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Chapter 421

It is estimated that the major media knew about the work of Leader Garrison, so they came to interview one after another.

Levi’s eyes lit up: “Let’s do it, time is short, I will only accept one party’s interview. Just Wang Meiqi from Case York TV Station!”

“What? Leader Garrison only accepts interviews with me alone?”

When Wang Meiqi learned about this, she was happily forgetting about it.

Is her luck too good?

So many colleagues, so she was chosen?

“Okay, please tell Leader Garrison, I will not let him down!”

Wang Meiqi promised.

The investment promotion conference will be held soon.

Therefore, many representatives of enterprises from other places have come to explore the market in Case York in advance.

Many large enterprises like Erick Group and Xiao’s family naturally come to look for them.

Many people are now looking for even potential companies.

For example, Sarah’s Dongtian Group.

There are more than 30 enterprises negotiating cooperation.

In the end, Sarah selected four enterprises from the provincial capital.

There are just four representatives, so we discuss cooperation together.

Booked dinner together to discuss the evening.

Now every time Sarah goes out to cooperate, he is very careful and must take a few male executives with him.

This time she brought Levi with him, just in case.

In the box of Jilong Hotel.

Representatives of four major companies from the provincial capital are sitting together, the eldest of which is Jiao Xiaolong.

He is talking on the phone.

“Mr. Cox, don’t worry, I will definitely ask Sarah to pay the price tonight! Look at how I tortured her!”

Jiao Xiaolong said with a smile.

It turns out that behind these four companies is the provincial capital Cox’s family.

They will specifically target plum dye tonight.

Subsequently, the four of them and their entourage secretly took the antidote.

Soon after, Sarah came with someone.

“Ah? Mr. Logan, what do you mean? Bring so many people? Don’t worry about us!”

Jiao Xiaolong said with an unhappy expression.

A male executive immediately explained: “You don’t know what Mr. Jiao, Mr. Logan almost had a big deal not long ago! So now Mr. Logan will take us to talk about things! If you think it works, let’s talk about it. If it doesn’t work, Never mind.”

The four Jiao Xiaolong looked at each other.

I know it’s hard to get these people away.

“How can we, we are talking about cooperation, sincerely!”

Jiao Xiaolong smiled.

Soon everyone will be seated.

After some greetings, I got to the point.

Both sides feel that they can work together.

But letting profit became a problem.

Sarah wanted to increase by 10%, but the other party refused.

At this time, Jiao Xiaolong raised his wine glass and said with a smile: “You also know that the people in the provinces and cities are sturdy, and we also have our own rules.”

“This knows! I have experienced it before!”

There are high pipelines.

“Then it will be easy! Our rules are very simple, we are a group, you are a group. Drinking will determine the victory! You drink us down and let us get 10% profit! If you lose, we will No!”

Jiao Xiaolong said.

“OK, alright!”

Levi was the first to agree.

Sarah glared at him fiercely.

She knew that the other party dared to mention this, indicating that they were sure.

Levi was too reckless.

“Okay, let’s add twelve driver assistants! You guys shake people casually!”

Jiao Xiaolong said.

The twelve of them drank and learned about alcohol and medicine in advance, and the amount of alcohol was inherently scary.

They believed that they could drink a hundred on the opposite side.

Levi smiled and said, “Well, let’s just me and Mr. Logan!”


Sarah is about to vomit blood.

are you crazy?

Two against twelve?

Chapter 422

If you let Sarah know, you should take twelve people who know about alcohol and medicine in advance.

It’s probably scared to death!


Levi is absolutely crazy!

The executives of Sarah’s company were stunned.

People said that you can shake people casually?

At least ten or twenty should be called out!

How about two people against twelve?

Is this a rusty brain?

“Okay! This is yours!”

Jiao Xiaolong secretly scolded Levi for being stupid, and quickly settled down, for fear that Sarah would regret it.

“not me…”

What else did Sarah want to say, Jiao Xiaolong smiled and said, “Mr. Logan will not go back, right? That would be boring, right? Don’t do this business!”

“No regrets! Come on!”

Sarah was in a posture of going all out.

Jiao Xiaolong and others smiled.

In their view, victory is already a certainty.

Especially tonight Sarah will be tortured to death!

They all smiled when they looked at Levi.

This is Sarah’s undercover agent, purely to help them!

This idiot!

Levi smiled and said, “If you want to drink with my boss, you have to drink me down first!”

“Hahaha, good!”

Jiao Xiaolong and the others can’t wait.

How many people can Levi drink?

Besides, they still drank anti-alcoholism!

“By the way, our rule is that after the start, the idlers and others cannot be present!”

Jiao Xiaolong looked at the executives of Sarah’s company.

If you don’t send these sober people away, how can you torture Sarah?


Several executives gave Levi a fierce look.

They are all blaming Levi for bad things.

Originally, they were very sure to get these ten points.

A mouse killed a pot of soup.

After these people left.

Officially begin.

“Brother according to the rules, if we have a drink alone, you have to have a drink!”

Jiao Xiaolong asked with a smile.

“Yes, hurry up! Each of you has a glass, I have twelve, and pour the wine!”

“Hahaha, brothers, happy people!”

The more Jiao Xiaolong looked at Levi, the more he looked like an idiot.

Soon, Levi placed twelve glasses of foreign wine in front of him.

Sarah was scared.

How many rounds can Levi last?

One round at most, right?


The twelve Jiao Xiaolong drank the wine quickly.

“It’s your turn, brother!”

Jiao Xiaolong smiled.

In their opinion, Levi absolutely poured these twelve glasses of foreign wine.

But the next scene surprised everyone.

I saw that Levi picked up two glasses of wine and drank at once, and the twelve glasses of wine were finished in the blink of an eye.

“Huh? It’s okay?”

Jiao Xiaolong’s faces changed.

Sure enough, I can drink it!

Otherwise, it would not be so reckless.

But there are twelve of us, and we have all drunk anti-alcoholism. See how long you can last?

“keep going!”

In the second round, Levi finished twelve cups like drinking water.


Very shocked!


The third round.

The fourth round.

Ten rounds.

Levi drank 120 glasses of wine, but he was like a okay person.

Not only Jiao Xiaolong was frightened.

Sarah was terrified.

Originally thought Levi was capable, but now it seems that he can really drink!

Although Jiao Xiaolong and the others drank alcohol and medicine, they could drink ten glasses of foreign wine in a row, and it was also very uncomfortable.

“Go on, you guys are scared!”

Levi approached.

The drinking war continued.

Jiao Xiaolong doesn’t believe in evil, let’s see when Levi can carry it.

It’s ten rounds again.

Levi is still fine.

Jiao Xiaolong and the others felt the strength of the wine, and their stomachs became even more unbearable.

Chapter 423

Next, boxes of foreign wine were moved into the box.

Jiao Xiaolong and the others are going to feel sorry for the money.

This kid is so good to drink!

“President Jiao, let’s make another rule, no one can go to the toilet!”

Levi approached.

Jiao Xiaolong actually couldn’t hold his pee anymore.

But this knot can only agree.

It is the beginning of a new round of drinking wars.

Levi’s eyes became brighter as he drank.

Interpreted that sentence: wine is the essence of food, the more you drink, the more spiritual.

On the contrary, the twelve Jiao Xiaolong were almost unable to hold it.

As a result, the stomach was so up that it was about to burst open.

Secondly, if I want to pee, my bladder will explode.

Thirdly, it took too long and the effect of the anti-alcohol medicine had passed, and they had already felt the spirit of alcohol surge.

Twelve people are almost gone.

They can’t imagine why Levi can drink so much?

Have you drunk thousands of cups?

Why is there nothing at all?

This is the fucking god of Bacchus!

“keep going!”

Levi shouted.

“No way, I have to take a break! I’m going crazy with this pee!”

Jiao Xiaolong was sitting in a chair, not daring to move!

Before Jiao Xiaolong could react, Levi poured him a glass of wine.


Suddenly there was a sound of water.

A gust of heat rose from under the dining table, and at the same time a large smell of fishy smell came.

Sarah hurriedly covered his nose, hiding far away.

Jiao Xiaolong peeed!!!

This is definitely the most embarrassing thing in Jiao Xiaolong’s life.

“keep going!”

Levi persecuted again.

He took the initiative to drink twelve cups.

Forcing twelve people to drink.

“Stop drinking, I can’t drink anymore!”

“Give me a drink!”

Levi pressed it forcibly and poured a glass of wine down.


Soon, this person sprayed.

He kept vomiting, lying on the ground, extremely embarrassed.

“It’s your turn!”

Levi poured a few more glasses of wine for another person.

The man lay directly on the ground, rolling in pain.

Bleeding in the stomach…

Many other people couldn’t hold back, they all urinated, and the smell in the box was simply too pungent.



Suddenly someone made a huge explosion, and then he uttered endless pain.

The bladder suffocated and exploded!!!

Sarah screamed in fright.

Twelve people had urine, gastric bleeding, gastric bleeding, vomiting, and bladder explosion.

This is still in the case of taking and understanding alcohol and medicine.

Otherwise, their fate will be even worse.

“Go on, Mr. Jiao! I haven’t done my best yet! I feel a little bit!”

Levi took a few bottles of wine and came to Jiao Xiaolong.

Is this a fucking human?

Too abnormal, right?

Are you okay after drinking thousands of glasses of wine?

“I…I can’t drink anymore!”

Jiao Xiaolong shook his head repeatedly.

“That won’t work, the battle is not over yet!”

Levi smiled.

“I sign the contract!!!”

Jiao Xiaolong shouted.

“Isn’t that enough?”

Levi smiled.

Fearing to be targeted by Levi again, Jiao Xiaolong immediately signed the contract, giving Logan Dongtian Group 10%.

“Wife, let’s go, the contract is in hand!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah looked at Levi and was stunned.

He seemed to be shining at this moment.

Isn’t it awesome?

The contract was actually won?

Ten percentage points are worth hundreds of millions!

After coming outside, Sarah looked at Levi and asked, “Husband, are you okay?”

Levi didn’t speak, just stupefied and fell into her arms.

Chapter 424

“What’s wrong with you husband? Don’t scare me!”

Sarah immediately hugged Levi tightly, and asked in a flustered expression.

Only then did she realize that Levi had drunk thousands of glasses of foreign wine.

It’s possible to drink to death!

Thinking of this, she burst into a cold sweat.

But the next moment, she felt numb.

Seeing that Levi was touching, Sarah blushed immediately and released Levi.

“You are joking with me, I ignore you, hum!”

Sarah tilted his head.

“Hey, I just got the contract, and now I don’t recognize anyone?”

Levi asked.

Sarah stared at him: “Don’t be kidding, how are you? Drink so much alcohol, do you want to go to the hospital?”

Levi smiled: “Wife, do you think I have something to do? But what…”

“But what?” Sarah looked at him curiously.

“But, after drinking, you know some aspects of me! Come on, let my husband kiss you!”

With that, Levi kissed him.

“No! You are playing a gangster!”

Sarah ran away immediately.

At night, after returning home and lying in bed.

Levi hugged her immediately.

Sarah was terrified.

Both nervous and expectant.

Although he and Levi are husband and wife, she is still the eldest daughter of Huanghua.

In fact, she is looking forward to having a relationship with Levi.

But when it came to this juncture, she was particularly nervous.

Now she is entangled, if Levi is real, would she push away? Still accept it?

In fact, Sarah believed that Levi had been in this life.

Especially at the moment when she was drinking for her, Sarah felt that Levi was her prince charming.

If Levi were to come tonight, she would be ready to hand it over.


When she was in conflict, Levi snored slightly.

He fell asleep.

Sarah felt disappointed.

She turned her head and glared at Levi, and said angrily: “Just know you sleep! Don’t you know when? Go to sleep!”

With that said, Sarah pushed Levi a hand.

“Wife, why are you pushing me?”

Levi also asked.

“Turn to sleep!”

Sarah said angrily.

“Why are you angry again?”

Levi felt that women were weird, and got angry somehow.

No words for a night.

Dongtian Group was shocked collectively.

Because Sarah signed the cooperation.

It’s still ten percent profit.

Especially the executives find it incredible.

At this time, Jiao Xiaolong and others were still in the hospital.

“You are just a bunch of waste! Even a woman can’t handle it! Even the fucking drunk in the hospital! Waste! All waste!”

Cox Zhaotian, the young Lord of the Cox family on the other end of the phone, was extremely angry.

Jiao Xiaolong and others could only shiver.

How did they know that Levi would be so perverted?

Can’t drink so much with water?

This damn it’s all grown up drinking from a young age, right?

“You trashers, resign yourself! I have arrived in Case York. I will deal with Sarah by myself!”

Cox Zhaolong said coldly.

“Shao Shao is not…”

When Jiao Xiaolong and the others wanted to explain, Juan had already hung up.

He didn’t expect that he would lose hundreds of millions of dollars after drinking a drink, and he also lost his own future.

Today’s Case York is very lively, with foreign businessmen flooding in.

Cox Hang was shocked.

The number of companies that came to participate in the investment promotion conference exceeded twice their expectations.

This is definitely a great thing for Case York!

Chapter 425

In Case York TV Station.

Wang Meiqi is studying the manuscript for tomorrow’s interview with her colleagues.

After finally having such an opportunity, how could she let it go?

“Sister Meiqi is really amazing! There are 38 media outlets who want to interview Leader Garrison, but Leader Garrison only agreed to our TV station!”

“Isn’t it! Leader Garrison directly named Sister Meiqi! Obviously, Sister Meiqi is extremely fancy!”

“This is definitely because of Sister Meiqi’s face. I chose our TV station. Sister Meiqi, you can’t forget us!”

Wang Meiqi listened to the enviable voices around her, she was extremely proud.

On the surface, she was calm, but in fact, she had already blossomed in her heart.

She was originally a figure in the stage and even the industry.

This time the mysterious leader Garrison only accepted her interview, which made her position more stable.

Now both leaders and colleagues in the station are all around her.

“Just say what Majestic needs! We promise to meet!”

The leader of the station came to look for it again and again.

“Sister Majestic, I heard that this leader Garrison is still single! If you can have a relationship with leader Garrison, it will definitely become a good story!”

“Isn’t it! One is the leader, the other is the trump card of the TV station, it’s a good match!”

Hearing the praise from her colleagues, Wang Meiqi had something to do with her.

She really has plans in this regard!

How clever she is, she has a wealth of experience over the years.

Dean was able to hand over such a big investment promotion meeting to the young leader Garrison.

It shows that the future of leader Garrison is boundless.

The deputy is just the beginning.

The position that can be reached in the future will be very high.

If she can successfully climb, the future will definitely not be worrying.


Thinking of this, Wang Meiqi laughed.

Who will let God take care of her?

38 media outlets chose her!

“It was destined to be mine for a long time!”

Wang Meiqi looked confident.

“In addition, Majestic Sister, Levi is really miserable! I heard that the place where they lived was splashed with paint, and some people even splashed dung water!”

“And Levi’s father-in-law cannot go to work now! Even her wife’s business is greatly affected!”

Wang Meiqi’s dogleg reported the situation.


Wang Meiqi laughed loudly.

She really felt that she was favored by the god of luck.

Three happy visits.

One, can interview leader Garrison.

Second, complete the tasks in the station and get a promotion next month.

Three, making Levi so miserable is about to force him out of Case York.

“Levi, I want to tell you a truth, don’t mess with a woman! Otherwise, this is the end!”

Wang Meiqi’s eyes flickered with cold light.

“Hahaha, the key point is Sister Meiqi is a woman he can’t afford! The identity gap is too big!”

The others laughed.

At this time, someone came to the TV station to find Wang Meiqi.

After Wang Meiqi went out, it turned out to be a few Rolls Royces.

She couldn’t help being surprised.

After getting in the car, a 30-year-old man sat next to him.

At first glance, it is extraordinary, luxurious and aristocratic.

“Miss Wang Meiqi, introduce myself, my name is Cox Zhaolong, I come from the provincial capital Cox’s family!”

Cox Zhaolong smoked a cigar and said with a smile.

Wang Meiqi was shocked and looked at Cox Zhaolong exaggeratedly: “What? The Cox Family, the provincial capital? You are Young Lord Cox? I know you! I interviewed the Cox Family!”

“Well, it’s better to know.”

Cox Zhaolong nodded.

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