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Chapter 396

In the hospital.

Qin Beishan and his assistant went through a comprehensive inspection.

Qin Beishan concluded: It takes a long time to treat Logan Wanglong, at least four months of treatment.

“Well, I can take this patient to Yanjing, and I will treat him personally!”

Qin Beishan Road.

Because he has a lot of things in Yanjing, he can’t stay in Case York anymore.

Old man Gao, Doug and others smiled upon hearing that there was hope.

Logan Erye frowned and asked, “Why can’t you be in Case York?”

“Because my work place is dead in Yanjing, where are a lot of patients waiting for me.”

Qin Beishan explained.

Logan Erye shook his head: “No! You must stay in Case York to treat my nephew! During this time, you can’t go anywhere or receive other patients. You can concentrate on treating my nephew, when will you get better and when will you go away!”

“You don’t agree, but he must stay. It doesn’t matter whether he can live or not.”

Logan Erye looked at Qin Beishan’s assistant.

The little assistant shivered with fright.

If he stays, I am afraid there is only a dead end.

Logan Erye was so overbearing, and he didn’t give Qin Beishan any opportunity to refute.


Qin Beishan was really angry.

He can’t stay in the city, because there are too many things in Yanjing.

“Look, sir, I will take your nephew to Yanjing, I promise to heal him, okay?”

Qin Beishan discussed it.

“No! No discussion, let me stay in Case York for treatment!”

There was a flash of anger in Logan Erye’s eyes.

“By the way, I remember there is a private hospital in Case York, so hurry up and transfer people there! You have to go to Qin Beishan too!”

Logan Erye said.

“Second Lord, I will make arrangements right away!”

Qin Beishan panicked.

This Erye Logan is going to imprison himself and treat his nephew?

At this time, Levi came outside the hospital.

When he saw the convoy, he stopped to watch.

Not because of the size of more than a dozen cars, but because he felt two extremely dangerous breaths from a car.

There are many players that the city can play, such as Du Yuesheng’s Thirteen Taibao, who are all top players.

But the two people in this car are nothing compared with each other.

But it only allowed Levi to take a look.

After five years of fighting, what Lord hasn’t seen?

Just to make him curious, there are such characters in Cox Hang.

Levi was about to enter the hospital and bumped into a group of people head on.

Elder Gao arranged for someone to transfer Logan Wanglong, and Elder Qin Beishan was also with him.

“Old Qin?”

Levi said.

Qin Beishan was relieved immediately when he saw that it was Levi.

With him, it’s all right.

Old man Gao looked displeased and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Doug immediately rushed out and said, “Mr. Gao, this is Levi! Mr. Logan Wanglong was beaten like this with ten whips! The other two people, Logan Kuang and Mr. Logan Wangsun, are also related to him!”

“Yes, yes, he is Levi! Mr. Gao will clean him up right away, right?”

“He still insulted the provincial capital Logan’s family, and insulted Logan Erye!”

Nick and others immediately added oil and vinegar.

When Elder Gao heard this, he immediately became angry: “It turned out to be you!!!”

The Logan family bodyguard beside him immediately stared at Levi.

“Yes, I was the one who beat him! Do you still want Old Qin to heal? No way! No one can heal him!”

Levi’s tone was plain, but extremely domineering.

Chapter 397

Even the old man was taken aback.

Does anyone dare to be so prosperous in front of the provincial capital Logan’s family?

This is equivalent to breaking ground on the head of God of Death!

The elder Gao and others didn’t believe the instigation of Doug’s family before.

This time I saw Levi with my own eyes and realized that this kid was even more arrogant than Doug said.

“Old Qin, let’s go!”

Levi approached.

“Who dares to leave? Take it for me!”

Gao Lao said angrily.

Seven or eight people behind him immediately shot.

But where are these people Levi’s opponents?

In an instant, seven or eight people were already lying on the ground.

“Hurry up and call someone!”

Gao Lao immediately went to call someone.

This is a lot of effort, Levi has already taken Qin Lao and his assistant away.

In fact, Levi could completely suppress Logan Erye on the spot.

But after all, it was in the hospital, and the incident was too big and the impact was too bad.

So he took Old Qin to leave first, and then dealt with this matter later.

Soon, Logan Erye came out of the hospital with a group of people.

Elder Gao called dozens of people from the convoy.

“Where is Levi?”

Gao asked.

Logan Erye immediately got down when he heard that Levi was coming to grab Qin Beishan.

But no one was seen.

“Huh? Impossible, was it still here just now?”

Due to the large number of people at the entrance of the hospital, even Doug and the others did not see when Levi left.

“What do you think of people?”

Elder Gao was extremely angry.

Let alone Logan Erye.

It’s almost furious.

Levi, who had abolished his three juniors, actually snatched Qin Beishan away under his nose!

This is an insult to Logan Erye!

Where can he put his face?

It took less than half a day to come to Case York, did you encounter this kind of thing?

Logan Erye is really going crazy!

He always takes face seriously.

Who is not timid when Jiangnan Province hears the name of Logan Erye?

But someone slapped him in the face and lost his face!

Can’t bear it!

“Immediately send someone to find Levi and Qin Beishan for me!”

“If it doesn’t work, I will let the black and white impermanence come forward!”

Logan Erye’s eyes were breathing fire.


Old man Gao shook his body severely.

Just come to Case York, let black and white impermanence come forward?

The appearance of the two demon kings would surely cause a bloody storm in Case York.

Even he was scared.

Not to mention other people.

“Okay, second Lord, I will go to find someone right away, I will try not to make a move on black and white impermanence!”


Doug asked curiously: “Second Lord, where is this black and white impermanence?”

“Hmph, I have time for you to experience it.”

Logan Erye snorted coldly.

I don’t know why, Doug felt a deep icy cold.

The other side.

After receiving Qin Beishan, Levi sent a special plane to send him back to Yanjing.

Wesley followed behind Levi and whispered: “What should the general do? This Erye Logan is too arrogant, right? West Tianqiao can’t compare it!”

“Also recently, the power families of the provincial capitals and major places have madly entered Case York, and they all have to share a piece of the pie.”

“This also means Lao Porter. He asked me to ask the general for your opinion?”

Levi’s eyes were cold, and he said coldly: “Anyone who brings contributions to Case York is welcome! If you just want to grab the site, grab money and destroy, how far will you go!”

Wesley’s body trembled slightly.

“Understood, General!”

Levi lit a cigarette, looked into the distance, and said faintly: “As for Logan Erye, I will come personally!”

Wesley trembled for a while.

It would be really bad luck to be dealt with personally by this one.

Chapter 398

Logan Family Ancestral House.

Logan Erye is waiting for news.

Gao Lao hurried over.

“The second Lord is not good! Qin Beishan has been sent out of Case York, and now he has arrived in Yanjing!”


Logan Erye jumped up with a rub.

“Too much deception! This is not putting me in the eyes at all!”

Logan Erye roared.

Elder Gao nodded: “Second Lord, this man named Levi made a big talk just now, and no one is allowed to treat Young Lord Logan Wanglong!”

“Why? Are you bullying me?”

Logan Erye grabbed the water cup in his hand and squeezed it hard, and the water cup burst open.

Doug and others were dumbfounded.

Logan Erye is so scary?

This is a Lord!

Old Gao said helplessly: “Second Lord, now that Qin Beishan is back in Yanjing, we can’t bring him back from Yanjing.”

“That’s for sure, I don’t dare to Yanjing City! So many bosses guard it!”

Logan Erye turned around and said, “But, Levi, I have to settle the account!”

Gao Lao immediately said: “I’ve found out Erye. The background of Levi is Lao Jiu and San Garrison. In fact, his background comes from the mysterious boss of Erick Group!”

“Is the Erick Group? I’ve heard that, apart from the Xiao family, the city is the madest of the Erick Group recently.”

Logan Erye said.

“Second Lord, what should we do?”

Gao asked.

Logan Erye thought for a while and said: “Tonight, I will hold a dinner party. I will invite all the people from Case York to have a face. I want to tell the whole Case York that I am coming!”

“The location is in the ancestral home of the Logan family in Case York!”

After hearing this, Gao Shanxiu nodded immediately: “I see, second Lord.”

This also made Doug and others extremely excited.

Follow Logan Erye!

Who would dare to look down upon them in Case York in the future?

Soon, all the bigwigs from Case York were invited.

For example, Shane Wanshan, the four Lords of the Case York Chamber of Commerce.

Xiao Guopu, the wealthy Xiao family, and the patriarchs of several other giants were also invited.

Even West Tianqiao and other bigwigs have also received invitations.

In the office of the deputy general manager of Erick Group.

The secretary ran to report: “There is a person outside of President Fisher who claims to be from the provincial capital…”

“What’s the matter with him?”

Natalie asked.

“I’m here to send an invitation letter!”

With that, the secretary handed over an invitation letter.

“By the way, that person said to hand the invitation letter to the boss!”

The secretary said.

Natalie opened the invitation letter.

The signature above is Logan Erye, the provincial capital.

The content of the invitation letter is very domineering, not an invitation, but an order.

“Er Garrison Logan, the provincial capital? Isn’t this a relative of Sarah’s family?”

Natalie looked puzzled.

Immediately, she contacted Graham Nanxuan and talked about the invitation.

After Alton got the invitation letter, he found Levi.

“Logan Erye invited you to a dinner party? Would you like to go?”

Alton asked with a smile.

Levi just smiled mysteriously, and took the invitation letter and looked at it.

At this time, the entire Case York people were in panic.

Everyone knew that Logan Erye from the provincial capital suddenly came.

There was even more gossip that Logan Erye also brought the two great demon kings to kill the gods of black and white impermanence.

It is bound to bring a bloody storm to Case York.

What frightens everyone the most is that Logan Erye intends to develop in Case York.

This is a devastating blow to everyone.

Logan Erye alone can suppress everyone in Case York.

And his brutal methods are the most daunting.

He took the initiative to host a banquet tonight, probably because the purpose is not simple.

Chapter 399

One, to tell Cox Hang that his second Lord Logan is here.

Second, let everyone choose to stand in a team. It’s okay to stand on his side. If you stand in the wrong team, you don’t know how you died.

Logan’s family ancestor house was quickly arranged under the hands of Doug.

In the evening, the luxury cars in front of the Logan family ancestor’s house were endless.

the city has all the figures with faces and faces.

These characters are worth billions or tens of billions, and people like Doug weren’t even a F*rt in their eyes.

But today, after seeing Doug a few people, he nodded and bowed.

This made Doug exclaimed.

Where has he been so prestigious?

Still have to have a strong backing 1

Nick turned around, and the rich second generations whom he could only look up to before regarded him as the eldest brother, and they all showed their favor.

There are even many big and young people who know that Katie is single and take the initiative to show love.

This makes Katie very useful.

“Bah, Sarah is a F*rt? She is nothing now?!”

Mike smiled and said, “Yes, that’s right! As the Logan family, I’m so proud!”

“Hello Mr. Logan!”

After Shane Wanshan, Lei Qianjue and others arrived, they greeted Doug.

This almost fainted Doug with excitement.

Did you dare to think about it before?

The richest man actually greeted him…

Even now the hottest figure in Case York, Xiao Guopu, came to say hello.

At eight o’clock in the evening, almost all the guests on the invitation list were in place.

Everyone sat down in the venue, slowly waiting for the appearance of Logan Erye.

At this moment, Logan Erye came out of a forbidden room in Logan’s ancestral home.

There was a roar in the forbidden room.

Deep and terrifying.

There was even a cold breath that burst out, and people couldn’t help but fight a cold war.

Gao Shanxiu told Alfred: “Remember, look good, this door must not be opened, otherwise, you don’t know how you died.”

“I see, old man!”

Although Alfred didn’t know what was locked inside.

But if Gao Shanxiu ordered this, it was mostly horrible things inside.

But the more you tell, the more curious you are.

Alfred stood at the door nervously, trying to look inside through the small window.

It doesn’t matter at this point.


Alfred was so scared that he sat down on the ground.

I don’t know what he saw from the small window.

Alfred let out screams, his face paled with fright, cold sweat on his forehead.

Leaving here rolling and crawling…

Outside the evening banquet hall, everyone is waiting.

“Here Logan Erye!”

With the appearance of Logan Erye, everyone present stood up and greeted him.

Logan Erye is majestic and domineering, just a look in his eyes makes people tremble.

If the legendary black and white impermanence appears, everyone will be even more frightened.

Everyone knew that Logan Erye appeared.

From now on, the world of Case York belongs to Logan Erye.

It’s too difficult to get a bite of rice in his hands…

“Logan Erye!”

Sitting at the front, Shane Wanshan and others greeted Logan Erye one after another.

After scanning around, Logan Erye asked with a sneer, “Who is the boss of Erick Group?”

As soon as the words came out, the audience was completely silent.

Everyone looked at each other, but no one dared to respond.

“Huh? Where are the people from Erick Group?”

Logan Erye smiled.

“Second Lord, there is no one in Erick Group at all!”


Suddenly, Logan Erye squinted his eyes, a flash of coldness flashed in his eyes.

“Who said that no one in Erick Group will come?”

At this time, a voice sounded.

Chapter 400

Everyone looked behind.

I saw a group of people in security uniforms coming to the court.

Headed by the security captain Takemori.

He was holding a picture scroll in both hands.


At this time, everyone in the audience was dumbfounded.

Other company families come from the highest-level figures, but Erick Group comes from a team of security guards?

Is this fucking arrogant?

Didn’t you pay attention to Logan Erye at all?


Gao Shanxiu said with a smile.

Logan Erye squinted his eyes and smiled instead of anger: “What a Erick Group! You sent a security guard!”

Boyd Sen stepped forward and smiled and said, “Logan Erye, I’m Boyd Sen, the captain of the security team of the Erick Group, I am the leader of the security team of the Erick Group. I will send a calligraphy and painting to Logan Erye on the order of the boss!

The audience was horrified when he said this.

Erick Group is mad at home.

In their eyes, a security captain was sent.

This is frantically provoking Logan Erye!

You don’t understand the move that Erick Group played…

Including some people in the know.

Such as Xiao Guopu.

He was a little worried that if Levi provoked too much, he would play off.

After all, Logan Erye and Black and White Impermanence are lunatics.

If they are pressed into a hurry, everything will be done!

“You the fucking security guard would dare to talk to the second Lord? You’re looking for death!!!”

Nick had already had an antagonism with Boyd Sen, so he wanted to clean it up with the help of Logan Erye.

“Come here, give me these stinky security guards abolished!”

Mike also angered.


Logan Erye’s voice sounded: “I want to see what gift the boss of Erick Group gave me!”

“Go, bring me here!”

Hearing this, Takayama Xiu took the picture scroll from Takemori.

“Then we leave too!”

Takemori turned and left.

Nick still wanted to stop, Gao Shanxiu glared.

The Logan family could only watch Boyd Sen and other security guards leave.

Gao Shanxiu took the picture scroll in front of Logan Erye.

“Open it and see what it is?”

Logan Erye was very curious.

Gao Shanxiu raised his hands and opened the scroll.


But when I read the contents of the scroll clearly, the audience was horrified.

There was no sound at all.

The needle drop can be heard!

Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Because the content is too shocking.

Logan Erye noticed something was wrong, and quickly looked at the picture scroll.

At this look, Logan Erye almost rolled his eyes with anger.

Because there are only four words written on the picture scroll: Get out of Case York.

Too overbearing!

It turned out that it was not arrogant to send a security guard.

The arrogant is still behind.

This is the first person to frankly let Logan Erye get out of Case York.

Logan Erye has been in the world for decades and has never encountered such a situation.

“Destroy the Erick Group!!!”

Gao Shanxiu and Logan’s guard could no longer sit still.

Threatened to destroy the Erick Group.

Gao Shanxiu already understood why Levi was so arrogant.

With such an arrogant boss backing up, can he not be mad?

Everyone in the audience lowered their heads, they were waiting for a storm to come.

It is terrible to anger Logan Erye.

Blood flows into rivers, bones into mountains…

I am afraid that the city is really going to make a bloody storm.

Logan Erye looked at everyone and asked, “How much do you know about the boss of Erick Group?”

“Very mysterious, never showed up! Even his subordinate Graham Nanxuan is extremely mysterious and rarely shows up.”

“But it should be very strong, able to snatch money from the Case York Chamber of Commerce and the Shane family…”

Others said one after another.

“What do you think of Mr. Shane?”

Logan Erye asked Shane Wanshan.

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