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Chapter 346

Looking at the ground again, Luo Yichen screamed in pain while clutching his crotch.

Natalie was so scared that she immediately ran to Levi.

“Yes… did you save me?”

Natalie asked.

“Yeah, I must have saved you!”

Levi smiled.

Natalie looked around and couldn’t help saying: “Impossible! You definitely didn’t save me!”

Levi frowned.

Is this woman sick?

Why didn’t you save her by yourself?

“It must be the big boss! The big boss definitely saved me!”

Natalie said excitedly.

Levi nodded helplessly: “Yes, the big boss saved you!”

After all, he is the big boss, so it is correct to say that.

“Is the big boss here?”

Natalie searched around.

“No, the person he sent has already gone back. He called me to pick you up!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, then let’s go back!”

Natalie was about to take a step, but found that her legs were weak, and she couldn’t walk at all.

She looked at Levi helplessly.

“so troublesome.”

Levi shook his head helplessly.

In the end, he could only leave with Natalie on his back.

But before leaving, he took Luo Yichen’s phone.

Lying on Levi’s back, Natalie felt very practical, safe and warm.

It seems that Levi is not so bad, it’s pretty good.

Even if the person who saved him this time is the big boss.

But in the end it was Levi who took him out of “hell”!


Soon she thought that the privacy was still in Luo Yichen’s hands, and she burst into tears.

Levi handed the bag to Natalie what he thought of.

After Natalie looked at the contents of the bag, her brows gradually unfolded.

“You didn’t watch it?”

Natalie looked at Levi suspiciously.

“I’m not interested in you!”

Levi approached.


Natalie looked angry.

But when she gets her privacy, she feels more at ease.

Privacy is actually a photo of her private house, which is a little bigger.

In addition, Natalie is relatively arrogant and conservative, and definitely does not want the photos to be exposed.

During her relationship with Luo Yichen, Luo Yichen secretly took it from her computer.

Coerced her for several years.

“By the way, don’t talk to Sarah about this matter!”

Natalie discussed.

“No time to gossip about you!”

Levi was really impatient.

Natalie did not speak, but pressed her face tightly on Levi’s back.

Even though Levi had a lot of misfortunes, in her eyes he was a useless person.

It’s incomparable with people like Luo Yichen.

But she discovered today that this kind of down-to-earth and reliable man is the hardest to find.

No wonder Sarah wouldn’t let Levi go.

Levi is also shining.

After sending Natalie back to her house, Levi went home.

“Huh? Why do you smell like a woman? There is also a smell of blood?”

As soon as he got home, Sarah smelled it.

“Huh? Is there?”

Levi didn’t smell it.

“Just say no! You all have woman’s hair!”

Sarah found her long hair from Levi.

“This…this is Natalie’s!”

Levi approached.

“Why are you in such close contact with her?”

Sarah puffed his mouth and looked at Levi jealously.

Although it is her best friend.

But she couldn’t bear such contact with Levi.


Levi was speechless.

I wanted to explain what happened.

But Natalie wanted him to keep a secret.

He can’t say it.

“Look? There is no way to explain, right? If you think Natalie is good, you can divorce me and you can live together!”

Chapter 347

When Miss Logan’s jealousy came up, even Levi was dumbfounded.

She was going to pack her things and leave.

At this moment, Natalie came.

She was scared by what happened just now.

I didn’t dare to live alone, so I came to Sarah to sleep.

As soon as I entered, I saw the two arguing.

“Sarah, don’t get me wrong, I just got a bad foot. I told him that it took him a long time to carry me back!”

Natalie made up a reason.

Sarah was relieved: “Oh, this way! Husband, I blamed you!”

Levi smiled and said, “My wife, don’t worry, I am not interested in this woman! Is Xiao Qin better than her?”

“I still look down on you?”

Natalie retorted.

But saying this sentence seems to be a bit wrong.

At night Natalie and Sarah slept on the same bed.

Levi slept in other rooms.


In a hotel called Golden Emperor Hotel.

Lei Bufan is entertaining guests.

It’s from Logan’s house in Jinling, the provincial capital.

The background and status are very high.

Only the wealthy Lei family’s direct line is eligible to entertain.

This Logan Wangsun came to participate in an event on behalf of the Logan family.

“Brother Lei, do you know Lao Jiu, San Garrison and Levi?”

Logan Wangsun asked curiously.

“I know! Levi is still the enemy of our Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Lei Bufan said.

“How strong is it?”

Logan Wangsun continued to ask.

“It’s okay if you are capable, but it’s not worth mentioning in the eyes of the Case York Chamber of Commerce. What’s wrong with Brother Logan? Can these little people actually attract your attention?”

Lei Bufan was surprised.

“Hey, no, did my second uncle’s son be killed in Case York two days ago? It was these three people who did it!”

Logan Wangsundao.

Lei Bufan was so startled that he almost jumped up: “What? Logan Erye’s son died in Case York? As far as I know, Logan Erye’s son is the demon Logan Kuang, the king of the black boxing field!”

“Yeah! Logan Kuang is amazing, but I didn’t expect to be killed. So I asked these three people if they were amazing?”

Logan Wangsun took a breath.

“It can only be said in general. It is estimated that Logan Kuang will be planted by any means! Will Logan Erye want revenge? Leave it to me!”

Lei Bufan Road.

Logan Wangsun shook his head: “No! Logan Kuang is the second uncle’s favorite! He was planted, and the second uncle was very angry! He threatened to take revenge himself! I’m just here to inquire, and I have to wait for the second Lord to come!

“Logan Erye is coming to Case York? Then there is no big earthquake in Case York!”

Lei Bufan felt terrible.

This Levi is definitely causing a disaster!

Who is not good to offend?

Even the provincial capital Logan Erye dared to offend.

Who has the title of God of Death!

“By the way, Brother Logan, this Levi is a member of the Erick Group. This matter is 80% inseparable from the Erick Group. Without the background, would Levi dare to touch Logan Kuang?

Lei Bufan deliberately led the war to the Erick Group.

“That’s true! Levi definitely has a backing! Otherwise, he won’t be so courageous! No matter who it is, it will definitely be dealt with by then!

Logan Wangsun’s eyes were extremely cold.

Lei Bufan smiled in his heart.

After entertaining the grandson of King Logan.

Lei Bufan suddenly thought of Luo Yichen.

“How’s this kid doing? We are in a hurry to buy!”

Thinking of this, Lei Bufan dialed the number.

“Luo Yichen how are you doing?”

“Sorry, Luo Yichen has already been scrapped!”

Lei Bufan’s body was shaken by a voice coming from the other end of the phone.

Chapter 348

Lei Bufan asked in horror: “Who are you?”


“What? You are Levi?”

Lei Bufan looked surprised.

I was still discussing Levi with Logan Wangsun just now.

“You…what did you do to Luo Yichen?”

Lei Bufan asked.

“It’s useless!”

Levi smiled.

At this moment, Lei Bufan’s men brought a box: “Someone from Mr. Lei gave it to you!”

“What? Open it!”

Lei Bufan said in doubt.

When the box was opened, he was immediately frightened by the bloody stuff inside.

“this is…”

“This is naturally Luo Yichen’s lifeblood…”

Levi’s voice came over the phone.

“Levi, you are so vicious!”

Lei Bufan took a breath.

“Your people can’t control the lower body, I will help you control it!”

Levi smiled.

Lei Bufan thought of something and immediately asked: “In other words, the privacy of Natalie is in your hands?”

“Yes, it’s in my hands. You want to buy Erick Group, die your heart!”

Levi smiled.

“Fuck, what does the matter of Levi Erick Group have to do with you? You are just a clerk!”

Lei Bufan was almost mad.

It was a good game, because Levi was about to collapse.

“Who told you to bully my wife’s best friend?”

“What’s more, I am a member of Erick Group. Erick’s medical products depend on me!”

After listening, Lei Bufan looked incredible: “What? How come I said Erick Group has the most comprehensive technology? It turns out to be you!”

Now Lei Bufan understood.

It turns out that the culprit who moved the cake of the Case York Chamber of Commerce is not Graham Nanxuan, nor the mysterious boss of the Erick Group!

It’s Levi!

He has Lorded all the techniques quietly!

This person has to be got rid of!

“Erick Group, don’t think about it!”

Levi smiled.

“Okay, I’ll admit it! But it’s not over!”

Lei Bufan frowned when he hung up the phone.

Never let Levi go like this!

But the commander-in-chief will soon be appointed as the ceremony, this is a knot of bad things about the Case York Chamber of Commerce, and the impact is not good.

“Right! Logan Wangsun!”

Suddenly Lei Bufan thought of someone.

He met Logan Wangsun overnight.

“Brother Logan, although you are here only to inquire about Levi’s people. But I think you should deal with these people directly, so that you can claim credit in front of Logan Erye!”

Lei Bufan said.

Logan Wangsun’s eyes lit up fiercely.

Although Logan Erye was not the head of the Logan family in the provincial capital, he still kept his promises, except for the head of the family, no one would take it seriously.

If this matter can be settled, he will definitely value himself, and the chances of himself becoming an heir will be high.

“How specific? Brother Lei?”

Logan Wangsun asked.

“Brother Logan, you also know about the recent affairs of our Case York Chamber of Commerce, it is not easy to come forward. So I will lend you people, and you can solve Levi’s few people!”

Lei Bufan said with a smile.

Logan Wangsun looked worried: “But Levi and the others are pretty good, otherwise Logan Kuang won’t be planted.”

“Don’t worry, all the people I lent to you are Lords! This is a group of Lords that our Lei family deliberately spent a lot of money to raise, a total of 30 people, all super killers from Southeast Asia.

He practiced killing skills such as Muay Thai since he was a child, and his fists and knees were all flattened. Just tell you that even the elite scouts in the army are not their opponents!

Chapter 349

These guys are killing people, as long as the money is in place, anyone can kill you! Old nine, San Garrison, these are simply scum! “

Lei Bufan snapped his fingers, and thirty Lords gathered.

Every muscle is knotted and full of flesh.

Grim-looking and murderous.

Even Logan Wangsun was stunned.

I just felt a rush of cold air blowing on my face, making my scalp numb.

Even if he had never seen these murderous Lords in Jinling, the provincial capital.

“Well, if Brother Lei is done, I will have to thank you very much in the future!”

Logan Wangsun immediately became excited.

All night Logan Wangsun did not fall asleep with excitement.

The next day.

Levi, Sarah and Natalie go to work together.

“Today make an exception to take you to the company!”

Natalie opened the car door and let Levi come up.

Sarah also nodded, and Levi got into the car.


In a private villa.

Old Jiu was lying on the bed, with beautiful women on both sides.


At this time, the window was suddenly smashed open, and ten murderous people rushed in from outside.

“who are you?”

Old Jiu immediately got up and reacted.


The leading Muay Thai Lord knocked Lao Jiu into a stun with one move.

Another place, in a private apartment.

Hong San just got up when someone knocked on the door.

As soon as he opened the door, a few people rushed in from the outside, and could not help but knocked him unconscious.

At the entrance of Oriental Garden, Natalie had just drove out.


Suddenly a Jinbei van stopped in front, and Natalie could only brake.

Ten people walked down from the van and quickly came to Natalie’s car.

“Hurry up and roll down the window…”

Natalie was frightened and shivered.

But Levi didn’t care about it, and put his arm outside the car window.

“Is it Levi?”

The headed man took the photo for comparison.

Levi nodded: “Well, it’s me, what’s the matter?”

“Okay, follow us obediently! Don’t suffer!”

The man speaks not fluent Chinese.

“Why should I go with you?”

Levi asked.

“Because you offended people!”

Levi frowned, “Who am I offending?”

“You go quickly! Don’t force us to do it!!!”

These people are already impatient.

“It’s okay if I want to go, but at least you have to tell me who it is?”

Levi asked.

“Listen well, you offend Logan Erye, the provincial capital Lijia! You must die today!”

The leading man opened the door directly, grabbed Levi and sent it to the van.

Levi didn’t resist, he wanted to see who was trying to arrest him?


After the van door was closed, he left quickly.

Natalie was left in a daze.

At this time, Sarah drove out.

Natalie stopped immediately.

“The big thing about Sarah is not good! Levi was taken away!”

Natalie was crying.


Sarah’s face suddenly became bloodless.

“What? Levi was arrested?”

Sarah almost fell to the ground.

“Yes…who caught it? Save Levi quickly!”

Plum dye is very anxious.

“By the way, it seems to be the second Lord of Logan’s family in the provincial capital! I don’t know who is sacred? He also said that he will definitely die today!”

Natalie was surprised.

Sarah’s eyes changed: “Logan Family, the provincial capital? Huh? I have to go to Grandpa quickly! He must know!”

“I’ll go with you! Levi can’t have an accident!”

Natalie was also very anxious.

Especially after Levi rescued her last night, his opinion of him changed a lot.

Chapter 350

After getting in the car, Levi was blindfolded, and the other party just didn’t want him to know where he went.

Levi was calm, closed his eyes and rested.

Soon, the car drove into a private villa.

This is a personal product of the provincial capital Logan’s family in Case York, and almost no one knows.

Finally, Levi was taken to the closed basement.

After removing the blindfold, Levi noticed that Lao Jiu and Hong San were kneeling next to them. The noses and faces of the two were swollen, and they seemed to be beaten frequently.

“Why did Mr. Garrison even you?”

Old Jiu and Hong San looked surprised.

Levi smiled and said nothing.

But seeing Levi, Lao Jiu and Hong San were relieved at once.

Both of them were worried about life and death.

This one is here, so don’t worry about anything.

“Who are you? Do you know who we are?”

Old Jiu shouted coldly.

The 30 Southeast Asian super killers around, just looked at them murderously, but didn’t speak.

At this time, the door opened.

Several people came in.

The leading man in suits and leather shoes also wore gold-rimmed glasses.

“Levi? Hong San? Old nine?”

The middle-aged man smiled.

“Who the hell are you?”

San Garrison asked furiously.

“Introduce myself, the provincial capital of Jinling Logan Family Logan Wangsun!”

“What? The Logan Family, the provincial capital?”

Old Jiu and Hong San looked at each other, their expressions changed drastically.

As far as the strength of the provincial capital Logan family is, it definitely surpasses the Lei family.

After all, it’s the big clan of the provincial capital!

Although Case York rank first in the economy of Jiangnan Province, their overall strength is still much worse than that of the provincial capital.

“Logan Kuang knows? That is my second uncle’s son, let you chop it off!”

Logan Wangsun asked.

Old Jiu and San Garrison nodded: “Indeed, we killed Logan Kuang! But he was the one who killed Mr. Garrison first!”

Hearing this, Logan Wangsun’s face changed.

“Listen to your words, it seems you all listen to Levi?”

Lao Jiu and San Garrison smiled and said, “Of course! We will be the Lord of Mr. Garrison!”

“The Logan family in the provincial capital can touch us no matter what, but there are many mistakes, you shouldn’t touch Mr. Garrison!”

The old nine has a meaningful way.

“Huh? Does it matter?”

Logan Wangsun expected nothing good.

Sarah and Natalie came to Logan’s ancestral home as quickly as possible.

Seeing Sarah, Doug sneered, “Why did you come here early in the morning? We are young in Lijiamiao and can’t accommodate you!”

Sarah said with a cry: “No, grandpa, I have something to ask you!”

When Sarah asked for something, Doug and the others laughed.

“Hahaha… I didn’t expect that one day you would come to us too! You are Mr. Logan!”

Mike ridiculed several people.

“Grandpa, now King’s Landing has been taken away! Please help him!”

Sarah almost knelt down.

“Hahaha, isn’t this right? Levi offended people, and the enemy would kill him if he took it away!”

“Yes, this kind of waste will be a scourge in Logan’s house sooner or later, and it will be better to solve it early!”

Everyone laughed when Levi was in trouble.

It was very happy, and they were applauded.

Doug smiled and said, “Grandpa Sarah thinks the same way. Levi had an accident. It happened that you divorced him. Just marry another one.”

“Grandpa, I won’t divorce him. I just want to save him now! Only you can save him. Please help!”

Sarah knelt in front of Doug with a thud.

“Sarah, you are so stunned that you kneel down for a rap!st?”

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