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Chapter 331

“Let’s go, Shane Lang, shall we go find Levi?”

When Shane Wanshan left, Shane Xinyi set off with Shane Lang and others.

The Shane family arrived at the airport soon.

“Father, commander-in-chief Duan is going on a private trip this time, and he’s still in the economy class of civil aviation, so I can’t come forward! Even Deputy Commander Hart Xiangqun won’t come!”

Shane Qingyun said.

Shane Wanshan smiled: “Don’t worry, leave everything to me! Today I will accompany Commander Duan…No, Mr. Duan goes around!”

Soon, Duan Tianyang’s civil aviation flight arrived.

Seeing Duan Tianyang in a simple outfit, Shane Wanshan and others greeted him.

“Hello, Mr. Duan, I am the city and Shane Wanshan. I have heard that you are coming to Case York and I am here to welcome you!”

Shane Wanshan smiled.

Duan Tianyang was taken aback for a moment, and then greeted Shane Wanshan: “Mr. Shane’s name is like thunderous ears!”

“Can Mr. Duan go to the humble house for a comment?”

Shane Wanshan invited.

Duan Tianyang smiled and refused: “Mr. Shane, the reason why I came to Case York is to visit relatives! So I am embarrassed!”

Shane Wanshan and others were startled, and said in surprise: “Huh? Mr. Duan has relatives in Case York?”

“Well, it’s a relative! In my mind, besides my parents, he is the most important person. It is he who gave me a second life! In my mind, he is the closest relative!”

Duan Tianyang smiled.

“Then I’ll send Mr. Duan there!”

Duan Tianyang was about to refuse, and Shane Wanshan immediately said: “Mr. Duan, don’t refuse in such a hurry… Mr. Duan, the news of your coming to Case York, will surely be known to more and more people in the future. There will be a lot of trouble, if I If the whole process is arranged, these troubles will be gone.”

Duan Tianyang thought for a while, and it was really like this.

After walking a Shane Wanshan, many Shane Wanshan popped up.

“Then trouble Mr. Shane!”

Finally, Duan Tianyang and Shane Wanshan got into the car.

“Where is it? Mr. Duan!”

Shane Wanshan asked.

“The location is Oriental Garden!”

Duan Tianyang smiled.

That’s right.

He came to the city in advance to meet Levi.

If you come to Case York according to the time when you take office, then once you take office, you won’t have any time.

He wanted to come and talk to Levi in advance.

“Oriental Garden? It seems familiar!”

Shane Wanshan felt familiar, but didn’t think much about it.

At the moment, in the Oriental Garden.

Shane Xinyi came with a team, a total of seven or eight cars.

Hundreds of people walked down and rushed to Levi’s house aggressively.

Frightened everyone around him to avoid.

The community security is nowhere to be seen.

Sarah and Natalie were next door. Seeing such a group of people came, Sarah had to go out subconsciously, but Natalie held him back.

“You must not go out! These are all from the Shane family! Levi will bear the burden alone!”

Natalie said.

“Boom boom…”

The Shane family guard kept knocking on the door.

Levi, who was asleep at last, was so annoyed that he got up and opened the door.

“It’s so noisy!”

Opening the door, Levi roared.

“Presumptuous! Levi, do you know what you made wrong?”

Shane Lang said angrily.

“What did I do wrong?”

Levi asked.

“Knowing that Park Guochang is under the Shane family, but you have done it again and again, you never put my Shane family in your eyes at all!”

Shane Xinyi said angrily.

“A little Shane family dare to scream in front of me? Looking for death!”

Levi was very angry.

“Levi is here for you to fucking die!!!”

Shane Xinyi stared at Levi angrily.

Chapter 332

Even Shane Xinyi was swearing.

Can you see how angry she is?

At this time, Shane Wanshan’s motorcade came to the entrance of the Oriental Garden.

The security guard at the door was still sighing, what happened today and came to the convoy again?

“Mr. Shane thanks, you can’t enter, he doesn’t like being disturbed!”

Duan Tianyang said with a smile.

“Okay, see you guys another day!”

Shane Wanshan and his party watched Duan Tianyang enter the Oriental Garden.

But they did not leave.

“Check me, who is the relative in Mr. Duan Tianyang’s mouth? I want the most detailed information!”

Shane Wanshan ordered.

“Understood, sir!”

Shane Wanshan called two more people and said, “Go, let’s go in and see, Mr. Duan has arrived at that building specifically!”

At this moment, Levi and Shane Xinyi are still facing each other.

Shane Lang stood up, and he sneered: “Originally, I didn’t need to shoot ants like you! But if you provoke the Shane family many times, I will definitely not spare you!”

Shane Xinyi stared at Levi with a sneer: “I’ll give you a chance now. As long as you kneel and kowtow ten times, I might consider letting you go!”

Levi stared at Shane Xinyi steadily.

Suddenly, he slapped Shane Xinyi’s face fiercely.


This slap sound was clear and loud, not only Shane Xinyi, but everyone present was dumbfounded.

A hot tingling sensation hit, and Shane Xinyi realized that she had been beaten.

“You…you dare to hit me?”

Shane Xinyi covered her face and looked at Levi incredulously.

“You’re looking for death! Shane Lang abandoned him for me!!!”

Shane Xinyi roared with anger.

When Shane Lang heard the order, he moved immediately.


He blasted a fist incomparably violently, pulling out a wave of breath in the air abruptly.

There was a strong wind around him, forcing everyone to retreat.

Just a punch is so powerful!

This is the number one Lord of Case York!!!

Levi stood there, as if she was frightened and stupid.

Shane Lang’s punch was too fast, he was confident enough to beat Levi to death!


Just when Shane Lang’s punch hit Levi’s face, a person suddenly appeared in front of him and took his punch.

Shane Lang immediately felt a surging force coming.

“Ding Ding Ding…”

Shane Lang took six consecutive steps to stabilize his figure.

His eyes were filled with inevitable shock.

Unbelievably looking at Duan Tianyang in front of him.

Levi didn’t expect him to come.

Although Duan Tianyang was injured and retired.

But his strength should not be underestimated.

He is a true iron-blooded warrior on the front line!

The Emperor Iron Brigade has never been a spoiler!!!

“You are presumptuous! In broad daylight, gathering so many people? Is there still a king?”

Duan Tianyang said coldly.

Shane Xinyi argued: “Hmph, in Case York, my Shane family is the law! Seeing you are good at your skills, come to my Shane family as a bodyguard? In addition, this person and our Shane family absolutely moved today! Those who know, get out of the way!”

Shane Lang stared at Duan Tianyang, he hadn’t encountered such a Lord in many years.

“Duan Mou is the most unpredictable thing to bully! I’ll take care of it!!!”

Not to mention that this person is General God of War, even an ordinary person, he will also take care of it!

“Then you are looking for death!!!”

Shane Lang was already angry.


Just as he started, there was a humming sound from behind.

Everyone turned their heads and saw that it was Shane Wanshan who was here.

“Grandpa, didn’t you go to the airport to meet the commander-in-chief? Why did you come to the Oriental Garden?”

Chapter 333

Shane Xinyi asked curiously.

Shane Wanshan is really going to explode!

What is this unfilial son doing?

The one in front of you is Commander Duan!

“Grandpa, we are teaching Levi, someone who doesn’t have eyesight comes! Shane Lang, clean him up first!”

Shane Xinyi ordered.

Without waiting for Shane Lang to make a move this time, Shane Wanshan slapped Shane Xinyi’s face with a slap.

Shane Xinyi’s right cheek also quickly swelled.

A beautiful face was swollen like a bun.

Shane Xinyi is the most dumbfounded.

How can I get such a short time, I got slapped twice.

Others are also dumbfounded.

Including Duan Tianyang.

“Grandpa, how did you hit me?”

Shane Xinyi asked cryingly.

Shane Lang also asked curiously: “Lord, what is going on?”

Shane Wanshan roared with anger: “Do you know who is standing in front of you? This is Duan Tianyang, commander-in-chief of the the city Military Region!!!”


As soon as these words came out, the scene was full of cold breath sounds.

Everyone is going crazy!!!

It turned out to be the commander-in-chief of the military sector!

This time the flood really washed the Dragon King Temple.

Shane Lang immediately realized what his behavior was just now…

“Tick Tick Tick…”

For a while, Shane Lang’s cold sweat kept flowing.

Even Shane Xinyi was numb.

She stared at Duan Tianyang blankly.

How can you not think that this is the commander-in-chief?

Just now I was constantly provoking, and threatened that the Shane family was the law of Case York…

Big trouble!

Too much trouble!

After clarifying the relationship, Duan Tianyang sneered: “So these people belong to the Shane family, they are not the same as Mr. Shane! Mr. Shane is amiable, but the other Shane family members are more overbearing, and said that the Shane family is the law of Case York. !”

When Duan Tianyang said this, even Shane Wanshan was shocked.

Commander Duan is taking accountability!

“Commander Duan doesn’t know who is not guilty, and their young people are making a profit for a while! Don’t take it to your heart!”

Shane Wanshan immediately apologized.

“Yes, Commander Duan is our fault! You just put us as a F*rt, right?”

Shane Xinyi and others immediately apologized.

Shane Lang almost knelt down…

“Hmph, the person you should apologize to is not me, it’s someone! Bringing so many people to disturb the people early in the morning!”

Duan Tianyang said coldly.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Levi, we promise that we won’t harass you again! Park Guochang’s incident has been completely wiped out!”

Shane Wanshan is an old fried dough stick.

Immediately hinted at this matter to stop.

It needs to be shown to Duan Tianyang.

“Yes, yes! That’s what Park Guochang and his son deserved, they should be beaten!”

Shane Xinyi also said.

“Mr. Garrison is sorry!!!”

Shane Lang shouted with everyone.

Seeing them apologize, Duan Tianyang nodded in satisfaction.

“Well, it’s almost the same! I won’t pursue this matter anymore, Mr. Shane, I will pay you back for the kindness that you drove me!”

Duan Tianyang Road.

If you dare to offend the god in his mind in other places, all these people will die!

In order not to make a big mess, Duan Tianyang didn’t pursue it.


Shane Wanshan looked embarrassed.

If such an unpleasant thing happened, it would be difficult to establish a relationship with Duan Tianyang.

“Then Shane Wanshan left with these unfilial sons! See you another day, Commander Duan!”

Shane Wanshan wants to take people away.

“Hold on, did I tell you to leave?”

But at this moment, a voice sounded.

I saw Levi staring at Shane Wanshan and others with cold eyes.

Chapter 334

Duan Tianyang didn’t pursue the Shane family anymore.

But he doesn’t know Levi!!!


Shane Wanshan and others were all dumbfounded.

Duan Tianyang let them leave.

Levi won’t let them leave now?


What is he?

Dare to provoke the Shane family?

“You harassed me early in the morning, do you really think I am annoying?”

Levi said coldly.

Shane Wanshan didn’t feel it.

But Duan Tianyang was scared enough.

Because he knew Levi was really angry.

Shane Wanshan suppressed his anger and asked, “What should Brother Garrison say?”

“Everyone of the Shane family came to me and knelt down for a day and night to apologize! I will let the Shane family go! Otherwise, the Shane family will end up like the Case York Chamber of Commerce and disappear from Case York!

Levi sounded like a knife.

Duan Tianyang knew that Levi was coming for real.

the city is going to have a big earthquake this time.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce will suffer together!


Shane Xinyi laughed out loud.

“Levi, do you really think of yourself as a character? You want to use Commander Duan’s power to suppress our Shane family? You are obviously a bully!”

“You wishful thinking!”

Shane Wanshan also said angrily: “We have no grievances with Commander Duan, don’t take advantage of his momentum!”

Levi sneered and said, “I warned you last time. It seems that you didn’t listen to it! Forget it, let’s be a company with the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Levi said this.

Shane Wanshan even laughed.

This Levi’s ambition is not small.

Not only to deal with the Shane family, but also to deal with the Case York Chamber of Commerce!

“Hahaha, I really heard the biggest joke in the world! Looking at Case York, who can move our Shane family and the Case York Chamber of Commerce? Porter leaders can’t!”

“Yes! No one has this ability!”

Shane Wanshan looked proud.

Again, moving them is equivalent to moving the foundation of Case York.

Who has this ability?

“Then you just wait! I will definitely take the Shane’s operation!”

Levi’s voice was cold.

“Hahaha, well, then we wait!”

Shane Wanshan everyone laughed.

After saying goodbye to Duan Tianyang, they hurriedly left.

Not afraid of Levi, but worried that Duan Tianyang was unhappy.

“General, I came to see you…”

Duan Tianyang looked at Levi excitedly, and was about to kneel on the ground.

In the battle that he retired three years ago, if it weren’t for Levi’s rescue, Duan Tianyang would have no chance of surviving.

So Levi gave him a rebirth.

“Why did you come here so early, old man?”

Levi asked.

“General, I want to come and see you, and then see the general’s wife…”

Duan Tianyang smiled.

“Come in now!”

Levi took him into the house.

Sarah next door was still controlled by Natalie.

“Huh? Why can’t I hear the sound?”

Natalie came to the window to see that everyone was gone.

She and Sarah ran outside, and those people had already left without a trace.

“Should something happen to Levi, right?”

Sarah and Natalie entered the house immediately.

I was dumbfounded after entering the house.

Levi was talking with a strange man.

Duan Tianyang saw Sarah and stood up.

“Huh? This is?”

Sarah asked curiously.

Levi introduced: “Old Duan, this is my wife, this is her girlfriend!”

“Wife, this is my good friend Duan Tianyang, who just came from Yanjing!”

After hearing the introduction, Sarah greeted enthusiastically.

Natalie had arms around her chest, with an air of lofty attitude.

Dismissed Duan Tianyang.

Levi’s friend?

Where can it be better?

Chapter 335

She read countless people.

Although Duan Tianyang has momentum, he is more of a compromise on life.

Looking at his clothes, he must be living a desolate life.

Seeing this, she was not interested at all.

“By the way, where is Levi from the Shane family just now? Didn’t they come to you for revenge? Why are they missing?

Natalie asked curiously.

“They were scared away! Wait, they will apologize to me sooner or later!”

Levi approached.

“Huh, the Shane family apologizes to you? Are you crazy?”

Natalie didn’t believe it at all.

Sarah would not believe it either.

Duan Tianyang smiled: “I happened to encounter this incident. I had a theory with Mr. Shane and he promised not to pursue Pu Guochang again!”

Natalie sneered: “Who do you think you are? Shane Wanshan will listen to you?”

Immediately, Sarah called to confirm.

“Natalie is real, the Shane family won’t pursue it!”

Sarah said with surprise.

“Huh? Is there anything else?”

Natalie changed his mind and said, “Huh, Mr. Shane is also noble, and you won’t be held accountable!”

Duan Tianyang just smiled and said nothing.

On the other side, in the the city Villa.

“Lord, I have sent someone to check. Who is the relative of Commander Duan?”

The butler looked disappointed.

Shane Wanshan said: “I expected this. If we wanted to know, we would have known it.”

“Well, send someone to follow Commander Duan, and you will know who his relatives are.”

“Lord can’t do it!”

Shane Lang immediately refused.

“Huh? What?”

Shane Wanshan asked.

“Commander Duan’s strength is unfathomable. I have fought with him before, and he is not under me. If you send someone to monitor, you will definitely be spotted!”

Shane Lang said.

“What? A commander is so scary?”

Shane Qingfeng took a cold breath.

“The rumor that everyone in Emperor Iron Traveler is a God of War, it seems true!”

“Let’s make good preparations for the ceremony!”

Shane Wanshan also took a look at Shane Xinyi: “When Xinyi comes, you will dress up! Be present in the most beautiful appearance!”

“Ah? Grandpa, why is this?”

Shane Xinyi was a little puzzled.

“I heard that General God of War is in his twenties, and he is still single. What if you are attracted to you?”

Shane Wanshan’s words made Shane Xinyi feel itchy.

General God of War is a great Chinese hero!

May I ask which woman is unwilling to marry General God of War?

Now that I have such a big opportunity, can I not be excited?

“Yeah, we will match up again at that time! Your identities also match! Then you will be the general’s wife!”

Shane Qingfeng smiled.

Shane Wanshan touched his chin: “Well, today I have something to do with Commander Duan. When the time comes, I will tell Commander Duan that it is very likely!”

A few words made Shane Xinyi dreamy.

I can’t hate Ren Dadian to start immediately, so that I can see General God of War!

The Shane family’s plan turned out to be to marry Shane Xinyi to General God of War!

“Then what if General God of War looks down on it?”

Someone raised a question.

Everyone was stunned.

This possibility is also great.

Shane Lang said: “Lord, I have an idea-let’s use some means to make General God of War and the young lady round the house, so that after the raw rice is cooked, General God of War must marry if he doesn’t marry!”

Shane Wanshan’s eyes flashed, and he laughed loudly: “Okay, that’s a good idea!”

The Shane family is going to use means to solidify the relationship between Levi and Shane Xinyi.

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