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Chapter 341

“Natalie, do you have any other choice? If you don’t agree, I will make your privacy public! You are so well-known now, if these things are released, tusk, a new queen of the business world, secretly this What would the public think?”

Luo Yichen said with a smile.

He also holds an economic magazine in his hand, and the cover is impressively Natalie.

It was released by her in an interview with the media just now.

Natalie is now even more popular than second- and third-line artists!

The thought of one’s own privacy once sent out, it will be a devastating blow to oneself!

With her arrogant personality, she absolutely can’t stand it!

Natalie’s attitude is not as blunt as before, she said softly: “If the company is to be acquired or join the Case York Chamber of Commerce, I can’t be the Lord!”

“No, you don’t want to deceive anyone. The Case York Chamber of Commerce has long understood clearly, and now you have the final say in Erick Group, it is up to you to buy it or not!”

Luo Yichen looked like eating Ding Natalie.


Natalie’s brain was blank, and the other party came to her, and she must have arranged everything.

The most important thing is that I really have the right to sell the company…

In this way, she would not break the law, and went away after a big deal.

“Think about it. If you are afraid of offending people then, Case York Chamber of Commerce will support you and provide the position you want!”

Luo Yichen played both soft and hard.

Let Natalie have no choice.

“By the way, the deadline given by the Case York Chamber of Commerce is only one day today. If you can’t do it, I promise to send out your privacy tonight!”

Luo Yichen threatened.

“Can you slow down? One day is too short!”

Natalie asked palely.

“If you want to slow down! See you at the Marriott Hotel tonight. Remember, you have to bring ten million! Otherwise, there is no discussion about this matter!”

After Luo Yichen finished speaking, he got off the car directly without giving Natalie a chance to discuss it.

After getting off the car, Luo Yichen called Lei Bufan, the son of Lei Qianjue of Lei Jia, and said, “Mr. Lei, everything is done! Within three days, Natalie, this lady, absolutely sold the Erick Group!”

“Well, well done. I’ll call you another ten million! Remember to collect the money!”

A voice came across.

“Thank Mr. Lei!”

After hanging up, Luo Yichen was extremely excited.

“There really is a pie in the sky? This is a conservative earning fifty or sixty million, and I can still put Natalie to sleep tonight! What a delight!”

Although Luo Yichen knew Natalie’s most private things, before the two went to bed, Natalie found out that he was dating seven or eight girls.

Luo Yichen has always wanted to sleep with Natalie, this opportunity finally came.


Natalie sat slumped in her seat with a look of despair.

To blame, she was young and ignorant, allowing Luo Yichen to Lord the secret of privacy.

Now I regret nowhere to cry.

To be honest, Natalie regards those privacy as more important than his own life.

If these things are exposed.

Natalie really wants to jump off the building!!!

“what do I do?”

“Do you really want to sell Erick Group?”

Natalie really didn’t know what to do.

“Forget it, go back to the company first!”

Natalie also understands what it means to find Luo Yichen tonight.

He must sleep with him before he promises to postpone it.

On the way back to the company, Natalie was obviously absent-minded.

I don’t know how to drove back to the company.



When she first arrived at the company, Natalie slammed into a car head-on.

Chapter 342

On the opposite car, a man walked down and shouted angrily: “How did you drive the car? Blind? I turned the turn signal and gave you a few times, but you still bumped into it?”

“Huh? Natalie is you?”

Levi found out that Natalie was the one who hit him.

He was scolding just now!

That idiot drove around, when the road was his home.

I didn’t expect it to be her!

Hearing Levi’s roar, Natalie reacted: “Ah? What’s wrong?”

“Fuck, are you distracted? You hit Lao Tzu’s car!”

Levi said coldly.

He found that Natalie was a little different today.

This girl is absent-minded.

what happens?

“Huh? Excuse me?”

After getting out of the car, Natalie knew that she had crashed.

Finally, she called the car repair company and towed the two cars away.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Levi asked.

“I’m fine!”

Natalie answered absently.

“Hey, are your underwear straps exposed?”

Levi said suddenly.

“Huh? Where?”

Natalie immediately lowered her head to check. After a long time, she discovered that Levi was lying to herself.

Levi didn’t take it seriously and went to the office of the technical department and continued to drink tea and smoke.

Fu Yuxiang came to Levi and said, “Mr. Garrison, our reserve of technical talents is not enough. I want to tap and cultivate a group of talents!”

“Then do what you want!”

Levi approached.

“But Mr. Garrison needs to spend a huge amount of money…”

Fu Yuxiang hesitated.

“That little money is okay! Just let go and do it! You are fully responsible for talent cultivation. If you dig that talent, you tell me and I will arrange it!”

Levi approached.

“Understood, President Garrison!”

Fu Yuxiang looked surprised.

It’s so cool to be around Levi.

Today’s Natalie is absent-minded all day long, anyone can tell.

One report that needed her review was not approved.

The whole person is like a walking dead, sitting in a chair stupidly, keeping a position still.

This makes the secretary assistants very puzzled.

Fisher used to be very energetic, not like today.

“Could it be that my aunt is here?”

Everyone can only guess this possibility.

The other side.

Luo Yichen received a huge sum of 20 million as soon as he returned to Velador. At this moment, he was squandering wildly in a club.

In the small box, there were a dozen beauties, and Luo Yichen hugged each other.

“Luo Luo, you are really developed this time!”

Sitting in the middle is a bald Mann Qiang.

The nickname is strong bald, and he is the biggest gangster on the bar street.

He is covering the biggest bars in Case York.

There were also a few tall bastards sitting next to him, who were capable fighters with strong bald heads.

This kid Luo Yichen used to have a bad private life, so he spent every day in nightclubs and clubs.

I am very familiar with these gangsters.

Of course Luo Yichen borrowed more than one million from the bald head because of gambling.

After being forced to be helpless, he secretly ran to the United States.

After Luo Yichen came back this time, he immediately wanted to pay Bald Qiang back and invite them to be cool.

“Brother Qiang, give me an account, I will call you all your money immediately!”

The current Luo Yichen’s more than one million is not in his eyes at all.

In the future, he wants to develop in Case York, and it is necessary to have a good relationship with the bald head.

The bald head smoked a cigarette, and a lewd smile appeared at the corner of his mouth: “By the way, Ronaldinho heard that you are going to put Natalie of the Erick Group to sleep at night?”

“Yes, I hold her most private secret, she must accompany me to sleep!”

Luo Yichen said proudly.

Chapter 343

Bald Qiang laughed and said: “When I mention this girl, I am greedy!”

Others also said: “Yes, Natalie has a good figure, she is beautiful, and she is pure and cold on the surface. She must be a slut on the bed! It’s so fucking!”

After they read Natalie’s magazine, they couldn’t help it.

Even if there are more than a dozen beauties in the box.

Bald Qiang took a look, and instantly lost interest.

How can Natalie taste enough!

Thinking of Natalie, he is no longer interested in any woman.

“In this way, at night Ronaldinho we put Natalie to sleep together, I don’t want the money you owe, and you will be my good brother in the future, and I will cover you if anything happens!”

The bald head patted Luo Yichen’s shoulder heavily.

“Okay! Brother Qiang, you come first, I am second, and the other brothers will come together!”

“This b!tch has always pretended to be innocent. Let’s go together to see how bad she is in the evening? Hey…”

Luo Yichen immediately agreed.

“Haha, good brother!”

The bald head looked expectant.

His little brother asked, “Brother Qiang, do you want to prepare some tools and medicine?”

The bald head smiled and said, “Of course we have to prepare! We are going to play Natalie until she collapses!”

Natalie was in a daze in the office when her mobile phone rang.

It was from Luo Yichen.

“Natalie will be off work soon, have you considered it?”

Luo Yichen asked.

“I…I’m thinking about it…”

Natalie gritted his teeth and agreed.

“Well, after you get off work, I will pick you up personally at the Marriott Hotel on Haibin Road!”

After Luo Yichen hung up the phone, he told the people of Baldou Qiang. They were so happy that they couldn’t hear from ear to ear.

A group of people hurried to the Marriott Hotel, they couldn’t help it.

It’s finally time for get off work.

Natalie first mentioned 10 million to a card, then took a pair of sharp scissors and put it in his bag, and left the office.

This makes everyone feel even more strange.

Natalie used to work overtime until 11:12, so he left at 6 today?

There is a problem…

But as a subordinate, how can one care about the private life of the boss.

At this time, Levi, who had slept for a whole afternoon, woke up, stretched his waist, and got ready to leave work.

“You said Mr. Fisher is too weird today? He didn’t do anything for a day, he was absent-minded all the time.”

“Isn’t it, it’s very abnormal, and it’s not her menstrual period today, it’s so strange!”

“It seems to be like this after answering a phone call in the morning…”

Walking in the company, Levi heard a few girls talking about them.

“No, Natalie should have something wrong!”

Levi exclaimed.

I thought it was accidental to crash with myself in the morning.

Now things seem to be abnormal.

He immediately called Suzaku: “Check me, Natalie’s trajectory today!”

“Understood, General!”

At this time, Natalie had already arrived at the Marriott Hotel.

Luo Yichen was waiting for her in the hotel lobby.

Natalie took a deep breath and followed.

“Don’t worry, I will check the money first!”

Luo Yichen’s mind is still very clear.

This must be absolutely necessary.

“Okay, come with me!”

Luo Yichen led the way.

Natalie followed.

She clutched her purse tightly.

Come to the presidential suite that Luo Yichen opened in advance.

Natalie was about to say something, but saw five people come out inside.

The headed bald man is looking at her with a smile…

Chapter 344

Natalie stepped back looking at the unkind people.

“Who are you? What are you doing?”

The bald head rubbed his hands and smiled: “Sister, don’t be afraid, brother just wants to make friends with you! Hey…”

“Yes, good sister, we are all your good brothers, and we will keep you screaming later!”

The others also laughed.

“Luo Yichen, you ba5tard!”

“I gotta go!”

Natalie turned around and left.

It was just that the bald head took a quick step, came to the door, locked the door, and approached Natalie step by step.

“Why is my sister leaving? My brother is very gentle!”

Bald Qiang smiled.

Eyeballs are about to fly out.

He and his brothers have been holding back all afternoon.

Can’t wait for Natalie to rectify the Fa on the spot.

Luo Yichen smiled: “Natalie, this is my strong brother, I want to make friends with you!”

“Luo Yichen what do you mean? What are you doing?”

“Have you forgotten about the Case York Chamber of Commerce? You still can’t talk about it?”

Natalie roared.

Luo Yichen’s face changed.

The most important thing at present is naturally the affairs of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

“Huh, Natalie, don’t you want to slow down? Okay, I’ll give you the terms! Ten million and then add you to sleep with us for one night, and I will extend it to three days for you! Otherwise, I will send you privately after a while Get out!”

“No, Brother Qiang, do you want to see this private photo of this woman? I’ll show it to you!”

Luo Yichen asked.

“Of course! Let me see it!”

Bald Qiang can’t wait any longer.

“Hold on!!!”

Natalie roared with anger.

“Luo Yichen, you are a devil!”

Natalie said angrily.

“Hey, thank you for your compliment!”

Luo Yichen smiled.

“Twenty million will do, but I won’t agree to other excessive things!”

Natalie was determined.

“Brother Qiang, let’s do it! This woman is very conservative and arrogant, and her reputation is more important than anything else. As long as we sleep her and then take a picture, she will listen to us!”

Luo Yichen got the best of Natalie’s character.

“Come on, Lao Tzu, I can’t help it!”

Bald Qiang immediately jumped on.

“Don’t come over!!!”

Natalie immediately took out the sharp scissors.

“You are not allowed to come over!”

Natalie waved the scissors and shouted frantically.

Suddenly, the bald head stepped out and hit Natalie’s wrist with a punch. She was in pain, and the scissors in her hand fell to the ground.

A group of people pulled Natalie into the bedroom.


Bald Qiang threw her on the bed fiercely.

Tears of humiliation flowed from Natalie’s eyes.


Very desperate!

She underestimated Luo Yichen as a beast.

Now it is called every day to not, and the ground is not working.

In the bedroom, various tools, cameras and other equipment are placed.

That’s it!

This time is completely over!

Natalie wants to jump off the building.

Bald Qiang quickly took off his clothes, grabbed a handful of medicine and stuffed it into his mouth.

“Brothers, I’m not welcome!”

Strong bald will pounce on it.

“Brothers are so elegant, can you add me?”

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded behind him.

The bald head, Luo Yichen and the others turned around and suddenly saw Levi who was smoking.

“Who are you? Why are you in my room?”

Luo Yichen asked.

Bald Qiang showed a hideous look on his face, and a cruel arc was drawn across his mouth: “Brothers gave me this kid out of it. Someone disturbed me when I was the most annoying to do things!”

Chapter 345

Bald Qiang gave an order, and his four little brothers rushed towards Levi frantically.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes, and he flew the ba5tard who rushed up first with a punch.


The gangster flew out more than ten meters and hit the wall fiercely. After landing, he stopped moving, and blood spilled from under his body.


With another punch, the other gangster’s face sank in and screamed like a pig on the ground.

The last two gangsters are the worst.

Levi had two feet, kicking at the root of their lives, probably kicking the egg directly.

The two rolled frantically on the ground, and their screams echoed like a pig…

Scared silly.

Everyone present was frightened!

Who would have thought that Levi’s skills would be so abnormal!


Bald Qiang took out a dagger and slammed it towards Levi.

But Levi ducked gently, and the bald head was stabbed in the air with a knife.

Bald Qiang tried to exert force again, but found that his wrist was controlled by a vise.

Levi grabbed the dagger from his hand and stabbed it into the bald body.


Immediately, a blood arrow shot out.


The bald head made a heart-piercing scream.

Levi’s knife accurately stabbed his lifeblood…

He became a eunuch!

Watching the bald head forcefully clutching his bloody lower body, rolling on the ground.

Luo Yichen’s face was pale with fright, not a little bloodshot.

The big beads of sweat poured down like rain.


It’s terrible!

Levi looked at him slowly.

“I…I’m not, no, I don’t…have nothing to do with me…”

Luo Yichen was incoherent with fright.

“You have Natalie’s privacy secret, don’t you?”

Levi asked.

“I… I don’t…”

Luo Yichen shook his head.

Levi did not speak, but shook the dagger.

“Yes, yes…”

Levi stretched out his hand and said, “Come on, give me…”


Luo Yichen hesitated a bit.


Levi pierced his thigh with a knife.


Luo Yichen roared crazy.

“Come on, give me…”

Levi approached.

Luo Yichen knows the consequences of hesitation, and the next stabbing will be the lifeblood.

“In my bag!”

Luo Yichen handed his bag to Levi.

Levi picked up the bag and looked at it. There were a lot of photos and a USB flash drive inside.

“Are there any backups?”


Asked, Levi stabbed his left thigh with a knife.

Luo Yichen let out screams.

“No! I was… I was going to give everything to Natalie. She has a strong personality. I will force her to commit suicide again!”

Luo Yichen said calmly.

“Oh, all right.”

Levi’s voice just fell.

A cold light flashed in his eyes.


A knife was accurately inserted into Luo Yichen’s lifeblood.


Immediately, with blood flowing in, Luo Yichen felt the man’s most painful moment.

In a cold sweat, he looked at Levi and asked: “You, you, you… are you turning back?”

Levi smiled and said, “Have I said something to me, so I won’t move you anymore?”


Luo Yichen was about to faint.

“You can’t control your lower body, I will help you control it!”

Levi smiled and lit another cigarette.

Several people on the ground screamed…

At this time, Natalie, who was unconscious, woke up.

The person she saw immediately after opening her eyes turned out to be Levi!

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