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Chapter 406

The two beasts quickly opened the door of Xiao Qin’s house and rushed in.

Xiao Qin closed his eyes in despair.

“Brother-in-law, come and save me…”

The figure of Levi appeared in Xiao Qin’s mind.

When the black and white impermanence was about to pounce on Xiao Qin, they suddenly stopped.

Slowly turned his head and looked not far away.

There was a man standing there, wearing a military green sweater with a hat covering his face.

The only thing he can see clearly is that he is smoking a cigarette in the corner of his mouth.

He hooked his fingers at the black and white impermanence.

The joints of the black and white impermanence made a creaking sound.

The two stared at the man in front of them excitedly.

Their eyes were green, like two wild wolves.

The man in the sweater in front of him brought them enough danger and made them interested.

Men in sweaters are naturally white tigers.

After coming to Case York for a few months, he finally came out.


In the next second, the black and white impermanence moved.

As fast as lightning, strikes out loudly.

Like two wolves rushing towards Owen.

Black impermanence’s hands are like indestructible claws, instantly grabbing Owen.

But Owen moved too fast and evaded instantly.

Even more smoothly, he hugged Heiwuchang’s waist, banging his knee against it.


One knee broke the waist of Heiwuchang.


Heiwuchang roared like a beast, lying on the ground, unable to move at all.

Because of a broken waist.

No power is needed.

Bai Wuchang’s ultimate move also came in an instant, but Owen appeared in front of him with a sway, clasped his arms, and smashed it forcefully.



Bai Wuchang’s two arms were abruptly taken off by Owen, and they were thrown on the ground, his broken arms were still wriggling.

Xiao Qin was frightened, but still watching.

“Close your eyes!”

A voice came, making Xiao Qin feel too safe.

“Brother-in-law, you are finally here, woooo…”

Xiao Qin threw herself in Levi’s arms, hugging him tightly.

Black and white looked at Owen incredibly.

They have never encountered such a Lord in their entire lives.

It’s incredible!

Owen looked at the two and shook his head disappointed.

What he meant was simple: the two were too casual.

I thought there was a Lord waiting for the exit, but I didn’t expect it to be two wastes.

Owen did not leave directly, but walked around, not knowing what he was doing.

But after seeing the impermanence of black and white, he let out a scream.

Because they saw a thin line wrapped around every part of their body.

And this thin line is extremely sharp, and the finger will bleed when touched.

Do not!

What he has to do is…

The thought of what Owen was going to do made the black and white impermanence scared to death.

This is the first time they have felt fear in their lives.

It was the first time I met someone who was stronger and crueler than them.

Before Owen walked forward, a thin thread was wrapped around his left and right hands.


He pulled his hand, and the thin line stretched straight across the black and white impermanent body.

Black and white impermanence didn’t even make a sound, and said goodbye to this world.

The most important thing is that they are cut into countless pieces.

In the end, Levi left with Xiao Qin on his back, and Owen followed behind, with an expression of unfulfilled expression on his face.

In the lobby of the Logan family’s ancestral house.

Logan Erye is still drinking tea and waiting.

“Is this Levi scared? Don’t you dare to come?”

Gao Shanxiu said in doubt.

Mike smiled and said, “Sure, a Xiao Qin can’t let Levi save his life!”

Chapter 407

“Hahaha, isn’t Levi pretty rampant? Why? Afraid?”

Logan Erye laughed out loud.

Gao Shanxiu smiled and said, “Second Lord, the main reason is that the shock was too horrible last night, and the whole Case York were afraid of you. Levi would dare to come?”

At this time, Xiao Guopu brought the Xiao family here.

“Hahaha, it really is grandpa, he really came. I don’t want Levi that coward!”

Logan Erye smiled.

Xiao Guo tremblingly said: “Logan Erye, you have the ability to come to me, what is the ability to catch my granddaughter?”

“Yes, we promise you what are the conditions, and grab Xiao Qin quickly.”

Xiao Ruoyu and Xiao Ruofeng said.

“I have only one principle, and I will not let go of anyone who is connected to you!”

Logan Erye said coldly.

Xiao Guopu realized something, his expression frantically changed: “You…you wouldn’t have done anything to Xiao Qin, right?”

“Hahaha, then I don’t know, anyway, I threw Xiao Qin to the black and white impermanence!”

Logan Erye showed a cruel smile.

“You…you beast!!!”

Xiao Guopu was going to explode.

“Hurry up and take us there!”

Xiao Ruoyu urged.

“Okay, let’s go take a look! It’s a pity that Levi, a coward, didn’t come!”

Logan Erye is a little bit regretful.

A group of people came to the back of the Logan family’s ancestral house.

“If nothing else, Black and White Impermanence is playing with Xiao Qin!”

Logan Erye laughed.

But after a few steps, everyone stopped.

But after seeing the black and white impermanence scattered around the body and the blood, Logan Erye was dumbfounded.

“This is? Black and white impermanence???”

Although it was broken, Logan Erye still recognized it.

After all, the characteristics of clothes are obvious.


This is also a bolt from the blue for Gaoshan Xiu and others.

Black and white impermanence is hanging up?

how can that be?

How powerful is black and white impermanence?

Almost to be invincible across the provincial capital.

He was planted in Case York?

Still being used in such a cruel way!

Xiao Guopu ignored the others and immediately rushed into the room, but Xiao Qin had long since disappeared.

They all breathed a sigh of relief.

Xiao Qin was clearly rescued.

The next moment, after receiving a call from Xiao Qin, they were more certain of this.

Outside, the Logan family was silent collectively.

For them, this incident was simply too shocking.

There are people in Case York who can get rid of black and white impermanence?

Logan Erye and Gao Shansha looked at each other.

Immediately thought of a person-the mysterious boss behind Erick Group.

Xiao Guopu sneered and said, “Second Lord Logan knows how good Cox Hang is this time, right? You really can’t afford that person!”

Hearing this, Logan Erye’s body suddenly shook.

Unthinkable flashed across his eyes.

No wonder those people who persuaded Shane Wanshan and West Tianqiao that they really couldn’t afford it.

At least on the site of the city, I can’t afford to provoke him.

Xiao Guopu smiled triumphantly: “Logan Erye, I will give you a way now–what about you, hurry up to the Erick Group to kneel all night, who might let you go!”

“Impossible! How can I, Logan, give in?”

Logan Erye immediately asked: “Xiao Gao clean up, we hurried back to the provincial capital, it’s too late, we may not be able to go back!”

No one expected this ending, Logan Erye came violently and fled in such embarrassment.

Logan Erye knows the end of his long stay, and he runs fast.

Levi received news: Logan Erye is leaving.

“Hehe, come as you want, leave as you like? Stay in Case York forever!”

Chapter 408


Wesley and Alton looked at each other.

At this time, Logan Erye, Gaoshanxiu and others had already left Case York city.

Go straight to the provincial capital.

“Finally out of Case York!”

Logan Erye also breathed a sigh of relief.

He was really afraid that he would confess in Case York.

That guy is too cruel.

Even a Lord like black and white impermanence can be brutally killed.

There is only one dead end for him to stay.

If the opponent is strong, he will avoid it.

“I have written down the Erick Group’s account, and I will wait for the rescuers to return from the provincial capital!”

This hatred, Logan Erye couldn’t just leave it alone.

“Second Lord, I think something is wrong!”

Gao Shanxiu’s right eyelid kept twitching, always feeling that something was going to happen.

“Don’t worry, no one can catch it!”

Logan Erye sneered.


At this moment, the driver slammed the brakes and almost threw Logan Erye and the others out.

The road ahead was blocked.

Logan Erye’s motorcade was forced to stop.

“what happened?”

Logan Erye asked anxiously.

Behind the roadblock in front, a group of figures appeared at this moment.

The lead is impressively James.

They have been waiting for this place for a long time.

“Since Logan Erye has come to the city, stay here forever! Why bother to leave?”

James speaks not fluent Chinese.

“Take them down!”

Logan Erye’s eyes were cold.

The Logan guards all rushed up.

“Boom boom…”

But in the end, it was not at the level of a mercenary like James.

Soon all the guards of the Logan family fell…

Logan Erye and Gaoshan Xiu looked at James and the others incredulously.

Knowing the loss, Logan Erye immediately stopped resisting.

“take away!!!”

James finally took the escaped Logan Erye back to Case York.

After arriving at a certain villa in Case York.

A group of people inside were staring at him.

Logan Erye tremblingly said: “What are you going to do? I want to see the boss of Erick Group…”

Alton smiled: “Want to see my boss? You are not qualified!”

“You…who are you?”

Logan Erye stared at Levi warily.

“Graham Nanxuan…”

“What? Graham Nanxuan?”

Logan Erye was shocked suddenly.

Graham Nanxuan is the number two mysterious figure.

“What are you doing to me?”

Logan Erye panicked.

Graham Nanxuan smiled: “Now, give Logan Erye a chance…”

“what chance?”

Graham Nanxuan smiled more deeply: “The chance to save your life, how much do you think your life is worth?”


Logan Erye immediately understood.

This is spending money to die!

Graham Nanxuan is going to blackmail himself severely.

But he also understands that without spending money, there is only a dead end.


When Logan Erye was about to say 100 million, Graham Nanxuan interrupted him: “I heard that Logan Erye is a man in the provincial capital. Is this worth at least a few billion?”


Logan Erye clenched his fists tightly, cursing secretly in his heart.

Graham Nanxuan really opened his mouth!

“Let’s do it, ten billion! It fits the identity of Logan Erye! It won’t make you embarrassed, right?”

Graham Nanxuan smiled and said, like an old fox.


Logan Erye is really going to explode.

Ten billion!

Want him 10 billion?

Erick Group’s appetite is too big, right?

Gao Shanxiu was also furious, but he was helpless.

“Huh? Does Logan Erye think his life is not worth tens of billions?”

Graham Nanxuan’s face changed, and a cold murderous aura burst out of his body.

It made Logan Erye’s scalp numb, as if he fell into an ice cave.

Chapter 409

He understood that Graham Nanxuan was warning him, not to take 10 billion, it would be a dead end.

After Logan Erye Gaoshanxiu looked at each other for a few times, he was softened: “Okay, I will pay 10 billion, but you want to let me go back!”

Graham Nanxuan nodded: “Well, no problem, as long as 10 billion is in place, your dog’s life is worthless!”


Logan Erye was about to vomit blood.

To be blackmailed 10 billion not to mention, but also to be so insulted.

“Little Gao Lima let the money be sent over!”

Under the operation of Gao Shanxiu and He Tiantian, ten billion quickly arrived.

Graham Nanxuan smiled and said, “Welcome the second Lord to come to Case York again and make contributions to Case York!”


Logan Erye staggered and fell to the ground.

You will be as embarrassed as you are.

Logan Erye came to Case York aggressively and left within three days.

The black and white impermanence stayed in Case York, not to mention, he spent 10 billion to leave!

The news spread quickly.

The reactions of all parties in Jiangnan Province were extremely shocked.

Even Bass Wang Logan Erye was driven out so painfully?

Is the city so scary?

Didn’t the three mountains of Case York all fall down?

There are other horrors in Case York?

More and more family powers stayed away and watched silently.

They also gradually discovered that this piece of fat in Case York was not tasty, and the mouth was super hard.

Unless you make contributions to Case York wholeheartedly and abide by all the rules of Case York, even Logan Erye will not work!

This is definitely the biggest shame in Logan Erye’s life!

Everyone also understands that Logan Erye will not stop there.

He will definitely come to Case York to retaliate.

Asking Logan Erye for 10 billion is naturally what Levi meant.

“General, 10 billion is in hand, how should this money be distributed?”

Alton and He Tiantian came to Levi and asked.

“All this money will be invested in the development of Case York! First, set up a foundation to specifically allocate funds to help those in need. Second, build more nursing homes, orphanages, hope primary schools, etc.. Third, invest in Case Support development in areas where York is weak, such as agricultural products.”

Levi approached.

Hearing this, Alton and He Tiantian’s eyes lit up fiercely.

They just couldn’t keep up with Levi’s realm!

What they thought was that Levi used 10 billion for the development of the Erick Group.

He Tiantian worried: “Mr. Garrison, this second Lord Logan will definitely make a comeback! He is a Lord who never suffers!”

Levi smoked a cigarette and smiled: “That’s great, 10 billion won’t work next time. I hope that Logan Erye will have a few more nasty critics! That will be more beneficial to the development of Case York. !”


Alton and He Tiantian are about to vomit blood.

If this is to let the provincial capital know this situation, it is estimated to be pissed.

No one in the city expected that Logan Erye would escape from the city in such embarrassment.

Nothing has benefited the most from the Xiao family.

After all, that night of being tough Logan Erye, everyone thought that the end of the Xiao family had arrived.

Who ever thought, it was Logan Erye who failed.

After defeating Logan Erye, the market value of Xiao Family and Erick Group rose again.

Has become the two pillars of Case York.

Today, when Levi arrived at the company, Natalie sought him out.

“Hurry up and get ready. A reporter will come to interview soon! Remember, be smart about dressing up!”

Natalie had someone give him a suit.

Levi did not wear a suit.

No need.

Soon after, the reporter who came for the interview arrived.

“Huh? Why are you? Levi?”

Chapter 410

The beauty reporter asked aloud, with a look of surprise on her face.

Levi rubbed his eyes and looked at it carefully.

Remember it.

The beautiful reporter in front of me was a junior reporter who had just joined Case York TV Station six years ago.

At that time she came to interview herself and Erick.

Levi clearly remembered that the little reporter was dishonest.

Seduced yourself, after being rejected. He went to seduce Erick again, but also failed.

After that, Levi reported her.

The little girl was punished, her internship qualification was cancelled, and she would never be hired by the TV station.

Unexpectedly, she is still on the TV station now, and looking at this posture, she is already an old reporter like a pillar.

That’s right.

After Wang Meiqi was reported by Levi that year, Taili was fired.

But later, Wang Meiqi tried her best and slept on the bed of a person in charge of the stage, and she returned to the stage.

And all the way, she is the most important reporter of the TV station.

Coupled with good looks and good temperament, he has a high status in the circle and is a big trump card of the TV station.

Because Erick Group has developed so well, it sent a trump card to do the interview.

Before coming, Wang Meiqi was very nervous.

After all, Erick Group is the pillar of Case York.

Faced with such a large enterprise, she is also full of worries.

At the same time, she also wants to accumulate contacts.

If it has something to do with Graham Nanxuan or the big boss behind Erick, it’s best.

Wang Meiqi puts silk stockings and other items in her bag, ready to dedicate herself at any time.

But I didn’t expect that the person to be interviewed was Levi.

“Miss Wang, this one is called Levi. It is the person we arranged for this interview.”

Assistant Natalie introduced.

Wang Meiqi frowned and asked curiously: “Can you tell me what identity Mr. Garrison is?”

“Oh, he is a technical consultant. I don’t know why Fisher always asked him to come for an interview. In my opinion, he is the least qualified. Not as good as security and clean.”

Assistant Natalie leaned in Wang Meiqi’s ear and whispered.

“If Miss Wang is dissatisfied, I’ll go to Mr. Fisher to make suggestions and change someone with a heavy weight to accept the interview.”

The assistant asked.

Wang Meiqi smiled and said, “No, he’s pretty good!”

“Well then, Miss Wang, let’s start. You can find me whenever you want!”

After the assistant left, Wang Meiqi began to look at Levi carefully.

“Levi didn’t expect that one day we would meet in this way? I didn’t expect you to stay in the Garrison Group?”

Wang Meiqi laughed.

Levi also smiled and said, “I didn’t expect that you were still on the TV station? Didn’t you get fired?”

The cameraman next to him sneered: “Please pay attention to your words, Miss Wang is now the trump card in the stage, the most powerful reporter!”

Wang Meiqi smiled triumphantly at Levi.

“How did you do it? Could it be…”

Levi showed a surprised expression.


Wang Meiqi knew what Levi was going to say, and her body trembled with anger.

“I did this step by my ability! It’s like some people, I heard that it depends on a little relationship to eat and drink! In fact, even the security and cleaning are not as good as waste! It is also ha, after all, you have just been released after serving your sentence. It’s nice to have a job.”

Wang Meiqi sneered.

The other entourage couldn’t help saying: “Miss Wang, is the Erick Group too bullying? Our station sent a reform-through-labor prisoner for the interview? This obviously doesn’t put us in our eyes!”

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