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Chapter 411

“Yes, we don’t accept such interviews! Go back!”

Wang Meiqi thought of a bad idea, she sneered: “No, no…The interview will continue! Erick Group is a star company in Case York! They did not disrespect us!”

“Levi prepares, the interview has officially begun!”

Wang Meiqi arranged.

“bring it on!”

Although I hate this woman, the interview will continue.

Otherwise Natalie will not be able to explain.

After the unit was turned on, Wang Meiqi appeared in front of the camera with the most perfect face. This is her professionalism.

After she introduced today’s interview to the camera, she began interviewing Levi.

“Mr. Levi heard that you committed r*pe and went to jail. Is there such a thing?”

Levi looked unhappy, but nodded, “Yes.”

“Six years in prison, isn’t it?”


“So when did you get out of prison?”

“Three months ago!”

“I heard that after you were released from prison, you entered the Erick Group by your relationship?”

“Who is this guy who brought you in?”

“As the former chairman of Garrison Group, how do you feel about working in your own company?”

“What about you? I heard that my private life is improper and I have thoughts about my sister-in-law. Is there such a thing?”

After the interview began, the TV station staff were dumbfounded.

Wang Meiqi’s interview was not a script written in advance.

Originally, I was interviewing the development and future of Erick Group, but the questions Wang Meiqi interviewed were all related to Levi.

And each of the questions are very sharp, and they are attacking personally.

Levi couldn’t see Wang Meiqi’s sinister intentions.

But if you don’t accept the interview well, the woman Natalie will definitely nag.

So what question Wang Meiqi asked, Levi answered what question.

After half an hour, the interview was over.

Wang Meiqi also put a professional smile away.

“Levi, do you feel flattered? After all, are you going to be on TV?”

Wang Meiqi said with a smile.

Subsequently, Wang Meiqi let the others leave.

“Levi didn’t expect it? Not only did Wang Meiqi not get fired, but I’m still playing so well on the TV station! Are you angry?”

“I’m telling you, you and Erick don’t know what’s good or bad! The old lady looked up to you, so I gave you a chance. Not only did you not appreciate me, but you reported me! But is it useful? With my current ability, it’s easy to kill you. ! Make your ruin easier!”

Wang Meiqi looked at Levi triumphantly.

Levi smiled and said, “The crooked ways will not last long, and there will be retribution one day.”

It can be seen at a glance that Wang Meiqi must be in charge of her body.

“Huh, isn’t it? It’s been many years, I’m not good yet? And I will be promoted to the provincial TV station next step!”

Wang Meiqi looked smug.

Levi smiled meaningfully: “Really? Then you definitely can’t go.”

“Levi reported my hatred six years ago, and I still remember it. Now, I tell you the truth, I will take revenge! You wait!”

After speaking, Wang Meiqi left the meeting room.

But she did not leave.

In the name of interview and framing, I wandered around in the Erick Group.

Whenever you meet a male executive, you immediately hand over your contact information.

Finally, she came to Natalie.

“President Fisher, do I have a chance to meet the boss of Erick or Mr. Graham Nanxuan today?”

Wang Meiqi asked.

Chapter 412

Wang Meiqi’s eyes were full of brilliance.

She is in the upper class circles of Case York, and knows the latest big things well.

For example, Logan Erye’s defeat in Case York is clear to her.

She even knew that Logan Erye was the boss of Erick Group.

If the boss or Graham Nanxuan can be taken down, then her future can’t be limited!

Wang Meiqi is beautiful and has a great temperament. She is a flower in the stage.

She is confident of her charm.

As long as she meets the mysterious boss and Graham Nanxuan, she is confident that she can definitely win.

Once on her bed, she promised that these men would never get off again.

This is her survival skills.

Otherwise, she is a small intern with no background, and has eight suites and a villa in Case York in just six years, with a deposit of tens of millions.

It’s not the strong wind.

“Unfortunately, neither of these two are here.”

Natalie smiled.

I haven’t seen the boss yet, do you still want to see?

“President Fisher, I will apply to Taili when I go back and give an exclusive interview with the boss of Erick Group and Mr. Graham! This has many benefits to Erick! I don’t need to say more about this, right?”

Wang Meiqi smiled brightly.

“Okay, I will try my best to arrange!”

Natalie agreed.

Mainly, she also wants to meet the mysterious big boss.

Wang Meiqi left.

Before leaving, he winked at many men.

In the corridor, she also met Levi.

She sneered: “You ruined me at the beginning, see how I ruin you now?”

For this kind of little ant, Levi didn’t care at all.

As strong as Logan Erye, can’t you pay 10 billion obediently?

At this time, Dean actually called.

“What’s wrong with Lao Porter?”

Levi asked.

“General, I’ll be straight. In response to the recent events and the turmoil in the Case York market, we discussed and decided to hold an investment promotion conference. The main purpose is to attract foreign investors and foreign companies to invest and stabilize the Case York market. Expand the development of Case York! What do you think?”

Dean asked.

Levi’s eyes lit up: “Lao Porter is amazing! It’s perfectly possible! I don’t know how many people are staring at the big fat in Case York recently. The sooner you can solve it, the better. Your method is very good, I agree! “

Dean hesitated, and couldn’t help saying: “However, the general recently I will go to Yanjing for a meeting, which will take about a month. Therefore, you will be fully responsible for the investment promotion conference. Anyway, you are also the city’s deputy.”

“Well, leave it to me!”

“That’s great!”

Levi also thinks this method is good.

The market is huge. You can come if you want, but you must contribute to the development of Case York.

After putting pressure in this way, it became much more formal.

After getting Levi’s approval.

the city quickly promulgated the policy, and even determined the time for the investment promotion meeting, just three days later.

The deputy surnamed Cox Hang Garrison served as the presiding officer.

The Case York TV station received the news at the first time and reported on this matter in a circular manner in order to maximize the publicity effect.

The leader of the station immediately found Wang Meiqi.

“Majesty, these days you are going to the convention and exhibition center for all-day interviews. Thank you for your hard work!”

When Wang Meiqi heard it, her eyes lit up fiercely.

Doesn’t such a large-scale investment promotion meeting mean getting to know more bosses and accumulating stronger contacts?

Wang Meiqi is most willing to go to this kind of thing.

“Also, the new deputy leader is presiding over this investment promotion conference. You will do everything you can to conduct an exclusive interview with this deputy leader! If this task is completed, your promotion next month will definitely be nailed down! “

Chapter 413

The leaders of the TV station are very optimistic.

Wang Meiqi immediately promised: “Leader, I promise to complete the task!!!”

“Well, you are the trump card in our station, hehe…”

The leader’s eyes drifted unscrupulously on Wang Meiqi.

“Thank the leader for giving me this opportunity, giggle…”

Smiling, Wang Meiqi deliberately slipped her feet and fell into the arms of the leader.

Soon a glamorous drama was staged in the office.

After the interview, Natalie came to inquire.

“How was the interview?”

“it should be OK!”

Levi nodded.

Natalie said seriously: “Levi, you have to understand that I am secretly giving you a chance! The purpose is to let you improve your status and status as soon as possible, otherwise you will get more and more tainted!”

Natalie’s move this time is definitely selfish.

She wanted Levi to have more opportunities and become more powerful.

“Okay, thank you leader!”

Levi smiled helplessly.

“En, let’s wait for the TV station’s report to come out next!”

Natalie believes that Levi’s status and status will improve after the TV interview comes out.

She can also arrange a better position for Levi.

Today, Levi got off work early and went to pick up Dale with Sarah.

The couple knew that Sarah was now the chairman of Dongtian Group, and danced with joy.

Sarah smiled and said, “Mom and dad, Levi is not bad. Natalie specially arranged for him an interview with Case York TV station, and the interview came out in the evening. By then, Levi will also be a celebrity.”

“That’s great!”

Dale sneered and said: “Let the old man only be good to Alfred and Mike! Let’s take a look at our house now? Huh!”

Edith also looked proud.

After all, they had suffered too much in Logan’s family.

They are the least optimistic about the old man!

Now I am proud.

In the evening, the four of Levi stood in front of the TV, waiting for the appearance of Levi’s interview program.


Soon, everyone was staring at the TV.

The first to appear was Wang Meiqi, who gave a comprehensive interpretation of Erick Group.

“This reporter is amazing, a star reporter from Case York! I always see it!”

Dale praised.

Edith also nodded: “Yeah, she is the most powerful reporter in the city. She once went to the hospital to interview the dean.”

“Erick Group is strong and cannot be separated from the efforts of every outstanding employee. After walking around in Erick Group, I found that it is really full of talents!”

Immediately, Wang Meiqi’s words on TV changed and said: “However, after all the hardships, I finally found an incompetent employee in Erick Group! His working here is an insult to Erick Group!”

Wang Meiqi first spent a few minutes complimenting Erick Group in various ways.

Now suddenly pointed out that a garbage employee came, the meaning is very simple: she is explaining that this matter has nothing to do with Erick Group, only related to the garbage employee personally.

But after this turning point, all the viewers staring at the TV were breathless.

Especially Dale and Edith looked at each other.

Realize that something is wrong.

“Although I should not point out this employee, the Erick Group carries the hope of Case York. I will never allow this kind of scum trash to pollute the Erick Group!”

“Speaking of it, it is also very interesting. This employee turned out to be Levi, the founder of Garrison Group, the predecessor of Erick Group!”

Chapter 414


When Wang Meiqi uttered the name, the audience who watched this show caught their breath.

“What? King’s Landing?”

Sarah, Dale and Edith all looked at Levi.

Isn’t it true that Levi will become a celebrity if he accepts an interview?

How to become rubbish scum employees?

what happened?

Levi didn’t speak, but looked at him coldly.

This little reporter is so courageous.

The show continues.

Wang Meiqi smiled and said: “Perhaps you think that having such talents to join the Erick Group should not be like a tiger? But I have investigated. Levi relied on the relationship to enter the Erick Group and has nothing to do every day. During work, he drinks tea, smokes and sleeps. Nothing else will be done.

In the company, the popularity is very poor. More than 80% of the employees hate him very much, but because of the family, they can’t do anything to him. Only some employees of the former Garrison Group have a good impression of him. “

“But I’m an outsider who can’t stand it anymore. Sooner or later, such a cancerous tumor will affect the Erick Group! Erick Group is now the hope of Case York. It is the star enterprise we hope to build. I don’t allow such a cancerous tumor! “

“Furthermore, Levi’s character is very poor, and his private life is very undisciplined! I used to have ideas about his sister-in-law, and now I am ambiguous with my sister-in-law! This is not my guess, it is the result of an investigation. And I did it to him. During the interview, he also admitted all his words and deeds!”

Soon, the TV switched to an interview with Levi.

Wang Meiqi: “I heard that your private life is improper and you have thoughts about your sister-in-law. Is there such a thing?”

Levi: “Yes, I admit it!”

Wang Meiqi: “It is said that you used to embezzle public funds in Garrison Group?”

Levi: “There is such a thing!”

Wang Meiqi’s interviews with Levi are all similar to sensitive issues.

But Levi confessed to these things.


See these.

Sarah and Edith were stunned.

They stared at Levi incredulously and said, “Levi, are you stupid? People ask you to answer everything? Answer everything that doesn’t happen?”

“Yeah, are you crazy? Dare to say anything!”

Sarah also looked incredible.

Levi was calm and calm.

This woman is a good way!

Said that he was going to destroy himself, but he really used means.

The content of the interview is fine!

But the videos that are released now are all edited.

She deliberately edited Levi’s answers to other questions to this question.

Created an illusion that Levi admitted to teasing his sister-in-law and other things.

Generally no one believes this situation.

Because the discerning ones will see that it was edited.

But a little bit.

This was broadcast by the TV station, representing the government and authority.

Since it can be released, it means that the authority has reviewed it and the content is true.

If you don’t believe it, you have to believe it.

This is what Wang Meiqi is capable of.

Just edit the video content casually, and put Levi’s reputation as a malignant tumor.

In today’s materialistic society, destroying a person is as simple as that!

In this way, Erick Group will never have a place for Levi.

Major companies in Case York will never take in Levi.

Even some restaurants or public places would prohibit Levi from entering.

If an ordinary person encounters this matter, it is definitely a dead end.

Chapter 415

But the person Wang Meiqi met was Levi!

On the TV, Wang Meiqi raised her right hand and said: “So I launched an initiative: I hope Erick Group will permanently expel Levi! I also hope that everyone will resist this cancer! Limit his consumption and restrict his travel…”

Wang Meiqi’s proposal is simply a response.

The major media have spoken out to boycott Levi in all directions.

In addition, the senior management of Erick Group also followed the initiative successively, threatening to expel Levi.

Many restaurants and other places have also spoken out, resolutely resisting Levi.

For a time, Levi became the biggest sinner in Case York.

Once again became a mouse crossing the street, everyone shouted and beat.

Compared with six years ago, except for not going to jail, everything else is the same.

And now that the information age is developed, this matter is fermenting very quickly.

Levi has more trouble.

At this time, Natalie, who lives next door, had already knocked on the door.

“Levi, what’s the matter with you? Do you dare to say anything? Are you crazy?”

Natalie roared.

Levi lit a cigarette and said with a smile: “Natalie, don’t you think I’m so stupid?”

Hearing this, Natalie’s face changed, and she asked in surprise, “Could it be that she edited it deliberately, specifically to deal with you?”

“Yes, didn’t you see that the interview with me has nothing to do with Erick Group? It was clearly directed at me!”

Levi approached.

Everyone suddenly realized.

“But are you at odds with her?”

Sarah asked curiously.

“In the past, when she was an intern interviewing me and Erick, she seduced us. I reported it, so she held a grudge. If there is a chance, she will definitely not let me go!”

Levi approached.

Natalie frowned tightly: “But now that the problem has happened, we don’t have any evidence. She is from the TV station and represents authority. There is no way to vindicate you?”

“What’s more, many people are following her initiative. Even seven or eight senior executives of the company have just called and asked me to fire you! Otherwise, the impact will be too great, and it will not be good for Erick Group!”

Upon hearing this.

Sarah and the others are anxious.

“Natalie, do you think of a way? You can’t let King Lin be framed!”

Natalie was also at a loss: “I want to help too, but there is nothing I can do for the time being! This show has already aroused public opinion. If I had to keep Levi, I would surely bring Erick Group into a desperate situation!”

“I’ll go back first, let me think of a way to see if there is a surefire way!”

Levi smiled and said, “You don’t need to worry about this matter, I will take care of it myself!”


Sarah and Natalie looked at Levi.

It’s not that they don’t believe in Levi’s ability.

The fact is that this matter has too much influence.

It is definitely not personal control.

Unless Levi is the kind of big man who covers the sky with only one hand.

For example, one sentence can influence the will of Case York TV Station.

Let the director personally come forward to vindicate himself and explain the truth of the whole thing.

Otherwise, it is of no use.

After all, this woman did not have a trace of loopholes.

Everyone didn’t take Levi seriously, they all went to think of a way.

“I’ll go back and ask Mr. Graham Nanxuan, right? Look at his opinion!”

At night, things expanded again and again.

Many people even shouted for Levi to get out of Case York.

the city absolutely does not allow the existence of this cancer!

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