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Chapter 336

The Shane family has a plan.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce has more plans.

After all, they are badly injured.

Erick Group eventually grew into their confidant.

Now it has reached an uncontrollable situation.

They have nothing to do.

The only feasible plan is to make friends with General God of War and Commander Duan.

Tonight, they specially invited Fu Longxing.

I want Fu Longxing to give them ideas!

“Erick Group is developing rapidly, and all parties are giving preferential policies! After all, it is stimulating the economy for Case York. It is really doing well in this regard.”

Fu Long walked along the road.

“But, Fu Lao, Erick Group will occupy our market next! We are in danger!”

“They are very ambitious, and they are even involved in the Shane family’s industry. They are afraid that they will swallow our Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Several people in Lei Qianjue were extremely worried.

“Can Old Fu have an idea?”

Yu Buqun asked.

Fu Longxing shook his head helplessly: “If you secretly engage in actions, the effect will not be too great. You have seen the strength of the Erick Group, and all previous problems can be resolved!”

“I think, did you forcibly acquire Erick Group?”

In Fu Long’s jargon, Feng Yi turned around.

“This is really possible! Do both soft and hard, buy Erick Group!”

The eyes of Lei Qianjue and others lit up fiercely.

“This is a bit difficult, isn’t it? I heard that the owner of Erick Group, Shenlong, sees the beginning and the end!”

Qin Zhenglin asked questions.

Han Xiaokun shook his head: “Not difficult, easy to handle, you forgot how we bought the company before?”

Several old foxes looked at each other and smiled.

“Well, you should prepare more for the ceremony! At that time, I will ask Dean to introduce General God of War and Commander Duan Tianyang for you! If these two support you, it will be fine for you to do something extraordinary.”

Fu Longxing smiled.

“Old Fu, thank you! You are the great benefactor of the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Several people in Lei Qianjue were very excited.

After the hospital incident, Erick Group developed more and more rapidly.

Not only was it overpowering the Case York Chamber of Commerce, it also eroded many industries of the richest man, the Shane family.

Even the major artists who endorsed the Erick Group have also developed better, and various announcements have been softened.

But Changfeng Entertainment is not as good as one day, and it is only a matter of time before bankruptcy.

Net celebrity Xiao Linger and agent Cross Meilan are even more miserable. They are blocked by the industry and can’t find the slightest way out.

They only have to go abroad or change careers.

But they won’t let it go!

In their opinion, everything is Levi’s fault!

They want Levi to die!

After all, it was Levi who ruined everything about them.

They have been looking for a killer these days, but the underground circle of Case York is very quiet, without knowing it.

But they finally found a reliable killer from the provincial capital.

At this time, Xiao Ling’er and Cross Meilan were lying on a big bed in a five-star hotel. The two of them were naked and clinging to the arms of the man in the middle.

The man has a devil tattoo on his chest, which looks very bluffing.

He is the black boxing Lord Logan Kuang who was invited from the provincial capital Jinling for the relationship between Xiao Ling’er and Cross Meilan.

Logan Kuang was born in black boxing. He used a pair of iron fists to kill forty-eight people in a black boxing match a year.

He is currently ranked fifth in the Jinling underground boxing arena!

Nicknamed “Devil.”

This guy is cruel and has never failed many times. The goal is either death or disability.

Ordinary people please stay still.

Xiao Ling’er and Cross Meilan were not good at money, only when they slept with them, Logan Kuang agreed to take the shot.

Chapter 337

“Brother Kuang, I don’t know what’s wrong recently. The underground circle of Case York is completely quiet. I can’t invite anyone…”

Xiao Linger said coquettishly.

“You are afraid that you don’t know that General West Tianqiao and Du Yuesheng, the number one person on Case York Road, have been suppressed, and the underground world of Case York has been cleansed, so it is normal that no one will come forward!”

Logan Kuang sneered.

“Then Brother Logan, can you?”

Xiao Ling’er looked worried.

“Hmph, the rules of Case York can’t restrain me. Besides, as long as I solve the problem, I will return to Jinling immediately. No one can do anything to me!”

Logan Kuang looked confident.

Over the years, many wealthy people have asked him to take action. Whether at home or abroad, he will come and go freely after killing.

At all, they didn’t regard Xiao Linger’s goal as the same thing.

Just a little the city!

Immediately, Logan Kuang pressed Xiao Ling’er under his body…

An hour later, Logan Kuang got up and got dressed.

“Give me the picture! I’ll leave when I finish it!”

Logan Kuang said coldly.

Xiao Linger hurriedly passed Levi’s picture to Logan Kuang.

Logan Kuang kept staring.

Cross Meilan said by the side: “Brother Logan Qian has been sent to your account! Please check!”

“Well, wait for my news, it won’t take more than an hour!”

Logan Kuang left the hotel.

Xiao Ling’er and Cross Meilan’s eyes flashed with cold light: “Levi will see you today next year is your anniversary! Ruin us, die!!!”

Logan Kuang was not alone, and he brought four entourages with him.

They are all first-class Lords.

“Hurry up and find out where this kid is!”

Logan Kuang put the photo of Levi on the table with a dagger.

Levi at this time.

Not in the Oriental Garden.

He is having a barbecue with Qin Beishan and Duan Tianyang on the barbecue street.

Duan Tianyang’s free and easy character is destined to become friends with Qin Beishan.

The three of them sat together, chatting, and chatting about family life.

Everyone is holding wine glasses in their hands, bearing in their chests the future of Velador.

Barbecue Street was originally a place of three religions and nine tiers. When the demon Logan Kuang and his party appeared, they did not arouse much attention.

It’s just that passers-by think they are not easy to mess with, so they hide away subconsciously.

Several people stood on a corner, looking at Levi and the three who were drinking and eating barbecue not far away.

“Brother Kuang has confirmed that it is Levi!”

A little brother has returned.

Logan Kuang nodded: “Okay, everyone wait for my signal!”

“What about the other two mad brothers?”

Asked the younger brother.

“Kill together!!!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Logan Kuang’s eyes.




After Logan Kuang counted down to three, he suddenly rushed out and strode quickly in the direction of Levi’s trio.

The five people hid their right hands at the waists of their clothes, clutching their weapons tightly.

Logan Kuang’s eyes flickered with cold light.

Levi at this moment is tantamount to a dead body in his eyes!

The five walked as fast as lightning, and immediately came to Levi’s three people.

Levi and Duan Tianyang had already noticed a few people, they suddenly turned around, but Logan Kuang’s five were stunned.

“Levi, right? Someone wants your dog’s life! Give me death!!!”

Logan Kuang suddenly pulled out a shimmering dagger, and suddenly stab Levi.

The other four also drew their daggers from their waists and stab Qin Beishan and Duan Tianyang.

It is worthy of being a super Lord, the five people are like electricity, and they are not procrastinated!

Qin Beishan’s retina was full of gleaming cold rays, and he was dumbfounded.

It’s so fast!

Chapter 338

A large amount of cold air penetrated into his body, making his scalp numb and blood clotting.

At this moment, it is as if the soul has left the body.

This is the feeling of death!

Logan Kuang was very excited, less than one centimeter away from Levi’s neck, as long as he pierced in, the task was completed.


But at the next moment, I heard a crisp sound, and there was a huge force on the dagger.

Logan Kuang was surprised to find that Levi had actually clamped the dagger with two fingers.


An even more incredible scene happened when Levi smashed his dagger into two pieces.


Half of the dagger was inserted directly into his body.


so horrible!

Logan Kuang has fought black fists for twenty years and has never seen such a terrifying existence as Levi!



Looking at the other four people, under Duan Tianyang’s men, they were beaten like a broken kite and flew out, vomiting blood in their mouths.

Logan Kuang’s eyes were full of incredible.

What the fuck is this monster?

He and his four brothers are both super Lords in the underground black boxing world. How come they are like rubbish in front of these two people?


Realizing that something was wrong, Logan Kuang immediately ordered.

The five people scrambled and tried to escape.

But at this time, suddenly a large crowd of people appeared at the entrance of the street in front of them, and there were hundreds of people, to say nothing.

Everyone rushed over aggressively.

These people belonged to Old Nine and Third Lord, and when they saw that Levi was in trouble, everyone rushed forward.

The expressions of the five Logan Kuang changed drastically, and they fled in the opposite direction.

But just after a few steps, dozens of people appeared in darkness.

They are all foreigners with different skin colors, each of them is as tall as a mountain.

The lead is naturally James!


Logan Kuang is really going to vomit blood.

Who is this provoking?

I knew I wouldn’t be here!

This is a big trouble!

Whether you can live is a question!

“Little Ling’er of Gou Ri and Cross Mei stop you to cheat Lao Tzu!”

Logan Kuang was frightened and sweated.

“Brothers! These people dare to move Mr. Garrison! Fight to death!”

James gave an order and everyone rushed up.

Although Logan Kuang’s five men were strong in combat, they were injured in the front, and they were nearly besieged. They were quickly beaten to death. The bones were not known how much they were broken, and the blood stained the whole person red.

Finally, the five Logan Kuang were thrown into the trash…

Levi left after receiving a text message.

This was sent by Wesley, saying that it had been found that the killer had been sent.

In the Hilton Hotel.

Xiao Ling’er and Cross Meilan waited anxiously.

Because an hour passed.

There is no news from Logan Kuang at all!

They can’t help but worry a little bit.

“Why haven’t news come yet?”

Xiao Linger held the phone.

Cross Meilan realized that something was wrong, and she immediately said: “Let’s leave Case York as soon as possible! I always feel that something is going to happen!”

“it is good!”

Several people took their luggage, and Cross Meilan went to open the door.


As a result, someone outside kicked all the people around the door!


The door panel also hit Cross Meilan fiercely.

At this time, Levi and Wesley appeared.

“Where are you going?”

Levi asked with a smile.

“Ah? Why are you still alive?”

Xiao Linger’s eyes were full of horror.

“Haha, the people you sent to kill me are too trash! They should be dead!”

Levi smiled.

“Ah? How is it possible? That is the demon Logan Kuang I invited from the Jinling Underground Boxing Ground, you can’t be alive!”

Xiao Ling’er yelled frantically.

Chapter 339

“You have been convicted of deliberate homicide, come and take away!”

At this time, Fu Xuejian appeared from outside.

A large number of policemen followed directly, arresting Xiao Ling’er and the others.

Levi doesn’t care about this matter at all. Logan Kuang’s is too weak, right?

Still want to kill him?

Simply overwhelming!

All night.

The Case York Chamber of Commerce and the Shane family have received the news.

The demon Logan Kuang of Jinling, the provincial capital, came to kill Levi, but he was killed by Levi…

“Haha, this Levi is really ignorant! Everyone dares to move? Logan Kuang is the son of the provincial capital Logan Erye! Isn’t his kid looking for death?”

Shane Wanshan laughed.

Shane Xinyi also looked excited: “Grandpa, also said that Levi is inevitable to die?”

“Isn’t it! Logan Erye has no children at his knees! I love Logan Kuang a lot, this time Levi is afraid it is dangerous!”

Shane Wanshan touched the beard on his chin and smiled.

“Huh, let him still dare to threaten our Shane family? Are you looking for death? This is not!”

Shane Xinyi could imagine how miserable Levi’s end was.

Only three days have passed since he took office, and Duan Tianyang had already gone to the Case York Military Region to prepare.

Levi also returned to the company to “work” normally.

Natalie, who had just finished the meeting, suddenly received a call, and her expression changed.

Even others could see the abnormality.

“President Fisher, what’s wrong with you?”

Natalie shook her head: “I’m fine! Well, Xiao Logan prepares a car for me, I want to go out, remember, don’t need the driver!”

Afterwards, Natalie drove to Case York International Airport alone.

After arriving at the airport, a man in a suit and leather shoes saw the car, opened the door and sat in.

“Luo Yichen, let me go down! I didn’t let you sit in my car. I was afraid of dirtying my car!”

Seeing the man, Natalie said angrily.

Luo Yichen helped with the frame of the glasses and smiled and said, “Natalie, anyway, I am your ex-boyfriend, a bit old-fashioned, right? Why do you have this attitude?”

Natalie looked angry: “Huh! You scumbag! I don’t have any old love with you!”

Natalie actually had a relationship when she was abroad.

It was just that Luo Yichen soon discovered that Luo Yichen was a scumbag, and while socializing with her, he also socialized with seven or eight girls!

Natalie found out that she broke up immediately and regarded it as a shame!

With her arrogant personality, she would never allow this matter to be known to her acquaintances.

Even Sarah didn’t know about this.

“If there is no old love, why did you come to the airport to pick me up?”

Luo Yichen said with a smile, even going to pull Natalie’s hand.

“Go away!”

Natalie pushed him away fiercely.

“I didn’t come to pick you up at the airport, so you can quickly say, what do you want to give me those things?”

Natalie said angrily.

Luo Yichen smiled and said, “What do you think you are anxious about? Luo Yichen’s character is still reliable. I haven’t released your privacy for so many years!”


Natalie is going to explode.

Before breaking up, Luo Yichen Lorded her extremely private secrets, and kept using it as a threat.

Over the years Natalie has given millions.

“Let’s talk about it! How much money will you give me?”

Natalie asked.

“This condition is a bit difficult for you! But you still have to agree! If you don’t agree, I promise to spread your privacy immediately, and I promise to ruin you at that time!”

Luo Yichen threatened.

Chapter 340


Natalie was angry, but helpless.

I thought that by coming to the city, I would be able to avoid this guy, but I didn’t expect him to chase him.

This is her lifelong nightmare!

“What are the conditions? Just say how much money you can give me?”

Natalie said coldly.

Luo Yichen smiled: “I don’t want money!”

He is not short of money now, and the Case York Chamber of Commerce has given him a full ten million.

After the incident, there are still 40 million!

That’s right, Luo Yichen is a trick used by the Case York Chamber of Commerce to acquire Erick Group.

After many inquiries, they found Natalie’s ex-boyfriend Luo Yichen, and grasped her privacy, immediately bought Luo Yichen and let him do the work.

This is one of the methods used by the Case York Chamber of Commerce to unearth all kinds of black material or weaknesses in the senior executives of rival companies to disintegrate the opponent.

Another ruthless method is to use the life and death of a hostile company’s senior as a threat.

Or it may be a forced acquisition, and it is common for people to die.

The mall is like a battlefield.

The invisible blood is gone.

Therefore, the Case York Chamber of Commerce is confident that it can acquire Erick Group.

“Huh? What do you want?”

Natalie looked surprised.

“I heard that you are great now, and you are in control of the Erick Group! You are worth more than one billion, right? It’s much better than your development abroad!”

Luo Yichen said with a smile.

Natalie realized that something was wrong.

“what are you going to do?”

She asked cautiously.

“I ask you if Erick Group is in power right now?”

Luo Yichen asked.

“I am the vice president, but most of the decision-making power of the company is in my hands.”

Natalie said.

“If you say that, the boss of Erick has handed over the company to you?”

Natalie nodded: “Well, that’s right!”

“Well, I want to buy Erick Group now, can you call the shots?”

Natalie’s face turned pale when Luo Yichen said this.

“What? Are you crazy? You want to buy Erick Group? Do you know what the market value of Erick Group is now? Almost 20 billion! What are you buying?”

Natalie asked angrily.

Luo Yichen smiled and said, “It’s not me who bought it, it’s my boss who bought it!”

“Who is your boss?”

Natalie suddenly realized that there was a conspiracy.

“Listen well, my boss is from the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

“Now Case York Chamber of Commerce intends to acquire Erick Group, and I specially sent me to negotiate with you!”

Luo Yichen said with a smile, his eyes kept on Natalie’s body.

“What? Case York Chamber of Commerce?”

Natalie looked surprised.

I immediately understood that this was a conspiracy of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

I want to use Luo Yichen to suppress myself.

The key is that Luo Yichen really holds his own handle!

“The Case York Chamber of Commerce has taken a fancy to Erick Group. There are two models for you to choose. First, Erick Group joins the Case York Chamber of Commerce Alliance and becomes a part. Second, the Case York Chamber of Commerce directly acquires Erick Group!

Luo Yichen said.

Natalie immediately shook her head: “Impossible!!! Erick Group is now in a competitive relationship with the Case York Chamber of Commerce, how can it be acquired by them!”

Luo Yichen calmed down and said with a smile: “The Case York Chamber of Commerce also knows that you will not agree, so I specifically found me and let me talk to you.”

“Didn’t you say that you control Erick Group? This is much better! I suggest you join the Case York Chamber of Commerce, your future will be better!”

Natalie immediately refused: “Impossible! I won’t join the Case York Chamber of Commerce anyway! You will die!”

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