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Chapter 416

Levi didn’t take it seriously, what should he do.

Sarah looked disappointed.

In the past, Levi tried to solve the problem immediately, and it would never be delayed until the next day.

But now Levi had lost all his energy.

At this time, he was still smoking.

Before going to bed, Levi received a mysterious call.

It turned out to be Wang Meiqi.

It’s here to make trouble.

“Is President Garrison feeling comfortable now? Heck…”

Wang Meiqi laughed like a silver bell.

Levi’s lips deepened and smiled: “Is that enough? It’s not enough to tickle! I don’t have any reaction at all!”

“Hahaha, dare to be tough, what do you look like, don’t you understand?”

Wang Meiqi sneered.

“Wait, you will be hard to move from tomorrow! If you want to solve the problem is very simple, you come on your knees and beg me, lying in front of me like a dog. I might consider letting you go…otherwise, Cox There is absolutely no place for you to live in York.”

Wang Meiqi laughed and bloomed.

It’s so refreshing to ruin a person’s life!

Especially his own enemy, who used to be a superior existence.

Really happy!!!

Levi smiled: “Then wait, let’s wait and see!”

Wang Meiqi’s conversation turned around: “It’s a pity, it’s a pity. Erick actually died, otherwise, even with him!”

Hearing these words, Levi’s eyes flashed with bloodthirsty killing intent.

Such disrespect for a deceased person.

court death!!!

The second day.

Levi went to Erick Group as usual.

But when he arrived at the company, everyone looked at him with weird eyes.

Boyd Sen leaned in front of Levi and asked in a low voice, “Brother Garrison, are you being cheated?”

“Hehe, I will deal with it.”

Levi nodded.

Not everyone is as sober as Takemori.

Eighty to ninety percent of people think that Wang Meiqi’s interview is true.

The high-levels looked at Levi with deep disgust in their eyes.

They usually open their eyes and close their eyes, but now it’s different.

“Levi, do you still have the face to come to the company? Hurry up, don’t make us embarrassed!”

“Yes, even though Erick Group was established not long ago, how can our corporate culture allow you to be contaminated by such filthy people?”

Natalie has a more headache.

Because dozens of high-level officials united, she was asked to fire Levi.

Forced and helpless, Natalie had to hold a meeting and voted to decide whether Levi would stay.

As you can imagine, most people want Levi to leave.

It was very difficult for Natalie to find Levi and tell him the news of his dismissal.

“Hey, that’s the only way for the time being. I’ll think of a way later.”

Natalie is also very guilty.

“It’s okay.”

Levi finally left Erick Group.

Originally, he was busy with the investment promotion conference, and Erick Group could not come.

Everything is just right.

When the news of his departure came out, the entire Erick Group cheered up and down.

It was almost time to celebrate with firecrackers.

He Tiantian, Fu Yuxiang and others smiled helplessly.

Are you guys screaming?

When he comes back, all of you will be expelled.

Levi came to the Case York Convention and Exhibition Center to see the layout of the venue.

The relevant personnel in charge knew Levi’s identity and were frightened.

“Mr. Garrison, we have received applications from 74 large companies so far, and the number is still increasing. This is a list! Please have a look!”

Chapter 417

Levi flipped through it, and indeed attracted many big companies.

“By the way, Mr. Garrison the city TV station and several media want to do an interview with the venue and want to promote and report in advance, can you think that?”

The person in charge asked.

“Yes, let’s publicize it, it’s good!”

“By the way, who is the reporter interviewed by Case York TV Station?”

Levi asked casually.

“Oh, let me check, it’s a reporter named Wang Meiqi!”

Responsible for humanity.

Levi didn’t speak, just smiled.

Yuanjia has a narrow road!

At this moment, Wang Meiqi and many media parties are waiting outside the venue.

She just got news: Levi was expelled from Erick Group.

Wang Meiqi was not overly happy.


She sneered: “Levi is just the beginning, and your difficulties will come next! At that time, you may not even be able to buy water and rice, and you will be starved to death on the streets of Case York. “


Thinking of this, Wang Meiqi couldn’t help laughing out loud.

“What’s wrong with Majestic Sister?”

Some colleagues asked curiously.

“Nothing, just tore up the former enemy! Let him desperate!”

Wang Meiqi’s happy eyes narrowed into crescents.

“That’s really a happy event!”

Everyone agreed.

“Well, I will invite everyone to dinner after a while!”

Wang Meiqi is in a good mood.

“Well, the leader said you can go in for interviews, but some prohibited things cannot be reported. You understand the rules!”

The staff of the exhibition center said.


Everyone picked up the equipment and immediately entered the venue.

Wang Meiqi approached the staff member and asked coquettishly: “Brother, you have been talking about the leader for a long time, but who is the leader?”

“Don’t tell me! This leader is really responsible, and he came to see the venue layout in person! He, is the deputy leader of Case York who is in charge of this investment promotion conference! I just took a look, he is really young, he is less than thirty !”

The staff member said.

Hearing this, Wang Meiqi’s eyes lit up fiercely.

Isn’t this the task of the station?

Didn’t expect this mysterious leader Garrison to come today?

Then today is a good opportunity!

I must interview this leader Garrison.

If conditions permit, Wang Meiqi would like to have a little romantic story.

After all, leaders who are less than 30 years old…

It must be young and promising!

After arriving at the venue, everyone was actively engaged in work.

Wang Meiqi’s professionalism is still very strong.

Suspend other colleagues present.

She was the first to complete the task.

However, she did not leave, but wandered around in the dead meeting place.

From the moment she entered the venue, she looked around.

In order to find that leader Garrison.

But after a round, there was no match.

I am afraid that Leader Garrison is in the background.

So after turning around, she came to the backstage.

There are too many rooms.

Wang Meiqi began to look for them one by one.

After finding dozens of rooms.

She opened a door, and finally there were many people inside.

Everyone was surrounded by a young man.

Look at style and aura.

Wang Meiqi is sure that this is the new leader Garrison.

But when he saw that person’s back, he felt so familiar.

As if I have seen it somewhere.

Wang Meiqi was very excited and worried.

Now that I found this leader Garrison.

Then she would not let go of this opportunity.

Must be interviewed!!!

Chapter 418

“What are you doing? What are you sneaking in?”

Just as Wang Meiqi was stepping forward, a voice suddenly rang from behind, making her heart burst in fright.

Turning around, several security guards were staring at her.

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m Wang Meiqi, a TV reporter. This is my ID.”

Wang Meiqi quickly handed over the press card, and the security confirmed that it was correct.

“Well, I want to interview the leader inside…”

Wang Meiqi expressed her intentions.

“No! The leaders inside won’t be interviewed today. All they discussed are confidential! Please go back!”

In this way, Wang Meiqi was forced out of the backstage.

But she was unwilling.

It’s hard to meet Leader Garrison, so I can’t just give up like that.

“Sister Majestic should go now, all the other colleagues have left.”

The companion urged.

“Well, you guys go to eat first, I’ll wait for someone at the entrance!”

Wang Meiqi came to a private passage in the Convention and Exhibition Center.

This is generally a channel for leaders to enter and exit, and few people know.

However, Wang Meiqi is familiar with the road and has been waiting here.

She believed that Leader Garrison would definitely leave here later.

When the time comes, just interview directly by yourself.

Just wait and wait like this.

Wang Meiqi almost fell asleep waiting for herself.

But it still didn’t wait for anyone.

How did she know that Levi planned everything for these two days and was going to live here.

While she was waiting, Levi was already asleep on the sofa.

Wang Meiqi did not believe in evil and waited until six or seven o’clock in the afternoon.

But still no one was seen.

“Can’t give up! This opportunity is too important to me!”

Wang Meiqi cheered for herself.

When it was time to get off work, Levi checked and left directly from the main entrance.

He didn’t know where the private passage was.

It wasn’t until nine o’clock that anyone came out of the private passage.

At this time, Wang Meiqi’s legs are numb.

Wang Meiqi rushed up immediately and asked, “Thank you, is the next leader coming out?”

“Ah? Leader Garrison has already left!”

The staff was surprised.

Wang Meiqi’s eyes are about to fly out: “What? Go away? When did you leave? I’ve been here forever!”

“You are waiting here, surely you can’t wait! Leader Garrison walked through the main entrance and left at 7 o’clock!”

Hearing that, Wang Meiqi’s whole person is going to be crazy.


She actually waited for a day foolishly here.

But Wang Meiqi had no complaints.

She will stay here tomorrow.

After returning home, Wang Meiqi felt back pain.

Faintly angry.

“By the way, Levi! Let the anger on you fall on you today!”

Wang Meiqi picked up the phone and dialed a number.

The Levi incident is still in fermentation, and the heat has not dropped much.

At this time, someone suddenly revealed Levi’s wife, father-in-law and the place where they lived and worked anonymously.

For a time, the flames of war spread to Sarah and others.

It happened that Sarah was the boss of Dongtian Group.

Many people began to boycott the Dongtian Group.

Suddenly, Dongtian Group suffered a lot of losses.

The hospital called and asked Edith to rest for a few days, so she shouldn’t come to work for the first time.

The same is true for Dale. The unit does not want him to go to work and make rectification without pay.

Everyone is afraid of affecting themselves.

Things fermented to this extent.

No one thought of it.

“Huh, didn’t Levi say that he can handle it? That’s it! Why is the trouble getting bigger and bigger?”

Chapter 419

Dale gasped with anger.

Edith was also very angry.

Originally, because of Qin Beishan, the document for her as the director has been approved.

But it was delayed because of this.

If there is more trouble, it is estimated that the director candidate will be changed.

Even now I can’t even get to work at all.

Sarah quickly called Natalie over to solicit her thoughts and opinions.

“I will try to communicate with the TV reporter Wang Meiqi. If she takes the initiative to clarify, this matter will only end!”

Natalie dialed Wang Meiqi’s phone.

“Hey, Mr. Fisher? What’s the matter with you?”

Natalie said directly: “Reporter Wang, I hope you stop doing what you are doing now and don’t continue to embarrass Garrison Levi. He is already miserable enough now!”

Wang Meiqi smiled contemptuously: “Is it miserable? Didn’t he think of miserable when he ruined others?”

“President Fisher, why did you intervene? I helped you clear a malignant tumor!”

Natalie said helplessly: “For Gong Yu, you did a good deed for Erick Group. I want to thank you. But privately, Levi is my girlfriend’s husband. I want to discuss this matter. Discuss, what conditions do you want?”

Wang Meiqi put forward her own condition: “It’s not impossible for me to stop! The condition is very simple! You have to help me arrange an interview with the boss behind Graham Nanxuan and Erick Group tomorrow. As long as your arrangement is in place, I will immediately cancel everything. , I promise you won’t embarrass Levi!”

“Okay, I’ll give it a try!”

After Natalie hung up.

Think about it or call Graham Nanxuan.

“Look, Mr. Graham, there is something on my side…”

After listening to the opposite Kylin, he said: “Fisher always wants her to come to the company tomorrow, and then talk about it!”

In Natalie’s view, Graham Nanxuan meant that he had agreed to the interview.

She immediately went back to Natalie.

Natalie promised: As soon as the interview with Graham Nanxuan is over tomorrow, all comments that are unfavorable to Levi will be removed immediately.

“Natalie really wants to thank you this time. The person who should thank you most is Levi! You saved him!”

Dale said.

He wanted Levi to kneel down to Natalie.

The next day.

Natalie arrived at the company early and found that Graham Nanxuan was already there.

“Ah? Mr. Graham, is the big boss here too?”

Natalie searched around, still showing a hint of shyness on her face.

After all, I have to see the lover of my dream.

In front of Natalie, she has light makeup, or even no makeup.

Today, it took two hours to put on makeup.

“Don’t worry about this, the boss always knows everything, and I will know later!”

The unicorn smiled.

At nine o’clock, Wang Meiqi brought a large group of people to Erick Group.

She was also well dressed.

Her purpose is also very simple, she must take down Graham Nanxuan and the mysterious boss.

At all costs!

Natalie personally took Wang Meiqi to the office where Kylin was.

“Reporter Wang, let me introduce you. This is Mr. Graham Nanxuan!”

Natalie introduced.

When Wang Meiqi saw Alton, she was dumbfounded.

So young?

So handsome?

She is definitely the most handsome man she has ever seen!

“Hello, Mr. Graham, this is TV reporter Wang Meiqi. I am very glad to interview you today!”

Wang Meiqi immediately went forward, stretched out her tender little hand, and cast a wink at the unicorn.

“Go! What qualifications do you have to interview me?”

No one expected that Alton suddenly roared.

Chapter 420

With this sound, even Natalie was shocked.

The smiles on Wang Meiqi and her companions’ faces disappeared in an instant.

They stared at the unicorn in a daze.

“Come here, let these people go! Any kind of trash can be a reporter these years?”

Alton looked unhappy.

Immediately Takemori came with a lot of security guards and was about to expel Wang Meiqi and others.

“Why? Didn’t Fisher always agree to conduct an interview today? What’s the matter?”

Wang Meiqi looked at Natalie.

“Haha, let me explain, the TV station can interview, as long as the reporter is not you!”

Graham Nanxuan said.

Natalie lowered her head, her face pale.

She didn’t know why Graham Nanxuan had such a big opinion on Wang Meiqi!

Only the first time I met!

The key is that if Wang Meiqi’s interview is not allowed, Levi’s matter will not be resolved!

Wang Meiqi finally agreed to come down.

But she couldn’t change much.

So it’s too difficult.

Because of the location of the Erick Group, Wang Meiqi naturally did not dare to get angry with Graham Nanxuan.

“Mr. Graham, you think I’m not pleasing to your eyes, but it’s not you that Erick Group has the right to speak? Maybe the boss accepts my interview?”

Wang Meiqi asked with a smile.

Alton didn’t talk nonsense, so he directly dialed Levi’s phone and talked about what happened.

“Let her go! Are you eligible to interview me?”

Wang Meiqi and Natalie were stunned when they heard the roar in the phone.

Wang Meiqi didn’t dare to say anything, so she could only leave.

But before leaving, she sneered at Natalie: “In this case, I will not let Levi go!”

This is very troublesome news for Natalie.

“Mr. Graham, why are you right…”

Natalie wanted to know why.

“This is what the boss meant!”

Graham Nanxuan asked Natalie to stop questioning.

After Wang Meiqi returned, she retaliated against Levi.

The address of Levi was exposed, and even the address of Natalie next door was exposed.

For a time, many people scribbled and abused on the walls of the building, and also threw eggs, vegetables and leaves.

As for Dale and his wife who lived in the old community, they did not dare to go out at all.

There are many strangers in their community who come here to stare at them.

You can’t go out, and you’ll get robbed if you order takeout.

For a while, Sarah, Dale and the others really felt the pressure.

If this continues, they will definitely be crazy.

Even survival is a problem!

The key is that Levi left early and didn’t know where he went.

At this time, Levi was naturally in the Convention and Exhibition Center.

“Leader Garrison, three hundred more companies have come to sign up in one day! Among them are seven super large enterprises from the provincial capital to participate!”

The person in charge is very excited, after all, this kind of thing has brought great benefits to the development of Case York.

Levi flipped through the list.

He saw the Cox family in the provincial capital and several other big families.

“If you are here to disrupt Case York, I promise you will pay a painful price!”

Levi’s eyes flickered with cold light.

At this time, a staff member came over and asked: “Leader Garrison, the Case York TV station outside wants to give you an exclusive interview, do you think?”

Levi asked without looking up: “The reporter should be called Wang Meiqi, right?”

“Ah? How did you know, Leader Garrison?”

“do you accept?”

The staff was perplexed.

At this time, another staff member came and asked in a low voice: “Leader Garrison, the columnist of Case York TV Culture Channel also wants to interview you?”

“The economic media also want to interview you…”

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