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Chapter 366

More than one hundred people surrounded the Logan family.

The momentum is huge.

The Logan family was dumbfounded.

A large group of workers came to ask for money?

But Sarah paid these contractors monthly, and today is just the end of the day!

They really have to bear the cost!

“Your money is going to Sarah! It has nothing to do with our Logan family!”

Nick said angrily.

“Fuck your mother’s shit! Miss Logan has nothing to do with the company!”

“Yeah! What’s more, this is a matter of the Logan Group. You all expelled Miss Logan from the genealogy. Does it have anything to do with others?”

“Quickly settle the money! Otherwise, we won’t leave!”

These workers are beginning to humiliate.

“Hurry up and leave for me. You belong to a private house. Be careful I call the police to catch you!”

Nick shouted.

“If you call the police, please feel free to let people know that you are not going to settle the money!”

Contractors don’t care.

“Okay, I’ll call the police!”

Nick still doesn’t believe in this evil.

But Alfred immediately stopped him: “Don’t mess around! Once you call the police, don’t the mass media know that there is something wrong with our Logan Group? Then we will have even more trouble!”

Nick reacted immediately.

If this matter is known to the mass media, the Logan Group will die even worse.

“Then what to do?”

Nick asked.


Alfred gritted his teeth.

“Uncle this…”

He is totally unwilling to give these people money for Sarah!

“I said, settlement!”

Alfred said coldly.

Nick and Katie and the financial account immediately.

There are a total of seven contractors, and they need to settle 5.7 million this month.

After the final settlement was in place, the contractors left with hundreds of workers.

The Logan family took a sigh of relief temporarily.

More than five million went out in an instant.

It hurts!

The key is that you can’t make a penny!

Everyone in the Logan family was sitting on the ground, getting wet with cold sweat.

They encountered the biggest crisis in history!

Five hundred million owed!

Isn’t this Doug sold?

How could it suddenly become like this?

They can’t figure it out.

“What can I do? Are you all stupid donkeys? Will you not check the internal situation of Liziran’s company in advance?”

Doug roared.

“Huating’s development is particularly good, with hundreds of millions of working capital and a large number of cooperative investors, the prospects are infinitely good!”

Nick’s weak way.

“Then why does it become like this?”

Doug asked.

Everyone bowed their heads, no one could answer this question.

This is something they didn’t expect!

“Now what do you say?”

Doug roared.

“I see, this is definitely Sarah deliberate! Let me just say, a billion for Levi’s life, even a fool would not make this choice?”

“Yeah, Sarah has so many methods for this slut, and he does not scrutinize his way to sleep with so many old men. How could he hang himself on a tree in Levi?”

“Yes! It is estimated that between five million and Levi, she will choose five million, let alone one billion! She did it on purpose!”

Katie and Nick all talked.

Doug’s eyes lit up fiercely, and said in surprise: “Could it be that Sarah couldn’t control the company before and wanted to find someone to take the order. When this happened, she immediately gave us the pot?”

“It must be so! This slut is really mean-hearted! This trick will kill the Logan family!”

Chapter 367

“I can’t wait to kill this b!tch!!!”


Doug was about to vomit blood.

“Sarah you a b!tch! It really isn’t a good thing, are you cheating me?”

At this time, everyone in the Logan family thought it was a strategy used by Sarah and dumped the mess on them.

In fact, Sarah didn’t even know it.

Because during her reign, Huating developed very rapidly and had sufficient funds. There was no such situation at all.

All of this was made by Levi.

Overnight, changed the fate of the entire Huating.

Throw all the mess to the Logan family.

“Now Grandpa I think I should let Sarah take over her company again and let her handle the mess by herself!”

Mike suggested.

“Well, you have to do this! Let her come back and solve it by herself!”

Everyone angered.

At this time, Sarah was in Erick Group.

Although the company is lost, her ability is still there, she plans to come to Erick to develop.

But Levi blocked it.

She was not allowed to come to Erick Group.

Levi has the idea of ​​letting Sarah reopen the company.

Sarah is sulking now.

At this time, she suddenly received a call from Doug.

“Sarah, you did a good thing! You deliberately cheated me, right? You are a shameless offspring! You really don’t deserve the surname Logan!”

As soon as the phone was connected, Doug cursed at Sarah.

“What’s wrong? Grandpa?”

Sarah looked dumbfounded.

“What’s wrong? Your Huating debt is more than four billion! Your company’s executives and employees collectively resigned… You don’t know such a big thing? What are you pretending to be?”

“Ah? How could this be? I don’t know!”

Sarah was dumbfounded, and didn’t even know that this happened.

“You are going to piss me off!”

Doug was almost mad, and Sarah was still pretending to be stupid.

“Fortunately, after I removed you from the genealogy, I still thought about sorry for your family, and kept blaming myself. Who ever thought you set the game ahead of time and was ready to cheat me?”

Doug said angrily.

“Grandpa, what did you say, I really don’t know.”

Sarah looked dumbfounded.

Her company is developing so well, how can she repay her debts?

impossible things!

“Sarah you ba5tard! I can’t wait to slap you to death!”

Doug is really going crazy.

“And don’t call me grandfather, I don’t have such a granddaughter!”

Sarah didn’t know what to do.

“But, I’ll give you a chance! As long as you regain control of the Huating Company, I promise that your family will return to the Logan family, and the previous expulsion of genealogy will be nullified!”

Doug first suppressed and then raised.

He is very aware of Dale and Sarah’s temperament, they regard family glory as more important than their own lives.

Especially the surname Logan, carries everything about them.

So after expelling them from the genealogy, Dale cried with anger.

For them, some things are higher than life.

He believed that Sarah and Dale would definitely agree to them as long as they told them about the restoration of their genealogy.

“You can restore the genealogy first! As long as you come back to solve your company’s affairs, I will never interfere in the future!”

“Just now Grandpa said too much, after all, your company has such a basket!”

Doug followed the temptation.

Sure enough, Sarah’s heart was moved as soon as these words came out.

Can get back to the company, but also to return to the Logan family tree.

The best of both worlds!

She gritted her teeth and agreed.

Chapter 368

“Sarah, as long as you want, you can come to the ancestral house now, and I will personally restore your genealogical status!”

Doug had expected Sarah to agree, and continued.

“Grandpa, I answer…”

Just as Sarah was about to agree, Levi suddenly grabbed the phone.

“Who the hell are you? Stop harassing my wife! Be careful I beat you!”

Levi said angrily.

“King’s Landing, it’s me! Am I your grandfather?”

Although Doug was very angry, he did not dare to get angry.

“Who are you grandpa? I’m still your ancestor! Get out!!!”

Levi yelled angrily and hung up the phone.

He also blocked all the contact information of Dale and others.

Doug on the other end called immediately, and soon discovered that he was blacked out.

Other people make the same call.

“Sarah blacked all of us!”

Doug’s expression was cold: “It’s Levi! He still scolds me!”

“Levi, what are you doing? Why are you scolding Grandpa?”

Sarah asked dissatisfiedly.

“Why did I tell you that day? People feel softened by a phone call?”

Levi said angrily.

Sarah bit his lip: “But the company…something went wrong…”

“Is that your company? Does the accident have anything to do with you? And are you from the Logan family? They have all been expelled from the genealogy!”

Levi said angrily.

“But Grandpa wants to restore our genealogy…”

“Are you really stupid or fake? He restores your genealogy because he wants you to clean up the mess, and when you finish cleaning up, kick it away!”

Levi asked.

Sarah bit her lip tightly, and she gradually reacted.

“Well, I understand, I listen to you!”

Plum dyed.

Levi immediately instructed Dale and Edith to block Doug and others from being blocked as soon as possible.

And not only that, he also arranged for Dale and Edith to travel.

Doug can’t find it!

“People are good at being deceived! You have to understand that now everything in the Logan family has nothing to do with you!”

Levi shook his head speechlessly.

When can Sarah’s kind-hearted and soft-hearted character change?

Otherwise, they will be bullied by Doug for a lifetime!

Doug’s family is going crazy now.

Because Sarah’s family could not be contacted at all.

“Grandpa, after looking around, I can’t find where Sarah is. Moreover, Dale and Edith have gone to travel, and they don’t know where they are going. It will take ten and a half months to say less!”

Nick and others gasped.

“Heaven is going to perish my Logan family!”

Doug was about to cry.

“Fucking Levi, Sarah has to agree.”

“Isn’t it? Levi is in charge of Dale’s family now!”

“I really want to kill Levi!”

The Logan family is going crazy.

At this time, a few cars came to Logan’s ancestral house.

“Introduction, we are a partner of the Chengxi Ecological Park. We are still waiting for your ecological park to be built to make money. What do you mean? I heard that all the construction teams ran away, even the dogs and security guards. You are planning to take the money. Run off?”

These partners are aggressive, and there are more than two dozen brawny men behind them.

“Huh? No, we don’t. This matter has nothing to do with us!”

Nick wanted to cry without tears.

“Why doesn’t it matter? It’s written in the contract, and now the Logan Group is solely responsible for the Chengxi Ecological Park!”

Nick was speechless.

Chapter 369

“Your project is now suspended, the construction team ran away, the capital chain is in short supply, and the company has already experienced a major crisis. We can no longer cooperate and request termination of the contract! You need to return all investment!

“We have hired a lawyer, and have a good talk with our lawyer!”

The partners are ready for everything.

“No, why is it a lawyer? Why don’t we agree to terminate the contract?”

Nick was really dumbfounded.


A strong man stepped forward and slammed Nick’s nose with a fist, splashing blood.

Nick said angrily: “You dare to hit someone?”

“You wait, I want to call the police!”

The beating man sneered: “You call the police, I’m a passerby, but I can’t understand your faces!”

“you guys…”

The Logan family was really angry and angry.

But helpless.

Then another call came.

Director Boyd of the Urban Construction Bureau personally called: “What’s the matter with Mr. Doug? What happened to the Chengxi Ecological Park? You quickly refund the money from the partner! Otherwise, you will have a lot of trouble behind!”

The Urban Construction Bureau ordered it.

Doug didn’t dare to disobey, and immediately said, “Nick settle the money to them!”

“Okay, Grandpa!”

There is no other way but to refund the money.

Fortunately, the number of partners in the early stage was relatively small, totaling 12 million.

But today, almost 20 million has been spent.

This is not so much debt.

If this continues, the Logan family will not be able to support it for a few days.

I thought it was going to rise, but no one thought it would end like this.

Doug was so anxious that he cried.


Blame him for being too greedy!

Otherwise, how could this happen?


The others also cried together.

If this continues, not only will their lives be ruined, but they will even go to jail.

At this moment, Mike came out panting: “Dad, I found where Sarah and Levi are, they are in the Erick Group!”

“Go, let’s go to Erick Group! Sarah is the only hope!”

Doug took a large number of Logan family to Erick Group.

Levi and Sarah, who were staying in the office, saw a large group of people coming from the Logan family through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

“Why are they here?”

Plum dye was surprised.

“Of course I’m here for you to take the blame! Huating’s mess can only be thrown at you!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah now knows about the crisis in the Logan family, she wondered: “Why did Huating have so many problems as soon as I left? I really feel as if someone is behind the scenes!”

“Yes, I did it behind my back!”

Levi smiled.

“You? Impossible! If you had the ability, you wouldn’t stay here for tea!”

Sarah shook his head.

At this time, Doug led a group of people to the Erick Group building in a hurry, and they wanted to break in directly.

“Stop, stop, what are you doing? Thinking of your own house, just rush inside!”

The security team immediately stopped everyone.

“Brother please tell me, we want to see Sarah!”

Doug said with a smile.

“What kind of plum dye? Our company doesn’t call it plum dye at all! What are you doing?”

Security Captain Takemori said angrily.

“No, let’s find Levi! Please tell me about Levi!”

Doug immediately changed his mouth.

He also secretly stuffed the security guard an envelope, which was full of money.

“You mean Brother Garrison? I’ll help you ask.”

Boyd Sen and Levi were very familiar with each other and called him immediately.

“Brother Garrison, someone is looking for you!”

“Tell them, no see, busy!”

Chapter 370

Since Boyd Sen’s mobile phone was turned on by hands-free, Doug and others could hear clearly.

what? not see?

Doug immediately said, “I am King’s Landing, and I am your grandfather!”

“Who the hell do you take advantage of, I’m your grandpa!”

After speaking, Levi died.


Everyone in the Logan family was dumbfounded.

Doug slapped his mouth, mainly saying that he was used to it before.

Xiaowu, the security guard, stared at Doug and the others: “Aren’t you here to find fault? You call it Garrison Ge’s grandfather?”

The other security guards stared at them.

Levi is not optimistic about Natalie’s high-level staff in the company.

But it was with the security guard and the uncle clean.

Smoke often and drink tea together.

Therefore, Levi’s prestige in this circle is very high.

When I heard someone wanted to be Levi’s grandfather.

These dozens of security guards refused to agree.

“Yes, captain, I don’t think these people look like good people, they are aggressive!”

The other security guards angered.

Nick suffocated his stomach, and now he was provoked by the security guards, and immediately became angry: “You fucking bunch of stinky security guards, how are you? What are you guys? Get out of here!”

“Yes, what are some smelly security guards? Hurry up and let Levi come down, otherwise I will make you unemployed!”

Mike also angered.

After all, their Logan family also has a valuation of one billion.

Is it a provocation by a few security guards?

When security captain Takemori heard this, he blasted his hair straight away.

“These people tried to make trouble in Erick and blasted me out!”

Takemori gave an order.

Dozens of security guards shot together and threw out Nick and others.

Nick had just been beaten, and now he was beaten again.

Doug was going to die of anger.


A few slaps on the faces of Nick and Mike.

“What are you doing? We are here to beg! Not to pretend to be the uncle!”

Doug was really angry.

Doug stepped forward and stuffed a lot of money.

Takemori accepted them all.

He called Levi again.

“Tell them, if you come to find someone sincerely, everyone will kneel down below!”

Levi approached.

“Have you heard? If you really want to look for Brother Garrison to do business, just kneel down below!”

Takemori said.

“Levi, you are deceiving too much!!!”

Mike and Nick were just about to get angry and were stopped by Doug.

“What are you doing? Are you still unable to react? Kneel down for me!!!”

Pushed and pushed by Doug, Alfred, Mike, Nick and others all knelt in front of the square of the Erick Group.


Endless humiliation!

One day, they would kneel down to Levi, the trash in their mouths.

Passersby stopped to watch, and some were even taking photos and videos.

This made the proud Logan family feel even more humiliated!

Their faces, their dignity seemed to be trampled on at this moment.

They vowed to smash Levi’s body into pieces!

The shame brought to them today should be paid back ten times!

Although Doug didn’t kneel down, he still felt very humiliated.

The Logan family’s face is completely ashamed!

But in order to see Sarah, I had to endure it.

At this time, in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows of the office, Levi and Sarah could see the scene below clearly.

Especially the uncle and the second uncle, these domineering people who usually kneel in public, Sarah feels very refreshed.

But a little embarrassed.

“Levi, wouldn’t it be bad for us to do this? Make them so embarrassed!”

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