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Chapter 386

Nick pointed at Levi with a sneer: “You don’t know yet? Why did Sarah get the investment? Why can I rent an office building in Yinhai Square? It was all obtained by her sleeping with the old man! Your kid was actually green long ago. Now, the prairie is all over my head!”

“Hahaha, yes! Levi came to you as a silly fork. I really thought Sarah would wait for you for six years? Dreaming! I don’t know how many men’s beds have been in this period!”

“Yes, that’s right! Sarah is a b!tch! It’s the disgrace of the Logan family!”

“Smelly shameless b!tch! Do your parents know what you do?”

Anyway, they have torn their skins, and the Logan family is fearless, and insults Sarah one after another.


Being insulted by his family, Sarah cried instantly.

Nick sneered and said, “Why are you crying? Do you still feel wronged? Don’t think we don’t know your own messy things! It’s shameful to say it! Shame!

It’s just that after Nick said this, he suddenly felt cold all over his body.

There is a feeling of falling into an ice cave.

When he came into contact with Levi’s eyes, he was so scared that he almost fainted.

What kind of look is that?



The look is straight into people’s hearts, and one glance will make people have nightmares.


In the next second, Levi already appeared in front of him.

Kicked Nick out with one kick.


Nick vomited blood and hit the wall fiercely.

Levi had already arrived before anyone got up.

Lift him up and press it on the wall.

Especially Levi’s right hand clasped his neck fiercely, and he kept increasing his strength…


Soon, Nick’s face turned purple, rolled his eyes, and his legs were constantly moving.

He is suffocating!

Levi was going to kill someone!

The Logan family reacted and went to block Levi one after another.

Just go to one, and Levi kicked one back.

It’s useless at all.

Levi is bound to kill Nick.

Soon Nick’s face turned black.

“King’s Landing, no, don’t do stupid things!”

Sarah rushed forward and pulled Levi away abruptly.


After Levi let go, Nick fell on the ground and fainted due to lack of oxygen for too long.

“Hurry up and take someone to the hospital?”

The Logan family hurriedly carried Nick to the hospital.

When Doug and others were still talking cruelly, they were shocked when they came into contact with Levi’s murderous eyes.

This is a lunatic.

Can’t afford it!

Sarah also roared angrily: “The Logan family’s affairs have nothing to do with me! Don’t come to me anymore, I won’t help you!”

Later, Sarah and Levi left.

If it wasn’t for Sarah to stop him, Levi would definitely do it based on what they just said.

How can his wife be insulted by others?

The Logan family is really desperate.

Sarah refused cruelly, and their only hope was gone.

Next, they face arrears of several hundred million and liquidated damages of one billion.

These are enough to send them all to prison.

Doug had already given up.

Ready to go to jail.

But he was unwilling, and everyone else in the Logan family was still young.

Nick and the others are only in their twenties.

This night was the most tormenting night for everyone in the Logan family.

Many people have white hair overnight.

The next day, everyone sat together, waiting for the trial.

At this time, a few cars arrived outside the house of Logan Jiazu.

Hearing the sound of the car, the Logan family was desperate.

Chapter 387

Soon, a group of people entered the Logan family’s ancestral home.

When Doug looked up, they were all strange faces.

A middle-aged man in the lead saw the lifeless Logan family.

He angrily said: “What kind of style? the city Logan family is like this? You simply lose the face of my Logan family!”


Doug was stunned.

Didn’t it come to ask for debt?

“Dare to ask Mr.?”

Doug asked.

“Huh, doesn’t Doug even know me? I, Logan Wanglong, the Logan family of Jinling, the provincial capital!”

Logan Wanglong said angrily.

“What? People from the Logan family in the provincial capital?”

Doug stood up immediately, wishing to kneel down.

Mike and others are also in awe.

This is the provincial capital of Logan’s house!

In their eyes, it was like a nobleman.

People from the Logan family, the provincial capital, came to Case York just like the private visit of the ancient emperor’s microservices.

“What happened?”

Logan Wanglong asked coldly.

Doug quickly told Logan Wanglong what had happened.

After Logan Wanglong found out, he said coldly: “Well, this matter is taken care of by the provincial capital Logan Family!”


Doug and others were shocked.

Is the provincial capital Lijia in charge?

Is this a surprise from the sky?

“Because the Logan family, the provincial capital, wants to develop territory and business in Case York, you are considered a very important part, and your dilemma must be resolved!”

Logan Wanglong explained the reason.

This surprised and delighted the Logan family.

Is the provincial capital Logan Jia coming to Case York for development?

Doesn’t that mean they can also share the soup?

Logan Wanglong smiled and said, “As long as you work hard, the benefits are indispensable!”

The Case York Logan Family is an important part of the development of the provincial capital Logan Family in Case York.

Compared with other family powers, the provincial capital of Logan Family is equivalent to having a foundation in Case York.

This will help them better plan to take root in Case York.

So even if Doug is facing a crisis of hundreds of millions now, the Logan family has taken action to solve it.

After all, the Logan family may achieve tens of billions or hundreds of billions in the future.

This little money is nothing at all.

After Logan Wanglong appeared, all the crises of the Logan Group were resolved in less than a day.

In addition, the Logan Family, the provincial capital, is about to start a land occupation plan, which makes the Doug family’s worth soaring.

With the backing, Sarah didn’t care about it at all.

“What? Sarah, an unscrupulous descendant, dare to do this? Is she qualified to be named Logan?”

Logan Wanglong said angrily after hearing Doug and others’ cheering and jealousy.

“Yeah, it’s all my fault! It’s because I didn’t have any education! Hey, I really shame my Logan family’s reputation!”

Doug was about to cry.

“Then why didn’t you take her surname back? Such a person is eligible to be named Logan?”

Logan Wanglong asked.

Doug cried and said, “How can I have this qualification? I just expelled her family from the genealogy. I got the surname back, and they didn’t agree. What’s more, this little b!tch is already the president of Dongshan Group by sleeping with him, let alone us. It’s a solution!”


Logan Wanglong slapped the table fiercely and said: “It’s unreasonable! My Logan family’s face has been lost to this b!tch! Her family name must be taken back!”

“You can’t get it back, I will find her myself!”

“The other second uncle is Logan Erye. He will come to the city soon. Before he comes, I don’t want these trivial matters to affect his old man.”

Logan Wanglong said.

“What? Erye Logan is coming too? God really helped me!”

Doug was extremely excited.

A cold light flashed in Logan Wanglong’s eyes: “I will go with me tomorrow to solve the problem of Sarah!”

Chapter 388

The Logan family never expected that one day a carp would leap over the dragon gate.

It will make the provincial capital Logan Jia pay attention to it.

This night, they almost couldn’t sleep with excitement.

Looking forward to dealing with Sarah the next day.

Finally I can vent my breath!

The next day.

The Logan family’s motorcade came to Dongtian Group in mighty force.

“Do you have an appointment, sir?”

Seeing a group of people came, the receptionist immediately asked.

Logan Wanglong, who was walking in the front, sneered, “I’m here to find Sarah!”

“Oh? I’m looking for Mr. Logan! I don’t know if you have an appointment, sir? Mr. Logan just took office, but we are very busy!”

Smiled at the front desk.

Before seven in the morning, they saw plum dyed to work.

Logan Wanglong sneered: “Huh, why do I need to make an appointment to see her?”

“No, sir! If you want to see President Logan, you must make an appointment, and we have checked it. Today, President Logan did not make an appointment for anyone!”

“Please come back!”

The front desk is polite.


Suddenly, Logan Wanglong slapped the front desk face.

A slap knocked the person to the ground, and the front desk was crying with his face covered…

The whole audience was stunned.

No one thought that Logan Wanglong would hit someone when he said that he would hit someone.

“Security, call the security, someone is making trouble!”

The others shouted immediately.

Soon, a large team of security arrived.

“Who is making trouble?”

Logan Wanglong sneered: “Take it!”

The four-inch men behind him suddenly shot.

After a while, more than 20 security guards lay on the ground and howled.

Seeing Doug and others exclaimed.

The big families from the provincial capitals are different.

Too overbearing!

It’s so arrogant, no one takes it seriously.

Logan Wanglong said coldly: “Immediately call Sarah dye to see me! Otherwise, you will be at your own risk!”

More and more people gathered around the hall, but they all looked at Logan Wanglong vigilantly.

They all saw how capable the four people behind him were.

The incident shocked Sarah, and she came with a large group of company executives.

When Doug and others were there, Sarah’s face changed.

“Mr. Logan, this is the unfilial daughter Sarah! The reputation of the Logan family is corrupted everywhere, and the family tradition of my Logan family is destroyed in her hands!”

Nick and Katie immediately shouted.

Logan Wanglong’s majestic gaze fell on Sarah: “Are you Sarah?”

“you are?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“Hmph, Sarah, listen up! This is Mr. Logan Wanglong from the provincial capital Logan’s family! It stands to reason that you want to call grandpa! But you are not worthy!”

Nick said coldly.

“Huh? The Logan Family, the provincial capital?”

Sarah’s face changed, and there was a trace of fear in his eyes.

“From today onwards, Sarah, change your surname! You will not be allowed to be named Logan in the future, your surname will be deprived of it!”

Logan Wanglong stared at Sarah domineeringly.

“What? My last name has been taken away?”

Sarah tried his best to argue: “Huh, yes, yes, I was removed from the Logan family tree. But Sarah is my name, and no one can change it. Especially legally recognized, whether it’s the hukou or ID card. , I have this name!”

“No one can change it!”

Mike immediately fanned the flames: “Mr. Logan sees it? She is so arrogant and unreasonable!”

Sarah’s attitude made Logan Wanglong very upset, he said angrily: “Huh! You are not in your control! State-owned, national law, family rules! I am depriving you of your Logan surname on behalf of the provincial capital Logan family clan!”

Chapter 389

Sarah was also very angry: “Okay, then I also tell you, it’s impossible! I’ll be Sarah, and no one can change my surname!”

“Okay, this is what you forced me, come here, take her away from me, I still can’t change your surname if I don’t believe it!”

Logan Wanglong gave an order.

The four people behind him forcibly took Sarah away.

Now the entire Dongtian Group is in a mess.

But the other party is a big family from the provincial capital, what can they do?

“This is the Logan family’s business. If anyone intervenes, the Logan family in our provincial capital will never be merciless!”

Before leaving, Logan Wanglong also warned.

Everyone dared not move.

Finally, Sarah was taken back to Logan’s ancestral home.

Sarah was knocked down and kneeled in front of the Logan Family Ancestral Hall.

“Lord, I have already greeted the relevant departments, and Sarah’s surname can be changed at any time!”

After listening, Logan Wanglong smiled at Sarah: “Choose a surname! You don’t deserve the surname Logan!”

Sarah shook his head: “Impossible! I am only called Sarah in my life. Even if you change my name privately, that is what I don’t want. I can change it back anytime!”

Everyone was surprised by Sarah’s stubbornness.

“Well, you Sarah, how dare you ignore the Logan family rules?”

Logan Wanglong felt that his majesty had been challenged and was extremely angry.

“Mr. Logan, she has always been like this! Don’t talk about the Logan family in Case York, even the provincial capital Logan family didn’t take it seriously!”

Nick and a few people are still aside, frantically adding fuel and vinegar.

“I will ask you one last time, would you like to change your name!!!”

Logan Wanglong’s voice was low, and his anger was suppressed forcibly.

Sarah looked resolute and regarded death as home.

“I do not want to!”

“If you ask a hundred times, I don’t want to!”

Logan Wanglong didn’t get angry but smiled: “Okay, you have a kind! Come, let’s go to the family law!”

“No, I hit you until you are willing!”

Logan Wanglong’s voice fell, and the two came with long whips.

The more such a big family, the stricter the family law.

Once someone in the family makes a mistake, it is inevitable to get the whip.

After being beaten, he could not get out of bed for ten and a half months.

Even Doug felt shivering.

He had seen Shangjia Fa with his own eyes before.

As soon as the whip went down, the skin broke and the flesh spattered.

The man suffered ten lashes and lay down for a month before he recovered.

He didn’t expect that Logan Wanglong would actually use the family method against Sarah.

Sarah’s stubbornness obviously angered Logan Wanglong.

“I will use the family method myself!”

Logan Wanglong took the long whip and showed a devilish smile at Sarah.

“Sarah, the unfilial daughter of the Logan family, ignores the family rules, abandons her ancestors, and punishes them with family laws!”

“To expel the genealogy, you must also deprive the surname!”

Logan Wanglong said coldly.

“Punish ten whips first!”

Logan Wanglong had already imagined the scene of Sarah being beaten to pieces.

Doug was worried.

No matter how bad it is for plum dyeing.

Is my granddaughter after all,

Besides, he has personally seen the terrible flogging of the family law!

If Sarah really got ten lashes, it would be very difficult for her to survive.

“Mr. Logan, wait a minute! Let me tell her a few words!”

Doug leaned in front of Sarah and said, “Sarah, listen to my words, and quickly agree to it! Isn’t it just changing your surname? What a big deal! You can’t bear the family law!”

Sarah said with a sullen face and sneered: “Grandpa, thank you. But, I will never agree to change the surname! Come on! I’m not afraid!”

“Hmph, toast and not eat fine wine!”

Logan Wanglong was extremely angry, raised his long whip, and pumped it down at Sarah.

Chapter 390

Doug was so scared that he closed his eyes.

Sarah also closed his eyes, accepting all this in despair.



At this moment, an unexpected scene happened.

The door of the Logan family’s ancestors’ house was forcibly knocked to the ground by a huge force, causing smoke and dust.

Logan Wanglong was so frightened that he stopped his movements and looked stupidly.

After the smoke cleared, a figure slowly appeared.

“Huh? Levi?”

Nick said in surprise.

After seeing that it was Levi, Sarah broke free and threw himself into Levi’s arms.


Although she was very strong just now, she was frightened.

Levi didn’t speak, but narrowed his eyes, staring at the group of Logan family.

Those who know Levi will be frightened.

Because Levi’s state is the most scary.

If on the battlefield, the enemy is absolutely unlucky.

The God of War was angry, and corpses a million!

“Are you going to beat my wife?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, it’s me. You are Levi? It just so happens that the second uncle will come to you too, I will solve you in advance, and it will be a gift for the second uncle!

Logan Wanglong sneered.

Levi’s name is now known by the provincial capital Logan family.

Kill Logan Kuang, he has a part.

Logan Wangsun is disabled, and he also has a share.

“Get it for me!”

Logan Wanglong gave an order.

His four followers slowly walked towards Levi.

“Wife, leave first, I will deal with it!”

Levi pushed Sarah away.


Seeing the oncoming person, Levi rushed up and slammed his face with a fist. All of the more than a dozen teeth of the person flew away, and half of his face sank in.


Another left uppercut hit the second man in the face.


The man fell straight and stunned with a punch.



The remaining two people also suffered heavy punches and were unable to move for at least a month.

“What? So powerful?”

Everyone was shocked by Levi’s skill.

Can you fight like this?

The most surprised is Logan Wanglong.

He knows how well the four men he brought can play…

Seeing Levi walking step by step, he felt a little timid.

“Do you know what you are doing?”

Logan Wanglong held the whip and said vigilantly.

“Levi, you are completely finished! You have repeatedly provoke the provincial capital of Logan Family! The second uncle is here to deal with you! Now, if you apologize to me, I might consider letting you go!”

Logan Wanglong said.


But the next moment, Levi had already grabbed the whip.

Abruptly snatched it from him.

Levi glanced at the whip and smiled: “This is the whip for family law? It’s very strong!”

Realizing something, Logan Wanglong was shocked in a cold sweat and scolded: “Levi, I tell you not to mess around! You have to calm down! Otherwise, you and your wife will end up miserably!”

Levi smiled and said, “I heard that you were going to beat my wife ten lashes?”

“Huh? No, no…”


Suddenly, Levi struck Logan Wanglong with a whip.

This whip directly smashed Logan Wanglong’s clothes, and a deep bloodstain appeared instantly.


Logan Wanglong screamed like a pig.

The cruel cry scared Doug and others to the ground.


Levi’s second whip hit Logan Wanglong again.

When the whip fell, the clothes had been completely broken, falling from his body, and a bloodstain was printed on Logan Wanglong’s fat body, making his scalp numb.

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