jinyao put his hands in his pockets and said.

“What the fuck are you? I need to give you face?”

No one thought that Park Xingtai would be so angry.

Jiang Jinyao was stunned.

Before, Park Xingtai would give himself three points of face!

What happened today?

Where did he know that Park Xingtai’s father, Park Guochang, had already sought the richest man, Shane Wanshan, as a backer, so Park Xingtai didn’t pay attention to anyone.

“Pu Xingtae, what the hell do you mean? No one is in the dark?”

Jiang Jinyao was very angry.

This made him ashamed in front of Levi!

“Huh, I need to give you face? You Chinese monkeys!”

Park Heung Tae patted Jiang Jin Yao on the face.


Jiang Jinyao coldly took off his clothes and made an offensive posture.

He must teach this guy severely!

“Yell, you want to fight me? Good, good!”

Park Xingtai was very excited.

The two celebrities of the school met and attracted a lot of people to watch.

You must win this battle!

Jiang Jinyao roared wildly, like a tiger descending the mountain and rushing over.

The fist even brought a strong wind…

Seeing Jiang Jinyao who suddenly struck, Pu Xingtai’s eyes flashed with bloodthirsty killing intent.


He turned slightly to one side, avoiding Jiang Jinyao’s blow.

Immediately, the whip leg was raised, and a leg was slammed on Jiang Jinyao’s body.

Immediately, Jiang Jinyao flew out seven or eight meters, and after landing on the ground, he cried out in pain and could no longer stand up.


The whole audience sucked in cold air.

You know that Jiang Jinyao has learned all kinds of fighting skills since he was a child.

Is he too strong?

Park Xingtai looked mad, he scanned the audience: “This is Chinese Kungfu? Nonsense? It’s rubbish compared to my big Korean Taekwondo!!!

“Chinese Kungfu is rubbish! I heard that Jiang Jinyao is a great Lord of Chinese Kungfu, but it turned out to be a waste!”

“That’s right! Chinese Kungfu only exists in movies and TV. In reality, it’s just ostentatious. It’s useless at all!”

Several people in the Taekwondo Club laughed frantically.

Park Xingtai looked at everyone with a sneer and said: “Today, I will put it here. Chinese Kungfu is rubbish in my eyes! Anyone who dissatisfied can challenge me! I accept all of them! The rules, infinite fighting, it’s your own injury. “

Chapter 325

Seeing the silence of the audience, no one dared to look up at him.

Park Xingtai smiled: “No one dares to challenge? No one dares to prove Chinese Kungfu? You are really a bunch of cowards!”

In the land of Velador, in front of all Velador people, such a provocation!

Who can stand it?

But everyone was helpless.

Even a Lord like Jiang Jinyao is useless, can anyone else do it?

The others rushed up just to die!

At this moment, as long as they came into contact with Park Xingtai’s fierce gaze, everyone was frightened and immediately bowed their heads…

“Hahaha, no one in a big country dared to prove Velador Kungfu? It really disappointed me! A declining country!”

In order to behave in front of Xiao Qin, Park Xingtai has openly provoked the entire Velador!

Xiao Qin couldn’t help asking in a low voice, “Is brother-in-law really strong?”

Levi smiled: “An ant who can’t even count as rubbish!”

Levi had seen too many in the five years on the battlefield.

The combat effectiveness of the South Korean army is the worst.

At this time, Park Xingtai’s eyes suddenly fell on Levi: “What? Are you going to challenge me?”

Seeing him and Xiao Qin walking together, I already wanted to teach him a lesson.

Levi didn’t speak, but just took a step towards Park Xingtai.

Park Xingtai looked excited: “Haha, that’s great, someone finally came forward!”

Seeing Levi walking by, he had already thought of no fewer than ten ways to abuse Levi.

Soon he will show Xiao Qin what a real man is!

In the blink of an eye, Levi was less than five meters away from Park Xingtai.

Following the trend, Levi blasted his right fist.

“Trash, idiot!”

Park Xingtai dismissed it.

In his opinion, Levi’s trick was full of flaws.

Park Xingtai wanted to block it subconsciously.

But when he touched, Park Xingtai’s face changed drastically.

The speed of this punch was beyond his imagination, covering his eyes in the blink of an eye.


The punch hit Park Xingtai’s face fiercely, and he flew out like a broken kite.

A bloody arrow was shot out, and a dozen teeth flew away by the way.

After being beaten and flying out for several tens of meters and breaking two trees, Park Xingtai’s body smashed to the ground fiercely.


Immediately, Park Xingtai covered his face, arched his body and rolled in pain, echoing the screams of killing pigs.

“Children, insulting Velador Kung Fu is not enough!”

Levi cursed, and then left with Xiao Qin.

The audience fell into a dead silence.

No one thought that the Great Demon King Park Heung Tae would be so unbearable…

Levi actually punched him like this.

Now it seems that Taekwondo is rubbish!

This matter spread quickly…

At this moment, in Yinhai Square, Sarah’s new company.

Sarah is discussing cooperation with Park Guochang.

Pu Guochang developed in Case York. After many inspections, he found that Sarah’s company has great potential and is a good choice for cooperation.

At this moment, Park Guochang received a call.

“What? My son was beaten to the hospital?”

Park Guochang’s face changed drastically.

“Huh? Is Mr. Park okay?”

Sarah asked.

“Miss Logan, I’ll go back first. My son was beaten into the hospital. I’m going to have a look!”

Park Guochang Road.

“I’ll go and see with you!”

Sarah also values ​​this cooperation very much.

“it is good.”

The two reached the hospital soon.

“Who did it?”

Park Guochang asked.

“It’s a person named Levi!”

“What? Levi?”

Plum dye’s face changed drastically.

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