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Chapter 361

Shane Wanshan and others are still wondering, why are the younger generation so scared?

“Let’s take a look too!”

A few of them also looked over immediately.

After Shane Wanshan and Lei Qianjue saw Levi’s face clearly, they almost fainted in fright.

“Levi? It turned out to be Levi?”

“Impossible! How could he be Levi?”

“I don’t believe it! I must have read it wrong!”

Shane Wanshan and the others couldn’t accept this fact, even if they saw the scene in front of them, they felt unbelievable.

Even Fu Longxing, the once largest leader of Case York, turned pale with fright.

“This… isn’t this Levi? General God of War is Levi? Am I dreaming?”

People who knew Levi had a collapsed outlook on life at this moment.

The young man who was once imprisoned, transformed himself into an unparalleled general in the world!

Under one person, above ten thousand!


The scene in front of me was too shocking.

The community is completely stupid in this area.

They are just like lightning strikes.

Standing on the stage, Levi smiled and said, “I have disappointed everyone! I am General God of War!”


Hearing Levi’s personal confession.

Everyone in the Case York Chamber of Commerce is going crazy.

They finally understand why the Erick Group has been advancing all the way.

Behind the Erick Group is General God of War!

Who the hell can stand this?

And Graham Nanxuan, they saw Graham Nanxuan from the guest list.

Graham Nanxuan is Major General Kylin!


Shane Wanshan couldn’t stand it anymore, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

Once he had a heart attack, and General God of War rescued him.

He arrogantly said to give General God of War a good luck. After being rejected, the Shane family thought he was a villain, a hypocritical clown.

I want to ruin the Shane family by saving him…

The Shane family repeatedly targeted and even killed him!

Now Shane Wanshan is so scared that he has a cerebral hemorrhage.

It turns out that the person I have been targeting is General God of War!

People really don’t care about that little return. Can General God of War be short of money? Need you for good luck?

The Shane family is going to end!!!

Shane Wanshan suddenly remembered Levi’s several warnings.

In addition to his identity, who has the strength to let the richest man, the Shane family, collectively kneel in front of him and apologize?

Also, Commander Duan Tianyang went to visit relatives, and the relative he said was Levi!

I’m so confused!

Should have thought of it long ago!



Shane Wanshan vomited a few more mouthfuls of blood one after another.

Shane Xinyi was hit harder.

She had been in contact with Levi and had the biggest contradiction with him.

She even smashed Levi with money.

what does that mean?


what did I do? ? ?

I have been humiliating General God of War?

Shane Xinyi immediately cried.

It was she who pushed the entire Shane family to destruction!

On stage.

Levi took the letter of appointment and announced: “I officially appoint Comrade Duan Tianyang as the commander-in-chief of the Soviet-York Military Region!”

Duan Tianyang accepted the appointment letter in applause!

This is the most glorious moment in his life!

I thought I had left the Emperor Iron Brigade, but I didn’t expect it to be appointed by my most respected person!

Levi didn’t get off the stage for the first time. He scanned the audience and said with a smile: “Take this opportunity, I have something I want to talk to some people present!”


As soon as Levi said this, the audience was stunned.

Especially Shane Wanshan’s faces changed drastically.

They didn’t realize it in seconds.

To finish!

Chapter 362

Duan Tianyang and the senior officials of the Case York Military Region all looked at Levi curiously.

They did not know the changes in Case York.

But Hart Xiangqun and Fu Longxing had already realized something.

They were frightened out of a cold sweat.

“Shane Wanshan is there, right?”

Levi said suddenly.


At this moment, Shane Wanshan is about to have a heart attack.

Another mouthful of blood was spit out!

“Is Shane Wanshan there?”

Levi’s voice increased, like a roar of thunder.

Everyone present felt the pressure coming!

“In the…”

Shane Wanshan was so frightened that he almost fell to his knees.

“I saved your life that day, how did you treat me???”


Shane Wanshan and Shane Xinyi all knelt to the ground.

“Give me revenge? Your granddaughter used money to humiliate me and provoke me over and over again, and even kill me!”

When Levi said this, the audience was shocked.

The leaders of the city all looked at the Shane family incredible!

Is this too courageous?

How dare to kill General God of War?

Who can stand it?

I’m afraid that Hart Xiangqun will have to take people to level it out one by one!

“Does the Shane family retreat by themselves, or should I use my personal power to help you retreat?”

Levi said coldly.

A sentence is like a trial.

That’s it!

It’s all over!

There is no such thing as Shane Wanshan, the richest man in Case York!

“the city Chamber of Commerce? It is also a personal grudge with you. I succeeded in starting a business six years ago, but you coveted my technology, specially set up a set, maimed me, and sent me to prison, plagiarized my technology, and took everything from me. !”

“What should you be guilty of??”

Levi asked.


Lei Qianjue and others knelt to the ground one by one.

At this moment, they also understood why Levi didn’t target them in the first place.

It should be thought that Erick Group will replace Case York market step by step!

“You are the same as the Shane family!”

Levi looked at Dean again: “Lao Porter, all those who have problems should be arrested!”


Lei Qianjue and the others were pale, with cold sweats.

I have done so much in recent years, and I have done a lot of violations.

Enough for each of them to be locked in!

What’s more, the evidence for doing something about the King’s Land Group is conclusive and can’t escape.

Several people quickly looked at Hart Xiangqun and Fu Longxing.

Looking forward to the two people’s ability to turn the tide.

But the two of them bowed their heads.

If it was the city, the two could still talk.

But this is the damn General God of War!

Strength, rationale, all stand up!

Fu Longxing immediately said: “I report the Case York Chamber of Commerce in real name!”

Dean nodded: “General, I will do it!”

“Okay, let’s end the meeting!”

No one thought that the commander-in-chief would end in this way.

After an hour, the whole Case York were changed.

The strongest Case York Chamber of Commerce and the richest man, the Shane family, are going to be abandoned!

After leaving the venue, Levi changed into plain clothes, and Duan Tianyang followed him.

The two found Sarah dyed them.

“Today is really an eye-opener!”

After visiting the barracks, Dale was in a good mood, and his previous grief was gone.

“Parents, let me introduce you. This is my friend Duan Tianyang. Thanks to him for coming here today!”

Levi introduced Duan Tianyang and the two elders.

Dale held Duan Tianyang’s hand excitedly.

They were shocked.

Does Levi have such friends?

“Dare to ask what is the position of the short section?”

Dale was a little curious.

Chapter 363

“It’s just a small command, it’s not enough!”

Duan Tianyang smiled.

Edith pushed Dale a bit: “This is a secret, why are you asking this?”

“Haha, I was abrupt!”

Dale smiled.

Several people dine here afterwards.

On the way out, Dale was still asking: “It seems that the commander-in-chief is here today!”


“We don’t need to think about that kind of character, but you did a good job today in Levi, and we are all very happy!”

Dale smiled.

“Following happy events! It will happen one after another!”

Levi smiled.

At this time, Sarah was playing with a mobile phone, and suddenly she looked terrified and almost threw the phone on the ground.

“What’s wrong with my daughter?”

Everyone looked at her curiously.

“Something big happened!!!”

“the city is going to be a big earthquake!”

Sarah took a breath.

“Shane Wanshan and everyone in the Shane family chose to collectively withdraw from the Shane Group!!!”

“The Case York Chamber of Commerce announced its dissolution!”

“Lei Qianjue, the four leaders of the four giants who led the Case York Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of senior executives were all arrested for commercial crimes and other crimes!!!”

See the eye-catching headlines on the phone.

Sarah, Dale and the others are going crazy!

This is definitely the biggest news of Case York!

The Shane family and the Case York Chamber of Commerce collapsed at the same time!

It’s incredible!

Sarah’s puzzled eyes fell on Levi’s body, as if there was a layer of mist.

Does this guy have the ability to be a prophet?

Earlier, he was still saying that the Case York Chamber of Commerce and the Shane family were about to finish!

In the blink of an eye, it really came true!

“Levi, do you know something?”

Dale asked.

“Listen to Duan Tianyang, General God of War took these two operations at the ceremony just now!”

Levi smiled.

“That’s it! They offended General God of War, let me just say, there are still people in Case York that can make them fall. This is simply impossible!”

Dale looked relieved.

The Case York earthquake quickly spread throughout Jiangnan Province.

The two mountains collapsed in an instant.

This means that the market in Case York is empty. Everyone wants to take a bite of this big piece of fat.

For a time, Jinling, the provincial capital, and other places are all eyeing this piece of fat in Case York!

At the same time, Erick Group, which received an order from the big boss, chose to expand its scale and began to cannibalize the market.

This the city plate is too big to be eaten overnight.

Anyway, Levi’s plan is very simple, and he can restore stability as soon as possible without shaking Case York economy.

At this time, the Xiao Group received Levi’s order and joined it.

For a time, the Xiao Group turned out to be the strongest giant in Case York.

This is what Xiao Guopu never expected!

Levi wanted to see Xiao Qin’s face first, and second, he wanted to quickly stabilize Case York.

“Sarah remember what I said? I will let you rise again! Wait for my news!”

Levi smiled.

Seeing Levi’s mysterious secrets, she unexpectedly had a little more anticipation.


The Logan family was also very excited.

After getting so much money and industry, the Case York market is completely empty.

This means that an opportunity is here.

As long as the Logan family works hard, becoming a tens of billions group is not a dream!

“Sure enough, after driving away the third child, our family’s luck is all right!”

Mike laughed.

Doug looked up to the sky and smiled: “God bless my Logan family!”

“The big thing is bad! The big thing is bad!”

Chapter 364

Nick and Katie shouted.

“What are you doing? Panicked, didn’t you let you move to the company?”

Doug frowned, very dissatisfied.

After taking over Sarah’s company.

The first thing he did was to move his company to Yinhai Square.

After all, Yinhai Plaza is the city center!

How cool is the office building in the city center?

“Grandpa’s company has been moved! But there are other things…”

“Grandpa, I don’t know what’s going on. This morning, Sarah’s employees suddenly resigned in large numbers! It was some core executives who took the lead to leave! The company suffered a great loss!”

Nick said out of breath.

Katie’s face was extremely gloomy.

“What? Is there anything else?”

The expressions of Doug and others changed drastically.

It doesn’t matter if it is small employees who leave.

But if the executives leave, the problem becomes big.

At this time, Katie’s cell phone rang again.

“What? Seven more senior executives have left!”

Katie looked shocked.

Mike’s phone also rang.

“Huh? The construction team of the Chengxi Ecological Park project terminated the contract, and the workers ran away collectively?”

“Even the site security and the guard dog ran away??”

Mike’s eyes are about to fly out.

The Chengxi Ecological Park project has completely turned into a mess.

A text message came from Nick’s cell phone, and he was dumbfounded when he saw it.

“What? The company’s capital chain is in short supply? The funds have long been used in development? Now the company has no money?”

Nick is about to collapse.

At this time, the project leader of Erick Group called Doug.

“Hello, Mr. Logan, why have all the projects that we cooperated with Huating Company stopped recently?”

Erick Group asked directly.

“Huh? Recently, the company merged, delayed some things, and soon recovered!”

Doug chuckled.

Erick Group is now the God of Wealth to them.

“Mr. Logan, please take a good look at the contract. There are still two days left. If the investment project cannot be restored, you will be compensated for breach of contract! According to the contract, you need to compensate one billion!”

The person in charge of Erick Group scared Doug to pee with a word.

After the other party hung up, Doug’s body was shaking.

“What’s the matter? All the projects cooperating with Erick Group have stopped?”

Doug asked.

Alfred went to check immediately.

After finding the news, Alfred fell like a waterfall in cold sweat.

“Dad, the project we are cooperating with Erick Group is too big. If we want to continue, we have to spend money in it!”

Alfred said.

“What’s the matter? Didn’t Sarah’s company get a large investment? How could this be?”

Doug was about to vomit blood.

“Now Sarah’s company’s internal library is empty, not only is the capital chain broken, but it seems to be in debt…”

Nick said another thing that shocked the Logan family.

“Ah? Impossible! Sarah has developed so well! The company’s new site has moved to Yinhai Square!”

“Yes, that’s right! The company’s market value of nearly one billion is not fake!”

Doug’s faces were all unbelievable.

“I see! This is an illusion made by Sarah! She deliberately made a good financial report and a perfect company image in order to attract investment and cooperation!”

“Yes! During this period, many businessmen have come to invest and cooperate. They were attracted by Sarah’s financial report!”

Alfred immediately analyzed.

Chapter 365

“Damn it! I thought it was a real deal with a billion dollars, but I didn’t expect it to be a mess!!!”

Doug was very angry.

At this time, a car came to Logan’s ancestral house and stopped.

Several men and women in suits came.

“Which is Mr. Doug?”

“I am, you are?”

Doug felt a bit bad.

“Hello, we are the person in charge of Yinhai Plaza. Here is one thing to inform you. The company previously leased by Huating Company signed a temporary contract. Now we are sending a formal contract! The price will also change accordingly. Ten million will become one hundred million in five years! I hope you will pay as soon as possible, or you will be ordered to move out within three days!”

The person in charge of Yinhai Plaza said coldly.


Like a thunderbolt, Doug almost couldn’t stand firm.

Nick tremblingly accepted the new contract and looked through it.

His face is going dark.

The Logan family is going crazy.

Too bad luck, right?

Sarah leases only 10 million, but they only need 100 million?

“Hurry up and resolve this matter!”

The person in charge of Yinhai Plaza leaves.

But this is just the beginning.

Someone is here again.

“Hello, I’m Shane Huamo, the project manager of the Bank of Jiangsu Headquarters. The original Huating Company borrowed 80 million, and now the total interest is 110 million! Order the Logan Group to pay it back within seven days! Otherwise, it will go to justice. program!”

Shane Huamo is merciless.


Doug was frightened and fell to the ground.

More than one billion owed to the bank?

Is the plum mad?

The key to this mess has to be cleaned up by the Logan family!

Shane Huamo took people away.

As a result, someone came again.

More than a dozen companies came at once.

“Hello, Mr. Doug, I am from Warren Investment Company! Now I have recovered 20 million in debt!”

“Hello, Mr. Doug, I belong to the Aisheng Group! Now I have recovered 15 million in debt!”

“Hello, Mr. Doug, I belong to the Hilton Group! Now I have recovered 30 million in debt!”

Thirteen companies, without exception, are here to recover debts!

Together with the Yinhai Plaza and the bank, there is a full debt of 480 million!

Everyone in the Logan family almost fainted.

Didn’t get a penny, even owed nearly 500 million?


Everyone is really going to vomit blood.

“No, this is what Sarah’s Huating Company owes. It has nothing to do with our Logan Group!”

Nick and others immediately defended.

“Huh, what are you quibbling about? The Logan Group officially acquired Huating Company, and the debts of Huating Company are naturally yours!”

“Yes, what does it have to do with Miss Logan?”

“Repay the money quickly! Otherwise, go through the judicial process and let everyone in the Logan family sit in prison!!!”

The representatives of the thirteen companies were tough and did not give the Logan family any chance to breathe.

“Seven days, only seven days for you!”

After the representatives of the 13 companies left, Logan’s family was deadly silent.

Everyone was soaked in cold sweat long ago, gasping for breath.

“Da da da…”

At this time, there were dense footsteps outside.

Next, a group of workers wearing hard hats rushed into the house of Logan’s ancestors.

It turns out that this is the contractors of Huating Company. Today is the day when Huating Company makes money.

Hearing that the company was in crisis, he immediately ran to Logan’s house to ask for money.

“Doug quickly give money!!!”

“Yes! Quickly settle the money to us, otherwise you can’t afford it!”

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