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Chapter 391


Logan Wanglong crouched on the ground and screamed.


The third whip was drawn again.

Logan Wanglong’s half-life is almost gone.

Except for pain, I can’t feel anything else.

He shouted so that his voice was hoarse…

He felt that his soul was out of his body.



Levi flicked down one whip after another.

After ten whips.

Logan Wanglong has stopped screaming, his body twitches fiercely, then there is no movement, and the whole person is curled up together.

Although the person is not dead.

But everyone understands that Logan Wanglong is a waste of his life.

These ten whips have lost most of his energy.

At least one year in the hospital bed!!!

“I really don’t fight!”

Levi sneered and threw away the whip.

Left here.

“Call an ambulance and take it to the hospital!”

Doug was worried.

This can be a big deal!

This Logan Wangsun is the next successor of the provincial capital Logan family!

Was beaten like this in Case York.

Maybe even they will be severely punished!

“Is this Levi too courageous? How dare to beat the people from the Logan family in the provincial capital?”

Nick laughed.

“Yes, in this way, the provincial capital Logan Family will never let Levi live!”

“Yes, isn’t the famous Logan Erye coming soon?”

Katie and others are looking forward to it.

Finally, Logan Wanglong took his life back.

But the news from the hospital: There are many sequelae.

For example, Logan Wanglong is likely to become a vegetable and never wake up.

For another example, Logan Wanglong will become a crippled fool.

No matter what kind of result, it is the result that the provincial capital Logan family does not want to see.

This is their heir!

If you become a fool, wouldn’t it make people laugh?

This humiliation Logan family can’t bear!

When the provincial capital Lijia received the news, Thunder was furious.

He threatened to flatten the city and avenge Logan Wanglong.

The third generation of the second generation of Logan family in the provincial capital.

Logan Kuang was killed.

Logan Wangsun became a waste.

Even Logan Wanglong is about to become a vegetable.

Who can stand it?

It would take another week for the famous Logan Erye to come, but after this happened, Logan Erye was going to the city the next day.

Jiangnan Province, a courtyard in the provincial capital of Jinling.

An old man in a white Tang suit sits cross-legged on a futon drinking tea.

This is the famous Logan Erye.

There is a saying circulating in the provincial capital: Ning to provoke Yama, not to provoke Logan Erye.

It is enough to show how terrible Logan Erye is.

His title of Hades is not random.

When he was young, he was brutal and bloodthirsty, and I didn’t know how much blood he had.

It is said that the evil star descended.

Later, I gradually retired and tempered my mood. I drink tea and grow flowers every day, and occasionally go to temples and incense.

The purpose is to reduce the violence and murderousness on the body.

There has been too much convergence in recent years.

But this time about Logan Kuang, his son-in-law, brought him back to his previous character.

Now the two nephews have another accident.

This made him very angry.

“Enjoy the second Lord, everything is ready, I’m waiting for tomorrow to go to Case York!”

Senior Lord Logan Erye’s servant said.

The old man is also a real Lord.

Logan Erye took a sip of tea and slowly said, “Go to Ravendel Prison and bring black and white impermanence out!”

“Ah? Erye? Are you sure?”

Old man shivered.

Because black and white impermanence is terrible.


“Okay, the subordinates will do it!”

Old man took a breath and left.

The name of Logan Erye Hades is very powerful and cannot be separated from the impermanence of his two warlords.

These two talents are the most brutal Lords, taking flesh and blood as their food.

Once two people killed more than 200 people and became famous in one battle.

Chapter 392

The name of Logan Erye Hades is Megatron Quartet.

His fierce reputation is inseparable from the impermanence of the two war generals under him.

These two talents are the most brutal Lords. Legend has it that they grew up with wolves and used flesh and blood as food every day.

Once two people killed more than 200 people and became famous in one battle.

Later, the two participated in the underground black boxing match, but because it was too cruel, they were banned from participating.

In one game, it is said that one person’s ribs were removed, and then the opponent was half-dead with the ribs.

Later, after following Logan Erye, he was invincible.

Many forces and families in the provincial capital could not hold their heads up.

As long as you hear the name of black and white impermanence, you will be frightened by the wind.

Because Black and White Impermanence is too cruel and often causes troubles, Logan Erye was put in prison and prevented them from coming out.

This time, Logan Erye is going to Case York, with black and white impermanence.

It shows that he is really moving!

But the big circles in the provincial capital knew that black and white impermanence came out of Ravendel Prison, and everyone was almost scared to death!

When these two great killers came out, someone would definitely suffer.

Knowing that Logan Erye was going to take the two to Case York, everyone in the provincial capital heaved a sigh of relief.

But also pray for the city.

I don’t know which one of the hapless guys provokes Logan Erye, causing the black and white impermanence to be dispatched.

Everyone knows that those who offend Logan Erye will definitely end up miserably.

It’s definitely better to die than life!

The brutal methods of black and white impermanence are simply appalling.

The news of the major circles in Case York is still very well-informed.

After Xiao Guopu learned the news, he found Levi as soon as possible.

“Mr. Garrison’s big business is not good, Logan Erye has come to Case York with black and white impermanence, come tomorrow!”

Xiao Guopu wiped his cold sweat.

“Come here, what are you afraid of?”

Levi smiled.

“Mr. Garrison doesn’t know anything, because these are three lunatics! Crazy like bombs!”

“Mr. Garrison knows West Tianqiao? West Tianqiao was invincible in his life. The only time he lost was to Logan Erye and Black and White Impermanence! Finally West Tianqiao knelt down, and they considered letting him go, but all his limbs were abolished. .”

Xiao Guopu inhaled the air-conditioning with fear.

“Especially Black and White Impermanence is a butcher! These two guys killed the entire orphanage when they were ten years old, and later they were even more cruel, and countless people died in their hands. Legends say they cannibalized human flesh and drank human blood… It’s the big devil!”

Levi smiled.

What kind of lunatics have not seen on the battlefield?

In many places, there are big demon kings who slaughter hundreds of thousands of people in the city. Isn’t he trampled under his feet?

“Mr. Garrison, be careful, they are here for you!”

Xiao Guopu said.

“Well, since they have come to Case York, stay here!”

Levi said coldly.


Xiao Guopu was taken aback.

Is this arrogant?

Leave Erye Logan and the impermanence of black and white?

He felt unrealistic.

But it’s not easy to say.

Logan Erye came to Case York with black and white impermanence, and gradually many people knew about it.

Everyone began to evade.

Some family forces are still ready to meet.

Looking at this posture, Logan Erye not only wants revenge, but also develops in Case York in the future.

Standing in the team as soon as possible is good for the future.

Doug and others are now in the hospital.

They were afraid and excited when they learned that Logan Erye was coming.

Logan Erye is here, and more than half of the city will belong to the Logan family in the future.

They must follow suit.

But they were also afraid, if Logan Erye were to blame it, they couldn’t afford it.

Chapter 393

“It would be great if Mr. Logan Wanglong could get up before Logan Erye came!”

Nick sighed.

When the doctor next to him heard it, he couldn’t help but say: “I have a note…”

“What pay attention? Doctor quickly! As long as feasible, I will give you a big reward!”

Doug’s spirit suddenly came.

The doctor said: “In fact, this patient’s condition can be treated by a major expert. Maybe he can wake up the patient, and the probability is very high.”


Doug’s eyes were full of hope.

“No, he is definitely No. 1 in Velador in this field. However, I heard that his plane will leave Case York tomorrow!”

The doctor said.

“Doctor, do you mean Qin Beishan Qin Lao?”

Alfred asked.

“Isn’t it, who else is there except him?”

The doctor nodded.

Doug looked sad: “But I heard that Qin Beishan is no longer visiting the First Hospital. If he invites him, he will definitely be rejected!”

“Try it! Erye Logan will be here tomorrow!”

The Logan family said to everyone.

Immediately, Doug and his party came to the villa where Wesley lived and wanted to invite Qin Beishan to take action.

The result was rejected!

After Doug’s defeat, he has been thinking of a way.

It was the next day in a blink of an eye.

A line of motorcades appeared in Case York.

In the cars behind, dozens of people in black came down and stood on both sides.

The headed Rolls-Royce co-pilot got off the old horse and opened the door at the back to meet Logan Erye.

Logan Erye wears a black Tang suit and holds a dragon head crutch in his hand.

He glanced magnificently.

Go to the front of a black car behind.

There was a burst of cold in the car, and the body was shaking constantly, as if it was about to turn over.

“You are in the car, you are not allowed to get off without my order.”

After Logan Erye ordered, the car quieted down.

Even Elder Gao shivered.

Because in this car are the two killers-black and white impermanence.

If these two are allowed to appear on the street, something will definitely happen!

Subsequently, Logan Erye entered the hospital under the leadership of the senior man.

Came to Logan Wanglong’s ward.


Doug and all the Logan family knelt down in front of Logan Erye.

“Second Lord is our incompetent! We did not protect Mr. Logan! It is our fault, you should punish us!”

Doug cried.

After scanning around, Logan Erye said coldly: “Get up, it has nothing to do with you! Those few people are not easy, otherwise Kuang’er and Wang Sun will not fall into his hands!”

Doug whispered: “Second Lord, I dare not! Levi is still my grandson-in-law, I haven’t taken care of him! I didn’t expect him to fight like this?”

“I told you to get up!”

Logan Erye suddenly raised his tone.

It shocked Doug and others.

All stood up.

Don’t dare to speak any more!

Logan Erye began to visit Logan Wanglong.

“what did the doctor say?”

Logan Erye asked.

“The situation is not so good, I can’t wake up temporarily, it is very likely to become a vegetable!”

Doug said.

Logan Erye looked sad.

“But there is still a way! Qin Beishan is in the city, he is the best expert in this field. We went to invite him last night, but was rejected! His plane today will be boarded in two hours. Up!”

Hearing this, Logan Erye’s eyes flashed with a cold light: “Xiao Gao, go and bring Qin Beishan back! Never let him get on the plane!”

Chapter 394

Doug said again: “However, Erye hopes little. Because Qin Beishan’s rule is that private individuals cannot invite!

West Tianqiao, General of Case York, took him back, and something happened in the end! “

Logan Erye’s eyes were full of anger, and he roared: “Am I like West Tianqiao?”

“I can also invite the people he can invite! I can still invite the people he can’t invite!”

“Hurry up and get Qin Beishan back from me. I must heal my nephew!”

Elder Gao nodded: “Understood, Second Lord! There is no one in this world who you can’t invite!”

“Hehe, if you don’t give me face, you just don’t give face to God of Death!”

Logan Erye said coldly.

Standing next to Logan Erye, Doug and others shivered.

Logan Erye’s aura is too strong.

As long as he speaks, everyone will feel the pressure of Mount Tai.

Just this time, everyone broke out in a cold sweat.

Gao Lao immediately went to catch Qin Beishan.

Mike and a group of people added fuel and jealousy: “Everything about the second Lord is Levi and Sarah’s fault, relying on them to know the old nine third Lord and others, do whatever they want! Even the provincial capital Logan’s family is not in the eyes!”

“Well, you Levi! Very good! This time I am here to deal with this matter, no matter what their background background, I will not let it go!”

“In addition, I will settle in Case York in the future! My idea is very simple. From now on, in Case York, as long as people hear the surname Logan, they will be timid.”

Logan Erye’s domineering way.

This made Doug and others extremely excited.

The day of turning over is finally coming?

Even if they are incompetent, the surname Logan is enough.

The world after Case York belongs to Logan Erye!

After all, West Tianqiao, Shane Wanshan and the Case York Chamber of Commerce have all fallen.

Who can be Logan Erye’s opponent?

For a time, Doug had already outlined the grand blueprint in their minds.

Besides, Elder Gao took a dozen people and hurried to the airport.

At this time, Levi personally drove Qin Beishan and his assistant to the airport.

Originally, Levi planned to send Qin Beishan back to Yanjing by military plane.

But he refused!

This is Qin Beishan.

An ordinary doctor with a great soul.

Seeing the two entering the terminal, Levi left.

Only after Levi left, a van quickly stopped here.

Gao Lao led a dozen people to the airport quickly.

At this moment, Qin Beishan and his assistant had just obtained the boarding pass and went to the security checkpoint.

But suddenly there were more than a dozen people in front of them.

“Mr. Qin Beishan, please come with us!”

Old man Gao works sharply and cleanly.

Qin Beishan was not given a chance to react at all.

When the two reacted, they were already in the van.


Older Gao gave an order and the car left.

Came to the hospital.

Qin Beishan and his assistant were forcibly brought to the ward.

Seeing Qin Beishan, everyone was in awe.

But Logan Erye was disdainful and sneered: “I hate you scholars the most, hypocrisy!”

Qin Beishan smiled: “Why does the gentleman still want me to come?”

“Because I’m looking for you for treatment! That’s your value!”

Logan Erye pointed at Logan Wanglong, and said coldly: “Hurry up and heal my nephew! After healed, I will give you a billion! If the cure is not good, you can choose the same arms and legs!”

The overbearing of Logan Erye made Qin Beishan stunned.

Before West Tianqiao was also a big boss, but he had absolute respect for himself.

In front of this, the rampant Wuji, absolutely domineering.

Chapter 395

“I’m dead! You have your rules, and I have my rules!”

Qin Beishan was tit-for-tat.

“I’m just saying that you scholars don’t have a good thing? Isn’t it your doctor’s job to save the dead and heal the wounded? Why not cure? What about your medical ethics?”

Logan Erye sneered again and again.

“Hehe, you don’t need to kidnap me morally, I can’t cure it!”

Qin Beishan’s attitude was extremely determined.

Logan Erye smiled: “There are too many ways to cure you! Xiao Gao!”

The old man immediately understood.


Kicked Assistant Qin Beishan to the ground with one kick.


The little assistant let out a painful cry.

“What are you doing?”

Qin Beishan was a little anxious.

“If you die, I will abolish him!”

As he said, Elder Gao stepped on the assistant’s ankle, and the assistant screamed like a pig.

Seeing Doug and others are all startled.

Logan Erye is too domineering and too rascal.

Use force to solve everything!

Qin Beishan nodded helplessly: “Okay, I will rule!”

“Isn’t it over if you promise early?”

Logan Erye smiled triumphantly.

He has too many ways to deal with Qin Beishan.

The cruelest thing is to throw Qin Beishan and his assistant at the black and white impermanence.

It is estimated that in less than 30 seconds, Qin Beishan will have to agree.

Qin Beishan and his assistant were quickly involved in Logan Wanglong’s treatment.

“Take a good cure, otherwise you have to be like my nephew!”

Logan Erye is still threatening.

After Levi sent the people away, he came to Erick Group.

Recently, the scale of Erick Group has doubled, and it is about to become the pillar enterprise of Case York.

Therefore, relevant units and the media are paying close attention.

There is even a TV station to interview and do an exclusive interview.

Natalie found Levi, and she sneered: “Levi, aren’t you in the limelight? Give you a chance to be limelight!”

“Huh? I like to be pushy?”

Levi was deeply puzzled.

“Three days later, Case York TV station will interview Erick Group in an all-round way. It will be an exclusive interview program! I have arranged for you to accept the interview. You must not refuse!

“This is the material! Take a look, don’t shame me when that happens!”

Natalie threw a bunch of materials and left.


Levi was about to vomit blood.

Let him go for an interview and show up?

Are you kidding me?

But Natalie arranged it, so he really had to participate.

“It’s my own company anyway, it’s okay to accept the interview!”

Levi flipped through the information.

At this time, his cell phone rang.

It was from Wesley.

“General, something seems to have happened! There was news from the airport that Mr. Qin hadn’t registered at all! Now there is no one at the airport!”

Wesley’s voice was obviously trembling.

Levi’s face changed: “What? The person is gone?”

Although it was not sent by a special plane, Levi had to take care of Mr. Qin when he greeted him at the airport.

People are gone now.

It must have happened.

“Send someone to investigate right away! Old Qin must not have an accident!”

Levi sneered.

“General, according to airport surveillance, a group of people took Lao Qin away and got into a van!”

Soon, Wesley came news.

“Immediately contact the transportation department and Fu Xuejian to see where this car has gone!”

Levi said anxiously.

If Qin Beishan loses a hair, he will definitely not agree.

“General, I found it. This car was parked at the First Hospital. Someone also saw Old Qin at the hospital!”

Levi stood up and said coldly: “Okay, I see, I will go to the hospital myself!”

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