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Chapter 326

Park Guochang asked immediately: “Does Miss Logan know this person?”

“It’s my husband!”

Sarah answered honestly.

“Hehe, what a coincidence Miss Logan! Your husband beat my son like this? How do you say?”

Park Guochang was very angry.

The injury report showed that: Park Xingtai suffered multiple fractures in his body, and his nose was severely collapsed…

It is equivalent to Park Xingtai is already a useless person, and it would be nice to be able to bring his life back.

“Think carefully about what to do? This matter is not over! To tell you the truth, the richest man Shane Wanshan is my backer! I will definitely pursue this matter to the death!”

Park Guochang looked firm.

Sarah came to a quiet place and immediately called Levi: “Do you know that you have caused trouble?”

Levi looked surprised: “Huh? I got into trouble?”

“Did you hit someone?”

Sarah asked angrily.

“Well, it’s a beating! But we were friendly and discussed. The parties themselves have said it, and the injury counts as their own.”

Levi approached.

“You, let me say something about you? Why do you always get into trouble? This time you have a big deal!”

Plum was so angry that he hung up.

Later, she approached Park Guochang: “We admit Mr. Park this matter. I hope you can get it private. We will pay for all the medical expenses, and then we will also pay for the compensation!”

Pu Guochang glanced at him and said coldly: “That’s not good! It’s too cheap for you!”

Sarah asked, “What should Mr. Park say?”

“It’s simple! My son’s injuries are doubled and returned to your husband! My son has broken twelve ribs, and your husband will break twenty-four ribs! The same goes for other injuries!”

“Then, you accompany me to sleep for another night, I won’t pursue this matter!”

Park Guochang gave a solution.

He had an idea the first time he saw Sarah’s beauty.

This is an opportunity!

“No way!”

Sarah immediately refused.

“It’s better to compensate! We can afford how much money!”

Plum dyed.

Pu Guochang sneered again and again: “Compensation? Do you think I’m short of money? Humph! This must be done!”

“If you don’t agree, I will find the Shane family to talk to you!”

Pu Guochang’s eyes flickered with cold light.


Sarah’s face was gloomy.

Park Guochang is taking the Shane family to suppress the richest man.

If the richest man, the Shane family, intervenes, this matter will be troublesome.

If it is official, Levi will be sentenced, and it will be no problem for several years.

With the Shane family’s strength, Levi would be hurt twice as much as he did private affairs privately, and he would also be insulted.

After all, they are really nothing compared to the Shane family.

The difference between elephants and ants.

“Huh, I’ll give you a few hours to consider!”

Park Guochang said coldly.

After leaving the hospital, Park Guochang came to the city Villa for the first time, asking for help from Mr. Shane Wanshan.

“Mr. Shane Cox Hang, are you in charge?”

Park Guochang said.

Shane Wanshan’s complexion changed, and he said, “Cox Hang, I have the final say. When I mention Shane Wanshan’s name, who dares not to save face?”

“But my son mentioned your name and was beaten up. He is still lying in the intensive care unit of the hospital.”

Park Guochang said.

“What? You got beaten for mentioning my name?”

Shane Wanshan stood up quickly.

Who would dare not give him face in the city?

Park Guochang told Shane Wanshan the injury report and the general information.

“Outrageous, the people covered by my Shane Wanshan dare to move? I’m looking for death!!!”

Shane Wanshan was very angry.

Chapter 327

The same is true for other people in the Shane family.

The reputation of their Shane family is very important.

“Tell me, who is the hitter? I have taken care of this matter to the end!”

Shane Wanshan said angrily.

After all, I promised to cover others not long ago.

He must be put in place!

“Mr. Shane called Levi!”

Park Guochang answered truthfully.

“What? Levi?”

Hearing this familiar name, Shane Wanshan and others’ complexions changed drastically.

Park Guochang looked surprised: “What? Is Mr. Shane difficult to deal with?”

“No, this person is a person our Shane family hates!”

Shane Xinyi probably told Park Guochang what happened.

Piao Guochang said coldly: “This Levi is definitely not a good thing. He hugged his sister-in-law in school. My son happened to like his sister-in-law. He was beaten like this after just a few words. It’s not good to mention Shane’s family. Make!”

“Okay, are you too courageous? You don’t even put my Shane family in your eyes!”

Shane Wanshan was angry: “He actually beat people like this, well, I’ll take care of this matter!”

Park Guochang was very excited.

Unexpectedly, this Levi was so inviting, that he actually angered the Shane family.

Good thing!

Backed by the Shane family.

The son’s feud was avenged.

At the same time, Sarah can sleep!

“Let Shane Lang come!”

Shane Wanshan said coldly.

Soon Shane Lang, the captain of the Shane family guards, arrived.

This Shane Lang used to serve in the French mercenary regiment, a real super soldier king.

Has the title of No. 1 Lord in Case York!

As strong as General West Tianqiao’s men, no one was able to fight it!

It is Shane Wanshan’s trump card!

“Shane Lang, you go to Levi with Mr. Pu and warn him what to do! Just say this is what Shane Wanshan said!”

Shane Wanshan ordered.

“Understood, sir!”

A touch of cold light flashed across Shane Lang’s eyes.

In the evening, Levi had just returned home and was scolded by Sarah.

“This time things are troublesome. Park Guochang is Shane Wanshan’s. What are we going to fight against Shane Wanshan?”

“Besides, what do you do for beating people? Are you sick?”

Sarah roared.

“Cousin, no. It was Park Xingtae who provoked him, and he said he was free to learn from each other, and he was the one who hurt him! What’s more, he also hurt my senior!

Xiao Qin came to explain specifically.

“Say that’s the case, but it will be different if something goes wrong!”

Plum dyed an angry face.

At this moment, there was a knock on the door suddenly.

When I opened the door, it turned out that it was Park Guochang and Shane Lang with a group of people.

“Sarah and Levi, right? I am Shane Lang. I am on the order of Mr. Shane Wanshan to warn you! Before 12 o’clock tonight, if you two obediently go to the Lafite Mansion to accept punishment, you will forget about this matter! Otherwise! , The Shane family used all its strength to deal with you!”

Shane Lang warned.

“Yes, you have to pay the price!”

Park Guochang shouted.

“Have you misunderstood? It was your son who provoked first, and he said that it was normal to learn, and it would be okay to be injured!”

Xiao Qin defended.


Park Guochang clapped his hands.

Xiao Qin saw dozens of his classmates appear behind him.

“No! Levi and Xiao Qin hugged and hugged in the school, and classmate Park Xingtai stopped when they saw it, and was beaten like this by Levi!”

“Yes, it was Levi who provoked and acted first!”

“I also heard that Levi has been insulting others, saying that Taekwondo is rubbish!”


Xiao Qin was extremely shocked.

This group of people turned right and wrong?

Chapter 328

“You bullshit! It was Park Xingtai who threatened to insult Velador. As Velador people, don’t you have a conscience? Don’t you think about how he insulted Velador during the day?”

Xiao Qin roared.

The expressions of these people changed a little, but they quickly recovered: “Huh! Are there any? Nothing at all! How good classmate Park Xingtai is, will he insult Velador?”

“Yeah! Obviously you have a leg with your brother-in-law, and you have to be hit by someone!”

The so-called three people become a tiger.

These people condemned Levi and Xiao Qin together.

I can’t even hang plums on the dyed surface.

“No, it was Park Xingtai who hit Jiang Jinyao first! We’ll know if we call Jiang Jinyao to ask!”

Xiao Qin said suddenly.

At this time, Jiang Jinyao also walked out from behind.

“Huh, it’s impossible! Levi obviously beat me! At that time, I condemned Levi with Park Xingtai, but he beat me like this!”

Jiang Jinyao looked at Levi with resentment.

Pu Guochang looked at Levi and Xiao Qin triumphantly: “What else do you have to say now?”

“Levi and Xiao Qin must apologize, Levi must pay a painful price!”

Jiang Jinyao shouted with dozens of students.

It seemed that everything was Levi’s fault.

Jiang Jinyao still chose the Shane family between the Shane family and Levi.


The two understood instantly.

The Shane family and Park Guochang arranged everything.

Jiang Jinyao’s family is noble again, dare not to listen to the Shane family?

They attributed all the guilt to Levi and Xiao Qin.

Reverse black and white with great strength!

Levi’s only feeling was chill.

What about the conscience in this group of people?

At the time Park Xingtai insulted Velador, it was everyone’s concern.

Everyone was applauded after he shot himself.

But now he actually framed himself in turn.


Too disappointed!

Xiao Qin knew the reason for these students’ perjury, not to mention the oppression of the Shane family and Piao Guochang, it was only the identity of Piao Xingtai as an overseas student, and they all had to do so.

If you offend these international students, everyone will be excluded from the school.

Because the status of international students is very high.

At this time, everyone in the Logan family rushed to hear the news.

Together with Natalie, who was next door, also came.

After learning about the incident, everyone scolded.

“Sure enough, Levi is a beast! I used to have thoughts about my sister-in-law, but now I am ambiguous with my sister-in-law!”

“I also offended the richest man, the Shane family, and I don’t know how he died!”

“We suggest that Sarah divorce this beast as soon as possible!”

Alfred and others said one word.

Natalie also had a look of hatred for iron and steel: “Why are you all right to beat people? Did you kick the iron? You offended the Shane family!”

“Is Sarah bad? Do you want to hook up the sister-in-law?”

But Levi and Xiao Qin are indisputable.

The Shane family and Park Guochang have an absolute advantage!

“As far as I know, Park Xingtai is a black belt in Taekwondo. You can do it? Shall I, Shane Lang, fight with you?”

Shane Lang looked at Levi with interest.

“What? Shane Lang of the Shane family? The legendary No. 1 Lord of Case York?”

The expressions of Doug and others changed drastically.

Legend has it that this person is very simple and usually does not make a move. Once he makes a move, he must be physically disabled to death.

Levi is over!

Completely finished!

“Remember, go find Mr. Park before twelve o’clock tonight! If you don’t come, everyone present will be waiting for the anger of the Shane family!”

Chapter 329

After Shane Lang warned, he left here.

Before leaving, Pu Guochang smiled at Sarah.

He is bound to sleep until Sarah.

After Shane Lang and others left.

The Logan family’s verbal abuse kept on.

Because Levi was hurting them.

That is the richest man in the Shane family!

Who can afford it?

“Hurry up! Must go!”

Everyone in the Logan family was tough.

Edith cried into tears: “Can’t you stop it a bit? It’s hard to live a stable life!”

Dale sighed again and again: “It’s okay, why did you offend the Shane family?”

“For Sarah’s safety, you must go!”

Even Natalie urged.

However, Sarah pulled Levi hard: “No, if you go, they will definitely kill you!”

“Levi, are you still a man? If it’s a man, go! You take the trouble yourself!”

Natalie, Doug and others angered.

“Okay, I’ll go.”

Levi agreed.

“I’ll go with you!”

Plum dyed up.

“No, I can solve the problem alone.”

Park Guochang is waiting at the Lafite Mansion.

Shane Lang had left long ago, and the Shane family was just acting as a deterrent.

Finally at twelve o’clock, Levi came.

“Huh? Come alone? It’s okay if plum dye can’t come!”

Park Guochang said with a smile.

Backed by the Shane family.

He is confident that Sarah will fall into his hands sooner or later.

Seeing Levi, dozens of Piao Guochang’s men surrounded him round and round.

But Levi didn’t panic at all, sitting on the sofa, lighting a cigarette and smoking.

Such a calm demeanor made Pu Guochang stunned.

What does it mean?

“Shane Wanshan is your patron, right?”

Levi asked.

“Presumptuous, you can call Mr. Shane’s name directly?”

Pu Guochang said angrily.

Levi smiled: “Isn’t it just Shane Wanshan? It’s just a chicken!”

“What? You dare to insult Mr. Shane?”

Everyone in Park Guochang looked incredible.

“What about insulting him? I dare to beat him!”

Levi said coldly while smoking a cigarette.

“What? You are so courageous! I will teach you a lesson for Mr. Shane today! Come, let me give up this kid!”

Pu Guochang said angrily.

Dozens of people rushed to Levi.


But at this moment, a huge force tore the door open violently.

A group of mercenaries with different skin colors rushed in from the outside.


The mercenary squad led by James was very powerful, and soon all of Park Guochang’s men were knocked to the ground.

“And him!”

Levi pointed to Pu Guochang.

James came to Park Guochang and grabbed him like a chicken.


He punched his face directly, splashing blood.

Park Guochang was stunned.



Next, James slammed Pu Guochang into a faint with a heavy fist, and the blood flowed wildly.

Finally, Levi finished smoking a cigarette before leaving.

When Levi returned home intact, everyone looked horrified.

“Ah? What’s the matter? Didn’t they embarrass you?”

Everyone looked at Levi suspiciously.

“No, I have solved the problem, it’s okay, you can go back!”

Levi approached.

The other side.

Shane Wanshan asked, “How about? Did Pu Guochang abolish Levi?”

“Grandpa, I’ll know when I ask.”

Shane Xinyi also wanted Levi to be deposed.

“What? Park Guochang was beaten to the hospital? Worse than his son?”

After Shane Xinyi got on the phone, she looked incredible.

Chapter 330

It was late at night, but Shane Wanshan and his granddaughter Shane Xinyi and others rushed to the First Hospital.

Although Pu Guochang came back from the rescue, he remained unconscious.

Seeing Pu Guochang on the hospital bed, wrapped in zongzi.

Shane Wanshan was going to explode.

Although Park Guochang is just a small person who is not influential.

But he always stood up to his own name, he was branded like this, it was the reputation of the Shane family that was detrimental.

How could Shane Wanshan stand this?

“Well, you Levi, is it tolerable or unbearable! You provoke me again and again, and I will not forgive you!!!”

Shane Wanshan roared angrily.

“Levi knows that Park Guochang is my Shane family, but he still does it. This doesn’t put my Shane family in his eyes at all, it is directly provocative!”

The rest of the Shane family was indignant.

“Levi must be abandoned! Otherwise, where is the reputation of my Shane family?”

The news that Park Guochang was beaten quickly reached Logan’s ears.

Everyone was stunned.

It turns out that what Levi said was to put people into the hospital…

“This ba5tard! I really want to kill him!”

Doug was so angry that he blew his beard and stared.

Sarah also received the call and called Levi who was asleep to wake up.

“What did you do? Injured another person? Are you going to ruin me?”

Plum got angry and cried.

How could Levi get into trouble so much?

“Don’t worry, the Shane family will apologize to me soon!”

Levi is extremely confident.

“It’s not saved, it’s completely useless!”

Sarah didn’t sleep anymore and went to discuss countermeasures with Natalie.

Levi continued to cover his head and fell asleep.

The next day.

News in the upper circles of Case York has spread.

Someone openly provokes Shane Wanshan, the richest man.

Hitting Park Guochang is equivalent to hitting Shane Wanshan in the face.

Early in the morning, the Shane family’s motorcade was ready.

Shane Wanshan wanted to teach Levi himself, which also meant to shock all circles in Case York.

Tell the whole Case York that he Shane Wanshan is still strong!

Just as he set off, Shane Qingyun, the eldest son of Shane Wanshan, hurried over.

“Dad, what are you doing?”

Shane Qingyun asked suspiciously.

“Ah? Let’s go to Levi to settle the account!”

Shane Wanshan Road.

“Hurry up, don’t go. The new commander-in-chief Duan Tianyang is about to arrive in Case York soon! The Case York Chamber of Commerce will know the news soon, and we should pick it up quickly. We must get ahead of them.”

Shane Qingyun said anxiously.

“Huh? Is it so fast?”

Shane Wanshan was surprised.

“Yes, Commander Duan Tianyang arrived in Case York ahead of schedule. I don’t know why? I got the news right away!”

Shane Qingyun said.

“Then hurry up! Let’s go quickly! We can’t let the Case York Chamber of Commerce take the lead!”

Shane Wanshan urged.

“Grandpa, what about Levi?”

Shane Xinyi was anxious to embarrass Levi and couldn’t wait to ask.

Shane Wanshan thought about it: “There will be more opportunities to clean him up in the future. Besides, Commander Duan has just arrived, and we have caused such a thing. What a bad influence!”

“Grandpa, how about this! You go to take over Commander Duan, and I will take Shane Lang to clean up Levi. He is just a grassroots and won’t have much influence.”

Shane Xinyi was unwilling to ask, so she couldn’t help asking.

“Okay, then Levi will leave it to you to clean up!”

Shane Wanshan exhorted Shane Lang again: “Be sure to protect Miss!”

Shane Lang nodded: “Lord, don’t worry, everything is with me!”

Shane Lang has strong confidence in the abolition of ordinary people like Levi.

I even felt that it was a stubborn talent.

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