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Chapter 351

“Yeah! What’s so good about that little beast? It’s worth it?”

Everyone said coldly.

Doug frowned and asked: “You just said that only I can save him? What do you mean?”

“Because Grandpa took him from the Logan family in the provincial capital! The person he offended seemed to be called Logan Erye!”

Sarah told the truth.

“What? Logan’s family in the provincial capital? Logan Erye?”

Doug was so scared that he almost couldn’t stand firm.

“Grandpa, is there anything wrong with the Logan family in the provincial capital?”

Nick asked curiously.

“You don’t know anything. The Logan family in the provincial capital has a little blood relationship with us. They belong to the big clan in the provincial capital. Let’s put it this way, we are not enough in the front of the Logan family in the provincial capital. Look! So our line doesn’t even have the qualifications to recognize relatives!

As for this second Lord Logan is even more terrifying, with the title of Hades, but an executioner! Those who offend him have only one dead end! “

After listening to what Doug said, Sarah was already in a cold sweat.

Levi provoked such a terrifying existence?

This is even more terrifying than the Case York Chamber of Commerce!

What should I do?

“Grandpa, since you know the Logan Family, the provincial capital, you must have a way, you can save King’s Landing!”

Sarah immediately said.

Doug shook his head: “Impossible! I’m a F*rt in front of the provincial capital Logan’s family! I don’t have the qualifications to speak at all!”

“Grandpa please! I don’t want an accident in King’s Landing! Please…”

Sarah hugged Doug’s leg and pleaded bitterly, tears have already washed away.

“It’s hard, it’s too hard! It’s hard to say that even our Logan family will have to catch it!”

Doug shook his head.

“Grandpa, please help me once! Even if you try it!”

Sarah is really helpless.

Doug remained indifferent.

“Grandpa, try it! I’ll agree to any conditions!”

Sarah cried into tears.

Hearing this, Doug’s eyes lit up: “Okay, this is what you said, what conditions will promise me?”

Sarah nodded: “Well, that’s right. Grandpa, as long as you save King’s Landing, I promise you all terms!”

“Okay, then I’ll give it a try! If you rescue Levi, you will transfer everything from your company to me at that time, and you will automatically exit by yourself!”

Doug said.

Sarah felt chilled again.

This is the time.

Grandpa is still thinking about how to calculate himself.

“Okay, I promise!”

But in order to save Levi, she gave it up.

“Promises are not enough, you have to sign an agreement!”

Doug said.

Mike immediately printed out an agreement.

After reading it, Sarah signed.

The Logan family are very happy.

All Sarah’s industries now belong to them.

They have been waiting for this day for a long time.

They trust Doug very much.

Since he dared to agree, he would definitely be able to do it.

Doug did have this certainty.

He went to the provincial capital to attend an annual meeting of the Logan family more than ten years ago. At that time, the provincial capital Logan family promised to give every branch of the Logan family a chance.

The Logan family in the provincial capital can help with one thing.

Doug has kept this promise for more than ten years.

I just want to use it at the most critical time.

Now the opportunity has arrived.

After all, Sarah’s industry is almost one billion.

“Well, I’ll make a call and try!”

Doug dialed the number of Logan’s family in the provincial capital.

“Hey, hello, uncle, I’m Doug from the city, yes, I want to trouble you one thing… It is the promised opportunity at the annual meeting, I want to honor it!”

Chapter 352

“Doug, are you sure to honor it? There is only one chance!”

A cold voice came across.

“Well, I’m sure!”

Doug nodded excitedly.

“Okay, what to say!”

Doug told the Logan family about Levi.

After a while, the call came back.

“Well, the matter is resolved, the second Lord promised not to pursue it again!”

The Logan family in the provincial capital did not know the actions of Logan Wangsun, and Logan Erye only agreed not to pursue Levi.

With this result, Doug was extremely excited.

Sarah and Natalie were also relieved.

After all, Levi saved it.

“Come here, go and print the final assignment contract! As soon as Levi shows up, he will immediately sign it!”

Doug couldn’t wait any longer.

Although Sarah is very sad, she definitely does not regret it.

It’s worth it for a company to change Levi’s life!

At the moment, in the basement of Logan’s private manor.

Logan Wangsun stared at the three of Levi: “I don’t care what your identities are, but today I will take the heads of the three of you to my second uncle!”

“Come on, cut off their heads for me!!!”

After Logan Wangsun gave the order, he turned his head and seemed to be afraid of seeing the bloody picture.

These thirty Southeast Asian killers immediately rushed to chop Levi into pieces.


But at this moment, Levi suddenly broke free.

One punch will knock one person into the air.


Another round kick kicked one person into the air.

Next, it became Levi’s battlefield alone.

He shuttled through the crowd, carrying wind and thunder in every move, and as long as he shot, someone would definitely fall.

In thirty seconds, all thirty Southeast Asian super killers were rolling on the ground in pain.

Everyone had at least seven or eight broken bones…

Both Lao Jiu and Hong San were stunned.

I have never seen Levi make a move, thinking that he is an ordinary person.

Unexpectedly, he is a super Lord!

Logan Wangsun realized that something was wrong and turned around slowly.

After turning around, he was scared to death.

So many Lords have fallen?

This is too great, right?

“Logan Erye, right? Give me a gift for Logan Erye!”

Levi walked to Logan Wangsun and said.

Logan Wangsun asked in horror: “What gift?”


Levi kicked him in his leg and broke with a click.




Levi had three consecutive legs again, and Logan Wangsun’s limbs were all broken.


In the scream like a pig, Logan Wangsun finally understood what the gift Levi was going to give.

Soon, he passed out in pain.

Levi and Laojiu said: “Check out the identities of these people, they are not easy!”

After leaving the manor, Levi went to find Lizi Dye.

Logan family ancestral house.

“Grandpa, did Levi save him?”

Sarah asked anxiously.

“There must be no problem, Logan Erye said that he will not be held accountable!”

Doug is extremely confident.

“Let’s wait, it won’t work, let’s call the police!”

Natalie felt that the Logan family was unreliable.

At this moment, Levi came.

“Look, I’ll say it’s okay!”

Doug smiled.

The rest of the Logan family looked at Doug admiringly.

Secretly said: Grandpa is too good, a phone call, the provincial capital Logan family released people.

Even Natalie thought Doug was very good.

Sarah saw Levi and hugged him immediately.

Chapter 353

This is the time that Sarah worries the most.

“I’m fine, don’t cry! Let’s go back!”

Levi approached.

“Okay, you go back to work with Natalie, I have something to tell grandpa.”

Sarah said.

“it is good.”

Finally, Natalie took Levi to work.

Sarah signed an industry transfer agreement, and Doug also invited a lawyer for notarization.

“Well, from now on, everything in Huating has nothing to do with Miss Logan.”

The lawyer said.

“Yeen, I know.”

Sarah tried to resist the tears.

“By the way, Sarah, you are so capable, come to Grandpa to do it?”

Doug also invited.


Sarah refused, and she cried and left Logan’s ancestral home.


The Logan family laughed cheers up and down.

Coveted the plum dye industry for months!

This day has finally arrived!

“Tonight, find the best restaurant, we will celebrate!”

Doug was in a good mood.

“Dad, do you want to invite the third child?”

Mike chuckled.

“Of course I have to inform! Let the youngest unfilial son see, his family’s property will eventually be in my hands, right? Hahaha…”

Doug laughed loudly.

Sarah ran back to the Oriental Garden directly.

Now she has nothing.

She can’t even pay the rent for this house.

But she does not regret it.

As long as Levi is well!

Natalie didn’t tell Levi about this, so Levi didn’t know.

“Mr. Garrison, I have found it! This group of people are killers from Southeast Asia, and they are raised by the wealthy Lei family!”

News soon came from Lao Jiu.

Levi immediately understood that this was Lei Bufan’s use of a knife to kill someone.

“Very well, after Tianyang’s appointment ceremony is over, I’ll take your surgery!”

A cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes.

After get off work at night, Natalie took Levi back.

Before getting out of the car, Natalie said earnestly: “Dye better, this family will depend on you in the future!”

Levi felt inexplicable.

I’ve always been very good to Sarah!

After returning home.

Seeing Sarah’s appearance, it seems that he has just cried.

“Wife, what’s wrong with you? Why are you crying?”

Levi asked curiously.

“It’s nothing, I just want to cry…”

Sarah wiped his tears.

“Your hobby is unique…”

Levi smiled.

Someone knocked on the door frantically at this time.

After Levi opened the door, Dale and Edith went straight to Sarah.

“What’s the matter with you Sarah?”

Dale and Edith asked in surprise.

Sarah froze and didn’t know what to say.

“What’s wrong with your parents? Is there something wrong with the son?”

Levi looked dumbfounded.

Dale glared at Levi: “Don’t you know? For your trash, Sarah transferred all her properties to the Logan family!”

“Yes, now Sarah is penniless!!!”

Edith roared.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Levi was dumbfounded.

“Didn’t you be taken away by the people from the Logan family in the provincial capital? Sarah agreed to dad’s terms in order to save you. If you are rescued, Sarah will transfer all the properties!”

“Aren’t you rescued? Sarah naturally has to sign an agreement!”

“I blame you! Our family’s life finally got better, what are you doing? What did you offend the provincial capital Logan family for?”

Dale and Edith really want to beat Levi.

Chapter 354

Levi said helplessly: “I confess to offending the provincial capital Logan Family. But the one who rescued me was not Doug, but myself! What does it have to do with him?”

He looked at Sarah and said, “My wife, you were deceived. Doug was not the one who saved me. Why don’t you ask me?”

Sarah was dumbfounded.

She still believes in Levi.

“F*rt!! Do you know what kind of existence Logan Erye is? That is equivalent to the richest man in Case York. If you offend this kind of character, you still want to escape?”

“Yes, it was Dad who contacted the provincial capital Logan’s family in person, and Logan Erye promised to let you go!”

Dale and Edith said angrily.

Sarah also looked at Levi suspiciously.

In their opinion, this is impossible.

Levi is not easy to explain.

After all, no one believes this thing.

Doug occupies the right time, place and people.

To put it bluntly, it’s just a coincidence.

“Levi! Think about it! How much sacrifice Sarah has made for you, and now even the company of seven or eight billion has been transferred out!”

Dale was about to cry anxiously.

Levi looked at Sarah moved.

This girl really loves herself.

After all, millions of people can test a person’s humanity.

She was able to choose herself in the test of nearly one billion.

“Since the company has been transferred, I will be a meat bun and beating a dog! I will help Sarah build an enterprise, absolutely unprecedented! The mere seven to eight billion is not in the eyes at all!”

Levi approached.

He happened to think of a plan.

Soon he will clean up the Case York market.

By that time, too many resources will be vacated in the entire market.

Sarah just settled in, the opportunity is hard to find.

It also helps Erick Group share the pressure.

Those industries that Logan Jiakeng walked in really looked down upon.

“You kid can only speak big words. Fortunately, you work in Erick Group, otherwise I will kill you this time!”

Dale and his wife left with a wry smile.

Sarah smiled and said, “Husband, don’t tease me, what’s unprecedented!”

“My wife, what I said is true! Right now, there will be big changes in the Case York market! Just wait!”

Levi approached.

Sarah only smiled when Levi was comforting herself.

“Also, wait for the Logan family, my Levi’s money is not so easy to spend!”

Levi’s eyes flickered with cold light.

Tonight’s Logan family set up a banquet at the royal feast.

“The youngest ones are afraid to come!”

Mike laughed loudly.

“Dad, I suggest that the third family be removed from the genealogy! Now they are completely pauper!”

Mike suggested.

Alfred also nodded: “Yes, that’s right, now the value of the youngest family is all used up! What are they still keeping?”

“Yes, right, right, our Logan family has more than one billion assets, how can there be a family like Dale? Isn’t it a shame for us to say it?”

“What’s more, they will definitely beg for help in the future. We are in a lot of trouble!”

Others rushed.

Doug drank a few glasses of wine, nodded and said, “Okay! Then there will be a clan meeting tomorrow! Remove the Dale family from the genealogy! From then on it has nothing to do with us!”

“Hahaha, that’s great!!!”

Mike and others began to applaud.

The next day.

Sarah and Levi were still asleep.

The rush of the phone awakened them.

It was Dale who called and asked them to go to the Logan family’s ancestral home immediately.

Chapter 355

When Levi and Sarah arrived, Dale and his wife had already arrived.

The location was also specially selected in front of the ancestral house ancestral hall.

“What’s the matter with parents? So anxious?”

Levi asked.

“I don’t know, just let us wait in front of the ancestral hall. There should be something big to announce!”

Edith said.

Dale frowned and said: “Why my right eyelid keeps jumping?”

Soon after, Doug brought other Logan family members to the ancestral hall.

Mike and others sneered at the corners of their mouths.

This made Levi’s people more and more puzzled.

But one thing is certain, nothing good.

Finally, Doug sat on the wooden chair in front of the ancestral hall, and everyone stood in their positions according to their seniority.

After scanning around, Doug said majesticly: “Is everyone here now?”

Alfred nodded: “Dad, everyone is here!”

After that, Doug offered incense first.

“Our Logan family hasn’t held a clan meeting in the ancestral hall for a long time! Today there is a big event to be announced in the clan meeting in the ancestral hall…”

With that, Doug’s eyes fell on Dale.

“After family discussion, it was decided-my the city Logan family decided to expel Dale’s family of four from the genealogy!!!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Doug said this.

The audience was horrified!

Levi’s faces changed.

“What? Expulsion from the genealogy?”

This news was like a bolt from the blue to the three Dale.

They were expelled from the genealogy!

This blow is really too big!

Enough to defeat a person’s psychology.

Dale looked at Doug with an incredible expression.

Edith frightened and cried directly.

Sarah was also teary.

Grandpa had just smashed his nearly one billion industry, and then crossed the river to demolish the bridge, and even removed his family from the Logan family tree!

This operation is simply breathtaking!

“Raise your hands with no objection to this resolution!”

Dale shouted.

In an instant, Alfred and dozens of Logan family members raised their hands.

“Well, the resolution to expel the Dale family is passed by unanimous votes!”

Doug smiled.

I didn’t care about what Dale had to say.

“Dale and your family are doing it for themselves. From then on, my Case York Logan family has nothing to do with you! I hope that you will not be involved with the Cox-Hang Logan family in your future work!”

“My relationship between Doug and you is also cut off. You can treat me as a passerby in the future!”

“Leave quickly!”

Doug said ruthlessly.

“Get out of Logan’s house! Get out of Logan’s house! Get out of Logan’s house…”

The others in the Logan family shouted.

“By the way, I advise you to change your surname! Logan family’s surname is not worthy of you!”

Mike laughed.

Sarah was already crying loudly.


Unprecedented grievance!

Now she doesn’t even deserve the surname Logan.

This incident was more shocking than the loss of all her properties.

My grandfather broke off relationship with himself.

The key just pitted himself close to one billion!

Edith is not the case.

The most painful is Dale.

He was severed by his biological father and removed from the genealogy.

May I ask what kind of blow is harder than this?


Dale became angry and vomited a mouthful of blood.

“Dad, Dale…”

Sarah and Edith quickly helped Dale.

Dale didn’t speak, but stared at Doug firmly.

“What? Are you still not convinced?”

Doug sneered.

“Yes, I am not satisfied!!!”

Levi said suddenly.

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