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Chapter 371

Sarah’s heart is too kind, and he is still thinking of others at this time.

“You feel sorry for them? When you were expelled from the Logan family, what were they doing? They were driving you away!”

Levi approached.

Sarah nodded.

This is indeed the case.

“Hey, Marion, why is there another person standing? Make him kneel down too!”

Levi was dissatisfied.

Upon hearing this, Sarah became anxious.

“What are you doing? That’s Grandpa… how can I make him kneel down?”

Sarah panicked.

“You call his grandfather, did he treat you as a granddaughter?”

“Don’t mix up this matter, leave it to me!”

Levi looked resolute.

On the square, Boyd Sen came to Doug.

The latter asked, “Do they see Levi?”

“You can see! But what are you doing? Why don’t you kneel down?”

Takemori asked.


Doug was stunned.

He has to kneel wherever he wants.

In his opinion, letting Alfred and others kneel down is already the greatest sincerity.

Now he asked himself to kneel down too?

Are Levi and Sarah completely crazy?

Don’t recognize your ancestors?

Deceived the Lord to destroy the ancestor?

“What are you doing? I didn’t hear that everyone kneels down just now? Are you special? You have come to ask someone to do something.

Takemori said angrily.

Doug tremblingly asked, “Is he asked me to kneel down on my little brother?”

“Nonsense, kneel if you want to kneel, if you don’t kneel, roll with this garbage!”

Takemori was impatient.


In the horrified eyes of the Logan family, Doug still knelt on the ground after all.

At this moment, the dignity of the Logan family collapsed.


What a shame!

“Levi, we must kill you!!!”

This is the thought of every Logan family.

The moment Doug knelt down, he was crying too!

He actually knelt to Levi.

Doug’s psychological line of defense was really about to be breached when he saw the people who came and went watching them.

He can’t wait to hit him to death

But for the Logan family, he had to endure it.

Sarah in the office was shocked.

Doug really knelt down.

At this moment, she felt very uncomfortable.

But she looked at Levi with curiosity in her eyes.

This man has become so mysterious since he was released from prison.

The mouth seemed to have been opened.

It is said that the Case York Chamber of Commerce and the Shane family have fallen, but they really have fallen.

Said that Doug would come to kneel and beg for help, but it really came true.

Is he God?

Do you follow the law?

She even wondered if Levi was playing a ghost in the Logan family’s affairs.

But it seems he doesn’t have this strength!

“What should we do now?”

Sarah asked.

“Kneel first!”

By the end of get off work, Doug and others had been kneeling for more than three hours.

Levi asked Sarah to follow Natalie by car.

He swaggered out from the front door of the company.

As soon as Levi appeared, Logan’s family all smiled.

The life-saving straw finally appeared.

Levi went straight to Doug and said with a smile: “Old man, do you just kneel if you let you kneel?”

“Didn’t you and Sarah tell us to kneel? What about Sarah? Is she going to agree to what I asked for?”

Doug asked anxiously.

“Yes, we are still waiting for Sarah to come back and take control of the overall situation!”

Others are also anxious.

Levi smiled and said, “I’m sorry, Sarah isn’t there at all, I made you kneel, it doesn’t matter to Sarah.”

Chapter 372

“What? It means that Sarah doesn’t even know?”

Doug was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, do you still have anything to do?”

Levi asked.

Everyone in the Logan family was stunned.


They didn’t say anything at all, and they knelt here for three or four hours.

“Levi, are you kidding us?”

Doug looked at Levi incredulously.

The Logan family is going crazy.

“Did I play with you? You didn’t tell me anything, and if I asked you to kneel, do you kneel?”

Levi sneered.

The Logan family is really going to cry with anger.

“Okay, I’m leaving for nothing!”

Levi turned around and left.

“Wait! Tell us where is the plum dye?”

Nick quickly stopped Levi.

“Why do you want to tell you? Get out of here!”

“Don’t tell me, you can’t go!”

“It’s fucking getting out of the way! Tired of living and crooked, aren’t you? Dare to move Brother Garrison?”

Takemori rushed over with the security guards.

In the blink of an eye, Nick and others were all subdued and dropped to the ground.

Nick was beaten three times a day.

The Logan family could only watch Levi leave.

These days, the Erick Group is the busiest time, even if the lights in the entire office building are all on at night.

Because after the fall of the Case York Chamber of Commerce and the Shane family, the market volume was too huge.

Erick Group needs to occupy more markets as quickly as possible.

Recently, major business families from the provincial capital Jinling, the provincial capital Jinling, and other parts of Jiangnan Province have all poured into Case York to share a piece of the pie.

At this time, Wang Wood, the head of the marketing department, called. He was Levi’s former subordinate.

“Mr. Garrison, I just saw a good company, it should be very suitable for Miss Logan!”

“Tell me.”

“Dongtian Group, originally controlled by the Shane family, is a comprehensive enterprise. In recent years, it has also developed cultural and entertainment projects, and the prospects are great. After the fall of the Shane family recently, the Dongtian Group also collapsed, so someone needs to take over. It will be taken tomorrow. The company is bidding at Qingyun Resort on the outskirts of Case York. Do I need to arrange the shooting?”

Wang Wood asked.

“No, I’ll go there myself.”

Levi smiled.

I happened to take my wife to the resort to relax, and also hid in Logan’s house by the way.

After returning home, Sarah was still worried.

“Pack things up!”

Levi approached.

“Huh? Why are you packing up?”

Sarah asked with blinking big eyes.

“Go traveling!”

Sarah was even more puzzled: “It’s this time, what do you do for the tour?”

She worried about work, worried about the future, and worried about the Logan family.

No time to travel.

In the end, Sarah went straight to Qingyun Resort with Levi.

But she still didn’t understand why Levi would take her to travel at this time.

It was almost nine o’clock when I arrived at the resort.

However, there are still many people coming to the resort during this time period, and the parking area is all luxury commercial cars, even the Audi rs7 by Sarah looks very inferior.

“Wow, isn’t that Wan Yun’s chairman? Why is he here too?”

“And the CEO of Longyuan…”

Sarah couldn’t help exclaiming when he saw a lot of shopping mall bosses.

At the same time, she was also very puzzled, why so many bigwigs gathered in the resort.

After successfully registering at the resort, Sarah knew.

Tomorrow, Dongtian Group will be auctioned here.

Those big guys are all for the Dongtian Group.

“After the fall of the Shane family and the Case York Chamber of Commerce, multi-billion-dollar groups like Dongtian have fallen too much!”

Sarah and Levi sighed.

Chapter 373

“What do you think of Dongtian Group?”

Levi asked.

“Very strong! Not only does it become popular in real estate, but it also has a good set of entertainment, which has created many celebrities and celebrities. Online movie giants!”

Sarah smiled.

Levi touched her head: “Okay, I will bid for you tomorrow!”


Sarah smiled tremblingly.

“Don’t be joking, Dongtian Group bid for the bid, and it is estimated that 2 billion will be the base!”

Sarah smiled.

Before, Levi said to let her rise again.

But bidding for Dongtian Group is too exaggerated.

She assumed that Levi was comforting herself.

“But, tomorrow we will participate in the auction and have a long experience!”

Plum dyed.

When the two were about to take the elevator to the guest room, a voice rang behind them: “Is it Sarah?”

Levi and Sarah turned around and saw a man in a suit, who was in his thirties. He was very energetic and belonged to a man with a successful career.

“Huh? Brother Gao Tianlin?”

Sarah recognized it.

This is the son of classmate Dale.

Before, Dale wanted to arrange a blind date, but she refused.

“It’s really you, I thought I was wrong.”

Gao Tianlin smiled and looked at Levi with disdain in his eyes.

Sarah asked curiously: “Brother Gao, are you working here?”

Hearing this, Gao Tianlin straightened his body and said with a smug expression: “Yes, I am the general manager of Qingyun Resort! This is my business card!”

Gao Tianlin sent Sarah and Levi a business card.

After reading the business card, Sarah said politely: “Brother Gao, you can really mix up now!”

Gao Tianlin floated and said modestly: “It’s okay, it’s just a few million dollars in annual salary, it can’t compare with you.”

“Oh, Sarah is embarrassed. I forgot that you have nothing. I heard the news two days ago that your company had taken the Logan family back, and you were also removed from the genealogy! Hey! Sarah your life It’s really bitter!”

He glanced at Levi again and said, “What’s even worse is that you stand with such a husband and come out of prison. In times of crisis like yours, you can’t help me at all.”

Seeing Levi and Sarah not talking, Gao Tianlin continued: “Brother, it’s not that I said you. Is it a big man who is embarrassed to be raised by a woman? You should get acquainted and divorce Sarah and don’t delay her!”

“Then you tell me who can be worthy of Sarah?”

Levi asked.

There is a play!

It seems that this kid also knows he can’t do it.

Gao Tianlin looked at Sarah affectionately and said: “Sarah, I am thirty-two years old and still single. I have been waiting for you, as long as you are willing, I will marry you home immediately. I have almost a thousand savings now. Oh, the car is a Porsche. There are also several suites at home.”

Sarah looked embarrassed.

But this shy look fell in Gao Tianlin’s eyes, making his eyes hot, and he couldn’t wait to sleep Sarah right away.

“After marrying me, you will be the lady boss of Qingyun Resort! I will contract another resort!”

Gao Tianlin said with a smile.

In his opinion, Sarah could not refuse this temptation.

Levi smiled and asked, “Is this resort very valuable?”

“Brother tell you, two hundred million!”

Gao Tianlin exaggerated.

Levi silently dialed a call: “Hey, it’s me, Levi, help me buy Qingyun Resort!”

Chapter 374

Levi’s overbearing and direct side scared Sarah and Gao Tianlin.

But soon, Gao Tianlin burst into laughter.

“Brother, do you watch a lot of movies? You can buy the entire resort with one phone call? That’s 200 million!”

Gao Tianlin sneered.

“Hahaha, is there something wrong with this person? Want to buy the resort? Who does he think it is?”

“It’s just a pretense, deliberately looking for face.”

The surrounding staff laughed.

Even Sarah feels exaggerated.

Although she lost face in front of Gao Tianlin, it didn’t matter, she didn’t care.

But Levi had to brag, and it turned out to be a joke.

“Brother Gao, let’s go first!”

Sarah didn’t want to stay for a moment when he felt contemptuous gazes.

She pulled Levi away.

“Sister Sarah keep my business card, please remember to find me if you have anything. I have the final say in this resort. You can do whatever you want.”

Gao Tianlin did not forget to remind.

After that, Gao Tianlin told the staff again: “Go and see which room they live in, and then leave me a key. Hey…”

A look of lewdness appeared on Gao Tianlin’s face.

He had long been thinking about Sarah.

This time Sarah came to his site, how could he let it go?

“Hmph, sister Sarah is waiting for her brother’s luck!”

Gao Tianlin’s heart was hot, and he was almost unbearable.

After check-in.

Levi received the call.

“Hey, the acquisition has been successful, hasn’t it? Okay, send the contract over tomorrow morning, it’s too late now, I want to rest.”

Levi approached.

Sarah dyed white and gave him a glance: “The others are gone, you don’t need to brag. It’s useless to brag with me.”

Sarah thought Levi was bragging.

But in fact, the Xiao family really bought this resort after getting instructions from Levi.

Later, Levi and Sarah came to the restaurant for dinner.

The staff told Gao Tianlin the whereabouts of the two in time.

“Opportunity is here!”

Gao Tianlin came to the restaurant to cook.

“What are the dishes at table 08?”

Gao Tianlin asked.

“it’s here!”

The chef pointed.

Gao Tianlin secretly spilled a packet of medicine on several dishes.

This is his secret medicine.

Over the years, it has been tried and tested.

Many beautiful girls who came to the resort were drugged by him and then fell asleep.

When I got up the next day, the person involved did not know what had happened.

Gao Tianlin and the waiter came to Levi’s table in person.

“Sister Sarah, I will present you two dishes and a bottle of red wine. I wish you all a good time.”

“Thank you!”

Levi felt that Gao Tianlin had no good intentions.

He sniffed it, and the wine in the dish was indeed drugged.

But he didn’t expose it.

Dyed with plums and eat as usual.

Gao Tianlin in the distance saw everything in his eyes.

It’s done tonight.

The effect of the drug took an hour later, and he could dye plums as he pleased.

Sarah didn’t know what was going on, and while she was eating, she poked at Xia Levi and let him look aside.

Levi took a look, almost vomiting out.

Because there are three men sitting at the table next door.

The three men are sturdy, but with heavy makeup, thick foundation, trimmed eyebrows, and lipstick.

What is even more exaggerated is that the three people are naughty, talking very charmingly, pinching Lanhua’s fingers.

From time to time the three of them kissed…


After Levi saw it, the word came into his mind.

Chapter 375

Nowadays, society is becoming more and more open. Gay guys are not only the little white faces, but also a lot of strong men who exercise like this kind of tone.

The rougher the man, the more he likes to play!

Seeing the three muscular men flirting, Levi felt that the food he ate was about to spit out.

The same goes for Sarah, with goose bumps all over his body.

“Husband, let’s eat quickly, let’s go after eating!”

Sarah whispered.

“it is good.”

The two immediately increased the speed of eating.

After eating, Sarah felt very sleepy.

When I get to the room, I fall asleep.

Obviously the drug worked.

But this drug did not hurt Levi at all.

He sat on the sofa and waited.

Gao Tianlin in the office can’t bear it anymore.

He waited another half an hour before he acted.

At this time the effect of the medicine had already taken place.

He tiptoed to Levi’s room.

He rang the doorbell first, but didn’t respond for a long time.

He knocked on the door again, but still didn’t respond.

Finally, he took out the room key to open the door, and walked into the room quietly.

After he turned on the light.

Seeing Sarah lying on the bed, he immediately burned his body,

“Right! Where’s Levi?”

Gao Tianlin didn’t see Levi, and immediately searched around.


But at this moment, he suddenly suffered a heavy blow, his eyes went dark, and he passed out.

Levi was standing behind him right now.

After he finished smoking a cigarette, he dragged Gao Tianlin to a guest room.

Then rang the doorbell.

This room lives in the three gays they met before.

Someone knocked on the door and they immediately opened it.

Only after opening the door, there was no one outside.

But he found that there was a man lying naked on the ground, it was Gao Tianlin.

Looking at Gao Tianlin, the three strong men looked at each other, with extremely lustful smiles at the corners of their mouths.

The three strong men carried Gao Tianlin into the room together.

A cruel cry was faintly heard in the rooms around this room that night.

Everyone just assumed that they were watching a horror movie next door and didn’t care.

Several staff members of the resort gathered together and said with a smile, “Mr Gao did something bad again tonight, right?”

“Isn’t it, it seems to be the daughter of his old classmate, she looks pretty! She is a fairy!”

“Ms. Gao is enjoying now? I saw him sneak into the room in front of me!”

That night, Gao Tianlin was in a trance.

It seems to happen in reality, and it seems to be a dream.

He seemed to have been ruined by three strong men.

It hurts everywhere.

In the early morning of the next morning, there was fierce pain in his butt, and Gao Tianlin slowly opened his eyes.

It happened that I was lying on a big bed.

“Then I should have dyed plum to sleep last night?”

Thinking of this, Gao Tianlin was excited.

Finally fell asleep to the goddess she was thinking of.

But there seems to be no impression…

Gao Tianlin rubbed his swollen head.

Then he became weak and weak, just like collapsed.

He even felt a terrible pain in his mouth, neck, arms, and buttocks, as if torn apart.

I do not know what happened.

Was Sarah so crazy last night?

Gao Tian Lin Xindao.

He opened his eyes again, trying to see clearly.

And move his arm to the side.

Sure enough, it touched the human body, but it felt very hard, like a stone.

The next moment, when Gao Tianlin saw the three men lying beside him clearly, he was stunned.

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