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Chapter 401

“I suggest that Logan Erye quit Case York immediately. It is important to save your life. You can’t afford that person!”

As soon as Shane Wanshan said this, the audience was stunned.

Including Logan Erye were all stunned.

what? Tell me to leave Case York?

“Yes, our Case York Chamber of Commerce also advises Erye to leave Case York! Case York are really different from what Erye imagined. You are likely to be here!

Lei Qianjue is four people.

Finally, West Tianqiao also said: “Yes, that’s right. You can’t offend Logan Erye, that person!”

The three strongest gangsters from Case York suggested together.

What a shock!

Shane Wanshan and the others wouldn’t dare to say that before.

But after seeing the content of the calligraphy and painting brought by Takemori, they knew who’s attitude.

If Logan Erye wanted to move Case York, there was only one dead end.

At this moment, Logan Erye, Gao Shanxiu and others looked at everyone incredible.

He can’t afford the boss of Erick Group?

Isn’t this a big joke?

Except for one in the entire Jiangnan Province, no one can’t be offended by Logan Erye.

The only person he can’t afford to offend is in the provincial capital, not in Case York.

“Oh I see!”

Logan Erye suddenly smiled.

He understood that the group of the city people did not want him to develop in the city, after all, they had to move their territory.

So these people deliberately used the boss of Erick Group to suppress themselves, trying to force him to leave Case York.

But it’s impossible!

The more I can’t afford to provoke, Logan Erye wants to provoke a try!

He is ready to eat this cake of the city!

He wants to kill Erick Group, and Levi wants to kill too!

What he is going to do, Logan Erye, the king of heaven and Lao Tzu can’t stop him when he comes.

Logan Erye looked at everyone and sneered: “The theme of the dinner is very simple. I will develop in Case York in the future. I want to develop and become bigger and stronger with everyone. You can trust me Logan’s attitude, and your business will be me in the future. Thing!”

Logan Erye’s meaning is very simple.

Let everyone stand in line!

This moment has finally arrived.

Everyone trembled.

West Tianqiao, Shane Wanshan and Lei Qianjue first stated: “We have retired, and it is not convenient for us to participate in all disputes between Case York!”

“Okay, what about the others?”

Logan Erye looked at the others.

“I choose to follow Logan Erye!”

“I also choose to follow Logan Erye!”

Everyone expressed their views that those who went forward would become Logan Erye’s doglegs.

“I choose neutral!”

“me too!”

Some strengths choose to be neutral.

In the end, the three giants of the same name as the Xiao family Jiang, Wen, Brown Sanjia also chose neutral.

After all, they are worth tens of billions, so they can develop themselves.

Hearing the choice of these three people, Logan Erye was immediately upset.

Seeing everyone frightened.

Not to mention being dealt with by Logan Erye in the future, but life is definitely not easy.

Soon all the major family forces present expressed their opinions.

Half follow Logan Erye and generally choose neutrality.

“Who should be next?”

Logan Erye asked.

Everyone glanced at Xiao Guopu.

The only person in the field who didn’t say anything was him.

“Mr. Xiao Guopu, what’s your answer? I know you are very strong now, please choose carefully!”

Logan Erye smiled.

Xiao Guopu understood.

No matter how he chooses, he is Logan Erye’s number one enemy.

His choice is very important at this time.

When he was going to stand in line…

If it is neutral, at least Logan Erye will not target it.

But he would not choose neutrality.

Of course he would not choose to follow Logan Erye.

“My choice is to stand with Erick Group!”

Chapter 402


When Xiao Guopu’s words came out, there was a dead silence in the audience.

Immediately, the sound of inhaling cold breath continued.

Everyone’s eyes were about to fly out, looking at Xiao Guopu incredible.

Everyone can’t imagine that there is a third voice.

Someone chooses to stand with Logan Erye’s rival Erick Group?

Isn’t this looking for death?

Logan Erye’s horrible gaze swept over, causing Xiao Guopu to tremble.

At this time, he already felt a wave of fear.

“I will ask you again, your choice?”

Logan Erye suddenly lowered his voice and said in a low voice.

Everyone could see that Logan Erye was angry.

Repeated provocations have already made Logan Erye angry.

Xiao Guopu’s body was trembling obviously.

But his choice still remains the same.

Because standing on the side of Erick Group is equivalent to standing in Levi’s team.

That’s General God of War!

No matter how great your Logan Erye is, can there be General God of War who is great?

The reason why he now has the title of number one person in Case York is mainly due to his presence behind Levi.

Otherwise, the Xiao family would have been abandoned…

Now is the time for him to show his loyalty to Levi.

“I will say it again, I chose to stand on the side of the Erick Group. Whoever is the enemy of the Erick Group is the enemy of my Xiao family!”

Xiao Guopu said loudly.

Everyone couldn’t understand Xiao Guopu’s decision.

If you don’t choose to be with Logan Erye, you can be neutral.

Have to meet Logan Erye head-on?

Is this too long?

“Good, good…”

Logan Erye yelled three times in a row.

Even he himself found it incredible.

I thought that after I came to Case York, I would definitely respond with a hundred responses, and everyone knelt on the ground.

But how do you know that after coming to Case York for a day, he was provoked one after another!

Levi forcibly slapped her face.

Erick Group shouted overbearingly.

The Xiao family chose to be hostile.

Lost face!

Logan Erye’s Wangye Bass’s face lost for decades…


Endless anger!

Logan Erye smiled: “Isn’t it because I haven’t been to Case York for a long time, everyone has forgotten my existence!”

“Don’t dare!”

The people below are all scared.

Logan Erye smiled at Gaoshan Xiu: “Xiao Gao, it seems that we need to do something to let others know that there is also the existence of Wangye Bass.”

Gao Shanxiu nodded: “Second Lord, the old slave will make arrangements!”

Hearing the conversation between the two, everyone was frightened to death.

Logan Erye is about to make a move.

Even Xiao Guopu was afraid.

I’m afraid it will be hard for him to leave Logan’s ancestral home tonight.

Even Mike and Nick were all fake, sneered: “You people are really not afraid of death! You have to force the second Lord to resort to tricks, right?”

Logan Erye walked to Xiao Guopu, patted him on the shoulder and smiled: “Don’t be afraid! I won’t kill you tonight. Next, I will let you see with your own eyes that your choice was a mistake!”

In the end, Xiao Guopu left Logan’s ancestral home in a cold sweat.

The others left back and forth, shaking with fear.

Everyone understands that tonight is definitely a sleepless night for Case York!

After everyone left.

Logan Erye squinted his eyes and said with a sneer; “Take Lao Jiu, Hong San and others to have an operation tonight!!!”

“Let black and white impermanence go!”

Logan Erye added.


Gao Shanxiu took a breath.

He knew Logan Erye was really moving.

Doug and the others looked at each other, and immediately thought of what black and white impermanence is.

Something must be kept in the forbidden room…

In particular, Alfred, who had seen it with his own eyes, burst into a cold sweat again.

Chapter 403

At the thought of that scene, his legs were soft.

Levi knew exactly what happened in the Logan family’s ancestral home.

“Xiao Guopu, a coward, is actually on Erick’s side!”

Levi smiled.

“No matter how timid you are, you know how important you are, General!”

Wesley smiled.

Alton said again: “Then Erye Logan is afraid that he will retaliate wildly. This guy is a lunatic!”

“The faster Logan Erye starts his hands, the faster he will die!”

Levi smiled.

There is only one Logan Erye he hasn’t cared about yet.

Lao Jiu and San Garrison are proud of the recent spring breeze.

They have abandoned the bad things before.

Concentrate on business operations and contribute to Case York.

They also united several big bosses to discuss together how to make the business bigger.

Most of their industries are bars and ktv.

Tonight, in Haojue KTV, Lao Jiu, San Garrison and five big bosses sat together for a meeting.

At this time, a scream came from the KTV corridor.

Lao Jiu and San Garrison’s men lie all over the corridor.

Due to the sound insulation effect, the old nine and others in the box did not hear it.


At this time, the private room door was suddenly kicked open.

A group of people walked in from outside.

“who are you?”

Seeing strange faces, Lao Jiu and others immediately became vigilant.

“Old nine? Hong San?”

The headed man asked.

“Yes, who are you? What are you going to do?”

The old nine said angrily.

Now no one in Case York dare to provoke themselves.

“Two people want to see you!”

The man smiled.

“Who wants to see us?”

The old nine is more curious.

When the voice fell, a dozen people at the door of the private room let out a way.

With the sound of footsteps, the two appeared.

One black and one white…

But when he saw the faces of the two clearly, the old nine was shocked, and he trembled: “What? Black…black and white impermanence…”

The old nine has been mixed for decades.

I have long heard of the name of black and white impermanence.

How could he never think that these two killers would find him?

“Is black and white impermanent?”

Hong San and others were frightened and lost their voices.

Black and white impermanence is a taboo!

Who meets who is unlucky!

“Fight, there is no way!”

The old nine immediately angered.

Logan Erye’s guards all went out, leaving only black and white impermanence. They locked the door outside.



I heard inhuman screams coming from the private room.

Even Logan Erye’s guards were so terrified that they broke out in a cold sweat.

They can’t imagine what a bloody scene inside.

What kind of torture are they suffering from Lao Jiu…

Describe in one sentence-the private room is Shura Hell…

This scream lasted for half an hour.

Finally, the black and white impermanence came out of the private room.

Both of them were full of blood, sucking with their mouths, as if they didn’t want to waste a drop of blood.

This night was absolutely cruel to some places in Case York.

It only took one night for Logan Erye to let the Case York circle know what cruelty is and what it means to descend from the King of Hades.

It’s really cruel.

Not to mention the countless deaths and injuries, many people even had their bones removed piece by piece.

“The general event is not good. Last night, Logan Erye cleaned the old nine and his circle, causing countless casualties. Old nine and Hong San are also at risk!”

Early in the morning, Wesley told Levi the news.

“What? They really dare?”

Levi was taken aback.

Chapter 404

“Yes, this second Lord Logan is really a lunatic!”

Wesley was all sighing: “It is said that he has two extremely terrifying subordinates, and the shots were too harsh, and many of them were killed! Although Lao Jiu and Hong San are quite a few of them, they are not their opponents at all. !”

“It should be the black and white impermanence that Xiao Guopu said!”

Levi approached.

“Do you remember the general knife?”

Levi nodded.

The knife has helped a lot.

“Last night the knife was abruptly sucked up blood by black and white impermanence…”

Wesley told a terrible fact.


Levi looked plain.

But extremely angry.

“Go, let’s go and see Lao Jiu!”

When I came to the hospital, I saw Lao Jiu and Hong San wrapped in a zongzi.

Levi knew how tragic they were last night.

“Old Nine had eighty-seven broken bones, and one hundred and five wounds on his body…”

“Hong San had seventy-six broken bones and eighty-eight wounds on his body…”

Wesley told Levi of their injuries.

“From the current point of view, it is a miracle that the two can survive! In the future, they will definitely be useless!”

The doctor said.

Wesley quietly said to Levi: “General, I think it was Black and White Impermanence who deliberately did not kill Lao Jiu and Hong San, just to warn us!”

Levi nodded: “Well, I saw hundreds of wounds, but they all avoided the key points. These two people have something!”

“It’s cruel!”

Wesley gritted his teeth.

“If these people are not dealt with in time, the consequences will be disastrous if Miss Logan is involved!”

Alton said: “I will solve it directly!”

Levi shook his head: “No, it’s time for Owen to come out for activities!”

“Huh? Owen shot?”

Both Wesley and Alton were surprised.

Human life, the shadow of the tree.

The King of Owen has a terrible reputation as a “war machine” in various battlefields.

This name is the nightmare of countless enemies!

Because Owen is a lunatic, the devil on the battlefield.

Among the Kings of the Five Great Wars, his combat power is the highest.

Once Owen rushed out from tens of thousands of enemies alone, unscathed.

In that battle, he killed more than 6,000 people alone and became famous in the first battle.

But he is also the cruelest and most controversial.

Owen shot, the opponent has only death, there is absolutely no second way.

Once he killed tens of thousands of prisoners and almost went to a military court.

So Levi kept him in retreat for so long.

Owen’s shot was too terrible, it was definitely a disaster level.

“Well, it’s time to let Owen move down!”

Levi’s eyes were firm.

Last night, Logan Erye sent a black and white impermanence to wash the underground world, which scared everyone.

Overnight, the name of Logan Erye Hades returned.

the city was trembling everywhere.

Many people are not sure, will they be the next one?

After all, they are in the dark.

Xiao Guopu was terrified…

The entire Xiao family was panicked.

The person who moved last night was Lao Jiu, Hong San.

The next person to move is definitely the Xiao family.

Xiao Guopu cried.

Neither side can offend!

It’s a death to offend there!

I thought that the Xiao family was about to reach the summit of Case York, but I didn’t expect to encounter such a thing.

Logan family ancestral house.

Logan Erye was very satisfied with the reactions of all parties in Case York.

“You have to use force to make them fear you! Otherwise someone will always jump out to provoke you!”

Logan Erye sneered.

“Who should I deal with next?”

Logan Erye thought.

Chapter 405

Mike leaned forward and said with a smile: “Second Lord, I have a personal choice. I definitely kill two birds with one stone!”

“Say! If I am satisfied, I will be rewarded many times!”

Logan Erye said.

“Xiao Guopu has a granddaughter named Xiao Qin, and Xiao Qin is also Levi’s sister-in-law, and the relationship is very good!”

Mike chuckled.

Hearing that, Logan Erye’s eyes lit up fiercely, and he yelled okay.

“Well, Xiao Gao, go get Xiao Qin for me!”

Logan Erye smiled.

“Understood, second Lord.”

Logan Erye looked at Mike again: “Your kid has a lot of bad ideas, follow me in the future!”

“Xie Erye cultivated, I will kneel down for you!”

Mike immediately fell to his knees and kowtowed to Logan Erye.

Following Logan Erye, Cox Hang walked sideways in the future.

Xiao Qin is currently doing an internship, doing market research.

In the evening, when she and her classmates were about to return, a few big men rushed up to face each other.

“Miss Xiao come with us!”

One of the women was about to take Xiao Qin away.

“Why? I don’t know you.”

Xiao Qin looked unhappy.

Among Xiao Qin’s classmates, there was no shortage of her suitors, and immediately refused to agree.

“What are you going to do?”

Several tall male classmates walked up to protect Xiao Qin.



The answer to them was a heavy punch, which caused blood to flow, and the bridge of the nose was broken.

In front of everyone, Xiao Qin was taken away.

Levi was drinking tea at Erick Group.

At this time, security captain Takemori called.

“Brother Garrison is not good, there is news from the Logan family that your sister-in-law is in their hands! If you don’t rush to the Logan family’s ancestor house within 12 o’clock, Xiao Qin will be handed over to the black and white impermanence!”

Takemori said.

“What? Xiao Qin was arrested? Looking for death!”

Levi said angrily.

He sent someone to protect Sarah.

It’s just that Xiao Qin didn’t expect it at all.

It would be miserable if Xiao Qin fell into the hands of black and white impermanence.

According to intelligence, black and white impermanence is not only a cruel executioner, but also two sex monsters.

The other side.

Xiao Guopu from the Xiao family also got news: Xiao Qin was arrested.

Xiao Guopu is very entangled, this is his extremely beloved granddaughter.

at night.

Logan family ancestral house.

Xiao Qin was locked in a small room.

But there was movement in the next room, as if two wild beasts were closed, breathing heavily and breathtakingly.

There was a window in the middle of the two rooms, so you could see everything from each other.

But when Xiao Qin saw the two monsters in the next room clearly, she screamed in fright.

The two wore black and white, but their hair was too exuberant.

The arms and legs are not only covered by thick hair, but even the face is more and more covered by dark hair.

Looks like an undeveloped savage…

The two have been living with wolves since they were young, and they were naturally contaminated with the habits and characteristics of some wolves.

The two grinned at Xiao Qin, emitting a bloody and stinky smell.

The eyes of the two of them were as scary as wild beasts. Just looking at Xiao Qin, Xiao Qin burst into tears.

Logan Erye came to the forbidden room and said with a smile: “This girl will be rewarded for you. After enjoying it, I will help me kill someone later.”


Black and white impermanence nodded immediately and looked at Xiao Qin longingly.

“No! No!”

Xiao Qin knew what this meant.

Only Logan Erye left.

Before leaving, throw the key to the black and white impermanence.

“Kang Dang!”

Black and white impermanence quickly unlocked…

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