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Chapter 356

“Why don’t you refuse to accept the door-to-door waste? You are the least qualified to be the Logan family!”

“Yes! Get out of Logan’s house quickly! You trash!”

“You didn’t speak at Logan’s house! Get away!”

Everyone criticized Levi when he spoke.

“Doug, believe it or not you will regret it?”

Levi asked with a smile.

“Haha, I regret? Impossible! All of Sarah’s properties are in my hands, what do I regret?”

Doug sneered.

The others looked at Levi like a fool.

Dale wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and looked at Doug incredulously and asked: “Dad, are you so unfeeling? What did Dale do wrong? You will remove me from the genealogy!”

“Yes! Knowing that the Logan family has strict family rules, but the expulsion of the genealogy is for betraying the ancestors or unforgivable incidents, what happened to Dale and I?”

Edith asked cryingly.

Sarah also stared at Doug stubbornly.

Doug, Mike and others looked at each other and sneered: “Are you still not sure? Dale raised you so much, and opened a company for you. What about you? You don’t work for the family! You are still doing a lot of injustice, you You want to leave the Logan family? You are betraying your ancestors!”

“Yes! Sarah’s act of breaking away from the Logan family is betraying the ancestors!”

“Betrayal of the ancestor should be expelled from the family!”

“Get out of Logan’s house!!!”

While Mike scolded, they also pushed Dale’s family.

Dale looked at Doug desperately and asked, “Dad, I will ask you one last time, do you have to be so unfeeling?”

“Let’s go! Don’t call my dad anymore, you are not the Logan family anymore!”

Doug sneered.

At the same time, he unfeelingly sketched out the names of Dale from the genealogy!

Dale is no longer a descendant of the Logan family!

At this moment, a big man Dale cried, unable to cry.

“Parents, Sarah, let’s go!”

Levi took the three of them away.

A few people walked very unhurriedly, but their backs looked very desolate.


Logan’s family laughed up and down.

There is a kind of refreshment to drive the plague god away!

“From today, my Logan family officially rises!!!”

Doug roared.

In the car.

The three Dale hugged each other and wept bitterly.

This day is the darkest day for them.

I can’t imagine one day I will be removed from the genealogy!

Even the surname Logan doesn’t belong to them anymore!

Levi can only comfort him: “Mom and dad, Sarah, you have a very good character! Be reluctant to accept everything about them! You always put family affection first, always compromise and endure. You have to think carefully, they are worthy It’s not worthy of you!

See how he treats you now? To pit you all and kick you out of the house!

But it’s okay. From now on, you don’t have to worry about it, just work hard! I will make them regret it! “

“Just wait for Doug to kneel and beg your day!”

The three of them were heartbroken and took Levi’s words as comfort, and no one cared.

The Logan family’s methods are more than that.

Soon the media in Case York issued news.

It is said that the Dale family has forgotten their ancestors, betrayed the Logan family, and wanted to swallow all of the Logan family’s properties.

Doug had no choice but to exterminate his relatives and expelled the Dale family from the genealogy.

For a time, there were countless curses.

They condemned Dale as a beast, a white-eyed wolf…

Chapter 357

“This kind of dog should be strangled as soon as it is born! Why keep it?”

“Yes, even the ancestors can forget. Before they were traitors, they were traitors!”

Neither Dale nor Edith can go to the unit.

There must be a drop in numbers.


It’s so wronged!

After receiving the news, Shane Xinyi laughed.

“Levi, you also have today? Even your wife has fallen down. Why do you look so proud this time?”

Shane Xinyi sneered.

Even Shane Wanshan felt very refreshed when he knew it.

Originally, a small person of Levi’s level couldn’t make Shane Wanshan’s eye.

But this kid’s repeated provocations made Shane Wanshan very angry!

“Give the Logan family a little bit of benefit, just say it’s pretty!”

Shane Wanshan smiled.

People are really refreshed in happy events.

Tomorrow will participate in the commander-in-chief as the ceremony, and now it is very refreshing to hear the news of Levi.

“Now, everyone is ready to go and get ready for tomorrow’s ceremony!”

This night, for the celebrities of Case York’s top circles, it is absolutely awake.

In a luxurious villa.

Lei Qianjue, the four leaders of the four giants who led the Case York Chamber of Commerce, invited Fu Longxing and Hart Xiangqun over.

“Fu Lao, Lao Hart must help us tomorrow!”

Lei Qianjue pleaded.

“How can I help you?”

Hart Xiangqun revealed a trace of doubt.

“Tomorrow you arrange for us to meet with General God of War and Lao Qin alone. You must not let Shane Wanshan see them!”

“This matter depends on you! Now the Case York Chamber of Commerce is in crisis!”

The faces of several people are very ugly.

“Okay, we will be responsible for this matter! In addition, I will ask Xiao Porter to issue some policies to the Case York Chamber of Commerce!”

Fu Longxing’s calm way.

“That’s great!!!”

Several people in Lei Qianjue were extremely excited.

Their fate is tied to Fu Longxing and Hart Xiangqun.

“Hmph, Erick Group and Shane Family will step on their feet by then!”

They can’t wait to think about tomorrow.

The next day.

Everything is ready for the Soviet-York Military Region, and the ceremony for the commander-in-chief will start on time at nine o’clock.

Shane Qingyun, who was in charge of the ceremony, was busy.

In the end, it was decided that General God of War would personally come forward and personally announce that Duan Tianyang would take over as the commander-in-chief of the Case York Military Region.

This made Shane Qingyun very excited.

Even General God of War must abide by his arrangements.

This is an amazing thing!


Levi said to Dale several people: “Parents, Sarah will take you to a place to relax today!”

The three of Dale didn’t ask much, they all got in the car.

Soon Levi drove out of the suburbs.

Sarah didn’t care, except that Levi took them to the farmhouse or some places with good scenery.

But when I walked, I found something was wrong.

There are many cars on the road, mostly commercial luxury cars like Maybach and Rolls-Royce.

It is the same direction as Levi.

“Is there any activity?”

Sarah guessed in his heart.

“Husband, where are you taking us?”

Sarah asked.

“Take you to meet the world and relax by the way!”

Levi smiled.

About two hours later, they were almost out of Case York city.

Finally arrived at the destination at this time.

The three of Sarah looked dumbfounded.


It turned out to be a barracks!

As soon as the car arrived, soldiers came to inspect it immediately.

The soldiers were armed with live ammunition, which shocked Sarah.

Chapter 358

“Sir, since you are not a military vehicle, please park on the left and enter on foot!”

Said the soldier.

“it is good!”

Levi drove to the open space nearby and stopped.

After getting off the car, Sarah and Dale looked at everything curiously.

Can this solemn and sacred place come by itself?

What exactly is this going to do?

Everyone is very curious.

But also very scared.

After all, there is an inexplicable awe of the army.

Sarah also saw the luxury cars that he had seen on the road parked here.

This is definitely an event!

“Huh? Levi?”

At this moment, a surprised voice came.

Levi turned his head and suddenly saw the Shane family walking over.

They got a lot of places, and there were a dozen people.

Shane Xinyi walked up to Levi and asked with a smile: “What are you here for? Is this place for you to come?”

Shane Wanshan also laughed.


It is too difficult to get a place for the ceremony today.

There are difficulties for him as the richest man.

Not to mention other people.

Levi actually came?

Isn’t this funny?

Levi smiled and said, “Of course I came to attend the ceremony!”


Hearing this, Shane Wanshan laughed.

This time, the number of people in the society is not fake, but they are all at the level of Shane Wanshan and Lei Qianjue of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

If there is a chance, the 50 billion Xiao family may have such a glimmer of hope.

But what the hell is Levi?

Can there be this place?

He has nothing to say now, and was expelled from the house by the Logan family.

“Oh, Mr. Shane is so elegant! What are you laughing at?”

Accompanied by the voice, the top leaders of the Case York Chamber of Commerce all appeared.

Shane Wanshan smiled: “Xiao Lei, do you know Levi?”

The four of Lei Qianjue were taken aback, and said with a smile: “Naturally know!”

Especially Lei Bufan behind was staring at Levi.

In his opinion, Levi was very lucky, and Logan Wangsun was about to kill him.

As a result, Logan Erye ordered not to be held accountable.

The thirty Lords who made him disappeared.

He thought it was Logan Wangsun who brought it back to Jinling, the provincial capital.

“Levi has also come to attend the ceremony.”

With a word from Shane Wanshan, Lei Qianjue laughed.

“Where is he qualified to participate? Humph!”

Several people from Lei Qianjue snorted and left here.

Levi was in their eyes like an ant, and they were not qualified to take a second look.

But before Lei Bufan left, they wiped their necks at Levi: “You’ll have to click on Levi sooner or later…”

All the people left.


Dale gasped loudly.

The aura of these top gangsters in Case York just now was too strong, and they couldn’t breathe.

What they didn’t expect was that Levi had offended all these bigwigs.

Looking at the next few people, it seemed that they had a deep hatred with Levi.

Can he get into trouble like this?

“I have to say, you are really capable! Offended so many big guys at once!”

Dale smiled helplessly, not knowing whether it was boasting or cursing.

“Parents, it’s okay, these people will fall after today!”

Levi smiled confidently.

“Stop talking about this, can you take us in? What about the ceremony?”

Sarah asked.


After that, Levi led the three of them into the barracks smoothly.

Someone from the military camp took three people to visit the camp immediately.

Chapter 359

As the ceremony, Levi still didn’t plan to let them participate.

Because it is not interesting, it is better to visit.

Shane Wanshan and his party entered the meeting place of the military camp, and as soon as they were seated, they asked their son Shane Qingyun.

“Is Levi or Dale’s family on the guest list?”

Shane Qingyun shook his head: “No, this list has been typed out long ago, there is no Levi at all!”


Shane Wanshan laughed.

“What’s more, Levi and the others haven’t come to the venue at all, so why did they participate in the ceremony?”

Shane Qingyun asked back.

Shane Wanshan’s smile became brighter.

Levi was a clown in their eyes.

This clown has nothing but good luck.

When the Shane family dealt with him, it happened to meet Duan Tianyang to resolve the crisis.

The Logan family in the provincial capital dealt with him, and Doug resolved the crisis.

“One day you will run out of luck!”

Shane Xinyi sneered.

In the venue arranged by the the city Military Region.

The guests who came to the ceremony were seated one by one.

Shane Wanshan and others are definitely the first in the community.

The mayor Dean and others sat in the front seat. Although Fu Longxing retired, he was still in the first row according to his qualifications.

Hart Xiangqun and Qin Beishan also came to the court to take their seats.

Soon most of the seats were full.

Only the first row has six empty seats!

Everyone understands what this means.

The six seats are General God of War and his Five Great War Kings.

Picking one out alone is enough for the city to tremble.

Not to mention that there is General God of War!


Very excited!

Shane Wanshan had never been so excited in his life, and he was about to see a supreme God of War.

How long has he been waiting this day?

Finally waited!

The meaning this time is different.

General God of War appeared with Qin Beishan.

The commander-in-chief is also a famous general of the Emperor Iron Brigade.

It is equivalent to witnessing a historic moment.

Shane Wanshan kept looking at the passageway, looking forward to it.

The younger generations of the Shane family feel that they are supremely honorable and proud of their hearts.

Throughout the younger generation of Case York, who can attend this kind of ceremony?

This is their capital.

Experience resources when competing with peers.

Definitely crushing peers!

The same goes for the big men of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Compared to Shane Wanshan, they regarded General God of War as a life-saving straw.

Because the Case York Chamber of Commerce is now in danger, the market is further disintegrating…

If there are no experts behind, they are very difficult.

After a while, the venue gradually calmed down.

Immediately, Duan Tianyang in a military uniform stepped onto the court.

Everyone got up one after another to welcome Duan Tianyang’s arrival.

After all, he will be the leader of the Case York Military Region in the future.

However, Duan Tianyang did not come to the stage, but stood at the entrance of the passage and waited.

Soon five people, Wesley, Alton, and Suzaku appeared.

Five major generals!

The momentum is like a rainbow, across the court.

This is the first time the fierce King of the Five Great Wars has been on the same stage.

Even Hart Xiangqun felt enthusiastic.

Only these five people can be defeated from thousands of troops!

The five Wesley people also stopped at the entrance of the passage, standing in two rows with Duan Tianyang, waiting silently.

Everyone knows what this means?

They are waiting for the arrival of General God of War!

Everyone stood up, holding their breath, staring at the passageway.

“Da da da…”

Soon after, there was a sound of footsteps.

A stalwart figure appeared at the entrance of the passage!

Chapter 360


Duan Tianyang roared and saluted a standard military salute.

Other soldiers also saluted.

The figure also saluted and walked into the field at the same time.

Duan Tianyang was guarded by six people.

Everyone was enthusiastic, and the seven people in front of them said it was no exaggeration to change the world situation.

too excited!

Because he is General God of War!

The only five-star general in Velador!!!

See the tall figure from a distance.

Shane Xinyi felt her heart pounding and pounding.

This is the hero!

This is the man every woman wants to marry!

When Shane Xinyi saw that tall figure, she felt instantly in love with her.

Moreover, the Shane family planned to use all means to make Shane Xinyi have a relationship with General God of War.

So Shane Xinyi is very confident that she will become the general’s wife.

It is Velador’s most noble general’s wife!

She had a bright future in her mind.

Shane Wanshan and several people are also red-faced. After today, he Shane Wanshan will be the grandfather of General God of War!

From then on, the Shane family took off and became Velador’s strongest giant!

Soon, Levi came to the court with six people.

Take a seat in a reserved seat.

Everyone can only see the back of General God of War, tall and straight, like the backbone of the nation, the Great Wall of Velador.

The five stars on the epaulettes shine like stars!

At this moment, he is the biggest focus of the audience!

“Giving birth is like General God of War!”

Shane Wanshan sighed.

“It seems that General God of War looks a bit familiar?”

Because Shane Wanshan and their positions are relatively backward, they can’t see clearly.

Shane Wanshan, Lei Qianjue and others took out reading glasses and put them on.

“It seems that this figure is very familiar, where I have seen it before!”

Shane Wanshan Road.

“Yeah, I also think it’s a familiar figure, but I can’t remember it for a while!”

Shane Xinyi also said.

At this moment, Hart Xiangqun and Shane Qingyun, sitting in the first row, just glanced at them, and they were shocked in a cold sweat.

They have all seen Levi’s photos before.

I didn’t expect Levi to be General God of War.


Shane Qingyun did not sit still and fell to the ground.

Aroused the attention of the audience.

“What’s wrong with Qingyun? Make such a low-level mistake at this time!”

Shane Wanshan said angrily.

The Shane family also looked ugly.

Next, the ceremony of taking office was officially carried out.

It’s almost an hour after a set of procedures.

Duan Tianyang stood on the stage, waiting.

“Finally, General God of War, please!”

Hart Xiangqun announced.

Hart Xiangqun stood up and shouted: “Salute to General God of War!”

“General God of War!”

All the soldiers shouted together.

Amidst the shouts of the soldiers, Levi came onto the stage.

Stand facing everyone.

This makes people who have witnessed the true qualities of General God of War become crazy!

It is the moment to realize the dream of every soldier!

Soldiers in the past few years have regarded General God of War as the soul of the army!

Take a look at General God of War and die without regrets!

“I want to see what General God of War is like?”

The younger Shane Xinyi and others, when they saw the figure clearly, everyone’s face changed wildly, and there was no trace of bloodshot in an instant.


Like a bolt from the blue, everyone will be bombed to death.


No one thought that General God of War turned out to be Levi!


It turned out to be Levi!

Shane Xinyi was dumbfounded.

Shane Qingfeng was dumbfounded.

Lei Bufan was dumbfounded.

“Ah? What’s wrong with you? Are you scared?”

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